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He was tired and he'd had enough for one week's work of listening patiently to other people's problems in his role as a counsellor. All he wanted to do was settle in for the evening and maybe watch a video or two while sipping a Rum and Coke. And maybe after that he might even try and plunder his wife if he could talk her into it. She hadn't been too interested lately, not that he had been either, with all the work he'd had on at the clinic.

So, all in all, Max Rogers was not in too friendly a mood when he walked through the door of his house at six pm on that Friday evening and was told that their guests would be arriving in one hours time. It had been Margaret's, his wife's idea, and, she had not cleared it with him as she usually did. She had this time because she had noticed how tired he'd been lately and how they never went anywhere, thinking it might be nice to just relax and enjoy a warm, friendly gathering over a few drinks with friends at their home where they didn't have to drive home afterwards.

Max had been livid at first, but had settled down after he'd had one Rum and Coke and a hot shower. He'd returned downstairs just as their first guests arrived. Margaret was closing the door behind them as he came off the bottom step leading up to their family bedroom. There would be three other couples joining them for the evening, Peter and Pauline being the first to arrive. Soon would come John and Jane in the same car as Robert and Rowena. Max had always wondered how he ever came to know three other couples like he and his wife whose initials had been the same as their partner.

* *

By the time Max had helped his wife get some drinks for everyone the others had arrived.

Everyone had settled themselves, spread around the lounges and couches in the lounge room.

The atmosphere was warm and jovial as all sipped their drinks with several different conversations happening at once as everyone brought everyone else up to date on what had been happening with them since they had last all saw each other.

Max was sipping his wine, casually observing the interaction between all the other husbands and wives, looking for any sign of coolness or hostility, meaning there was a problem within the marriage unit itself, but there were none to be seen. All seemed loving and courteous towards one another, at least on the surface, Max thought, as he brought his thoughts and concentration back to the current talker, John.

John was talking about a stage show him and Jane had attended a few weeks before -

a hypnotic stage show. They had both volunteered and had a ball, according to John. The excitement in his voice was evident as he retold some of the things the stage hypnotist had them both doing in front of a hundred people or so in the audience.

Max watched Jane's face as she watched her husband's face while he retold the story of their exciting evening. Jane seemed to get a far away look in her eye every now and then, but her smile remained fixed on her rather attractive face and features at all times.

"I don't know whether I was under or not." John was saying. "I felt tingly at one time.

Maybe I just went along with the show. I don't know." Even then, as he was talking, John tried to recall the strange feeling he had experienced as he had gazed into the eyes of the hypnotist. But, try as he might, he just couldn't remember. It had been fun, anyway, he concluded to himself as he stopped talking to draw a breath.

I definitely felt under." Jane jumped right in on his last word. "It was incredible! At one time I really tried not to do what he said, but I couldn't! I really tried, but I just couldn't get it to happen for me, my way. It just felt right to do exactly as he said! Everything he said seemed to be such a good idea at the time, even though I knew I was making a real fool of myself. But I just didn't seem to care." Jane's skin prickled all over as she thought of the way she had felt on the night. It had been the most unusual experience of her life, one that she was sure she'd never forget.

Everybody laughed, including Jane. Max knew quite a lot about hypnosis, although nobody in the room knew exactly how much. He used it, in fact, almost every day with at least one of his patients. Even Margaret, his wife of ten years now didn't know about that aspect of his skills. He'd always felt that his business was his business, and he hated bringing work home or talking about it in any way.

"I'd love to feel what it's like." Pauline said with exuberance in her voice, seeing the excitement in both John and Jane's voices and faces as they talked. The thoughts of being totally under someone else's control somehow turned her on, in a nice sort of way. She made a mental note to check the papers in her area and look for any stage hypnotism shows that might be on. Maybe she could talk Peter into going along. She was sure he'd like to, after listening to the exciting and funny stories of Jane and John.

