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Paid to be watched Part 7 A slave couple on vacation

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Barry woke up and relived last night in his mind. Elaine, his wife was still sleeping next to him. They agreed to be slaves for a week at the Jamaican resort, where they now reside. They were introduced to their new Master and Mistress, a middle aged Korean couple. They were told to address them as Master John and Mistress Jo. When they first arrived at the condo, the Master and the Mistress were waiting for them wearing matching silk robes. Barry remembers the master?s cock peeking out from beneath the robe. As slaves they were not allowed to wear any thing, except the sandals, collar and a tattoo that they were issued when they arrived at the resort. Barry and Elaine were naked when they met the couple from Korea. They were part time sex slaves in LA, their hometown. So they were use to being nude in large crowds. Mistress Jo wanted to get cleaned up after her long flight. She instructed Elaine to run the bath. When it was finished, Elaine removed the mistress?s robe and got into the oversized tub with her as instructed. Barry remained outside the tub and washed and pampered her backside while Elaine washed her front. Mistress grabbed and felt Elaine?s large tits, which were in a sharp contrast to her own small breasts. Mistress pointed to her nipples and told Elaine to wash them. Then she directed her to suck them, while Barry poured the warm water over her back. Mistress sat on the edge of the tub and placed Elaine?s head against her pussy. Kneeling in the tub in front of the Mistress, Elaine licked and fingered her pussy. She took her clit and rubbed it between her fingers. When she saw how aroused the Mistress was, she put her clit in her mouth and sucked until Mistress climaxed. They finished washing her and tucked her in bed. Now they had to wash the Master. He also told Elaine to get in the tub with him, and the slave couple repeated the process. Elaine went to wash his cock and it hardened with her touch. He sat facing the outside of the tub as Barry and Elaine knelt in front of him. They took turns sucking his cock, passing it back and forth between them. Then Master changed positions and told Barry to lick his asshole while Elaine sucked his cock. Master loved the feeling of two tongues, but he need to feel a white pussy. He told Elaine to get on all fours. Barry watched as Master pumped his cock into his wife?s pussy. He also saw the cummy goo leaking from his wife?s hole after he pulled out. Master told Barry to lick and clean his cock. Barry lapped up the remaining cream with his tongue and finished bathing his master before everyone retired for the evening.

Barry got out of bed to begin first chore of the day. Tea and breakfast were to be ready before the Master and Mistress woke up. He then went to the lobby for a newspaper. Heads turned his way as he strolled through the lobby. He didn?t know if he was looked at as a curiosity or a potential fuck. The thought of being used as a sex toy swelled his cock and was noticed by the young couple as he passed by. Both were cute and he fantasized making love to both of them. Maybe they would rent him from his Master.

He got back to the apartment and heard sounds from the Master?s bedroom. The door was opened and Barry saw his wife lying in bed between the Master and Mistress. They were playing with her breasts, fondling them and pinching her nipples. Master motioned Barry in and grabbed his cock when he got near the bed. Barry noticed the Master?s stiff cock pointing straight up, and went to work on it immediately. He took the stiff mast, engulfing its entire length as he bent over his Master. He rocked his mouth back and forth for his Master?s pleasure. Then pulled back so that he could get his hand and mouth around the cock at the same time. Master laid back in order to concentrate on his own pleasure. Barry massaged his balls in his mouth. And then laid his face flat on the bed so that he could lick his asshole. Elaine leaned over her Mistress to let her droopy tits slap her in the face. Mistress caught one nipple with her teeth and bit down. Causing Elaine to close her eyes and take the pain in silence. Then Mistress took both of Elaine?s breasts and let them droop in her hands, playing with them as if they were water balloons. She told Elaine to lick her pussy and suck her clit. When Master saw Elaine?s face on her pussy he wanted a better vantage point. He handed Barry the lube by the side of the bed. Barry knew what was coming so he lubed his own asshole, sticking his fingers in to make sure the inside was lubed as well. He got on all fours and Master placed his cock against his hole. It took a few minutes but Master managed to get that cock in the tight hole. He surprised how tight it was and loved the feeling. Both Barry and Master were able to look down and watch Elaine lick the Asian pussy. Then Mistress turned around so that Elaine could rim her hole. She told Elaine to stick her tongue as far into her ass as it could go. She fucked her asshole with her tongue and reached around to rub Mistress?s clit with her fingers. Mistress shook and screamed giving Elaine a sense of satisfaction of a job well done. After Mistress screamed, Barry felt the Master?s hot fluid in his bowels. When the Master pulled out Barry felt the sticky cum drip down his thighs. Master pulled Barry by the hair and directed him to clean his cock. Barry licked and sucked the salty fluid off Master?s cock with his mouth. The slaves were dismissed and the couple got ready to spend a day on the beach.

