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Our night of fun...reprise

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I decided to rewrite the events of our evening with some friends because you, the readers deserve to read a story that will create a mind movie for you to visualize our night. The initial retelling came so soon after that I didn?t really think it through and make the effort to truly capture the intensity and heat of the night. Hopefully, this edition will capture you as much as the night did for me.

Wow, what a night! What started out as a normal night out ended up as one of the better nights of sex for my wife and myself. We headed to an outdoor festival to eat, drink and hang out with friends. Without letting me know, my wife, ?M? wasn?t wearing anything under her miniskirt. Normally, M wears skimpy g-strings all the time under all her garments. The night was without incident with eating, drinking, laughing and conversation. It all started when the festival ended and everyone was discussing where to head. One couple suggested that we go to a local strip club. Aside from M and myself only one other couple, our good friends, Mick and Mary, decided to go. We have attended the club as a group before and are comfortable in the setting. We have also had numerous incidents of sexual play with some touching and innuendo.

Once there, things started to get a little crazier. Laughing and playing I put some money in M?s shirt. Mary joked that it wasn?t fair that she didn?t get a tip from me. Not wanting to disappoint I took a few bills and placed them not only into Mary?s shirt but into her bra. Taking a chance when placing the money I gave Mary?s breast a gentle squeeze. Mary?s reaction was surprising, she laughed and didn?t complain about my cheap feel. Things started to heat up after that. We continued to laugh and get more comfortable with each other. At one point, Mick took Mary?s hand and placed it under M?s skirt getting her to touch M?s pussy. Mary let her hand linger ever so slightly before pulling away. Mick continued to put his wife?s had on my wife?s naked pussy. At various points in the club I would reach under M?s skirt and fondle her nakedness, M loves to be naughty and she was getting quite turned on by the risk of being caught or noticed by other patrons. Periodically, Mick reached under M?s skirt not just to rub her shaved pussy but to insert a finger deep into her wetness. M would grab his wrist, giggle and feign wanting him to stop. It was quickly becoming apparent that M and Mick were having all the fun while Mary and I watched as good voyeurs would. I was getting quite excited watching my wife play and flirt with Mick so I decided that I should push the envelope a bit. So, taking another risk, I yanked Mary towards me by pulling her by the waist of her pants. She came quite willingly, so I pulled her pants out and looked down to view her neatly trimmed bush that Mick is always bragging about. He talks about her groomed slit regularly because ?he? is the barber. Again to my surprise, Mary did not complain about me taking small liberties. For letting me take a look down her pants I told Mary that she deserved another tip. Mary replied, ?Yes, I do.? I took a bill from my pocket and gave her the tip. With a bit of bravado brought on by the events taking place I figured that putting the money inside her bra was too cliché. Figuring I had nothing to lose and the fact that Mick was groping and fingering my wife I decided to reach down the front of Mary?s pants. I didn?t stop at the top of her skimpy panties but I slid the bill all the way down between her legs to her pussy. As I did this, I paused slightly with my hand on her smooth pussy. Mary laughed and put her arm around me. Wow, was I surprised since Mary was willing to allow Mick to play but always kept herself at a watcher?s distance. As I became more turned on I gave it a second shot and gave Mary another tip down her pants. Instead of just brushing up against her pussy, I paused once more and gave her clit a brief rub. Mary didn?t complain and didn?t stop me. We continued to chat and watch our spouses becoming more and more intimate with each other. M was rubbing Mick?s clearly visible hard-on through his jeans. At one point she unbuttoned his jeans and snaked her hand down his pant and grabbed a handful of Mick?s firm cock saying that if he could feel hers, she should get a feel of him. We were lost in our own world totally unaware of anything else happening in the club. For all we know other patrons could have been watching our show instead of the girls on stage. A short while later we decided that it was time to leave and invited Mick and Mary to our house for a nightcap. As expected they took us up on our offer and said we?d meet each other at our house.

