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Ninja ASSassin

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Everyone had already left my best friend's party. Which only left me, my name is Dave and my date Jenny with my bf Wade and his girlfriend Anna. I say girlfriend but she's actually more of a fuck buddie. Wade and her have been hooking up from time to time ever since college. Anna's not bad looking and has a very athletic build but she is an absolutely sexy. Her only problem is she's a bit of a lush and a slut. The girl can drink and the more she drinks the sluttier she becomes. Sometimes she an absolute scank when she gets really loaded and it can get embarrassing. When I asked Wade about why he would put up with her he told me the their sex was really hot. And tonight she had been doing some power drinking. She even got my girl Jenny to indulge in several tequila shots through out the evening and the effects were now showing. Wade already knew that I would be staying the night at his place with Jenny. We've only been dating for a couple of weeks and last weekend she had giving me our first blow job being that she was on the rag. I gave her one of my patented massive loads and although she gagged a little she took all I had to give and swallowed the entire load without missing a single drop. I like that in a girl. She told me next weekend I could fuck her anywhere I wanted. And by anywhere I took that to mean any hole I wanted. It had been awhile since I fucked some quality ass. I was really looking forward to spending the night between the sheets with her but she was getting really drunk. After the girls threw down one last shot, Jenny went to use the guest bathroom. After a couple of minutes and she hadn't returned I went looking for her and found her laying on the bed with her blouse half way pulled over her head. I slid it off and Jenny muttered something about also taking her tight bra off so I obliged. Jenny has big beautiful bouncy breast and they sprang forth as I unlatched her clasps. She tried to take off her jeans and I helped with that too. She was completely naked except for her thong and I ran my eyes over the length of her lovely body. Her deep breathing told me she was out cold. If my cock could whimper it would be crying over this missed opportunity right now. I pulled the sheets over her and returned to the living room. Wade and Anna were still drinking shots and she was becoming her scanky self as she pulled her top up exposing her perky breasts while pouring tequila over them. She was letting Wade lick the booze off her titties and even offered them to me. I declined and she called me a prude. This girl could barely walk and her speeched was slurred but she was still trying to undo Wade's pants to get at his cock. Wade picked her up and took her to his bedroom as he motioned for me to follow them. He dropped her on the bed as I peeked into the room from out in the hall. He yanked her top off as she wasn't wearing a bra and then told her he wanted to have her suck his cock. He picked up a camcorder off the night stand as she fumbled with his belt. Once she got his manhood out she licked and sucked him erect. Wade was getting it all on tape. He had a nice sized package probably about 7 1/2 inches but my was about an inch longer and definitely thicker. He saw me watching and motioned for me to come in. I shook my head no but he continued to insist. I entered his bedroom and he wanted me to take the camera from him. He wanted me to continue to film them. I reluctantly took the camera and continued filming. He grabbed her head and started fucking her face as he told her to suck him good and she did. I was getting pretty hard watching this debacle that was taking place. Soon I heard her mumble something about having to pee. Wade helped her up and unbuttoned her pants and she stumbled to the loo as she pushed them down. Wade told me to continue filming and I followed him into the bathroom. Anna left her pants on the floor and set down on the toilet. Her satin white panties were down around her ankles and she was leaning over her knees. Wade announced he wanted to watch her pee and pushed her back against the commode and spread her thighs apart. She was so wasted and didn't give any resistance to having her pussy exposed while on the toilet. That's when the shit hit the fan or should I say the piss hit the seat. She let loose with a geyser of pee that hit the top of the bowl and some was even splattering over the top of