Barry and Elaine spent the next few hours in the condo. They took turns checking on their Masters, every half hour to make sure they had everything they needed. The slaves brought a steady supply of drinks and snacks as they lounged on the beach. They refreshed the sun block for Master and Mistress, rubbing it on their bodies every time they came out of the ocean.

Elaine couldn?t help but notice the stares from the staff each time she walked by. Both men and women checked her out. One, a handsome Black woman kept patting her ass each time she passed by. The rules were strict, no sex with the staff. Elaine was extremely attracted to Black women, and this woman attracted her more than most. But she wasn?t about to break the rules and risk punishment.

She went back and helped Barry clean the apartment. Soon after the Master and Mistress walked in from the beach. Mistress told Barry to get her a drink and bring it to her on the couch. After he handed her the drink she grabbed him by his cock and asked, ?Let me see if you eat pussy as well as your wife.? She stood up to let Barry take off her bathing suit and sat back on the couch with the drink in her hand. Barry knelt before her and hesitated as he took in the scent of her unwashed pussy. He took a deep breath and dove in covering her pussy with as much saliva as he could, to cover the odor. He licked her entire pussy. She slid down on the couch to give him access to her ass hole. He worked his tongue down her salty flesh then licked and penetrated her hole with his tongue. Master sat next to Mistress and motioned for Elaine to come over. She knelt in front of him, next to Barry. She took his cock in her hands and placed it in her mouth. He didn?t smell much better than Mistress, but Elaine knew her place. She pumped the cock in her mouth with gusto. Master motioned for Elaine to get on the couch. She straddled him and let him play with her ample breasts. Then she impaled herself on his cock, using her legs to force her body up and down for his pleasure, while he licked and sucked her breasts at the same time. Barry was now working on Mistress?s clit, sucking, and playing with it with his tongue. He felt the warm gush of fluid in his mouth and knew she had just cum. At the same time Elaine was pumping Master with all the strength she could muster from her legs when she felt him explode inside her. She got off and knelt on the floor in front of him again so that she would wipe his cock clean with her mouth. Master and Mistress retired to the bedroom to take a nap, while Barry and Elaine did the same.

Master and Mistress got up, cleaned up and dressed. They told their slaves they would spend the rest of the afternoon shopping. They instructed them to clean up the sand they brought in from the beach. They also wanted fresh towels and the linens of their bed changed. Elaine gathered the dirty linens and towels and headed to the laundry room in the basement of the building.

