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One Beautiful December Saturday

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My wife Sheri is sexy as hell. 28 years old, 5?6, 130 lbs, blond hair, hazel eyes, and a great body. Turns heads when she walks in a room. 36D chest, tan, great curves, and a tattoo on her lower back. One of the sexiest women I had ever met. She had that look that men just crave. We had been married about 10 years, but she was never sexually very open. Until recently. Over a period of months, I would get her drinking, and get her to admit to having attractions to men she knew. Then as we made love, or she sucked my dick, I would have her fantasize about them, talking about them and having her say their name while we fucked. At first, she was reluctant, but then she began to really enjoy it. So much that she would be dripping wet by the time I entered her, and her orgasms came quicker and were strong . During these weeks, I began to go shopping with her and pick her out some really sexy outfits. She loved to show her body off and loved the attention from other men. After a few weeks, her wardrobe was full of low cut, tight, see thru shirt and tight pants and short skirts. We began going out to clubs and bars every week or two and she loved the incredible attention she got. The men would fall all over themselves when she would walk by them, making a point to brush up against her as her nipples poked thru her shirts. I made it a point to leave her alone a lot, and even sit away from her for periods of time so that men would come up and talk to her. Then we would go home and make crazy love as she fantasized about them. Our sex life was in high gear, but I wanted more.

She became very open with me and I had her talking to me about all the men she found hot. I encouraged her to make a move or to let some of these men play with her, either alone or at home with me. One of my friends, a neighbor of ours named Ted really was a favorite of hers to fantasize about. He was a big guy, about 6?2 and maybe 220 bs. Really built, ex Navy Seal, and a really cool guy. She made it a point to always dress very provocative whenever he would be over. His eyes couldn?t help, but wander over her body whenever he was over. Last Saturday was no different. She had on a dark jean mini skirt and a thin lose fitting, low cut yellow tank top, showing off almost the top half of her tits (major cleavage). It rested across her tits so that you could see her nipples poking through and was thin enough to see a hint of her nipples through the shirt. When she leaned forward, you could see right down her shirt to her large light pink nipples. We had been having a few drinks and she was beginning to feel the alcohol. I decided to try and make something happen, so I sent her over to Ted?s to see if he wanted to come over and have some drinks with us. I watched as she went over.

He had his garage door open and was in his garage when she approached and had a friend of his over and they were drinking beers. I noticed them talking for a few minutes with her so I decided to come over and brought over some beer to join them. Sheri was very flirtatious and kept putting her hands on Ted?s chest as they talked. I joked with him that she thought he was really hot so I was trying to get her to agree to have a threesome. He told her how hot she was and how he would love to join us sometime. She came over to me kinda shy and whispered in my ear that she wanted to go home and fuck me right then. I leaned into her from behind and began kissing her neck and breathed softly in her ear. I ran my hands down her thighs and pulled up her skirt, brushing her cunt with my hand to show Ted and his friend Jon her light yellow matching lace thong that she displayed and her cleanly shaved pussy. They were standing about 3 feet in front of us and I motioned for Ted to come over. He sat down his beer, and with his cock bulging in his jeans he walked over. To my surprise, my wife immediately put her hand on his bulge and began rubbing Ted?s cock through his jeans. He began kissing her as she unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them, and reached in and began rubbing his cock inside his jeans. My dick was rock hard as I stood behind her, my hands running up her shirt and massaging her 36D?s. She pulled his jeans down just a bit and pulled out his cock. It looked to be 8 or 9 inches and very thick, and as she pulled it out, she asked Ted if he wanted her to suck his dick. He quickly said ?hell yeah? and she knelt down and began kissing his enormous cock as she lifted it up in her hands. She kissed the underside, running her lips along his cock and down to his balls as she stroked him with her hand. Her tongue came out and she rubbed it along his balls and then took them in her mouth as he sighed with pleasure. She suckled his balls for a few seconds then took his dick in her mouth and began to suck on just the head as she looked into his eyes. She paused and asked him if it felt good, and he exclaimed that it did. She began to suck his cock slowly, twisting it in her mouth so that you could see his cock inside her cheek as she rubbed her tongue over it. She did this for a few minutes slowly, and then more quickly. His cock was huge, so thick that it was almost too big for her to take in her mouth, but she proceeded to take him deep, fitting his hole cock in her mouth at times. She began to move faster, sucking him harder and harder. He was now moaning audibly as she worked his cock within her mouth. She was the best I had ever had at giving head, and now he was getting to enjoy what I did, as I sat back and just watched her, and Jon did the same. My dick was rock hard and I?m sure Jon?s was too. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