M and I discussed and wondered what might be waiting for us when we got home. The drive home was only about 15 minutes but it was sexually charged as we talked about what went on at the club. M filled me in on how turned on she was by Mick being all over her and feeling her up. It was at that point she informed me that when Mick put his hand under her skirt he wasn?t just rubbing her smoothly shaved pussy but he had shoved his thick finger deep inside her. I took one hand off the wheel and reached underneath M?s skirt to find her pussy more than a little damp. My finger slid easily into her slit revealing how turned on she had become playing at the club. When we got home I had to take the baby-sitter home which was about a 10 minutes away. M and I talked about it in the car and figured that since I would be gone for about 20 minutes I told her if something started not to wait for me for fear that waiting would prevent things from continuing to the level we thought it was going to reach. Before exiting the car, M removed her bra so that she was now without any undergarments. The idea of my sexy, slutty wife home alone with our friends after the sexual play that had been going on made it hard for me to concentrate on driving let alone having a conversation with the baby-sitter. All the way to take the baby-sitter home and coming back I couldn?t keep from wondering what was happening back at the house. My mind was racing and going through a variety of sexual scenarios with the main one being M on her back, legs spread and M?s cock pumping in and out of her wet pussy. I managed to make it home in one piece despite having a very hard dick in my pants and wanting to run every light as I raced home.

Boy, was I surprised when I got home. All was quiet since the three of them were in the downstairs family room with the door closed and all lights off. I briefly checked on the children to make sure they were undisturbed and sound asleep. Knowing I was sacrificing viewing pleasures but in desperate need of a drink, I poured a bit of gin in a glass with some ice and headed for the family room, being sure to lock the door behind me just in case one of the kids woke up. I hustled down the stairs expecting to see my sexy wife M performing on or with Mick. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw M laying back on the couch with her shirt off and skirt pushed up over her waist. It wasn?t until my eyes adjusted to the near dark, the only light came from the light at the bottom of the stairs, that I realized that it was Mary not Mick kneeling between M?s legs licking her pussy. Mary had never eaten pussy before which made this all the more shocking. While Mary was eating M?s pussy, Mick was sitting back on the couch watching the incredible action next to him. I just stood watching and listening to the moans coming from my wife who appeared to be truly enjoying Mary?s tongue treatment. I was at this point that Mary realized I had returned. She lifted her head from between M?s legs, her face shiny from M?s pussy juice and threatened me about taking pictures. She smiled, winked and asked me if this is what I wanted to see. I could only smile and respond with a breathy, ?yes.? Mary lowered her face back to M?s wanting pussy and continued to work her tongue all over my wife?s wetness. We watched M who was in total command of the situation make my wife gasp and moan. Despite her inexperience she must have been quite good at eating pussy since M appeared to be enjoying Mary?s oral ministrations. Mick moved around behind his wife and eased her pants down slightly revealing her round sexy ass. He dove in headfirst and began kissing her cheeks and licking her tender ass. Now as the temperature of the room rose and the smell of sex permeates the air the room became filled with the sounds of both women moaning with pleasure. M, never one to leave anyone out begged to suck my cock which I readily obliged. I dropped my shorts, moved to the end of the couch as M turned her head towards me with her warm mouth open and inviting. With one stroke, M took the entire length of my dick into her mouth. I pumped my throbbing cock in and out fucking her face in earnest. As I looked to my right it was quite an unbelievable vision that filled my eyes. My wife on her back with my cock in her mouth, her best friend between her spread legs hungrily eating M?s pussy and Mick working his tongue on his wife?s pussy and ass from behind. We?ve swung before but this was truly remarkable for me to be witnessing and a part of. At this point both girls were busy at both ends and apparently enjoying themselves immensely.