the lid. She was gushing out a enormous yellow stream and she didn't care where it went as long as it came out. Wade was laughing as she continued peeing for a full minute. I just kept filming. Her stream eventually became a trickle before she squeezed off one last squirt. He got a warm washrag and cleaned her up when she finished. He lifted her off the toilet as she could barely walk and carried her to the bed. She was pretty fucked up and past out almost immediately after hitting the bed. She was butt naked with her legs splay apart for anyone to see her shaved vagina. It was actually a little exciting. I turned off the camera and asked Wade why he would let her drink to this state. He explained that she would get very uninhibited and let him do almost anything to her once she got wasted. He told me even though she didn't like anal that much she would let him ass fuck her in her inebriated state and I knew that boy loved anal. He told me although he didn't want her to get this drunk it still wasn't a problem. He whispered that there was always ninja fucking. "What the hell was that?" I asked. He just said, "Silent and stealthy." I didn't understand what he meant until he gently put a pillow under her ass and got between her legs. He was going to fuck this drunken slut while she was past out! "Start filming," he whispered. I couldn't believe what he was about to do but down deep I wanted to watch him fuck her. I got a close up as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her glistening slit. He slid his cock in her pussy ever so slowly. I watched her face and she didn't even winch. He lifted her legs high with both of his hand under the back of her knees which brought her exposed backside to the perfect height with that pillow stuffed under her butt. He began to gently stroke his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Her titties jiggled like jello as he pumped her and her body rocked slowly in unison to his fucking. My own cock began to swell. I realized that anyone could be fucking her and she wouldn't protest at all. In a hushed voice he said, "See how her pussy is juicing up." He was right as through the camera lens I saw how his cock was covered with her slick sex on every outward stroke. "If you take it nice and slow in the beginning, they may start moaning as they get aroused and if they wake up all they want is for you to keep fucking them." he grinned. He had a nice pace going when he told me to hold up the leg closes to me. I had one hand filming and I grabbed her leg with my free one. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it against her asshole. Between his precum and her pussy juices he lubricated her tightest hole pretty good. "I do love to fuck female ass." he stated as he pushed cock against her butt hole with his right hand. I watched in amazement as the head of his cock disappeared into her ass. She never made a sound. Once the head of his cock was inside her he took her leg back and continued to push forward. He got a couple of inches into her before the resistance was too great. He began pumping her ass at that point and strained to get more inside of her but it was tuff going. It soon became apparent that her ass wasn't going to allow any more of his cock inside. Wade pulled out of her butt and reinserted his dick into her cunt. Damn! The fucker had just had his cock embedded in her ass and now he was fucking her pussy again. He only fucked her long enough to cover his cock with pussy juice and he put it back into her ass. He got a little more than half of it inside before more resistance stopped him. He fucked her harder and I watched for any expression on her face. Nothing, this drunken little slut was practically in a coma. He pulled out again and pussy fucked her once more before returning to her tight ass. Watching him alternate from ass to cunt and back again actually got me rock hard and Wade noticed the wet spot on the front of my pants. "You want to fuck her? She won't mind." he chuckled. He fucked her harder and almost had all of his cock inside her defenseless ass. She never stirred even when he pounded her hard. Wade pulled out after a bit and asked me if I wanted to have a go. My mind was racing because I did want to fuck this sleeping slut but didn't want Wade to know how excited I was. "When was the last time you've fucked some hot tight ass?" he asked. He laid her legs down and then took the camera from me. I decided to do it and shed my clothes in seconds. My bad boy was fully