When she got inside, the woman who patted her on the ass earlier was putting laundry in a washing machine. She turned around, saw Elaine and said ?Hi 26.? Elaine looked at her quizzically. The Black woman walked over to Elaine, grabbed her to show the ?26? tattooed on her arm. ?Slaves are called by their unit number, you are Number 26 Female, Hi, my name is Jackie.? As Jackie shook her hand, she caressed Elaine?s pussy with her other hand and sent shivers throughout Elaine?s body. ?Hey girl, how times did you service your masters today?? ?Two,? replied Elaine. ?How many times did you cum?? ?None,? said Elaine. ?I can take care of that.? Elaine said: ?I don?t want to risk the punishment.? ?Don?t worry, they?re pretty lenient as long as it?s discreet. The way you looked at me this morning, I thought you found me attractive.? ?I do,? said Elaine, ?When you touched my ass this morning you sent shivers through my body, and just now you about sent me to the moon.? ?Let me help,? said Jackie as she pulled closer to Elaine and kissed her on the lips. Elaine opened her mouth for Jackie?s tongue. It was so sweet. At the same time Jackie had found her clit and rolled it between her fingers. Jackie tasted the Masters cum on Elaine?s lips, and felt his presence on her pussy. ?Is that the master I taste?? ?Yes,? replied Elaine. Jackie removed her clothes and pressed Elaine against the wall. Elaine took Jackie?s breasts in her hands and sucked on her dark nipples. Jackie closed her eyes and put her head back to focus on the pleasure. Then she knelt before Elaine to lick her pussy and clean her up after Master. Elaine was shaking with pleasure until she burst filling Jackie?s mouth with her pent up cum. She knelt down face to face with Jackie to kiss and thank her. ?Now it?s my turn,? as Jackie lay back on the floor to let Elaine return the favor. She licked her pussy and then stroked her clit by hand as instructed by Jackie. It didn?t take long to fulfill her pleasure. They both got up. Jackie gave Elaine a big hug. ?Hope to see you later,? Jackie said as she handed Elaine clean sheets and towels. Elaine got back to the apartment, ?What took so long? Barry asked. ?Just gabbin with the girls in the laundry room.? Well let?s hurry and finish, they?ll be here any minute and we?re expected to go to the village with them.?

Master and Mistress got back with their packages and were ready to go out for the evening. Master put pink and blue bracelets on both Barry and Elaine. Barry asked what they were for. ?It?s a way to let others know that both of you are available for rent for this evening. The pink band signifies gay sex and the blue band means straight sex. We?re letting people know that you are available for either.? Elaine opened the door and followed everyone out. As they got outside the building, Master attached a chain to Barry and Elaine?s collars. He then attached a leash to Elaine and the four of them walked past the guard on their way to the village center. They got to the restaurant. Slaves were not allowed inside. There was a table outside on the sidewalk where all the slaves ate. They were given leftovers from the day before thrown over rice. Elaine noticed that most of the slaves did not wear bracelets. She asked the person sitting next to her if slaves rentals were common. She said most Masters liked to keep the slaves for themselves, but some guests like the extra money. Just as she said that a man approached the table. ?Number 26, Female.? Elaine looked up. ?Please stand and take me to your master.? Elaine stood up and was ready to walk away, when he stopped her and asked her to turn around so that he could get a good look at her. He felt her tits, stuck a finger in her pussy and slapped her ass and then said, ?let?s go.? She brought him to Master. He paid him $250 and Master reminded him that she needed to be at the slave pick up station no later than 1:00 in the morning. He attached the leash and led her out of the restaurant. Barry watched as his wife walked away with the stranger. Right after Elaine left, the young couple that Barry met this morning came over and asked for #26 Male. Seeing the routine, Barry stood and gave them a 360-degree view of himself. The young wife asked Barry if he was skilled in gay sex and Barry said he was up to the task. They both fondled his cock and balls. Noticing the cock starting to get hard, they told Barry to take them to Master. Master got $400 for Barry said they could keep me overnight if they wanted. The others watched as they secured a leash to Barry?s collar and led him away.

