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Princess Joyce

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Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when she saw the paddle I brought out to smack her ample ass with. They did bulge. Joyce liked all the dirty little things that can be fun and accomplished in sex play. Sadly she liked them from afar for a number of equally sad reasons. While having what she thought was an extremely wild past, in reality it was merely Vanilla in style. Joyce really yearned for 'The One' she could trust to take her much further along her personal road to depravity. I having talked her into an out of control pissing cum over the telephone, long distance, I knew what she was capable of. I think she had to pay the Atlanta Hotel for a pissed on, ruined chair and cushion. That is what a double twisting dildo in your asshole and pussy can do for an over active imagination and someone talking you through it. I personally knew she was hot, having sucked on her clit while using a similar device in her asshole and pussy in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and getting a close up of her exquisitely strong muscles shoot it across the room as the guests in the next room complained over her noises. She even hollered loud with my dick down her throat. Though the sex was always for her, I knew this Hot Bitch was ready for the other things she stated from time to time that she was 'interested in'. So, picture this, if you will.

Joyce is strapped securely to a waist high massage table. Legs spread, ankles supported by Velcro Katys kuffs, from the ceiling, so her ever ready pussy and nearly virgin asshole are at just the right height for me to use. She has been cumming, while I have been playing with the nipple clamps, rubbing my dick in the groove of her pussy that has always had a mind of its own. This cunt is bubbling forth cum like crude from the ground. With every stroke forward or back I hit her clit, which happily has grown to great proportions. Joyce is content to be played with. So what else is new? She is excitedly cumming and ready for me to help her over the top by sticking my dick in her. Well now, that is when the tables turned. When Joyce's eyes bulged out of her head. When she finds out she can no longer be the wanton receiver of joy without returning the favor any longer. Not from me anyway.

It was a decorative, "show" paddle from my college fraternity. The pearls, purple and gold emblem and raised Que Psi Phi, Greek letters really caught her attention as did the flogger and the ball gag. That was when the eyes bulged and she knew she was in for what she had always dreamed of, fantasized about, wanted and needed. Being tired of the one way sex, I was the man to teach her selfish ass a lesson. Being a Shaw University alumnus I knew she had seen an Omega Psi Phi paddle before and knew first hand what was cumming now.

Careful of her back and moving her already raised legs back towards her head and securing them I was ready to resume my work on Joyce's juicy, flowing pussy. I would use the flogger on her tits as well and began there. Lightly I turned her tits pinkish. Hard to tell with her tan shade of skin but, as I struck her tits and nipples over and over I also watched her pussy gush more cum. So I decided to spank her pussy with the flogger. The torment of a thousand demons came from behind the ball gag, now holding back the unintelligible noise of her cumming. Pussy gushing, asshole clinching at the air I flogged everything unmercifully. Thighs, tits, ass and ..yes her hot wet cunt.

"Does clitty like the flogger, Baby?" I asked her. Not expecting an answer I could understand I was surprised to hear her get an "UHM HUMMM," past the ball gag. That is when I greased up the ten inch by nine inches around Black dildo and slammed it up her ass. OHHHH! Did Joyce cum immediately and with such force the dildo shot out of her ass and across the room. My mistake. I forgot she could launch them like ICBM's. So, I greased up a butt plug and plopped it in her ass. Laughing as I thought, "I'll fix her ass!" And I did. The flogger went into action big time now as I turned her ass red with it. Her pussy was still runny; Nipples seemed like they would burst past the clamps and believe it or not her asshole was trying to eject the butt plug. "No Baby." I said shoving the plug back in snugly, "Daddy needs that in to get you ready for bigger and better things."

A fine mist covered Joyce from head to toe. Her wash and wear hair was curling. Her asshole was still clinching the butt plug as her cunt ran its juices out and down past her asshole and plug when the paddle came into play. My last pledge class had presented it to me and I displayed it in my private office, with other mementos of that period. Now selfish girl was going to feel the thunder. I would get some joy from giving it. After all, the pain/pleasure was still getting her off but, I had a point to prove to this Bitch tonight. Her already red ass cheeks would now turn a deep bloody shade as I swing the wood at both cheeks in turn. On about the tenth swat the Que went one way, the Psi cracked in two and the Phi flew in yet a different direction while most of my pearls bounced quietly upon the carpeted floor. I then take the ball gag out of her mouth and show her what her ass has done to my paddle. First thing out of her mouth is:

"Oh Bob! I am so sorry my ass broke your paddle." Then the Bitch broke out into uncontrollable laughter. Joyce is laughing at my broken paddle. I yank the butt plug out and knock off the remaining pearls with a hard swat to both cheeks and a few more for good measure. She cries, cums and begs for forgiveness.

"You want forgiveness you selfish Bitch?" I ask her pulling on the chain that connects the nipple clamps. "WHOOOOOOOOOO," was all she could get out as she came again. Or was she shooting piss out? She did that when losing it in a big time orgasm too. That is why she had to reimburse the hotel for the ruined chair in Atlanta.

"O.K. Daddy," she cooed like a little girl breathing very heavy. "Joyce will do whatever you want."

"Whatever and whenever, Bitch?" I glowered.

Joyce answered, "Yes, Bob, Sir, Master or whatever titles you want me to address you as. Will you keep getting me off like this, Baby?"

"Let's see," I softened. Reaching for some soothing oil I took Joyce out of the Velcro Katys Kuffs and flipped her onto her stomach, pulling her ass to the edge of the table. I watched as she humped the table rubbing her breasts on it. Her asshole still clinching, now at the air without the butt plug. I could swear I saw her pussy wink at me too. I poured and rubbed oil on her red hot ass and thighs. More oil went onto her back, which put my hard on in closer proximity to her clinching bottom parts. I leaned over to bite and kiss her neck and my dick slid right in her ass, all the way, balls deep. I really had expected to strike pussy but, then realized it was much tighter. After a deep intake of air I heard the most pleasurable sound I have ever heard from a woman escaped Joyce's lips as she seemed to go into orgiastic convulsions. All I had to do was hold my ground as her lower body went wild and her clinching asshole was now grabbing and loving what she really wanted in it.

"Are you O.K.?" I asked.

"SHIT YESSSS!" Joyce hollered back. Slam it in! Fuck my ass, you fucker! Beat your balls on my butt. Fuck MY ASSSSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed as she went over the top again. I almost joined her but, had other plans for this load of cum.

When she settled down a bit I reclined on the massage table next to her and asked, "You want it like this again?"

"Yes," Joyce replied looking down and not directly at me.

"And you were being real when you said whatever and whenever I want," I continued.

"Yes," she said to me, heart pounding so loud I could hear it.

"Then suck my dick completely the fuck off and make me scream like you just did with pleasure. Don't stop until you have a mouthful of cum and do not swallow it until you show it all to me."

Joyce had a great pair of soup coolers. She sucked her ass off. I came, twice. Yes she did a double on me, without losing my hard on or using her hands.

Joyce is no longer a selfish Bitch. Not to me anyway. She is a very well fucked Bitch and dutifully sucks my dick off twice a day and on demand. In bed, in the shower, in the car. Just the way I like it.

Wait till I tell you what we did in the snooty place where she works!

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