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New Neighbors Chapter 3

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New Neighbors Chapter 3 (A quick recap: Jimmy and Dana have moved into a new condo, and found that the neighborhood is quite the swinging one. They've met Mike and Barbara, who've introduced them to some new sexual treats.

In Chapter 2 they went out to dinner where the ladies gave them blow-jobs under the table. Now they are near the end of dinner and?)

The food was excellent, the conversation interesting, the ambience just right. Dana and Jim found that they were not just attracted to this other couple, but found them to be worthwhile friends as well.

Jim admired Barbara's ability to let go, and to take on different persona based on her makeup. Earlier he had seen her as a sexy lady, he'd heard from Dana about her getting into the role of victim, he'd seen her dressed as a French maid, and now she had an oriental air of mystery about her.

Mike he saw quite differently. This guy was an open and shut case of hormones. He knew what he wanted and let you know it without pretenses. But that was attractive also, because you knew exactly where you stood with him. Jim wondered a bit about Mike's display for his own tush as well as the ladies', but then just figured to each their own.

Dana, too, was totally enjoying the evening. She had begun their relationship looking up to Barbara and her inhibition less lifestyle, but now was feeling more on a par with her - like a sister. "Sisters in crime," she thought to herself still a little exhilarated from their little escapade under the table with each other's husbands.

Mike was still entranced with this couple. He and Barb had made it with other couples before, but usually the thrill wore off quickly, and he still found himself captured by Dana's transformation. She had been so shy when they first met, but the seductive female across from him was no longer shy. She was exciting, she was alluring, she was? He couldn't put his finger on it, but she and Jim were more than just a quick thrill. He enjoyed being around them, and found that he was interested in the things they said as well as in their bodies. "Jim's not bad either," he thought, "but only as a last resort." The end of the evening out came all too quickly, for the hours had slipped past them without their notice.

They piled back into the Trans Am and barreled back to the complex. The night air was warm but not stuffy. They were returning late to the condos and no one was around the pool. Mike made another joke and they all broke out laughing again, but then quickly hushed as the sound echoed around the walls of the complex encircling the pool area. There were only a few dim lights on around the concrete, as well as the light from a few windows and from the half moon above. There were no lights on in the pool, but the water had a transfixing glow reflecting the moon's beams.

As they approached the pool to walk around it, Mike gave the nod to Jim and they both "accidentally" bumped their wives into the dark waters.

The two came up spluttering and fussing. "That wasn't funny!" howled Barbara. "Think what it'll do to my leather skirt!" Jimmy remarked, "It couldn't shrink any. It'd disappear!" Mike added, "Don't you think it was worth it, though, as a payback? We had to do SOMETHING in return for that scene in the restaurant, or you'd have questioned our manhood." "That was never in doubt," replied Dana. She stood up in the shallow end, and her cotton shirt clung to her heaving breasts in a most pleasing way. Her auburn hair was slicked back and she looked most fetching in the moonlight. Barbara, on the other hand, looked more like a drenched little kitten.

"Jimmy, would you help me out?" Dana asked her husband.

"Sure thing, wet cakes," and he reached a hand down to pull her out. As she grasped the proffered hand she braced her foot against the side of the pool and pulled back, sending him to a similar soggy fate.

Mike rolled his eyes, took two steps forward and jumped in also.

Both husbands found their wives and some wet kisses ensued.

Jimmy floated Dana over to the steps as he kissed her deeply, mingling his tongue with hers. He sat her down on the next to top step and began kissing his way down, giving particular attention to her ear lobes and neck. His hands were unbuttoning her soaked shirt and soon released her breasts. She gave a slight shiver as he began to cup and caress them, her nipples hard against his hand. She put her own hand on the back of his and together they massaged and stroked her large globes. She felt a wetness begin inside her that she knew was not from the pool's waters. Then as his one hand squeezed a tit, his mouth latched onto it and his other hand worked its way down to her crotch. Her tights were little hindrance to his hands motions, and she spread her legs as far apart as they would go to facilitate his actions. She leaned her head back and arched her back and began squeezing her other tit with her free hand, still helping him work on her other breast with the other hand.