Positions changed. Mary came up from between M?s legs face glistening with her juices, smiled opened her mouth and passionately thrust her tongue into M?s mouth. The two hot women began to kiss and fondle each others breasts as Mick and I once again watched our wives enjoy each other. M reached down, pulled up Mary?s shirt and bra revealing for the first time Mary?s firm handful sized breasts with large aureola and firm, excited nipples. M left Mary?s mouth traveled down her neck nibbling and kissing as she went until she reached the Mary?s pert erect nipples. M? wasted no time tweaking and tasting Mary?s treats alternating from one breast to the other. Mary tossed her head back clearly enjoying M?s ministrations, smiling and and groaning as M?s hands and mouth worked their magic. The women spent some time kissing and and making a show of their battling tongues moving from warm wet mouths to sucking on each others tits. It has to be one of the sexiest things to see, two beautiful, sexy women simultaneously tonguing and sucking on each others tits. M has 34B breasts with nipples that are regularly erect begging to be sucked which Mary obviously enjoyed doing. Watching Mary suck and swirl her tongue around those nipples making them harder and harder, made me hornier than ever.

M decided that she needed to taste Mary?s pussy, she has only had the opportunity to lick pussy once and she truly enjoyed it and wants to partake in it more often, but Mary said she wasn?t ready for that just yet. As I said before, M doesn?t want anyone to be left out and decided that Mick needed some attention. M turned to Mick reached out and rubbed her hand on the bulge in his underwear and told Mary and I to sit back on the couch and watch. Mary stood up, her shirt and bra pulled up over her breasts and pants unbuttoned showing a hint of her white lace panties. I sat on the couch and pulled Mary down between my legs with her back to me so we could watch my slutty wife do her stuff. M stood, stepped out of her skirt leaving it in a small pile on the floor and was now completely naked. Like the slut she likes to be, M was the ONLY person in the room naked. She stepped to the opposite end of the couch where Mick was sitting knelt on the floor between his legs. She looked over at us and up at Mick with a wickedly devilish grin reached up to the waistband pulled his underwear down and revealed Mick?s large, thick, uncircumcised cock. Mick regularly jokes about having M doing naughty things to his 8 inches. He clearly wasn?t lying, it appeared that his meat had to have been at least that large. M looked at Mary, grinned and without hesitation put his meat into her warm, wet, willing mouth.

I sat back on the couch leaning on the armrest and pulled Mary back towards me saying to her, ?relax and enjoy the show.? Mary willingly sat back and nestled in front of me. I whispered in her ear how hot and sexy it was to watch her eating my wife's pussy. Mary responded by divulging how much she enjoyed her first taste of pussy by telling me how great my wife?s pussy tasted and how much she enjoyed licking pussy. She turned to me and kissed tenderly and softly with just a hint of her gentle tongue. While we sat back together to watch the action I reached around and began to massage Mary?s firm breasts. She moaned softly as my hands and fingers kneaded her tits and pulled on her hard, erect nipples. Mary was clearly enjoying the action as was I.

In the meantime, M was working diligently on Mick?s dick sucking it into her mouth and down her throat and making him moan with pleasure. She wrapped her hands around his meat, his cock is thick enough that her hand isn?t able to complete reach around it. M had enough blood flowing through Mick?s cock for the head to come out fully from the folds giving her total access to the bulbous head allowing her to wrap her tongue all around it. She was amazing, sucking and slurping keeping her mouth full of Mick?s cock. Mick was leaning back with his eyes closed relishing in M?s oral talents. At one point M stopped sucking long enough to ask Mary if she liked what she was doing to her husband. Mary answered positively and told M to keep going. M put her attention back to Mick?s dick alternating between sucking and licking up and down on the shaft of his cock. M looked directly at Mary with a devilish grin while she sucked on Mick?s balls and stroked his cock for us to see. M continued licking and nibbling on Mick?s cock, causing him to beg her to stop teasing and suck his dick. M was enjoying the control she was having over Mick and continued to slurp and tease his swelling member. He was becoming so desperate to have his cock in M?s mouth he started trying to grab her head and shove his aching cock home. After her teasing Mick, M opened her mouth wide and eased Mick?s cock back into the warmth of her mouth. She gave him what he wanted and attacked Mick?s cock like it was the first meal she?d had in years. M clearly wasn?t disappointing Mick who had thrown his head back and was moaning each time she bobbed her head up and down. M?s performance wasn?t lost on Mary or myself. My cock was as hard as could be and throbbing to get harder. Mary?s eyes were glued to M?s mouth swallowing her husbands meat while she massaged her breasts and was moaning right along with her husband. It became quite apparent that Mick was starting for feel the stirrings of a rising orgasm as he began to thrust his hips up to get his cock deeper down M?s throat. She is an excellent cock sucker, it turns M on and gets her pussy wet when she sucks dick. Mick started to pump his cock into M?s mouth with more urgency and went from moaning to grunting. When he grabbed the back of M?s head and roughly shoved his entire 8 inches down her throat and held it there I thought that he came in her mouth and down her throat. I was wrong as M came up for air, smiled and said to Mick, ?Not yet, we?ve only just begun.? She leaned up to his mouth and kissed him deeply, inserting her tongue into his mouth as he had his cock into hers.