"Me too!" Rowena chimed in immediately. It all sounded like so much fun, being made to do things against you will. She had been hypnotised in her high school years for a learning disability. Her mother had taken her. She couldn't remember what it had felt like, or if it had even helped her with her schoolwork now. Too long ago. But the thought of it now seemed to be totally different to those of her memories. It sounded like a lot of fun and excitement.

Robert just sat and listened. He had been hypnotised once at a stage show, but it was so long ago he could hardly remember it. Nothing startling came to mind as he tried though, excited in a strange sort of way as he took in the excitement on John and Jane's faces as they recounted their experiences of the night.

Peter listened, entertained, but not impressed. As a solicitor he had been made naturally cynical by his industry. He believed no-one and nothing anybody else told him -

even from his wife. He smiled. The wines he had consumed so far were dulling his cynicism a little, but not so much that he actually believed that hypnosis could make a person do something against their own wishes or will.

The husbands all remained quiet, but attentive, Max noticed, as the women then all began to imagine out loud various situations, and then laugh and giggle about how they would behave and whether or not they would have gone under if it had been they up on the stage that night.

All listening were egged on by Jane and John's memories and the excitement in their voice as they recounted and elaborated on each thing the stage hypnotist had them do.

"How about a nice, warm fire." Max said aloud. It was a cool winter's night. The chill was just beginning to find its way into the lounge room of their nice, but rather old house.

"Great!" Robert agreed, suddenly realising that there had developed a slight chill in the air. He rubbed his hands together briskly.

Max had the logs burning in the fireplace within ten minutes. The heat from the raging fire quickly sent wave after wave of warmth and relaxation throughout the large, high-

ceilinged room and everyone in it as they continued drinking their wine, opening fresh bottles as each of them emptied. Max remained a little quieter than the rest, joining in occasionally, but content to just drink his wine and notice the effect of the heat from the fire and the wine as it mixed in the minds and bodies of his guests. Max had always been a people-watcher. It was his stock-in-trade.

Max studied each one individually as he listened and took part in the rambling conversations. John and Jane were very relaxed in their chairs, their faces flushed from the excitement of their stories, the warmth from the flaming log fire, as well as the several glasses of wine they had each consumed. Robert and Rowena seemed just as relaxed and even more talkative now, while Peter and Pauline were sprawled back in their chairs really getting into the spirit of having a good time. Max's wife, Margaret was also flushed in the face, he noticed. Her eyes glistened as they always did whenever she drank wine. Max had not missed Jane, in his scrutinising of her face, that she seemed to be a little tipsy in her chair, and occasionally slurred in her speech as she giggled and cackled along with the rest of the women. Max smiled, thinking it wouldn't be long before she would have had her fill for the night.

"I've got to go." Jane declared suddenly with a giggle. "Got to make room for some more of this delicious wine."

Everybody laughed. Max thought with an amused grin that it was unusual that none of the other women got up to go with her as he watched Jane sway a little on her feet after rising from the depth of her comfortable chair. Most kittens went to the sandbox in pairs or threes, although he had never found in any of his psyche books the reason why it was always so.

Everybody then just returned to the conversations they had been having, minus Jane, and it was at that Moment Max's bladder gave a hint to him as well.

"I'm after Jane, my body tells me." He said with a laugh as he rose and walked towards the long hallway where Jane had disappeared down on her way to the downstairs toilet.

Max heard everyone just laughed and continued with their conversation as if he hadn't spoken at all. When Max reached the toilet the door was closed. He leaned against the wall, controlling the growing feeling of full in his lower loins with a little thigh-squeezing and bladder tensing.

After a few minutes he heard the toilet flush. Then the door opened and Jane stepped out quickly. He smiled when she saw him, noticing how glazed her eyes were from the heat and the wine. She grinned, swaying unsteadily as she was about to pass him.

"Oohh!" she exclaimed as her legs suddenly gave way beneath her.

Max quickly reached out and grabbed her, preventing her from falling to the tiled hallway floor, flat on her pretty face.