Elaine followed her temporary Master to his hotel. She loved the way her naked body made heads turn as she strolled through the lobby. They went up to the room. With the light on, Elaine was able to get a better look at him. He was tall, thin, in his mid 30?s and quite cute. She loved that all the young ones found her attractive. Shee asked him his name and he replied ?Thom.? ?Then I shall call you Master Thom,? He seemed unsure about what to do, so Elaine took charge and began to undress him. She fondled his cock with her fingers and knelt before him and placed his cock in her mouth. In less than a minute she felt his cum in her mouth. She couldn?t believe it. He apologized saying he was so excited he was ready to cum on the walk over. Elaine, told him to relax, they had the entire evening. She asked if there was someplace they could go for a drink and unwind for a little bit. They went to the bar in the hotel lobby. The bartender looks at Elaine and told Thom that slaves were not allowed in the bar. He directed Thom to a sex bar around the block. He explained to Thom that slaves were only allowed in the sex bars. Thom took the leash, attached it to Elaine?s collar and walked over to the other bar. They walked in. The bar looked like any other bar with a dance floor and two stages. The place was full with mostly couples and very few slaves. The waitress came over and told Thom that she was not allowed to serve slaves. They had to serve themselves and were allowed to serve the Masters that they came in with. Elaine took money from Paul, walked over to the bar and ordered the drinks. Paul asked Elaine to dance and was beginning to feel very comfortable with this woman. He loved the fact that she was always naked, but other than that he had trouble with the whole slave concept. Another waitress saw the way Paul was bumping and grinding his slave. She suggested that they could use the stage. His look to her said he needs more of an explanation. She said, ?The stage was for exhibitionist guests that like to do it in front of an audience. They could be with another guest or a slave. Straight sex was only allowed. There was a Men?s bar and Lesbian bar down the street for those so inclined.? He got it this time. Elaine looked up at him and asked if he wanted to use the stage. ?You?re kidding, right.? ?No, my husband and I got started as slaves by putting on sex shows at home.? Thom gave her a grin as he led her to the stage. She directed him to take off his clothes to the music. A crowd began to gather around the stage. As he strutted around the stage in his boxers, Elaine pulled them down to the delight of the crowd. She brought him to the edge of the stage to be closer to the audience as she knelt before him and placed his cock in her mouth. She smiled to herself when thy passed the 1-minute mark. He placed her on her back so that he could eat her pussy. And eat he did, as he bit down on her lips and clitoris. He was gentle and Elaine liked the feeling. He kissed her gently, then passionately as if they had been lovers for years. He played with her breasts and squeezed them for the crowd. Then he went further down to finish what he started and sucked on her pussy until she came. Thom then mounted Elaine in various positions. For their final position, Elaine placed Thom behind her while they were both on their sides. She guided his cock between her legs into her pussy, so they can watch the crowd. Thom loved it and didn?t disappoint the crowd as he kept this up for quite a while. Elaine sat on the edge of the stage and spread her legs for those who wanted to check Tom?s juice leaking from her pussy. Both men and women got up close for a look.

