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Our First Encounter

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It?s Friday night and my business class is dragging. The professor is droning on about management styles or something and I?m at the back of the class drawing stick figures in every possible position in an effort to map out the logistics of my fantasy. I couldn?t believe it may actually come true tonight. Finally the time came, class was dismissed, and I walked out almost shaking with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. My brain wouldn?t leave me alone, barraging me with questions. Would it really happen? Would she back out? How to get it started?how do I even propose the idea? Is this wrong; am I sick for wanting this? I could think of nothing else my entire ride home.

Finally I pull into the parking lot, leave the car, and race up the stairs to our apartment. Once inside, I greet my wife with a tender kiss. We exchange pleasantries and talk for a moment about our respective days, hers as a manager of a busy food service establishment and mine as full time student. Once we had caught each other up, we went out onto the porch for a cigarette and I took a moment to take in the full effect of her beauty. She?s such a tidbit, I thought to myself, only 5?3? and 109lbs., though get into an argument with her and you?d think she was 6?7? 310. She leaned back in the patio chair her long brown with blonde highlights falling over her shoulders. I looked into her large hazel eyes and let my gaze wander down to her perfectly full lips and then to the hint of her breasts curving gently beneath her oversized black pajama top. It was then that I noticed she was wearing the tight green nylon pajama bottoms that accentuated the perfection of her Cuban booty. The thought of her buns in those pants

I finally broke the silence asking ?So do you know if Joe is coming over tonight??

?He?s supposed to be, but I haven?t talked to him since I left work.? She responded.

Joe was another manager at the mall, whom we had become quick friends with mostly because of his vast movie collection. A couple times a week he would come over, we?d have some drinks, and watch the week?s new releases (which he would inevitably buy every Tuesday). He?s about 5?8? and a little stocky, but not a bad looking guy in my uneducated opinion.

?Give him a call and see what?s up.? She continued. I obliged and when I got his machine my heart sank. ?Oh well? I thought, ?I guess it wasn?t meant to?? the ringing of the phone broke my consolation thought train.

?What?s up dude?? the familiar voice queried.

?Not much man you coming through??

?Yeah man, got a couple good comedies on deck. I?ll be on the road in 10.?

?Cool man, later.?

My heart sang and my stomach sank. I couldn?t remember ever being so excited yet so nervous and insecure at the same time. Joe has made comments to her about only going after married women, etc. etc., but never in front of me and as far as I knew she hadn?t ever given him so much as an inkling of an indication that he had a chance with her. Guess that may change tonight, but it would be my job to give him the inkling?and it wouldn?t be just an inkling but a full on offer. I can safely say that I had never imagined I would be seriously considering asking another man to fuck my wife.

?Are you still in?? I asked remembering the few short weeks before sitting in this exact spot explaining to her that if she ever wanted to enjoy another man I would be okay with it as long as I could either watch or be a part of the experience. She seemed a bit taken aback, but warmed up to the idea over our next several love making encounters when I would get her wet by whispering fantasies of hands, lips, and dicks exploring every inch of her porcelain skin. When I suggested Joe, she protested at first, but it didn?t take much convincing before tonight?s plan had been forged and agreed to. The only unsuspecting party left was Joe as neither of us had breathed a word to him. My instincts told me he would be more than happy to oblige.

?I guess so? she said teasingly, ?though you know when you bring it up, he?ll go running for the door.?

?Yeah, I may send him heading for the hills by offering him a night with the most beautiful woman in the world.? I came back with obvious sarcasm and shot her a devilish grin.

Within the hour he had arrived, we had cracked the first bottle of wine and were watching a movie. It was good from what I saw, but my mind was on one thing and I couldn?t wait for it to be over and for the alcohol to quell the anxiety and give me the liquid confidence to propose the opportunity. Fortunately the movie went along quickly and a couple of hours and as many bottles of wine later, Joe got up and said he was going to hit the restroom and then take off. ?Oh no?, my mind quickly cried out. I quickly came up with a plan and as he walked out of the restroom and towards the door I stopped him. ?Hey man, come catch a smoke with me real quick, I have something to discuss with you.?

?Yeah, no problem.? He said back acting a bit confused. We headed out onto the porch leaving her on the couch and I shot her a nervous grin as I closed the door. Half of the cigarette was gone and I had yet to say a word. I was building my confidence and arranging the words, but I realized that I had to ask him before he thought I was a total loon.

?So, we?ve been talking?.and?.well we?ve been considering a threesome for some time and thought you may like to join us tonight.

Without missing a beat he answered ?Whatever makes you two happy.?

Judging by the huge grin on his face, this was making more than just my wife and I happy. We gabbed a bit more and I suggested a game of strip poker to get things started. He agreed and as we went back inside he excused himself to the bathroom once more. As soon as the restroom door closed, I turned and asked her again if she was still in.

?I am if everyone else is.?