"Must have got up too quickly?" Max smiled as he righted her and looked into her eyes. She seemed to be having trouble focussing.

"Wow!" Jane said. "Watch that last step. It's a killer! Aaaaahh! My head is spinning!"

Then she laughed.

It was at that precise moment in time that Max had an impulsive idea barnstorm directly into his consciousness - a compulsive thought and act he would never have thought himself capable of. He held Jane tightly by each upper arm as steadied her, and stared hard into her eyes.

"Just relax." He said firmly, but soothingly to her. "Just let go ... relax and remember ... how nice it is to ... just let go of everything ... go with the flow. ... Your dizziness will soon pass ... if you just relax ... let go right into it ... until you feel yourself ... sinking down ... and down ... down under the weight of your own ... very heavy ... very tired eyelids."

Max watched Jane's eyelids blink several times as she tried to focus on his face. He repeated everything he had just said to her again, and then again for a third time. By the end of the third time Jane's eyes had closed completely. She stood swaying a little in his grasp.

Her breathing was deep and even. Her lips were parted.

Jane felt strange. The near-trip and fall onto the tiles had rattled her a little. Thank Christ Max had been there to catch her. He had been right. She had gotten up from the toilet too quickly with her head down. She knew she had drunk a little too much wine too quickly with the heat in the room. Her head was spinning, but not as crazily as it had before Max had started talking to her about relaxing. It felt good to let go. After all that was why she had come along. To relax and have a good time. Jane wondered why Max's voice seemed different somehow - sort of gentle, but firm, almost like her father talking to her.

"Now go deeper." Max said firmly to her. "Into your wonderful feeling ... really go deeper into it ... let yourself go ... have some fun." He continued firmly and gently. "After all, that's what you're here for. Isn't that true?"

"Mmmm." Came Jane's mumbled response. She knew max was right. And she felt so light-headed right then, reminding herself how lucky she was that Max was holding her upright by her upper arms. Her head was calming. The spinning sensation was quickly being replaced by a deep, inner peace and quiet as she found herself listening to max's different, yet not unlikeable voice.

"Go deeper and deeper ... into your relaxation ... feeling so wonderful ... how you feel right now ... in every way ... in your mind ... your body ... just give yourself permission ...

go deeper ... so deep, ... just like you were ... and are now ... on stage ... with the hypnotist. ...

deeper ... deeper down. ... all the way down ... the deepest level ... you know you were hypnotised ... and are again right now ... so deeply ... couldn't stop yourself from ... can't stop yourself now ... doing exactly what the hypnotist told you to, ... even if you didn't want to, ...

the more you try to resist ... the more you can't resist ... knowing that you did ... will do again ... everything that's suggested to you ... with the sound of my voice. ... so deep that you ... feel the best you ever have .... will only ever remember ... what I tell you to remember ... forget all the rest. ... now... go deeper ... and deeper ... deeper ... down ... and ... down ... down ...

and deeper ... and deeper ... deeper ... and down ... down ... and down."

Jane felt herself sinking down into the depths of her own mind. She felt light-headed, as if she were floating on a soft, white fluffy cloud. Max's voice sounded ss soft and so soothing, and so far away. She felt herself sigh, but heard nothing from the sound of her own voice as she floated down and down with the soothing sound of max's soft, gentle voice. Jane thought again how much he sounded just like her father - gentle, but firm - caring for her somehow. Then she lost the thought to another warm wave of relaxation that carried her down even further in her own mind.

When he finished and drew breath Max knew Jane was deeply hypnotised. She breathed deeply and evenly. Her chest rose and fell like a sleeping baby as she stood gently swaying in his gentle grip on each of her upper arms. He studied her face and eyes for verification of the depth of her trance, then spoke to her again.

