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Pennys First Time

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It was Penny?s was 22nd birthday. After a long day of work as a librarian, she opened the door to her small and dark NYC studio apartment. She walked into the kitchen and placed the cake she purchased on the counter. As she opened the box of candles, she looked around the dreary apartment and realized that she was again alone. But things would soon be different she hoped. She got out a plate for herself, and slowly placed several candles in the cake.

As she slowly lit them, she wished that she could be with somebody. She was unfulfilled, she thought, having spent most of her life in several all girls schools, followed by an all-girls college, she became lonely for the touch and force of a man. She dreamed of having an attractive Frenchmen or Spaniard sweep her off her feet and lay her down on his bed, slowly caressing her body and then with a quick and sudden stroke, take her virginity.

She also repeatedly imagined a scenario of a strong man that would take her virginity, and dominate her by repeatedly thrusting his phallus, over and over without stop, even if she protested. She even fantasized about being tied down to her bed posts as a series of potential suitors, as many as three at a time, would fill which ever hole in her body that they chose and then shoot their seed all over her body. But no man had ever asked her.

She was unwanted, she realized, partly because she was conservative in dress. Even though she had large breasts with a petite figure, she realized that she never accentuated her looks. She even ignored her mother?s repeated advice, who had instructed her on how to dress to attract men, deciding it was too undignified.

She particularly fantasized about an attractive library patron named Antonio, who she dreamed would one day take her virginity in the aisles as she was restocking the books. Antonio was an older man, maybe in his early thirties, with medium length curly hair, an Italian look and an athletic soccer player?s physique. And, she noticed, no wedding ring.

Ever since she first laid eyes on him three weeks earlier, he would regularly talk to her about the books and subjects that he liked. But she always spoke to him in a professional business-like manner, attempting to avoid the slightest hint that she was secretly attracted to him. She remembered, after several long discussions with him, that she would get so excited by the scent of his aftershave and his gentle touch on her shoulder that she would have to go to the break room to calm down. She even at one point, hid away in an unused backroom, and completed to orgasm using her fingers and the repeated vibration of her cell phone.

She regularly fantasized about a life with Antonio. Even today, after she finished dinner, she would take a two hour bath, frequently using her adjustable shower head to fulfill her urges, imagining what Antonio would do to her. She would turn on the pulsating jets to full force and let them splash against her clitoris. Then when the pressure became too intense she would bring the shower head closer and torture herself, eventually pressing the head against her mound and within minutes letting out a rapturous moan ecstasy.

The next morning, as she dressed for work, she realized that she wanted to have the real thing, and that she would do something about it today. She decided that life is for living and not for fantasy. She opened her closet door and without hesitation reached to the back of the closet and pulled out the box that her mother gave her as a graduation present. She opened the box containing a low-top blouse and short skirt. She knew the outfit, combined with a nice fragrance and a touch of make-up would impress.

On the subway ride, she was uncharacteristically hit on by several men, some even giving her their numbers. This excited Penny, even quickly imagining what it would be like to be taken by force by them, but her heart was with another man.

Few in this world were so attractive or so gentle, she thought later, as she made her way to her desk. Several librarians had already given her dirty looks for the way she was dressed, but she disregarded them. She knew what she wanted and now she was determined to get him.

She waited at her desk for Antonio, but he did not arrive. Whenever a patron would ask her to help them find a book, Penny would point them in the direction of the book and wistfully stare at the door for any site of Antonio, determined not to miss him.

She was hopeful, until she heard the service announcement, which announced the libraries closing in fifteen minutes. Then she wondered where he was and what he was doing. Maybe he was involved in an accident, she worried. Or maybe he found another woman. She looked down in disappointment, having spent the whole day being ogled by young high school boys looking for a cheap thrill. She was mostly on the edge of her seat, avoiding conversation and staring at the door.

As she gets up and prepares for her exit, she brushes herself off and looks at her cleavage. She looks around at the other librarians and feels awkward and inappropriate. She vows never to embarrass herself like this again. Then, as she hears a commotion in front, she looks up to see Antonio enter the library. She gets nervous and aroused. Having just given up, she now has a change of heart.