?Everyone is.? I told her about the erotic card game that was scheduled and went into the master bathroom myself. When I came out, Joe was in the kitchen pouring another drink and she was still on the couch. I grabbed the pack of cards, sat on the living room floor, and began to shuffle as the other two gathered in a small circle. As the game went on, I quickly found out that both me and him were horrible card players and she had not let go of her wits. Joe and I were down to our boxers and T-shirts, while she was still completely dressed except for her socks. All of the sudden the tide changed and she had to pick which article to remove next. She chose the bra removing it without any peak of skin by pulling her arms inside her shirt and letting the black lace lingerie fall out the bottom of her shirt. At the sight of it, my penis tingled and jerked in appreciation at the hundreds of times I had removed that very same article and enjoyed the bounties below. A few rounds later and Joe had lost it all. In an effort to keep his modesty he rolled over onto his stomach but not before I had inadvertently caught a glance at his manhood. Even soft, the member was exceedingly long and sufficiently thick. I noticed that she must?ve caught a glimpse too because a few rounds later after she had already lost her pants, she lost again, she moved her fingers up her legs and under her long shirt to remove the black lace thong all the while never taking her eyes off him. I began to grow hard at the tease of her being bare bottom but was disappointed when I realized her shirt was too long to offer a glimpse of her pussy. This was where we hit a stalemate. The novelty of the game had worn off, we all knew that the other two were just as aroused, but none of us had the courage to initiate anything. We moved into the master bathroom for a cigarette break all the while his eyes never leaving her body. I watched him look at her from her legs all the way up. His face flushed and I could only imagine the dirty thoughts he was conjuring up about her. When we finished our cigarettes, we returned to the living room floor, she on her stomach to keep her own modesty intact making sure that her shirt covered the perfect swell of her ass, me next to her, and the two of us facing him. ?Another game?? she asked sounding less than excited about the suggestion.

?Fuck it,? I blurted out, ?I?ll get things started.? Before anyone knew any better I had run my hand from the back of her knees northward, sliding up her shirt and revealing her cheeks. My hand suddenly shot to the side of her hip and I rolled her over without even a hint of protest from her. I kissed her thigh as I moved between her legs. She opened them to accept my tongue. Her shirt lost ground and her perfect pussy was revealed. I took in the sight of it in no less awe than I had the very first time I had seen it, or the thousands since. It?s the perfect image of pleasure. I took one of her abundant outer lips between mine and felt the sensuous mix of incredibly soft skin and rough black hair. I flicked my tongue around her entrance and slowly up to her little clit teasing it and feeling her moisture arrive against my chin. She let out a faint moan and arched her back in pleasure. Joe didn?t move a muscle so I slid her shirt up to expose the fullness of her breasts, her nipples already dark red and puckered. He got the hint and moved next to her head removing her shirt the rest of the way. He ran his hand down her shoulder and across her breast moving in to taste and tempt her nipples. I watched, my tongue circling her clit bringing forth more moans. I ran my hand up her body to the unoccupied breast gently stroking the nipple. She shuddered in pleasure from the manhandling of tongues, hands, and lips all over her body. She then lifted her arm to give him closer access to her softness and took his dick in her hand while she ran her fingers on her other hand through my hair gently pulling me closer . Her hand ran down the shaft and the tips of her fingers brushed his balls as the taste of her ever sweetening juices released onto my face. His face flushed with pleasure as she stroked him. ?You should come taste this.? I said moving up to the breast I had been playing with.

?Definitely.? He responded quickly positioning himself in my former place. He began tasting her while running his hand across her bellybutton and gently caressing her skin. I did the same in different areas and she moaned aloud from being touched all over. I lost myself in her breast closing my eyes to heighten my other senses to the experience. I felt her hips move against my shoulder bringing me back out of ecstasy and I moved up to kiss her. To my surprise her mouth was already wide open, her back was arched. Looking down at him, I saw that he had abandoned the oral and was trying to fit his size between her labia and into the cavern of treasures beyond. All he could get was his head in and his dick grew red and even more swollen as he realized that she was not yet wet or wide enough to grant him entrance to her tunnel of satin heaven. He moved back to going down on her while finger fucking her to prepare her for his size. First one finger sliding in and out slowly, then faster?finally he added a finger, her hips moving in sequence. When he tried again to penetrate her, his head slid right in and she let out a gasp of pleasure as he filled her. I sat up and pushed my dick into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the top of me as her tongue made small circles around the most sensitive part of my dick. He thrust himself deeper inside of her and she moaned sending reverberations of pleasure onto my dick. Sounds of pleasure escaped him and to my surprise, I was already quickly escalating toward climax. I didn?t want to cum yet so I slid out of her mouth and kissed her deeply. Our tongues met and danced with each other for a moment before giving way to gentle kisses. The whole time we kissed I was aware of her body rocking with each of his thrusts. I felt all the muscles in her body tighten just before she gave way to an epic orgasm. This just made him pump harder, and the sound of skin hitting skin pierced the night. I leaned back to watch the action. It was a gorgeous sight. Her legs in the air, bent at the knees, wrapped around his thighs and bouncing with the rhythm. Their bodies were pressed together, and I looked at the crest of her breast pressing against him. She ran her hands down his back and squeezed his ass, pulling his thrusts deeper inside her. Involuntarily, I began to touch myself and then began rubbing my dick. It felt sooooo good. I stopped just before cumming and whispered ?You should roll over and let him take you from behind.? She conveyed the message to him and agreeing he slid out of her. While she rolled over I snuck in front of her and ran my hand down the front of her body. Kissing, her I let my hand touch her soft, fuzzy pussy and played with it. She teased my earlobe with her tongue and whispered ?You may want to move your hand.?