"You will always be able to hear me, Jane ... you will always want to obey my voice ... whatever I say to you ... everything I say to you will ... seem like such a great idea ... would be one's ... you would have thought have for yourself ... no matter what I say ... you will always want to obey ... my voice ... it can always make you feel ... as great and wonderful as ... you do right now ... that is how ... you want to feel like that... all the time ... isn't it, Jane?"

"" Jane answered dreamily. Of course she did. Why wouldn't she? It felt wonderful to be floating so lightly on her cloud like this. So light and so warm and relaxed.

Of course she did. That was exactly how she wanted to always feel.

"That's fine." Max replied to the deeply entranced woman. "Now ... whenever you ...

hear me say your name ... you will naturally ... you will easily ... want to comply with ...

whatever words ... or whatever suggestions ... follow them ... you can always feel this good again ... all the time ... are you happy to do that, Jane?"

"Yes." Jane answered softly. She seemed so far away from his voice she could hardly hear what he was saying. Even her own voice seemed to be coming from so far away -

somewhere above herself. But she felt so good. And everything Max said seemed to make sense because she really did always want to feel like this. Of course she would do anything to always feel like this. Who wouldn't?

"That's fine." Max said. "Now ... when I snap my fingers ... you will wake up ... you will feel a little dizzy ... but not too bad ... you will remember nothing ... of what I have said to you ... your unconscious mind will remember everything ... you will be happy to obey my every word ... after I say your name ... is that clear?"

Jane nodded, not wanting to leave the warmth and the relaxation of where she was and what she was feeling throughout her mind and body right then. She supposed she must get back to the party sometime. It was good that her unconscious mind would remember, because she wasn't very good at remembering things anyway. John would quickly vouch for that, and he usually did.

Jane heard the sharp sound as max snapped his fingers. Her eyes blinked a few times, then opened and focussed right on is smiling face and kind eyes.

"Take it easy." Max smiled as he gently tightened his grip on her upper arms once again. "You wouldn't want to fall onto the tiles. That would really spoil all the fun you seem to be having."

He watched Jane shake her head as if trying to clear it. Then she smiled, and then laughed as she straightened her stance more upright beneath his grip. She took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, then exhaled with a smile and a sigh.

"Can't have that." She laughed. "Too much wine left to drink yet." And with that she turned and moved off back down the hallway, wondering why she felt so light and so warm and relaxed. She really felt good. Jane looked forward to more of that sweet wine as she negotiated the hallway a lot differently to the way she had first walked down it.

Max watched her go, noticing that her walk was now once again steady, without any sway at all. Her shoulders were square, her step sure and steady. He smiled, wondering why he did what he had just done. He shook his head, amazed at himself and his actions, then went into the toilet, closing the door behind him.

* * *

Max returned to the lounge and sank down his chair heavily. The heat and the wine were having a slightly noticeable effect on him as well. Figuring it was the heat more than the wine Max decided to take it easy. He picked up his glass and rejoined the conversations, listening to several at once and smiling as he sipped the cool, sweet liquid.

He studied Jane for several minutes as she spoke, listened and laughed. She seemed clearer in the face, and was no longer slurring any of her words. She smiled at him as their eyes met while she was speaking, as if she knew a secret that only he and she knew. Max grinned back at her, raising his wine glass in a toasting gesture. Now that he had hypnotised her, with her name said by his voice as a trigger, Max was wondering what he was going to do about it, puzzling over what opportunity he might take advantage of to have some light-

hearted fun at Jane's expense. It would be good if he could somehow do the same thing to all the others, he thought as he sipped his wine again - but how to? That was the question.

Then, to Max's complete surprise, it was one of the others who gave him the opportunity he needed to have some fun with all of them.

"Imagine how much fun we could have right now if one of us knew how to hypnotise." Pauline said with exuberance.

Jane clapped her hands jubilantly. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "What a shame."

Max's wife turned to face him and smiled, raising her eyebrows in a questioning manner. "Max?" was all she said. He knew what she meant, simply because she didn't know.

