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On the Beach Chapter 2

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On the Beach - Chapter 2 (In Chapter 1 a couple enjoyed themselves on a black sand while someone watched from a nearby path. The couple was vaguely aware that they were being watched.) Lying on the blanket completely sated and relaxed the couple slowly rolled apart. He reached overhead and pulled a flap of the blanket over his eyes, shielding them from the sun. He stretched out and began to doze off forgetting about the stranger watching from the path.

He awakened slowly, had he been asleep 5 min. or 50? Then he realized what had awakened him. Her fingers cupped and stroked his balls, a fingernail trailed lightly up the delicate line from his anus to his balls. He reached up to remove the blanket from his eyes but her hand clamped firmly down on his, "No don't uncover your eyes, just concentrate on the feeling." After two incredible orgasms he couldn't believe that his body would respond but his cock began to swell and stiffen. He felt a soft, warm wet cloth cleaning the dried semen off of him followed next by her tongue.

She began by licking with feathery little licks around the head of his penis. Her tongue trailed around and around the sensitive head. Again and again she licked that special spot and his cock swelled even more. Her tongue then began to take long smooth strokes from the base up to the tip. Each stroke was just a little quicker than the last. Stroking his full length with her warm, wet tongue, faster and faster as his hips began to pump along with her rhythm.

Suddenly she took him fully and deeply into her mouth. Her tongue danced around the shaft as the head pushed deeper nearly into her throat. Her head bobbed up and down his shaft with the same rhythm and his hips continued to match it. A moan escaped from his lips as she somehow swirled her tongue around the head while continuing to take his length deep into her mouth. He could feel the intensity building in him, he was rising up towards a climax with each deep stroke when she pulled her head away. His hips pumped futilely for a moment then they slowed as he waited to see what she would do next.

As the fingers of her right hand traced up and down his groin and stroked his balls, her left grasped the thick shaft. His hips stilled and he felt her tongue once again tracing the edge of the head around and around, then a long slow lick from the base near her fingers to the tip, then around and around the head and slowly a full-length lick. This was a new rhythm but a delightful one. Another moan escaped from him. His hips began to try to match the new rhythm but her left elbow pinned down his hip and her right forearm held his thigh down. He realized he was supposed to lay still and enjoy her actions but it was hard. He desperately wanted to pump the shaft of his cock through her grasp and land the tip of his member in between her lips to be sucked.

She released the tight grip she had on the shaft and took him into her mouth again, at the same time her right hand dropped lower between his legs and began to explore his anus. He wasn't sure he liked the feeling as she began to poke her finger very lightly at the hole but he was distracted by her tongue. She was taking him deep again, deep into her throat, her tongue swirling around him as he began to again pump his hips in time with her rhythm. He hadn't noticed that her finger was now just barely inside his anus and it was pumping right along with his hips and her mouth. Suddenly he realized she was fucking him with her finger. The feeling was somewhat uncomfortable but at the same time it felt good. His attention went back to her mouth as she began to lick that special sensitive spot on the head of his cock again with quick feathery strokes while her left hand began to slide up and down his shaft.

After several more ecstatic yet agonizing minutes feeling her left hand and her tongue all over his cock and her right index finger fucking him she suddenly stopped. "No!" he cried. He'd been building up to his third monstrous orgasm of the day when she let go of his shaft, removed her mouth from his penis and her finger from his anus. His hips pumped futilely trying to find her hands or her mouth. "No!" he said again. His hand reached up to remove the flap of blanket which still covered his eyes but once again, she stopped him, holding his hand down on the blanket flap so that he couldn't move his hand or the blanket.

The sand beneath him shifted slightly and he felt something brush his hips on either side. Suddenly he realized that she was mounting him. The delicate warm wet hole was just above his cock. He lifted his hips and brushed the hole. She groaned and lowered herself a bit more and he thrust upwards again. This time his cock slipped into her, not far, but into her cunt just the same. With another groan she lowered herself down until his cock was fully enveloped and she began to match the rhythm of his thrusts. The wetness of her cunt let him slip in and out easily. Her juices dripped down his balls as she lifted herself up and down. His hands grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard with the next stroke. A scream erupted as his cock entered as deeply as it could go. She lifted up and he pulled her down as his hips pumped upward. He could feel his orgasm rising and he pulled her down again and again, each stroke accompanied by a scream as he filled her cunt. With one final pump he gasped and came deep inside her. His hands held her hips tightly so that he could continue to cum again and again deep into her hole.

Just as he felt the last flicker of his orgasm die away he sensed something. It was then that he remembered. Someone had been watching them earlier. He hadn't seen a face but he was sure that someone had been on the path watching them have sex earlier. Was that person still nearby?

She lifted up off of him, her sex quaking with her own orgasm but her hand again covered the flap of the blanket so that he could not see. He felt her rise and take a step away. He couldn't stand the suspense, was there someone there or not?

He lifted the flap of the blanket but the sun blinded him. He blinked to try to see but all he could see were spots for a moment. Before his vision returned he began to hear noises, grunting and then she let out a low moan.

Furiously he blinked his eyes trying to regain his vision. He patted the sand near his left hand until he finally found his sunglasses. Slipping them on he couldn't believe what he now saw.

