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Our first foray into the world of bisexual bliss

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Well it started out innocently enough. We decided that we wanted to expand our sexual horizons and include another couple in our already smoking sex life. So we went on one of these swingers' sites, put up an ad and, like most couples, had to sift through all the fakes, single creeps and one-lined responses before we finally settled on a couple who seemed right up our alley. Very open sexually, down to earth and "fluffy" like us. We decided to meet Bill and Jessica (Jess)for dinner and drinks first just to get to know each other. Three hours and a few drinks later, we were rolling on the floor laughing at each others' stories, flirting and just being rowdy. Well we were all very tired, so we decided to call it a night. That weekend we invited them to our house for dinner and movies. We were all pretty sure that something was going to happen that night. Little did we know just how much. We weren't even half way through dinner when the ladies started a deep-throat contest to see who could get the banana down her throat the farthest. Jess won by a long shot. Pretty soon, the conversation turned very risque and we were all talking about our deepest darkest sexual fantasies. My wife, Sarah, started talking about how badly she wanted to be with another woman. Just then, Jess started talking about the same she wanted to feel the soft, gentle touch of a woman's breasts against her face and how she loved the smell of pussy and couldn't wait to bury her face into one. Then it was Bill's and my turn. My wife pretty much knew that I had always wanted to know what it felt like to suck another guy's cock so she wasn't the least bit surprised when I spouted that one out. Surprisingly, Bill had the same fantasy. Although his was a little more in-depth. His fantasy was to be the meat in a 'manwich'. Basically the top part of a 69 while getting fucked from behind. To be quite honest, the idea of that got me extremely hot and I now had a RAGING hard-on. It didn't help that Sarah had unzipped my pants and had her hand inside stroking my cock. And by the look on Bill's face, he was getting the same treatment. In one moment all of our eyes met with a devilish sort of understanding and aggreement. And without a word, we all got up, laughing our asses off and started tearing each others' clothes off. Bill and I were, obviously, already very excited at the prospect of what was about to happen. We all ran to the bedroom where the girls laid with legs in the air, positioning themselves for whomever got there first. Well, before Bill and I could get to the bedroom, they were already pawing at and kissing each other. Rubbing their pussies, fingering each other while Bill and I just sort of stood there in amazement, stroking ourselves. I looked down at Bill's throbbing, 8" member as he stroked it and, all of a sudden, had this incredible urge to have him in my ass. I've never had this feeling before and it felt a bit weird. But the idea of Bill's huge cock entering my ass, stretching it to capacity, go tme hotter than I had ever been. I just chalked it up to lust and raging hormones, but I couldn't shake the feeling. We joined the girls on the bed and started by licking our respective spouses' pussies while the girls continued to kiss and rub each other. Jess decided that this wasn't enough and screamed "oh my God, would somebody PLEASE fuck me?" Bill got up and said "dude, be my guest." With that, I mounted her and shoved my cock so deep into her pussy, she actually screeched a little. I pounded her for what seemed only a couple of minutes before she was reaching for Bill's cock to put in her mouth. At the time, Bill's face was planted firmly between Sarah's legs, breathing in and tasting her wet pussy while, simultaneously, squeezing her huge tits. So Bill and Sarah moved themselves around so that Jess could put her mouth around his substantial cock. After a few minutes, we all seemed to cum at the same time. We fell into a pile of sweaty, nakedness, juices flowing all over the place, people sweating profusely and laughing hysterically saying WOW...THAT was awesome! We took a break for a little bit, the girls decided they wanted to take showers before our next session so, while they did that, Bill and I took turns getting head from the one who wasn't taking a shower at the time. It killed a good twenty minutes or so while the other was in the shower, recovering and freshening up. Jess was the last to take a shower and Sarah really had to pee, so she went to the bathroom (we only have one). In the meantime, the shower turned off and Bill and I finally realized, after about half an hour, that we hadn't heard from or seen the girls in a while. We tiptoed to the bedroom door and could hear the faint moaning of Sarah as she was, apparently, being serviced by Jess. They seemed as though they were having too much fun to be interrupted at that point so Bill and I decided to let them play for a while. We went back into the living room and I poured us a couple of scotches. We started talking again about our fantasies and, as it turns out, neither of us has had any experience with another man. As we were talking, we were both getting obviously excited. It was then that Bill commented on the size and shape of my cock. It's a full 8 1/2" and very thick with just a slight upward bend. He mentioned that it was about the same size as the strap-on that Jess uses on him on a regular basis. He also mentioned that it's the perfect shape for hitting the prostate...the male g-spot. Then everything just kind of turned into a blur. Bill got up from his seat, walked over to me, got on his knees and told me to lay back and enjoy what he was about to do to me. I was on the edge of cumming right then and there. I though I would explode at the slightest touch. Bill took my cock in his hand and just started to rub it, lubricating it with his saliva. He then put his face between my legs and drew in a deep breath and said "mmmm, I can smell Jess' pussy down smells nice." Then I felt his tongue lapping the underside of my balls as he took one into his mouth at a time while still stroking my engorged cock. Then, while keeping his expert mouth on my cock, he put his hands on my thighs and gently spread them then pulled my hips toward him. I responded by putting my ass up in the air a little bit so he could have access to my tight ass hole. Apparently, this was exactly what he was looking for because as I did, his mouth moved from my cock to my ass. He began darting his tongue in and out of my ass while stroking my cock. I couldn't take it any more. I came so hard I thought he was going to choke on the wad that I blew into his mouth. But he was a trooper and swallowed it all up. At that moment, I knew I had to reciprocate. So I told him to switch places with me and to sit back. I began by wetting a finger with my saliva and gently rubbing his asshole while pushing another finger in just past the first knuckle. He was obviously enjoying this treatment judging by the noises eminataing from his mouth. Then came the moment I had been waiting for for a very long time. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and began licking the length of his 8" shaft. It tasted sooo good I had to have more. I plunged my mouth down around his entire cock and, at the same time, shoved two fingers deep into his ass. He yelped with pleasure as his ass left the seat and started thrusting his pelvis in a motion which allowed my fingers to protrude even deeper into his anal cavity. He began riding my fingers and fucking my face like a true professional. Within moments I could feel him tensing up and I knew what was going to happen next. As his breathing became heavier, I removed my fingers from his ass and stopped sucking his cock. I wanted to see if I could edge him for a little bit and make his orgasm that much more powerful. He seemed a bit perplexed at first, then he realized what I was doing. He nodded his head in approval and I began finger fucking him and sucking his cock again. Again, when I felt him tense, I stopped. After performing this about four or five times I decided enough was enough and when I felt him tense this time I kept going, shoving my fingers deep inside his ass while massaging his prostate. And with his final gasp I opened my mouth wide and took all 8 inches of his cock deep into my throat where he blew his entire load. I have a bit of a gag reflex so I choked a little bit but managed to repress a full-fledged vomit. He saw my watering eyes and said "sorry, dude...I couldn't help it." I said as I licked the remaining cum from the tip of his cock "no problem (lick)...the pleasure was all mine." Little did we know, the girls had finsihed what they were doing in the bedroom and had been watching these events unfold for about five or ten minutes. So my wife had watched the entire episode of me sucking off this relative stranger. She said with a big grin on her face "feel better now?" She laughed and I said "nope...I think we're just getting started." We all laughed and moved back to the bedroom where we enjoyed each others' bodies for another 5 or 6 hours wherein I experienced my first ass-fucking and Sarah expereinced her first DP. All in all, it was a great night and we're looking forward to next week when we're getting together again. This time at their house...where they have a sex swing. Can't wait!

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