M then stood up, walked over Mary and I and said, ?There is something else I want.? She bent over and kissed Mary full on the lips. With their tongues dueling, M joined Mary?s hands and squeezed Mary?s breasts. She pulled away from Mary bent her head down and sucked on one her tits. She reached down between Mary?s legs, looked up and and whispered to Mary, ?I want to taste you.? Mary replied, ? Not tonight.? I pulled out from behind Mary and joined my wife by sucking on Mary?s left breast while M sucked on her right one. A one point we sucked and licked the same breast together. I was beside myself licking on the same breast of this sexy woman while also kissing my wife. I was enjoying each and every minute of what was happening and thinking about what was yet to come.

Not wanting to be left out, Mick moved from the end of the couch to go to work on my wife from behind. He knelt behind her on the floor and proceeded licked her pussy and ass making her squirm and moan. He must have been doing a good job since M was letting out muffled moans. Having a boob in her mouth prevented M from letting out a full groan of pleasure. We continued to simultaneously enjoy Mary?s breasts for a few minutes when suddenly M stopped sucking Mary?s nipple lifted her head and moaned quite loudly. She put her head on Mary?s chest, panting and informing us that Mick had inserted a finger up her ass. This was not quite a surprise since Mick on more than one occasion has talked about wanting to fuck someone in the ass and knows that M and I occasionally have anal sex. It turns him on knowing that M takes a cock in her ass and regularly jokes with her about it. She groaned and worked harder on Mary?s nipples as Mick worked his finger in and out of her tight, puckered hole. I don?t know if it was Mary or I who asked M if it felt good, but she smiled and replied with a big, ?yes.? We continued to work on Mary?s breasts as Mick pumped his digit full length into M?s butt. Just as soon as one wave of pleasure subsided M gave a loud grunt and followed that by a sharp exhale. M leaned her head against Mary?s shoulder to brace herself as Mick had shoved his big dick into M?s pussy with one thrust. It was clear that her pussy must have been wet and ready as he thrust full length with force repeatedly. This caused M to suck harder on Mary?s tits in-between moans and readying herself for the surge of Mick?s penis slamming her pussy. The sight was something that would remain in my memory, my sexy wife in a sandwich between another man and woman. I stopped attending to Mary to witness the pounding M was willingly accepting.

Suddenly, Mick grabbed M around the waist and pulled her down to the floor on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. They then quickly switched, Mick laid her down on the floor, climbed on top of her and was back inside her wet pussy faster than I thought possible. He began pounding her with long, fast, hard strokes while Mary and I watched from the couch. I told M that I wanted her on top so I could watch Mick?s dick going in and out of her. Mick reclined on his back on the floor, M straddled him and impaled herself on his pole. Mary and I moved to the other end of the couch to get a closer look. It looked as hot as I?d thought watching another man?s cock going in and out of my wife?s pussy. Mary was also enjoying the view saying how much she was getting turned on by watching.

