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Oh Whatta Orgasmic Night

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My name is Gina and after reading some of the hot stories here I just have to tell my best one. Everyone tells me I?m hot even though I?m 44 years old. I?m 5?10? weigh in at 120 lbs. and have been enhanced to a 34 dd. I was dating a guy at the Jersey Shore in the summer of 2000 when my husband and I were fighting all the Jime. The only sex we had was him asking me for a blow job every now or then, so I decided I wanted a little satisfaction.

I met Jim on one of the online dating sites and after meeting over lunch, I knew I had met someone who was as kinky as I am as our whole conversation revolved around sex. The first Jime we had a night Jime date, I arrived at his place around 8:00, we jumped in bed and had sex for two hours, went out to dinner, went back to his place and fucked our brains out until I left at 3:00 to go home to my husband. As a note, I never lied to my husband about where I was or what I was doing.

A couple months later, on the Friday of July 4th weekend, Jim picked me up at a girlfriend?s house and we drove to his place at the shore. This night we went out for a bite and a few drinks. When we got back to the house, we right away jumped in bed and I was treated to the best tongue lashing I have ever had. I must have come 7 or eight Jimes within an hour. Jim is definitely the best pussy licker I have ever met, man or woman.

I had never had anal sex as it always hurt too much, but Jim was also licking my asshole as he was sucking my pussy and clit. When he wasn?t licking butt he was slowly working his finger in and letting me adjust to it and relax. When I would tighten up he would back off and move his mouth back down to lubricate my ass some more. I have to admit his tongue felt wonderful, and when I could relax, his finger did too.

As I was coming in and out of states of delirium, and my ass became accustomed to his finger in my ass he started to slowly stoke in and out. My little ass fucking was starting to feel pretty damn good. His finger hit a spot that sent jolts throughout my body and electrified every nerve. Every Jime he hit it, I had a mini ?O?.

After about an hour of his licking my pussy and finger fucking my ass, Jim added a second finger and, shockingly to me, I had no problem accepting it. When hit my ?spot? I exploded into the most intense orgasm I?ve ever had. My body was shivering and shaking for what had to be 5 minutes. It just kept intensifying. I had to push his face away from my pussy, but kept grinding my ass back onto his fingers. The orgasm like it radiated from a much deeper core than any I have had before.

When I was finally done cumming, and coming back to earth, I rolled over onto all fours at the end of the bed. Jim stood behind me and started to rub his cock from my clit to my asshole to lube it up and then I felt him start to try and put it in my ass. His fingers were one thing, but with the size of the cock he had I was not even going to try it. I had to tell him he was denied. I couldn?t see his face, but I?m sure he was disappointed, but a second later he was balls deep in my pussy and pounding me harder than he ever had. I came the first Jime no more than 30 seconds of his filling my hot cunt. From there it was just wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. He had gotten so excited giving me that mind blowing anal orgasm, that he came way before either of us was ready for.

As we lay in the afterglow he kept apologizing for his, as he said ?less than stellar performance.? I assured and reassured him that it was great and that I had never cum so friggin hard in my life.

He said that one of his greatest fantasies was for he and another guy provide me hard cocks all night. I said ?mmmmmm, that would be wonderful? thinking he was just sharing his fantasy in the quiet moment as his batteries were recharging. The next thing I know he is out of bed and telling me he is going to the bar and will be back shortly with another guy and asked me if I was ok with that. Well duhhhhhhhh?

I stayed in the house, with my stomach in knots for the next 30 or so minutes. I am insatiable and can never get enough sex, but have never been with more than one man attending to my needs. I had done a little swapping with my husband, but that was always pairing off, not my being the center of attention.

About 20 minutes after Jim left, he called to stay he had almost struck out, but as he was walking to his car, two young guys had pulled in on rice burner motorcycles and had accepted his offer of sharing me with them, but needed to get a drink first. TWO GUYS?????? Now I was really scared, but my pussy just flooded.

When they walked into the bedroom 10 minutes later I was sitting on the sofa in just Jim?s robe. My jaw dropped when I saw them. These two guys couldn?t be any older than 22 and one of them was the spitting image of my husband when he was younger. I was very, very nervous and Jim came over and kissed me and told the guys that what he had told them at the bar was absolutely true. ?Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but completely insatiable.? And with that he removed the robe to display me to them.

I forget their names now, but I?ll call them Blondie and Brownie, their hair colors, and dressed, Brownie is the one that reminded me of a smaller version of my husband. Blondie was about 6? 170 and was ripped. Brownie was 5?9? or so and in good shape, probably about 180, but a little softer than his friend. Blondie had a huge cock at least 9? and thick, Brownie was probably 6? (gotta be real) and not nearly as big around.

He moved behind my and kissed my neck then whispered in my ear to relax and enjoy. I was still very nervous and asked him to run back to the bar and pick up some wine, I was going to need it.