erect and when Wade saw it he told me, "Whoa! You better lubricate that monster in her pussy before you go dirt packing." I climbed onto the bed and lifted her legs up and slid my aching cock into her wet cunt. It felted wonderful as I slowly slid all 8 1/2 inches inside her wet tunnel. She was a whore but she had one fine pussy. I fucked her for awhile enjoying the perverted nature of what we were doing to Anna. Wade was filming and told me he wanted to get a close up of my huge cock filling her ass. I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to shove my huge dick up this scank's ass. Most of the girls I've been with wouldn't let me near their butt with my thick cock but Anna was in no condition to say no. I pulled out and pushed her legs back toward her chest lifting and exposing her asshole even more. It had already closed back up and didn't look like it had already had another cock up it earlier tonight. It made it easier to justify my getting sloppy ass seconds. I let the head of my cock hangs down until it was level with her tiny hole and then I pressed forward. Her asshole swallowed the head of my cock with little resistance. The ridges popped through and it felt wonderful tight. I paused for a moment and savored the feeling before continuing the journey deep into her butt. It was tight but extremely smooth. When I got about 5 or 6 inches I stopped and took a look at her face to see if she was going to wake up but again she never stirred. "Not able to get all of that monster cock into her." Wade quipped. Even though I could have possible gotten all of it in her my macho answer was to lie and say, "Yeah, her ass is too tight for my thick cock to go any further." I began to fuck her slowly and reveled in this exquisite feeling of the ass fucking I was given her. It seemed like forever but then Wade interrupted my euphoric haze and said, "Get some more lube, dude. We don't want her to wake up." I had never fucked a girl ass to cunt before. None of the girls I've been with were that kind of slut, plus it was perverted and nasty. But it excited me and I wanted to do it! I shoved my cock deep into her cunt and pounded her quickly. I bet if she was awake she would have let me do it because that was the kind of a little slut that she was. I began to fuck her faster and her legs flopped around like a rag doll as I hammered her. My balls were aching and I knew that burning sensation well. I wanted to ass fuck her some more but I was worried that I was so sex crazed at this point that I would rip her a new asshole and I was also afraid that pounding her ass like that would also wake her up. Her pussy felt so good and I was on my way to cumming so I fucked her even harder. I was going to cum and soon. "Should I pull out?" I grunted. "No, fill her up. I want to get a creme pie on tape." Wade replied. I felt my hot load racing up my shaft and wanted to yell out but I bit my lower lip and flooded her cunt with my semen. I had been saving up all week for Jenny so I had a massive amount pent up and I poured it all into Anna. I just kept on cumming and Wade stated, "Dude, how much spunk have you got." When I finally finished I pulled my sensitive head out and moved off the bed. Wade gave me the camera and pushed Anna legs back against her breasts. Her ass was now fully exposed and her pussy was up off the bed still filled with my massive load. He ass fucked her hard and it only took a few minutes for him to cum. But just before he did he plunged his cook back into Anna's pussy and came there. I had to admit that he seemed to cum as much as I had. He finished adding his load to mine and pulled Anna's ass off the pillow so that it was now down on the mattress with her lower back raised up by the pillow. He spread her legs wide apart and although she wasn't sitting upright, I knew gravity would do it's stuff. He took the camera from me and took a close up of Anna's swollen vaginal lips. I saw a small bead of white cum pool at the entrance to her engorged cunt. That little white pearl soon grew larger and began to overflow and poured out like a waterfall and ran down to enter and surround her gaped ass. The huge amount of cum continued to ooze out and down her backside. Some of the excess became a puddle on the bedspread that resembled a pool of spilled creamer. Man creme that is. We had definitely used and abused Anna's cunt and ass.Wade kept filming as I went to his bathroom and cleaned myself up then I gathered my clothes and went back to the guest room.