He then stopped stroking her pussy through the tights to loosen and pull free of his pants and underpants. His loafers were already floating in the pool a few feet away. He reached with both hands down to her crotch, and taking a small piece of fabric in his fingers pulled it apart to leave a small rip there. He then lifted her legs up over his shoulders so that she was sitting in a jackknife position on the second step of the pool, and guided his cock in through the hole in her spandex into the waiting twat. She braced herself with her elbows on the top step and wiggled slightly to take him in as far as she could.

Dana was in heaven. The combination of good food, good friends, a moonlit night, the warm waters of the pool, and her husband filling her pussy with his thrusting cock all made for the perfect evening.

She looked past her husband to see Barbara sitting on the edge of the pool, her legs wide apart, and Mike standing in the water with his face buried in her muff. The water glistened on her upturned breasts, the nipples pointing straight up at the moon.

Jimmy was pumping away when he noticed that they were not alone.

A red head had walked up to the two of them, not a stitch of clothing on, and stepped past the two of them to walk down the steps into the pool. His concentration was broken, but she walked away just a couple of feet, turned, and smiled at him. She had large hips, long legs, smooth skin, well-rounded breasts, and a very tiny waist. Her red hair was teased out and her teeth practically glowed in the dark they were so white.

"Please," she urged, "don't stop what you were doing so well." Jimmy didn't know where this vision had come from, but he decided that she had the right idea, so he removed Dana's ankles from behind his neck, spread her legs wide and thrust repeatedly. The voyeur just stood there watching, now and then licking her lips. Dana turned her head to look deeply into the other woman's twinkling eyes, seeing that she was enjoying this vicariously almost as much as she.

Then a moan escaped her lips as Jimmy began the final strokes of their lovemaking. She reached back and clamped her fingers onto his ass, pulling him into her. His muscles tensed to almost rock hardness as his cock spasmed into her, and her own fire reached a peak at the same time. Another moan found its way past her lips as she climaxed simultaneously. Through her barely opened eyes she saw the redhead's arms moving in the water in a way that couldn't be anything else but masturbation. Jimmy gave her a final kiss and then rolled off her to the side away from the onlooker. Having a "strange" woman watching him make love to his wife out in public had fulfilled another of his fantasies.

Dana looked over her shoulder and saw a muscular, very athletic looking young black man rise up from a lounge chair nearby and walks toward the steps. He had obviously also been watching, and he, too, was naked. Dana caught her breath as she began to pick out the man's penis. It was hard to see in the little bit of moonlight illuminating the scene, but as he approached she noticed that he was enormous! He brushed past the two sitting on the steps and waded over to the redhead. He pulled her to him and gave her a deep kiss, grasping her breast with one hand and rubbing it vigorously.

Just then Jimmy and Dana were aware that Mike and Barb had swum up to them. "That's Eric and Sigourney," Mike whispered to them. "They are part of the Moon Crew. Watch this." "The Moon Crew - what's that?" Dana whispered back.

Barb leaned over and explained, "That's the unofficial name of the folks who are out here regularly in the evenings, when it's warm enough and when there's enough moonlight to see by. Look." And she motioned around the pool, where there were indeed many other couples frolicking in the moonlight.

"This wasn't mentioned in the brochure," Jimmy observed verbally, and then went back to observing visually the scene unfolding before them.

Eric had been amply endowed by his maker, and knew just what to do with it. "Bend over woman," her ordered.

"Yes sir," she replied, and hastily pulled away and leaned over the pool's edge. She laid her head on her arms facing the audience of four on the pool's steps. Her breasts were pressed against the concrete and smooched out the sides.

Eric reached down and spread her legs apart and began to run his dark hands over her protruding buttocks. She just closed her eyes and smiled. Soon his massages had himself excited as well, because they noticed his appendage poking up through the water to a point level with his belly button. He stroked between her legs, and then he aimed his horse-size wand towards Sigourney. He placed the tip against her opening, and then began to slowly push inside her. Dana winced at the thought of having to take in such an amount of cock, and her sympathies went to the redhead. Sigourney was biting her lower lip as she braced herself against the side of the pool. Then she let out a slight scream as Eric pushed in harder.

Now he was about half the way in and Dana wondered how much more Sigourney could take. Eric reached his hands down and pulled her cheeks apart, took a breath, pulled his monstrous cock out about an inch, and then rammed it in her up to his pubic hair. She gave an involuntary gasp that was almost a gag, but then settled down comfortably onto the pavement and waited for him to give her a ride.

