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Our First Time Part 2

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Our First Time Part 2 After Karl left and while Sherri was in the shower Bill and I got dressed. Sherri came out and asked what we wanted to do today. We said what do you think?? Well of course she wanted to re-charge and suggested we go to the neighborhood pool - we had a membership. Bill said he didn't have a suit and I said he could wear one of mine - which barely fit him so instead he wore a pair of my gym shorts. Sherri put on her 2 piece - nothing overly daring but nice. We were all hungry and since it was getting close to noon I suggested I drop them off to claim a few lounge chairs and I would head to Subway for lunch. I got back and we ate and I had Sherri put lotion on my back. The pool was not busy at all and Sherri and Bill had pulled our chairs into a corner that had sun but also some privacy. I asked Sherri what she liked most so far about the weekend and she said the variety and frequency of all the sex we were having. No single episode that really stuck out although sucking a stranger in the video store while getting fucked by me and while also sucking Bill's cock was really exciting (I should mention that although I was behind her I was practically kneeling on the floor just to get my cock in her! I don't think I could manage such a position today!). Bill said the first time and playing poker was unexpected and really exciting to him. I thought meeting Deb at the door naked was the most thrilling to me. I asked Sherri how she arranged that. She mentioned to Deb a few days before about Bill coming into town and that she thought they might try getting it on with him - they are pretty tight friends. She asked Deb if she would like to join them and she said yes but to call her if things really happened. She did while I was in the shower.

Bill and I were getting a little hot so we jumped in the pool. I mentioned to Bill that the gym shorts didn't leave anything to the imagination all wet. He laughed and after cooling off we got out to a few stares from some of the ladies. We laid out for about an hour then cooled off again. By now Bill and I are super horny and talked Sherri into heading back home for some fun. It was around 3 by now. On the way home Bill stripped his gym shorts off and wrapped a towel around his waist and by the time we got into the house from the garage he and Sherri were totally naked. We went to the bedroom for a change and I started sucking on Sherri's tits while Bill licked and played with her pussy. I moved up to have Sherri suck my cock - which she loves to do. She takes it in and swirls the head of my cock then goes about half way down then back up. After a few of these she will lick my shaft and around my head while stroking my balls. I like to dangle my balls over her tongue so she can lick them while she strokes me. Bill was enjoying watching me get sucked and licked and moved up to slide his cock in Sherri in a missionary position. He also leaned over and shared my cock with Sherri. I reached down and slid my hand between Bill to Sherri's clit and in no time she was cumming followed by Bill emptying his load of cum into her pussy. He rolled off and we switched with me and Sherri licking his cock clean while I enjoyed sloppy seconds. I didn't last long and rolled off. Bill was hard again and had Sherri mount him. I played with his cock and her clit while sucking on her tits until I started getting hard again. By now we left the baby oil on the night stand and oiled my cock up and slid into her tight ass. We got a nice rhythm going again and after about 20 minutes of steady fucking and talking dirty to Sherri we both unloaded into her again. She came I don't know how many times again.

I rolled off and she just laid on Bill's chest and I asked Sherri what she wanted to do when Karl and his friends came over. And before she could answer the phone rang and it was Karl. He called to say his two lady friend's already had plans but he could come over. I said let me see what Sherri wants to do and I'll call you right back. I filled Sherri and Bill in and asked what she wanted to do. She thought about it for a minute and said she wanted to by tied to the spare bed and wanted each of us to use her pussy and ass individually. We could tie her up or untie her as we wanted but only one at a time. After each guy came once then she would tell us what she wanted us to do. I called Karl back and filled him in and he was over in a few minutes. Since Bill and I had already had some fun we let Karl go first. We could watch but not participate. Karl tied her face down on the bed with ties of mine and had her spread eagle. He oiled his cock up and went into her ass straight off. He was telling Sherri she was a real slut to let strange men fuck her ass and he was going to use her just the way she wanted. Sherri was really getting into it and started to cum almost immediately. Karl didn't last long but again left quite a load in and on her ass - he pulled out after his first burst of cum and shot all over her back and ass. Bill was up next and he untied her and had her get on her hands and knees. He also wanted her ass and practically rammed into her. She jumped a bit more surprised than anything. Bill fucked her in the ass for about 5 minutes then rolled onto his back and had her mount him, his cock buried in her ass so we could watch our little slut get ass fucked. He pounded her ass from below and just as he was about to cum he pulled her backwards onto his chest, pulled his cock out and shot onto her pussy and stomach, with Karl's cum getting ground into Bill's chest in the process. It was my turn and I had my lovely slut wife lay on her side and I pulled one leg up and decided to use her pussy while playing with the outside of her ass with one of my fingers. I didn't put it in I just rubbed the cum around and with all the excitement watching Karl and Bill use her I unloaded in her pussy pretty quick.