With the sunglasses in place his vision cleared enough that he could see again and he was stunned at what he saw. There was a stranger standing in the cove with his swim trunks around his ankles. He was very fit and obviously a native islander and he had an enormous erection. She was on her knees in front of him. Her tongue followed the length of the man's cock and she swirled her tongue around the head of his penis just as she had done to him a short time ago. Her head bobbed up and down. The man's hand was entwined in her hair as he pulled her closer with each stroke.

Where had he come from? Was this the man who had been watching from the path? Reading his thoughts the stranger said, "I was so aroused watching you two. The way she licked your cock and then mounted you, it was so hot. I couldn't stop myself, I had to see if I could join you two." A groan exited the man's lips as she ran her finger down the sensitive line between balls and anus all while continuing to lick the massive cock.

He continued to watch as the rhythm increased and he knew the man must be about to cum. His own cock grew hard as he watched the other man push deeply into her throat then pull back out. Each stroke was quicker than the previous one and the man pulled her head roughly towards his groin faster and faster. As the orgasm he hit he grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her head hard against him. She had no choice but to swallow the cum that spurted down her throat. His hips pumped several times as came and came, then he pulled out of her mouth, a trail of cum dripping down her chin.

She wiped at her chin with one hand and crooked her finger at him with the other beckoning him closer. His cock, despite all the activity of the day, was rock hard and throbbing. What a turn on to watch her giving head to another man! He walked toward the two of them as she reached her hand out to take his swollen penis in her right hand. She lightly encircled his cock with her fist and ran it up and down the length much as he would do if he were masturbating. With her left she reached out to grasp the man's partially flaccid cock and began to stroke it back to life. He was watching her stroke the other man's penis when he noticed that the stranger was watching her pump his cock.

When they were both hard and rocking back and forth with each stroke she suddenly stopped leaving them both gasping, their cocks bobbing in the air as if unseen hands were still stroking them. She got on all fours with her ass pointing at the stranger and her mouth inches from his cock. Clearly she intended to be fucked by two men at the same time.

He entered her first pushing deeply down her throat just as the other man entered her dripping cunt. Their rhythms were at odds for a moment, one pushing when the other was pushing but after a few strokes they found the right pace. When the stranger pushed his cock deeply into her wet hole he pulled back out of her mouth. When he slammed his cock down her throat, the other man pulled back out of her. Around his cock she moaned and he noticed that her right hand was now between her legs. She was masturbating herself while being fucked at both ends.

The pace quickened imperceptibly at first but then the speed built as they all approached orgasm. He could feel her shuddering as her orgasm struck, then the stranger buried himself deeply in her as his hips pumped the semen into her cunt. He grabbed her hair with both hands, just as the stranger had done earlier and held her head tightly to his groin as he pumped his way to yet another orgasm.

The islander pulled free from her dripping hole and lifted her by the shoulder until she stood. The man pointed at the blanket and they all made their way over and laid down. She was in the middle with a man on each side. For several minutes they all laid still, resting, spent from their three-way adventure.

The stranger quietly and gently stroked her shoulder and arm as if he wanted to help her relax and sleep. Then his hand began to stroke a bit of her breast as he moved back up her arm. Each quiet, gentle stroke got just a little more breast each time and he noticed that her nipples were getting hard. He couldn't believe that she could still be aroused after all that had happened. The man eventually left the pretense of stroking her arm behind and began to cup her breasts and stroke them, pinching her nipples lightly and rubbing his fingernails across them.

He gently began to stroke the top of her hip and thigh. As the stranger began to work on her breasts in earnest, his strokes began to explore the area between her legs. She groaned as the two men worked on her and her body writhed slightly esp. when the man pinched her nipples. Raising up on one elbow he could see that the man's erection had grown again and it was rubbing against her ass.

The stranger gave his shoulder a gentle nudge indicating that he should lay back on the blanket. Next he nudged her and pushed her on top of him. He wasn't yet aroused, at least not much, until he realized that the stranger was about to mount her, with him at the bottom of the stack. When he felt the other man's erection probing his groin instead of hers he tried to pull away but there was nowhere to go. It was clear the stranger was just trying to push into her but having another man's cock rubbing against his balls was a weird feeling.

After the man's organ poked around both of them for a moment she figured out that the stranger meant to stick the oversized cock in her ass. She tried to pull away but there was no way to dislodge herself from the pile. The more she wiggled trying to break free, the more she rubbed against his cock which began to rise once more.

The stranger put a firm hand between her shoulder blades, pinning them both down and used the other hand to maneuver his huge cock into her ass. She bucked but she couldn't get away and then a gasp of surprise and pain was expelled as he entered her. She screamed as the man pushed into her. The stranger lifted her hips slightly so that he could hold her still and that was when he realized he had yet another erection.

His sore, yet still hard, cock slipped into her wet hole. Through her body he could feel the other man's penis moving in and out. It was like his own penis was being stroked while he was fucking her. The two men once again found a rhythm. The man pushed harder into her tight hole and then pulled nearly out, then rammed it home again. She screamed in pain but there was no way to get away from the stranger.

Both men continued to fuck her each stroke a little quicker each time. He felt the other man's cock swell and he swore he could feel the stranger's cum spurting into her. Holding her hips tightly the stranger came and came again. Feeling another man come right beside his own cock separated by just a membrane was unreal and he quickly followed with one explosive orgasm. The three of them lay that way on the blanket joined together for some time. Eventually they separated but they all lay on the blanket spent, exhausted, and completely sated.

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