And then it hit him. He knew suddenly what he was going to do with Jane. He smiled at his wife as the words formed in his mind, and then in his throat.

"I don't use hypnosis." Max said as all eyes turned to face him. "I don't know how, and wouldn't see a role for it anyway. Don't even know if I really believe in it either? I think that if a person believes, really believes in it then they should be able to do it, according to the laws of psychotherapy."

Max let them stew on that for a few seconds before he continued.

"In fact," he went on. "I think if it was someone who had already experienced what they believed was a hypnotic experience, it should be relatively easy for that person to have everything come to mind that was needed to induce a trance in those who wish to be hypnotised."

Max watched them all as he sipped his wine. Then slowly, as he knew they would, all faces turned towards Jane and Peter.

"Don't be stupid!" Peter laughed. "I couldn't! I wouldn't know what to say. I'd feel a real fool. Maybe later when I'm really drunk."

"That only leaves you, Jane." Pauline giggled. "Want to have some fun?"

"Yes, Jane." Max said quickly at the opportune moment delivered to him by the gods, and noticing her gaze lock straight to him when he said her name. "Jane, I think you know in your heart and head what to do to hypnotise all of us, and being very confident of your power to hypnotise while you do it."

Max had noticed the smile vanish from Jane's face as she listened to the words he spoke that followed the saying of her name. Then she smiled, and then followed that with a giggle. Then the smile faded again.

"Okay." She said with a semi-confident grin. "I can do that ... I think."

Pauline clapped her hands together boisterously. John looked at his wife with amazement in his eyes. Peter and Robert were just smiling quietly, while Margaret and Rowena glanced at each other and burst out laughing simultaneously.

"Jane, start with the others." Max told her. "I want to finish this glass of wine. I'm really enjoying it."

Max then noticed Jane's smile come and go as he spoke. Now it had returned after she'd heard her name said, along with the words that followed.

"All right." Jane said as she stood up in front of everybody. "I want you all to sit over here on the floor in front of me. Make yourselves comfortable so that nothing will distract you from what I'm saying to you." Inside Jane's mind she was impressed, wondering where the words came from she had just said. It must be the memory of what the hypnotist said to us, she decided as she watched everybody move in the positions on the floor as she'd asked.

Jane felt her body tingle all over with excitement at what she was doing, or about to do.

"Jane," Max said. "Everything the hypnotist and I have said to you, will come back to you as you talk. You'll know exactly what to say. Don't worry. Be confident and know that you can do it, with question, and without doubt."

Jane listened to what Max said. His voice sounded familiar somehow, but in what way she didn't know. Then she lost the thought altogether as others suddenly appeared in her mind. He was right though, she decided then in her own mind. She did know how to do it.

"Okay." Jane began. "Now, everyone just look up here at my eyes, and don't take your eyes of mine for a single second. Breathe easily and deeply, and just relax for the hell of it, knowing you are going to have some real fun. Okay?"

Max watched everyone as they looked up from their seated positions on the floor at Jane's face and eyes. The men laughed a little. The women were cooperating.

"She's doing her best, guys." He told them seriously. "Give her a chance and go with it. You never know. She might just surprise all of us.

What the hell, Peter thought, as he concentrated on his Jane's face. The worst that could happen was to fall sideways onto the carpet. Dead drunk or dead asleep in hypnosis.

Either way it wouldn't hurt.

John decided to get serious, wondering if she could remember what the hypnotist had said to them both that night on the stage.

Robert concentrated on Jane's eyes, which wasn't easy. He'd had too many wines and he knew it.

Max watched as the men became as serious in cooperating with Jane as were the women. They all looked a little drunk to him. He smiled as he waited for Jane to continue.