Well we had all cum and now it was Sherri's decision on what to do next. She said she was thirsty and hungry and suggested we order a pizza. I called Domino's while we all hung out naked in the kitchen and had a beer. Sherri said she wanted to be covered in cum by the end of the evening and didn't try to clean up. That got Karl hard again and she knelt down on the kitchen floor and started to suck his cock while we watched. Bill moved over to get sucked too and she went back and forth while stroking the other. It was getting close to the time for Domino's to arrive so I went to get my wallet and put shorts and a shirt on. The pizza guy came to the door about the time Karl was shooting all over Sherri's face with his cum dripping onto her tits. Unfortunately the pizza guy was a total dweeb so I just paid him and sent him on his way - sorry no pizza delivery fantasy fuck come true! Karl rubbed his cock on Sherri's face to get the last of his cum on her and Bill then pulled out an unloaded on her too. She was a mess now. She just sat down at the kitchen table and ate pizza and drank beer with us with cum all over her face and chest, occasionally taking sum of it and saying yum! I really needed to fuck her but also had been aware that no one had licked her pussy yet. After we ate I had her lay on the table and I got between her legs and started licking away. She started to cum again and after a minute or so I moved between her legs and started to fuck her hard. Bill and Karl started playing with my cock and balls while also sucking on her cum covered tits. I pulled out after a few minutes and shot my load onto her stomach. Bill and Karl then lifted her up and took her to the family room and Bill laid down and had Sherri mount him face first and Karl moved in behind her and started to DP her. I played with their balls from behind and just enjoyed the site of my slut getting pounded once again. They both lasted quite a while and Karl blasted off into her ass first followed by Bill into her pussy. By now it's around 8:30 and we were all totally exhausted. Bill had to get up early to go into his company's local office to work on a presentation with the local folks. Karl gave Sherri a big kiss and got dressed and headed out. I told him we would definitely be hooking up with him again soon and that we were looking forward to meeting his lady friends. He just grinned and said I'm sure you will and I didn't really know if that meant I would like them or meet them or both? Bill and I laid with Sherri on the floor just stroking her breasts and she played with our tired out cocks for a bit before Bill said I need to hop in the shower and hit the sack. He gave Sherri a kiss and her and I just laid on the floor for a while and she asked for me to lick her pussy a little more. I was happy to oblige and soon she was starting to cum once more. My cock was only half hard though and after I stopped and moved up she went down and started to suck my cock the way I like it. After about 20 minutes I came but nothing came out - in fact my cock hurt a little it had stayed hard so much. We got up, got a shower together and crashed.

This time I was the one that slept late and when I got up Sherri was in the kitchen. She let Bill take her car to work. She told me she was up and before he left she had him stand next to the kitchen counter and she sucked him off. She gave him a big cum kiss and said have a nice day at work! I said how about if we go to breakfast and then go to the pool? She said great and we changed into our suits and she put a cover-up on and off we went. We got to the pool and got "our corner" again and after putting lotion on just laid around in the sun. I told her how great this weekend had been and she said it was the best ever. Now I should mention that we decided to take the whole week off even though our friend was scheduled to fly back to New York Wednesday after work. So it was going to be a full week and the next weekend off for us and the fun had just started! Around 1 Judy's friend Deb wandered into the pool and headed straight for us. She had a tee shirt on over a bikini - she has one hot bod - and practically ran over to us. She said I thought you would be here - I need to show you something quick. We both rolled over and she was smiling and she pulled her bikini bottom to the side and out poured a load of cum. She said I stopped by your place looking for you and you weren't there but your neighbor Karl was out - about to head to work he said. He recognized me and called over that he thought we went to the pool the way we were dressed. I wandered over and he said I recognize you from yesterday morning and he told how after I had left that Jake had invited him over and he got to fuck you. I was aroused when he said that and I said well I came over hoping to get fucked by Jake! He said how about if I help you with that and he and I have been fucking for the past couple of hours! He said I should take his last load to you to check out. Man can he cum!

Now I'm rock hard and no where to go! Sherri laughed and said now look what you've done to my poor hubby! You have to tell us the details! I rolled on my stomach and by now she was sitting next to me on the end of my lounge chair and had pulled her t-shirt off. What awesome tits! I said I hope we aren't going to stay too late because I really want to fuck Deb! Sherri said just wait and get those sperm built back up. You said your cock hurt from yesterday didn't you. I said that was yesterday! Well I said so tell us what you did?

