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Our first Experience

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It was Friday, the day was long and I couldn?t wait to get out of the office for the weekend. On the drive home I was thinking about my son?s request to go to his friend?s house in a town about 14 miles away. This would give my wife Gina and I about 4 hours alone together for some much needed relaxation. It was about 5:10 when the phone rang; it was a good friend Tom who stated he was all alone for the night and asked if my wife and I would like some company. I thought to myself, there went all my plans, but we hadn?t seen him in a while an when I asked my wife if she had any objections she said sure why not. I told him to drop by around 7 and that I would have to leave around 9:00 pm to pick my son up at his friend?s house, but we were free for the night after that.

My wife and I teased each other as we were getting dressed and I really wanted to eat her pussy for awhile, she said no there wasn?t enough time and quickly ran out of the room. It was around 6:30 when the pizza arrived and we sat down to our dinner. The night was young; we talked about having a few drinks, and then having sex all night after our friend left. I reached over and slid my hand between her legs and felt her pussy lips pressed tightly through her shorts. I said jokingly she would have 2 men tonight and that she was a lucky woman. She just smiled and told me to move my hand away because it was getting her too excited. She didn?t want to be wet before our friend arrived. I declined to pull away and she soon was loosening up her shorts to give my playful fingers access to her very hot pussy. I soon had her very hot and then the doorbell rang. She grimaced and told me she was going to get me for doing that before he arrived. I quickly washed my hands and answered the door.

Our friend is a tall man about 6?0 and very friendly. As he walked into the room my wife was still trying to get over the rush she had from my playing with her clit. She quickly got up from the sofa and said she really needed a beer. I looked at my friend and smiled, thinking about what had transpired and he laughed a bit too. As we approached the bar, Tom sat at the front while I followed Gina around to the other side to serve some drinks and to see what was on the TV. I looked through all the stations and found nothing interesting. As I moved through the guide I found the XXX stations and quickly chose one. Gina proceeded to drink the first bottle quickly and said she was really thirsty. As she opened the second bottle, she looked up to find two males fucking and sucking this beautiful blond on the screen. I said, boy that looks good and reached over to her again where he could not see and played with her ass. She was getting really hot, and started squirming as I played. We joked and watched these two men fuck this blond every way possible!

As the flirting and teasing continued she watched the film and I played with her ass and pussy. Then Tom noticed she was getting very excited. I kept up the caressing and playing. She was wearing a tight white Tee and by now her nipples were rock hard. As Tom looked over at us, he couldn?t resist and reached over and touched her breast which took her off guard. He quickly pulled his hand back and apologized, she looked at me and said don?t worry and that she liked it. I was excited to see how much that one feel turned her on. By now the one guy on the screen was filling the girl?s mouth with a huge load of cum. I just moaned a bit as she sucked and licked all the creamy fluid off his cock and swallowed all that she could. I was reaching down between Gina?s legs and playing with her pussy while we talked and joked about what we saw. I asked her if she thought she could do that and she replied, yes if conditions were right.

We quickly refilled our drinks Tom left to go to the bathroom. I pulled Gina over to me and kissed her deeply. She said she was so turned on and she wanted to fuck now! I reached into her shorts and felt her pussy, it was soaking! I told her I loved her and I was ok with anything she wanted to do. As Tom came out of the bathroom, he noticed my hand in her shorts and commented that we weren?t alone, and were we trying to make our own movie? We all laughed and settled back down to watch as action on the screen continued. Tom settled back down to his barstool to get a better view. It was 8:30 and I said that I had to leave in 20 minutes to pick up my son. Tom quickly countered that he would go with me or since Gina and I had already started playing around, he would go. My wife blurted out NO! She then realized what she said and worried about my feelings, then calmly said she can go. At that point I knew what she wanted. The teasing and playing continued and as I played with her pussy, it made swishing sounds as I rubbed her juices all over it. The more I rubbed, the more you could smell her scent filling the room. By now I could see Tom standing up and fixing himself then sat back down. I knew his cock must have been growing inside his shorts and he needed to adjust it. By 8:50 everyone was getting very hot and I knew I had to leave my beautiful wife explore her fantasy by herself. I said that I was going and Tom said to wait for him. I looked at my wife and said no, it makes no sense for all of us not to drink and said I would be back in 45 minutes.

As I walked toward the stairs she quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me to her kissing me deeply. I walked around the corner to the landing where I was not visible to them and turned around to see the lights dimming. As the light faded to a glimmer, I walked up the steps and made sure I closed the door loud enough for them to know I was gone. I walked to my car trying to imagine what was going on as my thoughts of her sucking on his hard cock and fucking him made my cock extremely hard. As I got into the car and drove I thought about the excitement in her body and it turned me on so much I had to stop thinking about it so I didn?t crash.