"Just let yourself go." Jane began, not knowing where she was getting the words from, and not really caring about it as she watched their faces, one after the other. "Relax ...

and ... feel good. It's all about ... feeling good about yourself ... in every way. Breathe deeply ... and relax in each breath ... you breathe out. Just let yourself relax ... deeply and ... more deeply ... into each breath out of your mouth ... and notice now ... how heavy and ... how tired your eyes feel ... right at this moment ... you haven't noticed before now ... how very heavy ...

how very tired ... those eyes of yours are ... right now."

Max had to smile. His own eyelids began to feel heavy as he listened to Jane's halting speech. He could see everyone blinking, their eyes seeming very heavy as they each sat and gazed somewhat drunkenly up at Jane staring down at them.

"Now," Jane continued. "I'm going to count backwards ... from twenty to one ... and ... as I count ... I'm going to count backwards ... faster and faster. As I do so ... your eyes will become so heavy ... that you won't be able to keep them open ... no matter how hard you try ... where the more you try ... the more you can't keep them open ... they will close ... all by themselves ... as they close ... all by themselves ... as you relax ... and ... go into a deep ...

hypnotic sleep ... where everything I tell you to feel ... you will feel ... everything I tell you to experience ... you will experience ... and ... you will remember nothing when you awake ...

except how good you feel ... about being hypnotised ... and ... how much fun you're going to have ... when you are as deeply hypnotised ... as you're going to be ... by the time I say the number one."

Max noticed that Pauline's eyes had already closed before Jane had even begun to count. He was impressed. Jane must be unconsciously remembering every word and inflection exactly the way the hypnotist had told her, he thought. He then listened as she began to count backwards from twenty to one, gaining speed with each number she said. By the time she had reached the number one, all eyes were closed. The lot of them were sitting peacefully, their heads slumped forward slightly, except for Pauline's, whose head lay well forward, her chin almost touching her chest.

"You will be deaf ... to any word I say," Jane continued after checking all eyes were closed. "Unless you hear your name said first. When I say your name ... you will willingly respond in full ... in your mind ... and thoughts ... and actions ... in exactly the way I suggest to you that ... you will ... and ... you will be ecstatically happy in doing so."

Jane took a deep breath, held it for a second or two, then let it out with a smile. She turned and looked at Max. He was smiling at her.

"Well done." Max said to her, making her feel proud and really good about herself.

"I did it!" Jane exclaimed like a little girl who had found a special prize. "I really did it!"

"Yes, you did." Max answered her. "Now Jane, tell them that they will respond to my voice as well, but only when I say their name."

Driven by her unknown unconscious trigger whenever Max said her name, Jane turned and delivered his words to them. When she'd done that she turned back to Max to find him still smiling warmly and proudly at her.

"Jane," Max said firmly. "Unless I say your name, you will hear and be aware of nothing else going on around you. Is that clear?"

"Yes." Jane answered, wondering why Max would say that, but not really caring much one way or the other.

"Sit down in the chair and close your eyes ... and sleep ... until you hear me say your name." He then told her, watching as she obeyed his words immediately.

Max looked carefully at all of them, each one in turn, wondering if any of them were faking. In the end he decided they were not - a mixture of the wine, the heat, and Jane's monotonous voice had weakened them all to the point where he believed them all to be in a deep trance. He drained his glass of wine while his thoughts raced.

* * * *

As Max stared at the entranced people in the lounge room, he still couldn't come to grips with the fact that had actually done it. But there they were - as large as life and deeply hypnotised. It was a real power trip and Max knew he had been lured into it very deeply from the moment he had hypnotised Jane outside the toilet. And, he knew he wouldn't stop now until he realised every fantasy he could think of while he had this one and only opportunity to do so.

He got up and walked around to each one of them, bending down and whispering close to their ears as he spoke to them, telling each one that it was so hot and so uncomfortable in the room that they would find it much more refreshing and relaxing if they were not wearing any clothes or underwear at all. Then he watched each of them, who were all completely unaware of what the person next to them was doing, stand up and remove every piece of clothing from their body.

He then told each one of them to go to a specific location in the room and sit on the carpet and wait to be called, and while they were waiting to engage totally in their imagination in every way their wildest, most sexiest fantasy, as if it were really happening.