Deb said I went in to Karl's kitchen through his garage and he pulled his cock out and then he started pulling my top off. He had me leave my bikini on and just pulled my tits out so he could suck on them. I was stroking his cock while he licked my tits and then he moved one hand down and started fingering my clit and slid his finger up into my pussy. He said man you are wet. I'd say you are ready and he had me lean forward at his sink and slipped his cock into my pussy with my bikini bottoms on. He didn't last too long but I could feel his cum shooting in me and then it just started dripping out around his cock and down my legs onto the floor. I've never been fucked by a guy that came that much in me. Then he said he better call in late - he said his car wouldn't start and was waiting to get a tow truck. So then he stripped but still wanted me in my bikini. He took me to his room and had me lay back and he pulled my bottom to the side and started licking my pussy. I absolutely loved every minute of his tongue. After I got off I told him I want you to fuck me again but I want to be on my hands and knees. So he got behind me and just pounded me for a half hour before he had me ride him. I came I don't know how many times while he did me. He came in me and then he said I think you should head down to the pool with my cum in you and show it to Jake and Sherri. So I carefully tried to slide his cock out of me and have been clamping my pussy shut trying to hold his cum in me. So here I am! Freshly fucked! And for effect she pulled her bikini to the side to show me her well fucked pussy again! I said I need to hop in the pool! So I jogged over and jumped in and Sherri and Deb chatted for a minute and then joined me. They said after your cock goes down we'll go home and fuck you, how does that sound. It took about 10 minutes because they kept teasing me. Finally we got out and dried off and tore out of there.

We got in the house and I told Deb, Karl may have wanted to fuck you in your bikini but I want you out of it! Sherri, I really have to fuck Deb if you don't mind. She said, I'm pretty tired so I'm going to go get in the shower and why don't you two enjoy each other for a while. We both said sounds great and while Sherri showered Deb and I did 69 then she had me fuck her from behind - it's her favorite position if you hadn't figured out yet - and I gave her a nice fuck for a good hour in our spare bedroom. I rotated my cock around in her pussy, pulled it out and rubbed it from her clit to her ass (she didn't want to be ass fucked), and back in. She had me lie back and rode me for a while before asking me to cum in her from behind. I fucked her for about 20 more minutes before unloading in her. We were so busy that we hadn't heard Bill get back to our house. We came back into the family room to find Bill licking Sherri's pussy. Deb laid down and started sucking Bill's cock and I fed my cock to Sherri. Bill moved up after Sherri came and slid into her for a few minutes. Deb sat next to Sherri and I started fucking her again. I could tell Bill wanted to switch so I said want to trade places and he said sure thing. After about a half hour we both came in our sluts. I said lets change places again and I licked Bill's cum out of Deb and Bill did the same to Sherri! After they got off again we all sat next to each other on the couch. Bill said they finished early today but that tomorrow would likely be a long day. Some of the stuff they needed didn't show up but it was supposed to be in by FedEx first thing in the morning (no internet at this time). He said, so what did you three do today and we filled him in on everything. We decided to go out to dinner after cleaning up - Sherri let Deb wear one of her sun dresses. Of course with nothing else on.

