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Nudist Camp Initiation

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My wife and I were at the nudist resort by our house. It was a beautiful day, so after sitting on the beach with the rest of the group, we decided to take a nature walk into the woods. The place is very secluded and everyone usually hangs by the water. Most of the group is 60+; we are early 50?s so we are considered the kids. As we got up from our chairs, I grabbed my IPHONE, thinking it was a great day to take pictures. We made our way to a lightly wooded area and started to take pictures of my wife. She is 5?2?, 115lbs nice tits and a juicy pussy. She loves for me to take pictures of her with her legs spread open and her wet pussy practically dripping with love juice. While sitting on a rock she slid 2 fingers up her snatch. I decided to open her up a little more and shoved my 8? cock all the way in. I quickly pulled out and snapped a picture of her gapping cunt.

We must have been there for 15-20min, taking various poses of her, each one showcasing her glistening twat. As we were about to finish I made her take my cock in her mouth, she can?t deep throat it but she can do incredible things with her tongue and hands. Suddenly we heard someone clearing their throat. We turned and saw Hal and Tarzan with big smiles on their faces and huge hardons. We knew them casually but they looked like they wanted to know my wife a little better.

Hal is probably early 70?s and is always wearing a baseball cap. He is long lean and tan. We joke about him because he is always telling someone about his various ailments. We don?t know Tarzan?s real name, he is late 60?s long Kenny G type hair, with a big barreled chest. He kayaks all over the lake and is still in good shape. Both of these guys were sporting dongs bigger than mine. Hal was a good 9? long and skinny like his body. Tarzan was closer to 10?, thick and a right curve. Well we were slightly embarrassed, sex is frowned upon by the owners and we figured we would get bounced out. Hal was the first to speak, he said as board members they would have to bring this to the owner?s attention. We said we understood and that we were sorry. Tarzan wasn?t so quick to let the moment pass. He walked up to my wife and said that they could make an exception. My wife knew where this was going and went along for the ride, so to speak.

She sat down on the rock, eye to cock level with Tarzan and asked what we could do to forget this happened. He smiled and grabbed his pole and squeezed a little pre-cum from its head. He said that was the start of the afternoon. My wife reached out and grabbed his massive tool and began to lick the Head hole and suck out some more of his pre-cum. With that Tarzan pushed his cock deep into my wife?s mouth and began to fuck her face. She was having a hard time at first but slowly she adjusted to his meat. He kept his hand on her head to make sure that she could not spit him out. After a good 10 minutes, his body began to shake; he firmly held my wife?s head as he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could before it started to dripping down her cheeks. Tarzan pulled out, his cock still firm; my wife pulled him back and licked his cock clean form head to balls. He said that he was sure that she had learned her lesson.

Now Hal was wondering what to do. He kept stoking his cock like he was just going to jerk off. After Tarzan made his declaration, Hal made his move. He said that my wife needed something to remember from this day so it would not happen again. Slowly he walked up to her. She instinctively got on her knees, but Hal told her to stand and then bend over. Old Hal knew what he wanted. He lined up his old 9? rod right against my wife?s tight little brown hole. She was a little concerned at first but Hal knew what he was doing. He slid his fingers into my wife?s drenched pussy and rubbed the juice on his cock. Then he slowly slid his head into the little dark hole. My wife was in ecstasy, she pushed back on his dong and a good 2-3? of cock went into her ass, with that motion Hal decided to go for it all. He slammed that remaining meat all the way in. My wife gave a grunt, but quickly recovered and began to play with her clit. Hal pounded away, while Tarzan now fully engorged (Viagra?) again moved to my wife?s face and shot a huge load that hit her mouth, chin and eventually her tits. She didn?t care she was too focused on the 9? of meat up her ass. Old Hal was getting real rowdy now, he grabbed my wife?s hips and really plowed her ass, she hit her breaking point and let out a huge cry and collapsed on the rock. As she collapsed she pushed Hal?s dick out. There he was a 70+ guy with a hard red dick, with no place to go. Before he tried to reenter her ass, my wife spun around and told him she wanted to taste his cum. I think she thought Hal was going to spunk her, like Tarzan did but Hal grabbed his pole and told my wife to suck it. I have never seen her do Ass to mouth, but she relented and took as much of Hal as she could. Quickly he reached his end and my wife had another cum cocktail. Hal smiled, tipped his hat and turned to head down the path, just then Tarzan was coming back with two more guys from the group, needless to say my wife is always welcomed now.

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