"She must have had him before," Jimmy whispered in awe. "She must have had him before." "They've been together since last summer," Barb explained, "and are quite regular moon crew participants." The couple before them, black-skinned Eric with his athletic physique, and pale skinned Sigourney with her red hair and long legs, just began to screw with a passion. He started slow thrusts that came out just a little farther each time. After about the twentieth thrust he was pulling out almost to his head, and then would ram the whole twelve inches back into her. For her part Sigourney was laying her torso on the pavement, had reached back with both hands, and was pulling her ass and the top of her silky legs apart for him to easily fill her. And fill her he did! Dana wondered how she wasn't choking - it seemed he was probably filling her up to the throat, but from the other end.

Then without even looking their way Eric called over, "One of you guys come over here." "Is he talking to us?" asked Jimmy.

"I think he is," Barbara whispered back. "He's been known to go both ways." "NOW!" Eric demanded, and looked over at them.

"You go Mike," pleaded Jimmy, "I'm just new to this scene, and I'm not much for the A/C D/C stuff." "Well, alright. I guess someone has to do it." And Mike splashed on over to him.

"Back door, man" enough said.

Mike pumped himself up, grabbed Eric around the waist with his left arm, and guided his cock into Eric's gluteus with the right. It was a very tight squeeze, but Mike wasn't about to give up. With a lot of wiggling back and forth and an ample amount of pushing he finally worked his way in. The three looked like a reverse Oreo cookie, with Mike and Sigourney as the sandwich and Eric as the dark middle. Barbara moved up behind Jimmy and straddled him from behind where he sat on the top step. She hugged his back, and then snaked an arm around his waist and found his crotch. She languidly began to play with his prick and rub her breasts into his back.

Just then Tanya returned from her night out and caught sight of them in and near the pool. She came over and took in the scene of Mike doing Eric doing Sigourney. "Looks like the Moon Crew is into it full swing." She pulled her green satin dress up and over her shoulders to reveal the black lingerie Mike and Barb had given her as a gift that afternoon. The bra was low cut and revealed half of her nipples. Her stockings were topped by a black g-string panty.

Her blonde hair shone in the moonlight, and her high heels were the antithesis at the other end. She kicked off her shoes, undid her hose and rolled them down, but left her bra and panties on.

She walked over to the steps and asked Dana to sit up on the top step next to Jimmy. She still had one of her high heeled shoes in her hand, and sat down behind Dana in the same position that Barbara was behind Jim.

She set the shoe down next to her, reached around under Dana's arms and cupped her large breasts firmly in each hand. She tweaked her nipples playfully, but then pulled her back so that her head leaned back against her shoulder. Dana let herself go in the loving care of the young blonde, who kissed her deeply, all the while continuing to kneading and stimulating her heaving breasts. Tanya's tongue hungrily probed her mouth, and her own firmly pert breasts became excited by the feel of Dana's smooth skin leaning back against her. Dana's cunt began to flow again, so with one hand she reached up and cupped Tanya's cheek but with the other she began to play with herself.

Jimmy was just leaning back against Barbara who was giving him a slow and wet hand job, using pool water now and then to keep things slippery.

Mike was trying to keep up with Eric's thrusting into Sigourney, but he couldn't match his lasting power and finally shot his wad.

Eric continued to pump the redhead and Mike quickly withdrew, his prick at the sensitive stage where such vigorous action was too much for him to take. Eric sneered over his shoulder at him and then put his concentration back on the pale woman he was trying to split apart with his log of a cock.

Tanya then took her black high-heeled shoe with her outside hand and "walked" it down Dana's body starting at her shoulder. As she passed the breast she allowed the heel to step down a little harder which caused Dana to catch her breath. The shoe then worked its way down her tight belly muscles until finally the toe pointed into her brunette bush. Tanya wiggles it around and into place so that the point of the shoe was right up against Dana's clit, and she used the shoe then in circular motions. Dana gripped Tanya's arm to confirm her acceptance of this activity and her other hand pulled the blonde teenager's head even closer to hers for a deeper kiss. Tanya continued to work her way around the little knob and Dana's taut body began twitching and jerking with the pleasure of it. Who'd have thought a shoe could do this to her she wondered.