As she plots her next move, she feels beads of sweat building on her forehead. She decides to confront Antonio about the way she feels, but she notices that Antonio is approaching her desk. As she waits for his arrival, she stares at him and imagines his broad shoulders and strong hands holding her from behind as he inserts his phallus into her virginal gap. She feels a twinge of ecstatic pleasure deep inside her that tingles through her whole body. As he passes her desk, he says simply ?Boungiorno, Penny? in his Italian accent. She looks up at him and says, ?I want you.? And as he smiles and puts his hand on her shoulder, she quickly corrects herself, as she regains her composure.

?I mean, I want you?to know, that I?found that book you were looking for last Monday.?

?Really?, he responded. ?I would like to read it then.?

?Follow me,? she says ?we don?t have much time.? As they walk to the back of the empty library, the sexual tension between them gets stronger. As she decides to take Antonio to the aisle that she imagined the two of them in, she feels a wave of excitement come over her whole body. Then an intense throbbing sensation begins to pulsate between her legs. She knows she can?t handle the pressure anymore. She stops halfway through the aisle, looks up at Antonio and imagines putting her hand on his scruffy face before kissing him on the lips. But she can?t, she was too shy. Instead, while pretending to search for a book, she slowly backs herself into Antonio, gently gliding her rear end against his mid-section. She becomes extremely aroused feeling her nipples get hard and her mid section quiver, while feeling his body next to hers.

She realizes that she needs a moment of calm, she quickly points to the next aisle and asked him to go there to look for the book. ?What is the number?? he asks as he flips around to the next aisle. She quickly names off an imaginary number.

She then kneels down and slowly reaches on the shelf with one hand to support herself, then turns her head slowly toward the shelf and see his semi-aroused phallus. She pulls up her skirt and puts her other hand under her skirt to rub her aching mound. She feels herself dripping. And as she could see the outline of his semi-erect phallus through his pants, she imagined that he would take her that very minute. She couldn?t bear the pressure anymore, and inserted two fingers into her gapping hole. As she felt the contractions inside of her, she loses the strength in her legs, and falls to the ground. She lays on the floor for a moment, a feeling of euphoric bliss captures her whole being. As he turns the corner to come back into her aisle, he says ?I couldn?t find it, Penny.? And as he sees her laying on the floor, he reaches down and says ?What happened, Penny? Are you okay?? She looks up at him, as he helps her up and says, ?I guess.?

She then opens up an empty closet door nearby and pulls him in with her. She closes the door and pulls down her top. ?I want you so bad.? she says. ?Please take me.?

?I dreamed about you, Penny.? he says, ?You and Me together.?

As he pulls down his pants, she pulls up her skirt and pulls down her underwear. ?Please take me? she says, as she bends over slightly with her hands on the wall.

He then spreads her legs and inserts his eight inch erect cock into her parted wet vaginal passage.

He pounds slowly and then as she moans he speeds up his motion.

?Oh, yes?Yes, Yes. Faster, faster? she moans. He pulls down her blouse and begins to rub her erect nipples with his gentle fingers. For a few minutes, they continue this motion, back and forth until he?s repeatedly pounding away with strength of a hammer on a nail.

?Oh yes, oh, yes.? She shouts. ?Finish me in the other hole.?

He pulls out his erect cock and slowly inserts it into her anal cavity.

?Gently,? she says, as she inserts two fingers into her now unfulfilled hole. Again, he starts slowly, but within a minute works up to a quickened pace.

As he starts pushing a little deeper, he feels her vaginal spasms through the anal walls. As she he lets out an intense cry, he cums in her and starts moaning with her. As he slowly slips out, she turns to kisses him on the lips. She feels him shoot another load of cum that trickles down her legs. He embraces her and kisses her neck, slowly massaging her aching clit with one hand and her nipple with the other. He rubs her for a few minutes and again they kiss; this time a long and passionate kiss that produces another clinching sensation inside of her. She feels the cum drip down her legs. And then she feels another aftershock. They quickly get dressed and escape the library through a backdoor. They repeat that scenario everyday for the next seven day; sometimes using vibrators, sometimes performing oral on each other, but always before closing time and always in that empty backroom.

And on that seventh day they exited together and rushed back to her place for an all night escapade, of mutual oral sex, love making, followed by anal sex. And that?s how it all started for Penny.

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