The activity on the floor was rapidly heating up. M leaned over Mick began kissing him deeply and passionately while riding him like a professional bronco buster. We were mesmerized as she thrust her hips up and down and rocking her pelvis back and forth. Within a brief few minutes of my wife riding him, Mick began grunting saying he was getting close. M continued to slide up and down on his dick full length, so far that you could see the head of his cock just barely outside the stretched opening of her pussy, then disappear completely, when suddenly Mick started panting and groaning. I heard M ask, ?Are you coming?? Mick was barely able to grunt his response, ?I?m coming!? Since they were fucking bareback we didn?t want Mick coming inside her, I called to M, ?Take it in your mouth!? She hopped off Mick?s cock and clamped down on it and took all he had in her mouth. The next part was even more astounding, Mick held her head as his hot cum squirted into M?s mouth which she proceeded to swallow his copious offering. M doesn?t mind taking cum in her mouth but is not fond of swallowing. During conversations in the days that followed, M admitted to being so in the zone that she didn?t think anything about swallowing Mick?s cum.

My first thought was that this was the end and it was exciting and astounding. I couldn?t wait to get my cock into my wife?s used, stretched pussy. Oh, was I wrong. Mary laid down on the floor and instructed M to sit on her face and suck our cocks. M, as swiftly as she could lowered her wet, just fucked pussy over Mary?s waiting mouth. Mick and I stood on each side of my wife with our dick?s pointing at M?s face. She grabbed our cocks and alternated sucking on them, taking one in her mouth and switching to the other and back again. From underneath my wife I could see Mary moving her head in rhythm with her tongue on M?s pussy and clit. The harder Mary worked the more vigorously M worked on our dicks. M started to ride Mary?s face grinding her wetness all over Mary?s lips, nose, chin and cheeks.

Mary wanted to have a change and wanted to get M on her back. When M raised up from Mary?s face you could see M?s sweet juice all over Mary?s pretty face. M laid on her back and Mary dove between M?s legs again and returned to her tongue activities. Mary suddenly looked up at me from between my wife?s legs demanding me, ?Get her dildo, the purple one!? The girls had gone to a sexy toy party recently and both purchased the same vibrating, swirling dildo so Mary knew exactly which one she wanted. Mick had told me that Mary loved hers so much and used it so often alone and together that she burned out the motor. I rushed up to the bedroom and grabbed the sex toy bag and hustled back downstairs to the action. I couldn?t get the dildo out of the bag fast enough for Mary. She grabbed the toy and without hesitation inserted it into M?s pussy. She worked it in and around determined to make my wife cum. The sight of Mary licking my wife?s clit and fucking her with the purple swirling dildo was quite remarkable. All the while, M was trying to get Mary?s pants off and her head between Mary?s legs. She wanted desperately to lick Mary?s pussy. Mary kept saying, ?Not tonight, I want to save something for the next time.? Despite my wife?s pleas Mary wouldn?t give in but she kept working the dildo and her tongue on M?s pussy.

The four of us were in a tight group on the floor surrounding my wife. I was kissing M and playing with her tits telling her how hot and sexy she looks being a slut and having sex with our friends. Mick was behind Mary working his tongue on her cheeks and ass causing her to turn up the action on M. It was getting hot and sticky in the room and Mary decided she needed to take a break for some air. Mary opened the patio door saying she needed to get out into the open to cool off and breathe. I instantly decided that it would be worthwhile to leave Mick and M alone in the room and watch what happens from afar. Mary and I grabbed our beverages and stepped outside on the patio for a drink and some fresh air. Without hesitation and with the speed of a predator attacking it?s prey, Mick was on top of my wife and inside her pussy pounding her with wild abandon. He was slamming her so hard she was moving along the carpet and with each thrust M grunted with pleasure. Mary and I were on the patio standing by the door watching and listening to the action. Mary wasn?t even thinking about being outside with her shirt and bra pulled up exposing her tantalizing breasts and with her pants slightly pulled down. The cool night air was causing Mary?s nipples to really tighten up and create rock hard nubs that would protrude and be visible through almost any bra and sweater. I caressed and licked her luscious tits gently biting and sucking her buds while letting her know how hot it was to watch her licking my wife. Mary let me know she enjoyed doing it just as much as I enjoyed watching. She had never touched another woman let alone do the things she?d done to M. Mary enjoyed the feel and taste of another woman?s pussy and would enjoy having sex with another woman every so often. I let her know that I would really like to see her naked having all out sex with M. I?d really like to see the two women locked in a 69 position licking and fingering each other.