She walked back across the room from dimming the lights and started to walk back behind the bar where she was standing earlier. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her between his legs. Her ass was rubbing against his crotch when she felt his lips softly kissing the back of her neck. She said ?Hey what are you doing?? and he quickly answered ?I?m going to fuck you!? She said ?you are?? As he turned her around and took her hands and placed them on his hard cock. Then she got scared and thought she made a mistake. He pulled off his shirt and threw it on the floor. He placed his hand in her pants and started playing with her clit. She moaned and said ooh, ok and slowly slid down between his legs before she changed her mind. He stood up and lowered his shorts to reveal his huge rock hard cock, then sat back down on the barstool. Se started to lick his balls and moved quickly to his shaft. She could not believe how hard his cock was and started sucking it wildly. After a minute he pulled her up and asked her ?How much time do we have?? She said ?30 minutes, why and what are we going to do?? He took her hand and led her to the couch where he pulled off her shirt and bra, then pulled down her shorts to reveal her soaking wet pussy. He pulled off his shorts, then laid her on the couch and buried his face in her wet pussy. He licked and sucked furiously for about a minute then moved to a position between her legs. As he placed his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy lips, he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Then with a hard plunge, rammed his cock all the way into her soaking pussy until he was fully engulfed inside her. He pounded away at it for a few minutes then suddenly pulled away. Once again he buried his face inside her legs again licking and sucking her clit to the verge of an orgasm. Then he pulled away again and went back to pounding her pussy for what seemed like hours, again and again until she could feel his body tighten up. She immediately knew he was close to exploding in her pussy. Suddenly he pulled away again and stood up next to her stroking his cock violently. She sat up and asked him if he wanted to cum in her mouth? He said yes and moved over to where she was sitting. She took his cock into her mouth and started sucking his cock hard and fast until she felt a drop of cum in the back of her throat. Then she pulled off him and started licking and sucking his balls, that was enough to send him over the edge. His cum squirted out onto her face, then she took him back into her mouth sucking and drinking as much as she could. She sucked until his cock until his balls were empty. He placed his hand under her chin to catch his cum she couldn?t swallow, which wasn?t much! She looked up at him and they both giggled at each other. He ran into the bathroom and she quickly followed to get washed up.

As my son and I drove down the street my head was filled with thoughts about what was going on while I was away. As I backed into the driveway and parked the car, I tried to make as much noise as I could so it would alert them if they were in a compromised position. I told my son to it was time for bed and sent up to his 3rd floor bedroom. As I walked thru the door and back down the steps, I could hear them laughing and joking as they were before I left. When I rounded the corner I found them fully clothed with no hints whatsoever, of what had just transpired. My wife was behind the bar and our friend sitting in the exact same place I left him in. I said ?Did you guys stay busy while I was out?? They laughed and said yes they were watching TV. Tom had immediately gotten up and walked to the bathroom and my wife came running over to me and kissed me passionately. I said did you guys? As I spoke Tom walked out of the bathroom and I didn?t want to cause a scene, so I just dropped my question. I didn?t know anything transpired and we started drinking again.

I quickly noticed my wife was on top of me and figured she didn?t want to do anything while I wasn?t around. By this time another 3 sum was featured in the movie and she was rubbing her body against me, and rubbing my hard cock thru my pants. I reached over up under her shorts and found her pussy even wetter than it was before I left. As we watched the new movie, I could feel her pussy on fire, and pulled down her shorts. She was very willing and immediately had her tongue in my mouth. As we kissed she started unbuckling my shorts and pulled out my hard cock. She sucked it softly at first then increased her intensity. At this point I figured she was ready and willing for this threesome. Tom sat and watched for a minute and I asked him if he wanted some? He wasted no time coming up behind her and started playing with her tits and ass from behind. After a few minutes, I suggested we move to the couch where it was more comfortable.

I took off my shirt and shorts and sat down on the sofa where my wife resumed sucking my cock feverously. Tom was also getting turned on as he watched and then removed his shirt and shorts and moved in behind her. His cock was hard from watching her suck my cock and slowly slid it into her pussy. He pumped her slow at first and then increased his speed slowly. She would stop sucking briefly to moan a little then place her mouth back on my cock to suck more intently. As I was just about to cum, I pulled her head off and motioned for Tom to switch places with me. He sat down on the end and she wasting no time started sucking for all she was worth. As I placed my cock into her wet pussy I could feel her intensity and plunged my hard dick in her as far as I could. I was pumping her hard when she moved forward to get his cock deeper into her mouth and my cock slipped out of her pussy. As she sucked I kept trying to put my hard dick back in her sloppy hole. It kept sliding forward and backward making all her juices spread over her ass, while she sucked and pumped his cock. Getting frustrated I grabbed my cock and thrusted it very hard forward. Finally, all I could feel was the wetness tightness of her and started pounding her for all I was worth. She stopped sucking to tell him I was fucking her ass and to look over so he could see it! I didn?t know my cock slid into her ass instead of her pussy but at this point I didn?t care. As I slammed my cock into her ass she continued to suck his cock and went further down with every stroke! He couldn?t hold back any longer and shot off into her mouth. Because there was so much cum that came out of his cock on the initial shot, she gurgled a bit and said hmm? he?s Cumming! She could not take anymore in her mouth and had to just stroke his cock with his cum dripping all over her face. When I looked down and saw her face, I started pounding her ass even harder until I couldn?t take anymore, and my cock exploded inside her ass! I kept pumping her until all of my cum was deposited inside her ass! I fell backward onto the floor exhausted, Tom fell back onto the couch and she fell into his lap with her mouth just inches away from his soft cock. We all laid there for a minute I could see a drop of his cum dripping from her mouth. Her face, hair and tits were covered in his cum, and my cum was running out of her ass and down her legs. Tom said he was spent, he quickly dressed and let himself out. I got off the floor I went over to hold her and tell her how much I enjoyed it and that I loved her. As we lie there, she said she never got the chance to tell me what happened! As she told the story, I could feel the blood running to my cock again ?.. But that?s another story!

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