After about 10 minutes she stood up and leaned back onto a work table. Ted?s hands wrapped around her legs and up her skirt, with his huge dick dangling, and pulsating. He pulled her soaking wet thong panties and tossed them to me. He lifted up her skirt and began licking on her inner thighs, kissing all around her pussy and occasionally brushing it with his lips. She moaned and begged for him to fuck her. He began licking her pussy and sucking her clit and she pounded the table in ecstasy and kept saying ?Oh Ted, Oh Ted, I want you , if feels so good.? At this point she was rubbing her chest through her yellow thin top, rubbing her nipples which were always a very hot spot for her. At this point I stood with my dick hard just enjoying the show and rubbing myself through my jeans. Jon was doing the same and what happened next amazed me even more. As Ted ate out my wife, Sheri motioned for Jon to come over and she began to kiss Jon as Ted ate her out. Jon kissed down her neck and quickly his hands caressed her soft large tits, first on the outside of her shirt, then inside. He pulled down her shirt and began kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. Her breathing harder and harder, moaning faster and faster. By this time I pulled my cock out and had to stroke myself at the hottest women I had ever known putting on the hottest sex show for me and my friends. Jon?s mouth ran along the edges of her large pink nipples as he squeezed them in his hands. They were huge and amazingly soft, but very perky for natural large tits like hers. He sucked on her nipples and she rubbed his head as Ted continued to eat her out. Her breathing faster and faster and she began to cum.

Ted paused for a moment once she came and quickly she exclaimed, ?fuck me Ted, fuck me hard?. Jon stepped aside, but she grabbed his arm to hold him near, as Ted began to kiss her. Ted quickly slipped his enormous cock into my wife and she gasped with excitement as he entered her. She moaned and almost immediately began to scream as he jammed his 9 inch cock into my wife. ?Fuck me Ted, oh my God, Fuck me, Fuck me hard?. It seemed to drive him crazy as he pounded my wife against the table. I thought he was going to break her in two. As Ted fucked my wife Jon began to jerk off as I had. I came quickly watching this scene, but almost instantly began getting hard again. Ted fucked her for maybe 5 minutes and she came again, twice in a row, and she screamed out ?Ted it feels so good, I want your cum inside me, Cum for me baby, cum for me?. He pounded her for about another 20 seconds and blew his load inside my wife.

He sat back on his car and she collapsed back on the table. Jon quickly came over and began kissing her thighs. She laid there not saying a word as his mouth crept up to her pussy and Jon began to eat my wife out. She began to moan again, her breathing picking up again. I had never seen my wife like this, with so much sexual energy, I could not believe what was happening. After a few minutes she was begging for Jon to fuck her and she stepped forward this time and leaned over the hood of Ted?s car, as Jon stuck his cock in my wife from behind. Slapping her ass as he fucked her she pulled off her shirt. Her big beautiful tits bounced as he pounded into her. She moaned with each thrust of his hips. He came quickly after just a few minutes. His hands wrapped around her tits. She looked over to me, with a smile on her face, she could see how hot this was for me. She came over to me and took my cock in her mouth and blew me this time. Sucking me as she stroked it in her hand, looking into my eyes as she blew me. She leaned her hips up in the air, her skirt still on, and called for Ted. ?Fuck me in the ass?. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. He quickly came over and stuck his dick in my wife?s ass. Fucking her as she blew me, Jon slid in underneath her and began to eat her pussy as Ted fucked her in the ass, she screamed with excitement with each thrust and then went back to sucking my cock. She leaned back to enjoy the moment coming again and again, as Jon sucked her clit, and Ted fucked her in the ass. I began to feel myself coming and she pulled my dick out as I blew my cum across her chest. At about the same time, Ted took his dick out of her ass and began fucking her pussy again from behind. She screamed with each pounding thrust, as he pulled her up, her hands now on the table.. He wrapped his hands around her tits as he fucked her from behind. He must have fucked her for another 20 minutes, at times pulling her back to kiss her and rub on her tits. My wife again coming several times over this time. Finally Ted pulled out his cock and came on her back.

It was a day I would never forget. And I knew it was only the beginning of great things to come.

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