?Why? I asked teasingly, knowing full well the reason. Before she could answer, just as I was opening her pussy I felt it become tight as his head entered her. Pushing the lips together, I could feel his shaft sliding in and out of her. ?I want to taste you again? she whispered in my ear. I moved up onto the loveseat she was facing, and she grabbed the base of my dick, angled it correctly, and took me into her mouth. Each one of his thrusts pushed her down farther onto my dick and I spiraled off into nirvana. Somewhere in the distance I heard him slap her ass and leaning to the side I could see that he had placed his legs outside of hers and had a handful of ass in each palm, spreading her open and fucking the brakes off of her. His eyes were closed and his whole body was red, I could tell he was holding back his orgasm too. She, however, was not as her mouth tightened around me and she let another avalanche of cum lubricate the huge member pushing in and out of her. Before he answered with his own explosion, he removed himself, rolled onto his back, and moved her down onto his face. From her moans, I could tell he was licking her from hole to clit and back again. Wanting to share in her pleasure, I grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her head back down onto me. Her lips, her tongue, they both felt so fucking good on me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself. After a couple of minutes her mouth slid off me and I opened my eyes to see that he had pulled her down and she was holding his dick straight while she moved her pussy on top of it. She started off riding him slowly but before long was bouncing up and down on him like he was a bucking bronco and she the cowgirl tasked with breaking the wild stallion. His hands were on her hips and he was sucking on a tit, the other one bouncing up and down with the motion. I got up and pretended to be cleaning up some stuff, while really trying to get a good view of the tantrum. There it was. His hands had moved to her ass, holding her cheeks open as if he knew my desire. Her fat pussy lips spread wide and filled with him, his shaft standing firm glistening with the wetness she left on him like an oak after a hard rain. She took all of him, her ass cheeks slapping against his balls. Moving closer, I touched her back to let her know I was still there. She turned towards me ?You wanna get behind me?? I couldn?t believe her offer and immediately complied, crouching behind them and shoving my dick between her ass cheeks immediately penetrating the tiny hole. I fell into the rhythm and she half cried half moaned with both of us inside her. Her ass was so tight and as we both pushed in and out of her my balls rubbed on the base of his dick. I have no desire nor have I ever to be with a man, so, secure in my sexuality, I enjoyed the feeling. I couldn?t take it anymore, I was dying to fuck that pussy so I leaned to her ear and whispered, ?Slide off of him and take his dick into your mouth.? After a moment more on top of him she obeyed and we moved down together. Piercing her from behind, I leaned forward and watched her take the big dick into her mouth. Her tits rubbed against his thighs making her nipples once again pucker and I grabbed a boob, using it to move her back and forth on me. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to feel my body completely against her so I rolled her over and mounted her. Once inside of her, I put my hand on the back of her neck using the leverage to move her back and forth on me meeting my thrusts and for a moment, he was forgotten. Not for long though as I sensed him on his knees next to me. Always the considerate one, she grabbed his dick and began stroking it. With each down stroke, his dick smacked against my back. I put my hand on the back of her neck to push her down as I pushed in. With all the skin on skin I felt the pressure build all the way at the bottom of my balls, it quickly moved its way up my shaft, and I gasped as the cum exploded from my head and down into her, filling her void. It was the hardest I remembered ever cumming. Not wanting to be done, I kept up the pace. After few more minutes she whispered to me ?Didn?t you cum??

?Yes?do you want me to get out of you??


No sooner had I gotten off of her than his head was between her legs and he was eating her out again no doubt tasting my orgasm. ?What are you doing?? she whispered.

?Making you cum? he answered.

?I already have, come up here, it?s your turn.?

He obeyed and mounted her while she grabbed his dick and guided it in. They quickly found a rhythm stopping only once when she had a leg cramp. I watched his ass bump up and down fucking her skillfully. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, fingers dug into his back, he moved faster, harder, deeper into her. ?You feel so good? she whispered. ?I want to feel you cum inside of me,? She started to work her magic moving her hips against him in a circular motion sending him beyond the brink. ?Ahhh?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh? he let out, erupting deep within her like a volcano coming to life after an age of dormancy.

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