We finished up and Deb said do you want to go to that x-rated theater you told me about? We said sure and headed that way. Bill was playing with Deb in the back while I fingered Sherri's pussy on the way there. We headed to the back and the same guy that was there the other day recognized us. This time he said let me show you the best booth. He asked his partner to watch the front and he took us back to a booth that was a little bigger than the rest and had two rooms on either side. He said the movies are on the house and you two ladies can help yourself to any toy but I want to fuck one of you right now. Deb lifted her dress and said do you want a blonde or, and pulling Sherri's dress up, a bare pussy. He said can I have both? I said one for now. He moved behind Deb and unleashed his cock which was really big - maybe 10 inches and fat. He bent her over and just started in on her pussy. Of course we weren't just standing around. We had pulled Deb's dress all the way off along with Sherri's and Sherri had positioned herself so Bill could sit in one of the two chairs in the room and he entered her ass (we lubed her up with some oil we brought with us) and she leaned back so I could enter her pussy. The guy introduced himself as Mitchell and he said you two are some lucky guys to have girl friends like these. I said Sherri here is my wife and Bill is our Friend and Deb, who you are fucking, works with my wife and obviously is our friend too. Everyone was moaning and Mitchell said I'm cumming and unleashed a torrent of cum into Deb. Bill and I unloaded into Sherri about the same time and I moved away. Mitchell moved over and slid his cum covered cock into Sherri and Bill started to cum in her ass. Mitchell said it's going to take me a long to time to cum again and I really should get back out front and he pulled out and Sherri got off Bill. He said to Sherri, slut lick my cock clean so I can get back to work. She did as she was told and when he was satisfied that his cock was clean he pulled out of her mouth. He told Deb and Sherri that if they wanted to make some good money he could supply plenty of cock and cash for them. They laughed and Sherri said we are just unpaid amateurs. Deb said speak for yourself! (this surprised Bill, Sherri and me) I'll take cash for a good fuck but they have to be a good fuck not some scuz ball customer. Mitchell was stuffing his cock in his pants and said no problem and left. We noticed a couple guys looking through the peep holes now and Deb leaned down to one and Sherri the other and said stick them through! Two cocks appeared and they had them both cumming in no time. Sherri got a load in her face while Deb took it between her tits. Two more cocks appeared and this time Bill and I helped. I helped Deb and Bill helped Sherri. Bill and Sherri's guy got off first and Bill and Sherri tongued the side of the guy's cock as he shot off. Deb decided to take our cock's cum and after he finished she snow balled me. We were about to leave, even though two more cocks came through the holes when the door opened and Mitchell came in. He said to Deb, if you are serious about getting paid to fuck I have someone in a side room who will pay you $400 and I get $100 for an hour with you. Deb said lets go. He said don't bother getting dressed. You three work on those cocks in the wall and I'll bring her back in an hour. Well Sherri, Bill and I spent the next hour mostly fucking Sherri and the guys on the other side just had to watch and jerk off. When we finished Sherri sucked one of the guys cocks and was about to move to the other when the door opened and Deb came into the room with Mitchell. Mitchell said Deb is a great fuck toy and he slid his hand between her legs and went into her pussy and drew out a load of cum. He said this slut got fucked by a good friend of mine and he liked her so much he came in her twice which I haven't seen him do before. Deb said what a nice black cock, must have been 11 inches and could he fuck. Deb, I told him he couldn't fuck my ass but that you liked DP and getting ass fucked and he really would like to do you. Sherri looked at me and then asked her how much did you get? Deb said $400. She told Mitchell for $650 he can have my ass for one hour. Mitchell took her by the arm, opened the door and pulled her out. I didn't have any say in the matter but since my cock was already hard again Deb and Bill figured out I was OK with it. So even though my cock ached Bill and I worked on Deb for another hour. I couldn't cum but my cock was perpetually hard and literally ached. Bill had no problem cumming and about 5 minutes before Sherri was supposed to be brought back he came in Deb again while she was sucking and playing with my cock. We just sprawled on the floor and played with cocks in the wall and about 30 minutes later Mitchell brought Deb back. He said they were late because he decided to fuck Sherri instead of taking his cash. Sherri was smiling and said I made $1000! Mitchell said you have a really nice tight ass and you can come back any night and I'll get you full of cock in that ass and in Deb's pussy. And some nice money too. I can guarantee at least 3 or 4 nice cocks for you and you can figure out the money that will get you. So now I had a slut and a whore for a wife and now a good friend that was one too. I said I hope I don' t have to pay to fuck you both! Mitchell said you show up with either of them and I'll make sure get either some cock to play with or pussy, whichever you want for free. Your friend too. Bill said might make me want to move from New York. Mitchell said, you live in New York when you can be getting this here in Atlanta - you are a fool! He slid a finger in both Deb's and Sherri's pussy's and said see you two soon I hope and left the room. Sherri then proceeded to tell us how she was fucked by the same black guy in the ass for an hour and he came in her twice. She said he didn't say a word hardly just said I like fucking white ass and he would let her know when he was finished with her. He came the second time about 5 minutes after an hour was up and that Mitchell had promptly entered the room at an hour in and watched as his black friend finished fucking her. When he pulled out she said Mitchell just pulled his cock out and went in her ass. His friend finished dressing while Mitchell fucked her and handed him 10 hundred dollar bills. As Mitchell came in her ass he pulled out and handed her the money and zipped up and he practically dragged her back to the room. He told her he didn't get too many women who would take it in the ass and he would be fucking her in the ass every time she came back. It was very erotic she said but totally about just getting used. Deb had told us it was about the same with her and the black guy just used her but Mitchell had already fucked her so he just brought her back. It was getting late and although there were plenty of guys wanting to get it on with us we headed out instead after getting dressed. The ladies looked like total sluts with cum all over them but we weren't much better. Deb and Bill fucked in the back seat as we drove home while Sherri dosed while I played with her pussy. When we got home, Sherri went and got a shower and Bill did too. Deb asked if she could stay the night and of course it was OK. I got a second wind and started stripping Deb and we both got into 69. Her pussy smelled great with all the cum and her sex and we just finished each other off by licking and sucking. We went back and hopped in our shower and dried off and Sherri had gone into Bill's room to sleep with him (and got fucked one more time as we could hear the bed creaking) while Deb and I crashed in our bed.

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