Dana was nearly oblivious with delight when the rubbing stopped briefly and then she felt herself being penetrated. It didn't feel like a stiff dick, but was a fuck of a different color. She glanced down to see if Tanya was fingering her and saw instead that the shoe's heel was deep within her. Then the bottom of the shoe made contact with her clit and the combination of the two sensations, within and without, sent her over the edge. She sucked Tanya's tongue as hard as she could as waves of achingly deep pleasure rolled over her. She knew nothing else in the world except these: the throbs inside her where the heel moved in and out, the center of her pleasure where the she "stepped" on her button, the thick tongue filling her mouth, and the warm hand squeezing her breast.

Soon the waves slowed and then their intensity decreased to the point where she felt she could breathe again. She had had an incredible series of climaxes and they had worn her out. She nestled back between Tanya's upturned bra-clad breasts and looked over at Jimmy. What she saw was that Jimmy had leaned all the way back at the top of the steps and Barbara had leaned all the way over him so that they formed a 69. Jimmy was lapping her dark haired pussy with relish, and she was licking and sucking his cock alternately.

Barbara was squatting over Jimmy's face so that she was able to rise up out of his reach now and then. His one hand was fingering her ass, and she seemed to enjoy it.

Dana finally decided to shimmy out of her tights, but decided that she would take needle and thread to the hole Jimmy had ripped into their crotch. They had served their purpose and she wasn't about to throw out such "helpful" pants. Tanya took the hint and released her tits from their lacy enclosure, but left her black g-string panties on.

A small crowd of about a dozen had gathered to watch the spectacle of Eric plowing his mighty wand into the tight field between Sigourney's legs. He seemed to be able to go on forever and each deep thrust looked like it ought to drive her through the pool wall. No one was paying particular attention to Jim's bucking motions as he squirted what little cum he had left within his body into Barbara's sucking mouth.

Sigourney's visage was showing the strain of the fuck of fuck's she was enduring, and soon she began gasping and moaning little pleas for him to please finish. Eric just grinned and drove in harder.

Surely she would split if he didn't climax soon.

Her pleas became more intense and finally with a grunt of satisfaction Eric pulled her hips tightly against his dark thighs and all could tell that his piston was pumping of its own accord. Some of the women looked on in sympathy, but most looked on in jealousy.

Sigourney's look of rapture showed that she was filled and fulfilled.

Tanya gave a few claps and Eric looked over at her, took in her golden tresses, her model's features, her youthful nubile body, and gave her a wink.

Jimmy sat up and saw that the clapping was not for his performance with the sultry Barb, but was for the Herculean efforts of Eric and Sigourney. He saw that the couple had gone back to various spots around and in the pool and re-engaged in their moonlit lovemaking.

He stretched and yawned, gave Barb a peck on the cheek, reached over and pulled Dana to her feet by the hand.

"I'm beat, Hon. Let's say we call it a day." Dana agreed, so they collected their pieces of clothing from in and around the pool, put on enough for modesty (although they were the only ones out there concerned about that), gave Barb, Mike, and Tanya a kiss and headed for their own place.

Around the pool the Moon Crew continued to frolic and cavort.

Barb and Mike helped Tanya gather her things up and headed back to their own apartment. Once there Tanya related some of her evening's activities with her friends. They had gone to dinner and then to a club for dancing. She enjoyed their company, but only for dancing.

Tanya thanked her aunt and uncle for her birthday, and especially for the gift of introducing her to Jimmy and Dana. She said that she had had one of her deepest fantasies come true by having both Jimmy and Mike at the same time. "There is the question still hanging, though, of how many men I can "accommodate" at once. Two is nice, I found out today, but it's still not a handful." Barbara couldn't help herself and added, "And that's saying a mouthful!" "Yes," agreed Tanya with a grin, "there is that, too." "Well, there's always tomorrow," Mike concluded. "Now young lady it's off to bed for you." The couple headed for their room to sleep off an exhausting day, but instead of going to the third bedroom where her things were, Tanya ducked into the "play" room. She looked over the assortment of devices, masks, dress-up articles of clothing, and lubricants and began making plans for tomorrow. After about 5 minutes she had her plan set and smiled to herself in anticipation. Won't Barb and Mike be surprised, she thought. She picked up a large dark dildo and headed to her own room.

Once there she pleasured herself with thoughts about what she had seen Eric doing in the pool that night as well as with what she had planned for the next day. Finally exhaustion overcame her and she drifted off into slumber, the dildo clutched tight and snuggled in- between her supple breasts.

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