While we chatted on the patio, the activity in the house changed dramatically when Mick flipped M onto all fours and began lubing up her ass. He was extremely intent on putting his aching meat into her little hole and was working hard at shoving it in. I turned to Mary and whispered in her ear, ?He?s fucking her in the ass.? Mary pressed herself against the screen eager to watch her husband fulfill one of his ultimate fantasies. From our vantage we could hear Mick?s grunting as he was bucking his hips attempting to stuff his cock into my wife?s tight little backdoor. M was whimpering and panting with each of Mick?s failed efforts. It wasn?t working from behind so M told Mick to wait as she turned to her back, put up her legs high and gave him a new view of her backdoor. Mick lubed her up again, aimed his cock at the entrance of her ass and in one powerful stroke plunged his cock all the way in. M let out a shriek, exhaled and began panting and grunting with each thrust. This was a new experience for M, we have anal sex but I?m considerably more gentle and allow M to dictate the pace.

Mary decided it was time to come back into the house to get a better and closer view of the action. Mick was pounding M?s asshole as feverishly as he had just fucked her pussy slamming the entire length of his cock in and out of her with wild abandon. It was quite a show that Mary was obviously enjoying. Her eyes were glued to the couple on the floor as her breathing was becoming shorter and raspier. I kept kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear all the while talking dirty in her ear feeding her head with nasty thoughts. She was so excited and hot that when I slipped my hand down her pants I found her pussy extremely wet and ready. I slid a finger as deeply into her wetness as my hand would allow and began to finger fuck her adding to her excitement. As we watched Mick driving his cock furiously into M?s asshole, Mary was beginning to get to a state of delirium squeezing her breasts and breathing heavily while I slid my finger into her soft, soaking wet pussy. I remember thinking after that it must have been uncomfortable to have her panties sooooo wet. I once again leaned into Mary?s ear and whispered in her ear, ?Do you want him to cum in her ass?? She immediately replied, ?Yes.? I told her to tell him what she wanted him to do. Mary surprised me once again by leaning forward and in a breathy, raspy voice called out, ?Cum in her ass!? If it was at all possible, Mick began to fuck M even more furiously with the sole purpose to cumming. It didn?t take him long to work himself up to his second orgasm of the night. It was mind numbing to watch my wife on her back with her legs spread wide and feet high in the air having her ass attacked and being used for someone else?s pleasure. Mick stopped suddenly and impaled his dick completely in M?s butt as he squirted cum into the depths of her ass.

Mary was not done though. She knelt on the floor next to my wife?s head and began sucking on her hard, erect nipples. She told me to join her so I began pleasing M?s other nipple so it wouldn?t feel left out. While I was working on my wife?s tit, Mary moved to the other end of her body and dove in between M?s legs; licking, sucking and fucking my wife?s pussy with her hot tongue and delectable, soft lips. Mick was finally spent and sat back on the couch to watch his wife and mine culminate the activities of the night. Mary went at it for about another ten to fifteen minutes trying to make M cum. Even though she was thoroughly enjoying herself, M decided that the amount of alcohol she consumed as made it too difficult for her to cum.

Disappointed as she was, Mary was willing to call it a night. By the end despite everyone?s level of participation the only person who was naked throughout the entire night was M, slut. Everyone dressed and we walked Mary and Mick to the door, had a very brief discussion of how much fun we all had, kissed and hugged good bye for now.

Mick and Mary left and as soon as the door shut, M and I made it quickly to our bedroom and did what came naturally. That, my fellow swingers, is a story for another time. This... was one fun and memorable night. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this retelling of our evening.

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