Jenny was fast asleep on her stomach and I pulled the sheets off her a gazed at her lovely nakedness. I knew I shouldn't but I slipped off her thong and squeezed her buttocks. Her ass was nice and firm. I then slipped my middle finger into her pussy and she was only slightly wet. I worked my finger deeper into her pussy. My cock began to grow at the thought of ninja fucking her. Maybe she would get aroused or maybe should would get really pissed. "Is she wet?" Wade whispered. I nearly jumped off the bed as he scared the shit out of me. He had the camera with him and I told him to put it away. He pleaded with me for the next 30 seconds but he knew I was serious and put it down. As he came over to the side of the bed he said, "Dude, she fucking beautiful." I told him he should leave but he told me how selfish I was being that he had just shared his girl with me. I thought to myself, Anna, she was just a slut and my Jenny was really my girlfriend. Before I could even say another thing he had a pillow in his hand and told me to lift her stomach of the bed. I don't know why I did but he slid the pillow underneath her lifting her ass up high. "You start and if she wakes up I'll slip out of the room." Wade whispered. He had brought a bottle of lube with him and told me with my thick cock that I had better use it so that it was more likely not to wake her up. One of the many weapons of the ninja assassin. The thought of fucking her this way for the first time intrigued me and it also excited the hell out of me too. I pour lube over my dick and lathered that bad boy up. I gently spread her legs apart and positioned myself over her ass trying not to touch any part of her. I put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pressed forward. Her pussy was warm and inviting and deliciously tight even with all the lubricate. I couldn't get all of it in her without pressing my groin area against her ass but I got enough in to gently start fucking her. Her cunt was pure heaven. I took my time and enjoyed each and every stroke. Wade was actually begging me for a turn. He was rock hard and I swear he was licking his lips in anticipation. "Dave, I want to fuck her ass." he told me. I gave him an incredulous look at first. "What? Doesn't she like it in the ass?" he asked. Once again I lied and acted like a he-man and told him Jenny did like it up the ass. Well, she had told me that I could fuck her anywhere I wanted and I could assume that included her butt. I didn't want Wade to know that I hadn't actually fucked her yet, "Yeah, she takes it up the ass." He immediately began to lube his cock up. I pulled out and informed him that ass fucking her was going to wake her up. "Watch and learn." he retorted. He turned her on her side and pulled the pillow to the edge of the bed. He spread her ass cheeks and rubbed his cock head around her pink button. He eased his dick into her butt and she subconsciously pulled her ass away from him. I shook my head to tell him not to try that again. He reassured me it would be OK and tried again. This time the head slipped past her anal sphincter without any response from her. He just stood still as the head of his cock was acting like a temporary butt plug. "This is going to be so good." he whispered. He began to pumped her ass with the skill of a surgeon. He pulled her ass wide apart as he worked more and more of dick deeper and deeper into her butt. With her ass on it's side and barely hanging over the edge of the bed, he could stand at the side of the bed and pumped her without causing much contact. My cock grew even harder as I watched my best friend ass fuck my girlfriend. He got all 7 inches in her and I was mesmerized watching his shafted slowly sliding almost completely out and then disappearing completely back in. He had increased his pace 10 fold and still Jenny never stirred. "Your girlfriend's ass is so sweet." he gasped. He was a master ass assassin, trained in the ninja art of entering and leaving without a trace. Without a trace? I came back to reality. "You are going to pull out before you cum? I asked. I don't think Wade was listening as he was in a world of his own. He fucked her faster and again I repeated, "Don't you dare cum in her ass." Too late! I heard him grunt quietly as he shoved all of his cock into her ass and exploded deep into her bowels. His entire body shook as he pour his pent up load into my girlfriend. Even though it was his second time tonight that little fucker came for a long time. Finally complete silence descended upon the room and he pulled his semi-hard cock out of Jenny's butt. He gently rolled her back onto her stomach. I was furious and asked him how Jenny was not going to notice that her ass was full of man seed. Wade apologized and told me he usually pulls out and cums on them and then cleaned them up after. Now that made more sense to me. He said not to worry. These girls were so blitz that they probably couldn't be sure if they had been fucked or wouldn't remember what they had done or who they had done it with. I told him, " I could see that happening as long as their cunt and ass wasn't full of SEMEN!" He told me to cum in her ass too and she would never know she had two loads in her butt. He grabbed his camera and said, "Sorry dude, but you definitely got a keeper there with Jenny." He closed the door as he left. That selfish mother fucker! Think, think, how was I going to be able to explain this to her. She looked so peaceful