Barry?s new Masters introduce themselves as Chad and Amy. It was still early, and Amy wanted to look in the stores. She loved the attention she was getting walking the naked slave around the town. Women would come up to her to compliment her on the slave. One woman stopped her and asked if she could pet her slave. Amy said sure and watched as the woman fondled Barry?s cock and balls. He winced as the strange woman held his balls in her hand and squeezed. She watched Barry?s cock rise as she stroked it. The woman turned to Amy and smiled and said, ?You?ll have a good evening tonight,? Amy thought to herself little did this woman know, he was actually for her husband. Although she planned on enjoying this as much as Chad. The thought of Chad making love to another man was turning her on. Amy saw something in the store in front of her and walked in. A clerk admonished her and told her slaves were not allowed in the store. Amy walked back out, tethered the leash to a pole and walked back in the store as Barry stood on the sidewalk. Chad found her in the store a few minutes later. They were planning to take Barry back to their apartment. When they passed the Men?s Club and Chad saw that male slaves were welcomed, he suggested that they all go inside. The doorman told Chad to have the slave serve them. The waiters were only allowed to serve guests without slaves. They found a table and Barry went to the bar to get the drinks. Amy was surprised to see so many women in the bar. She caught the woman?s eye at the next table, who was sitting alone and commented on all the women. She replied that most of the women were there to watch as their husbands experimented with their bi side. She suggested to Chad that he take the slave onto the dance floor. Chad did and noticed that most of the couples on the floor were a guest dancing with a naked slave. He was getting turned on watching all the naked hunks. A couple got onto the stage, Chad watched as the slave undressed his master, knelt in front of him and sucked on his cock. He walked with Barry over to the stage to get a closer look as the slave made love to his master. Chad?s cock already semi hard, grew when he saw the master turn the slave around and fucked him in the ass. He walked back to Amy as asked, ?Did you see that?? Amy said, ?Yes, why don?t you try it.? Chad walked his slave over to another stage. Amy and her new found friend walked over to watch. She shouted to Chad to dance and take off his clothes. Chad did and got turned on with all the hoots and hollers. He strutted around the stage, when Amy told Chad to let Barry suck him. So Chad went over to Barry, placed him on his knees and placed his cock in the slave?s mouth. The crowd roared as he pumped that mouth with his cock. Someone shouted ?Fuck him in the ass.? Chad looked over to Amy and tried to put his cock into Barry?s hole. He couldn?t get it in. Someone appeared on the stage and asked Chad if he could help. Chad nodded yes, as the stranger spread the lube over Barry?s ass and onto Chad?s cock. He made sure Barry?s ass faced the crowd as her probed his hole with his fingers. First he stuck in one finger, then two, and then another as he widened the hole to take in the cock. ?Now try it.? He still had trouble but managed to squeeze his cock in and fuck that ass. He was surprised how good it felt and loved it when Amy cheered him on. He pumped until he filled Barry with his cum. Amy saw her husband?s body slacken and knew he was finished. She shouted, ?Let me see his ass.? So Barry went over presented his ass to Amy and the rest of the crowd as Chad?s juice leaked out his hole.

Thom was finished with Elaine for the evening and got directions to the slave station in the club. He walked Elaine over. Three female slaves were already there, standing, chained together at their collars. The attendant took Elaine from Thom, attached one end of the chain to Elaine?s collar and the other end to last slave in the line. They all stood and waited while a crowd sat across from them and watched the shackled slaves for sport. Elaine, checked out the woman next her. She was about her own age, around 50. Her body was nice and trimmed and her tits had only a hint of sagging. She looked really good. Elaine was surprised that she was getting turned on checking out this woman she was chained to. Another slave turned up, this one a male. He was added to the line as he got chained to Elaine. The cart arrived 15 minutes later. They all piled into the electric cart that would take them to the processing center where they were cleaned up and checked out for their masters.

After a few hours in the Men?s Club, Chad and Amy decided to take Barry home for the evening. They walked back to their apartment and Amy announced that she wanted to 2 men to service her. They took her off clothes laid her on the bed and began with a gentle massage. Amy closed her eyes and relished the 4 hands pleasing her body. She loved it when their hands slipped between her thighs and played with her pussy. Then she felt the lips on her ass and something on her asshole. She looked over at Chad and realized that Barry was licking her hole, massaging it with his tongue. She got on all fours to give the slave better access to her hole. It felt wonderful. But it got better when Chad slipped under her to lick her pussy. She closed her eyes to take in the sensation of having both holes licked at the same time. Chad grabbed her clit with his mouth and it wasn?t long before her body succumbed to all the pleasure and her cum juice filled Chad?s mouth. She asked Chad to enter from behind. Chad got behind Amy?s ass as she grabbed his cock and placed it in her pussy. Barry watched and then Amy told him to move to the front of her. She took Barry?s cock and placed it in her mouth. Barry had not cum all day, told his mistress, and she told him it would be her wish to have him fill her mouth with his cum. It wasn?t long before her wish was fulfilled, Chad sensing this let his load explode in his wife. It was a long evening. Chad and Amy went to sleep in the bed. Barry slept on the couch and would return to his Master and Mistress in the morning.

This is the end of this series. Please send any comments to Whcouple.

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