When he left, I felt a little less nervous and ?the boys? and I started a little small talk to break the ice. The small talk lasted about thirty seconds when Brownie, the much more assertive, came over and started kissing me and rubbing my tits. Blondie sort of stood back and watched until I told him to ?cum get acquainted.? He came to the other side of me and as I was being mauled by brownie I started to undue Blondie?s shorts. It had been almost 45 minutes since I had had cock.

I broke away from Brownie?s attack on my body and told the guys to strip. As they were removing their shirts, I dropped to my knees and started to search for young cock. Blondie was the first to present me a mouthful, although he did have a head start. When I saw the size and girth he presented I was in heaven. I immediately started to devour his delicious cock and could only get about 2/3 of it in my mouth. As hard as I tried it was just too thick and too long. When I saw Brownie?s average member I was a little under whelmed, but a hard cock is a hard cock, and I had Blondie?s monster anyway.

The 2 guys took up position on either side of me and I went back and forth between the two for a few minutes until Jim walked in with 2 bottles of wine and a huge grin. Now I have three hard cocks and I?m in heaven.

Jim told me to get on the bed and let the guys do the work. I dragged Blondie by his member and positioned my self across the queen. Blondie Got between my spread legs and pulled the up over my head and slid his huge cock all the way into my drenched pussy in one stroke. My head was spinning. I had never had a cock that thick or that long in my life. I was stretched so far, that even with my pussy as wet as it was, his cock was still uncomfortable. Brownie had one knee on the bed and one foot on the floor and was fucking my face. Thankfully I he had the smallest cock of them all, because if either of the other two had done that I?d have gagged or worse. I can take most of Jim, but only about 2/3?s of Blondie. Jim was next to me with a huge smile stroking his dick as the two ?boys? were having their way with me.

I loved the fucking I was getting from Blondie. His long cock was hitting places that deep inside my pussy that had never been hit before and once used to his girth the fullness was amazing I must have cum 15 Jimes in the 5 minutes he fucked me. When he started to cum, Jim came all over my tits. I had made the boys put condoms on, as I didn?t want to take a surprise home to my husband. Blondie removed his condom and Jim took it and emptied it on my tits too for me to rub in. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Brownie was the only one left to play with as the other two took a little rest to recharge their batteries. I rolled over onto all fours because after just having my brains fucked out by that monster, I was afraid I?d never feel Brownie. He got behind me and right from the start pounded as hard as he could. I know some woman say it?s all in the size, but what this kid lack in size he made up for in endurance. This kid fucked me for 2 hours straight. I think he came once, but never broke stride. We fucked in every position imaginable. Doggie style, me on top facing him, reverse cowgirl, standing up, my legs behind my head (I?m very flexible), and all at a sprinters pace.

At one point about 45 minutes into the fucking of my life, I was on my knees and felt him start to probe my asshole with his thumb. I had learned to relax it earlier in the night with Jim, so his thumb met very little resistance. Let me say that I was cumming the whole Jime this kid was fucking me. When he first put his thumb in my ass I exploded. The best orgasm I had up to that point in our ?fuckathon.? I guessed I like something in my ass after all.

His thumb and cock both sliding in and out of my sent wave after wave of orgasm through my thoroughly ravaged body. This went on for about 10 minutes when I felt his dick pop out of my pussy, as it had before, but when he went to replace it, he pulled his thumb and slammed his dick balls deep into my ass. No may I? No letting me get used to something larger. JUST WHAM! But instead of the pain I anticipated, I came ? HUGE!

He never slowed his pace. He pounded my virgin ass just he pounded my cunt. And he did it for what seemed like an eternity. At this point the other two, who had been enjoying the show immensely, rejoined the party. Jim started to rub my clit and started to suck Blondie back to life. My orgasms which had been coming in waves now came in floods. I have always been very multi-orgasmic, but this was unreal. I must have cum 75-100 Jimes that night. Finally after a few minutes of the three of them sharing me I couldn?t go on any longer.

Poor Brownie, I don?t know if he ever did cum that night. If he did, it didn?t slow him down. I really wanted to fuck Blondie again and feel that monster fill my cunt, but he and Jim had both gotten themselves off a couple Jimes watching Brownie and I fuck like animals for 2 hours, couldn?t get it up again.

Jim and I showed the boys the door. Brownie in a whisper asked me for my number?.. hmmmm ? NOT. When we went back into the bedroom, both Jim and I thought how wonderful a night it was. He loved watching me get the most orgasmic night of my life and I loved experiencing it.

Unfortunately we broke up shortly thereafter. Jim hated that I would fuck his brains out and then go home to my dickhead husband. I hated it too, because I still loved the dickhead, even though I hated him. I will always remember that night and wonder if Jim still thinks about it?

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