and innocent in her slumber but I knew she had another man's gism filling her ass and I had to make sure that she thought it was mine. Even though I was in big trouble here I couldn't help but spread her ass cheeks apart and gaze on her backside. Her asshole looked pretty much normal but it was soiled with excess lube surrounding it. Her slit was enticing and inviting and I knew what I had to do. I had to FUCK her. But I had to fuck her pussy until she became arroused and woke up from the sensation. And then I had to get her to allow me to finish her off by cumming in her ass. I got a top of her and entered her gently. I took my time and her pussy felt so good. It was difficult not to just fuck her until I got off but that would probably not endear me to her the next morning. Then I thought I heard a small moan. I kept the same pace but increased the force as to push my cock even deeper into her cunt. Again a louder moan. I placed my thumb against her asshole and slowly rubbed it. If she was coming to I wanted to try to hide the deed that Wade had perpetrated on her butt. "Hhhmmm." she cooed. It sounded liked she enjoyed that! I slipped my thumb inside her ass and she groaned willingly. She did like it, this girl was amazing. In her drunken stupor her voice was only slightly slurred and she said, "Faster honey, fuck me faster." I hooked my thumb fully inside her ass and pulled her up on her knees and continued my assault. "Oh baby, your cock feels so wonderful." My cock now had full access to the depths of her womb and I filled every crevice. She was going wild with desire by this time and she shoved her ass back to meet me. "Fuck me harder!" she screamed. I pounded her good and even frigged her asshole with my thumb. She began to shrieked out and finally came, "Aaarrgghh!" She humped her ass against my groin and I felt her desire flow over my shaft in a deluge of slimy juices. Her orgasm was awesome! Jenny was one hot and sexy bitch. When she finished I held still inside her and only the sound of her gasping breathing filled the room. Now it was my turn to cum and I began to fuck her again. She encouraged me by telling me how much she wanted to feel hot my cum. This girl knew how to turn a guy on and I pounded her without mercy as I was getting very close. She knew it and said, "Give it to me baby." Then I told her that I wanted to cum in her ass and she yelled out, "Yes, yes, do it! I want your warm cum in my ass." I ripped my cock out of her cunt and pulled my thumb out of her ass. I then placed the head of my cock against her ass hole. I shoved hard against her butt and she screamed, "Uuuugghhh!" I was a little rough but I was in fuck-lust and nothing was going to stop me from cumming. Her ass was extremely tight but I just plowed more of my cock deeper into her. The entire lower half of my body was on fire and now I was balls deep in her ass. "Give it to me, give me your hot love." she cried. Little did she realize that I was about to add my load to the one Wade had previously deposited into her bum. My cum left a burning trail as it traveled from the base of my shaft to the tip of my dick before exploding inside her ass. I grunted loudly and slammed her one last time. I held her butt next to me and began depositing another massive load into her. My cock shot out as much male seed as I had unloaded in Anna. I couldn't believe it and neither could she. "Oh Dave, you are so filling me up." It was so intense that my legs grew weak towards the end and I collapsed on top of her. My dick kept spasming as I pinned her against the mattress. Finally my cock fired off a couple of last feeble squirts and I was done. I kissed the side of her face and began to apologized for starting while she was asleep. She told me it was fine and that it was actually so wonderful to be awakened that way. "I want you to wake me up that way all the time." she pleaded. My cock was getting soft and I started to pull out when I felt her anal ring weakly squeeze my dick and she whispered, "Leave it in." This girl was truly a keeper. My mind began thinking of getting together with Wade and learning more about the ways of the ninja. I wondered how many conquest he had achieved that way. Fucking Anna was really hot and I thought about all the other girls I knew that he had dated. Heck, chicks were getting bombed at his parties all the time and passing out in the guest room. How many of them had he fucked as they were past out? I also wondered how many girls did he have on film. I didn't realize that my cock was getting hard while I was fantasizing about it all but Jenny did. "Oh baby, do you want to go again?" she mocked as she squeezed my growing dick even harder with her sphincter. "Not until you fall asleep." I replied. We both laughed at that one. She told me that she felt like she really needed to use the bathroom badly so I rolled off her and she scurried to the toilet. A couple of minutes past when she called out, "OMG! Dave you really need to start charging a stud fee." Jenny had no idea that she had two full loads of gism from two different guys inside her ass and she never would. She was going to be sitting there for a long time. But she was definitely my girl. If she was awake so much the better but if she got drunk and fell asleep the ninja ASSassin would strike in the dark of night. I knew that the path of the ninja would be the one I followed from that day on.

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