Then he watched his now-naked guests, as well as his own wife disperse to their allocated areas and sit, closing their eyes as soon as they'd settled into the fire-warmed carpet.

Max undressed himself completely then, his mind racing the entire time. By the time he had undressed completely he was as hard as a rock. He was so excited he honestly did not know where to begin his fantasy come to life before his very eyes.

He walked across the warm carpet to where Pauline sat cross-legged with a wide smile on her face, sitting in front of her so he could view all her naked glory in one vision in front of his eyes. Her large breasts hung heavily in the way she was sitting, their long, brown nipples already stiff and elongated from the fantasy she was obviously having and enjoying, going by the smile on her face, Max thought. His gaze then travelled downwards, all the way down to the lush thatch of silken red hair adorning the inside of each soft thigh and which met in the very centre of her junction in a mass of flaming red entanglement through wich peeked barely the lips of her jade gates.

"Pauline." He began softly, yet firmly. "You can now allow yourself to feel and believe in every way you can and want to imagine that you only like making love with your bottom. You will now want to get up on your hands and knees now and present your backside to the man of your secret dreams, wanting and waiting for him to take you there and stroke you until you reach your peak, which you will do on the sixth full stroke. You will slicken the shaft of your secret lover with your own nectar from between your thighs and relax your bottom completely as you feel him enter your backside fully. You will love each and every moment of him penetrating your bottom to its fullest, feeling no pain from your experience whatsoever, only the most extreme and intense, rapturous pleasure, and you will orgasm on the sixth stroke. Do you understand clearly?"

Pauline nodded, not believing what she was hearing, yet wanting to and wanting it strongly by the passing second at the same time. Her secret lover had already been vividly fixed in her mind and thoughts, but now she had the opportunity to find out what it was like.

She had always wondered, but had never been game enough to ask her husband to try it for fear of what he might think of her. She got up on all fours and waited, her heart pounding in her chest. She felt between her legs, dipping her fingers deeply several times into her already moist apex.

Max moved around behind her as he watched her position herself like an animal ion heat and on all fours. He pressed against the warmth of her naked buttocks with his shaft, only to quickly feel her grasp him from between her legs and coat his arrow with the nectar from her furnace, sliding her fingers slowly up and down the length and the girth of him in his entirety. God, Max thought, as the warmth and slipperiness of Pauline's touch on his person nearly ended his hypnotic fantasy immediately. She guided him between the incredible warmth of her creamy white buttocks, backing her tiny brown, and now glistening, slick starfish onto his throbbing, sharp point. He gently spread her cheeks and watched his spear disappear fully into the tight, tiny confines of her heated bottom. The warmth and the tightness nearly had him over the edge. He gripped her soft fleshy cheeks and pulled her to him, slowly driving his every inch of his now-pulsing lance to it's very depth inside her and began to stroke fully in and out of her tight, hot forge.

Pauline was beside herself in her mind and in her body. She had never felt anything like she was feeling at that moment. Her loins ached terribly as she accepted each long, slow stroke fully into the depths of her burning bottom. Her spine tingled and flamed with each slow stroke, his length seemingly going on forever each time as it drove relentlessly up inside her very heated depths. She felt like she was going to explode when she first felt him push through her gripping, slippery hand, spearing through and deeply inside her bottom, causing her to let go and support herself on the carpet with her hands as the sheer and raw pleasure began to flame and torch her mind and body from head to toe.

By the end of the third, long stroke Pauline was gasping huge lung fulls of air as the long and thick burning shaft reached its zenith inside her tight channel of fire and brimstone.

Her tongue lolled limply, except for when it snaked back inside her mouth and out again to wet her lips which dried quickly from her incredibly heavy panting and gasping. Her back raced with tingling and burning sensations, up and down, fanning out from her loins. Her right hand quickly found the jewel of her Nile and satisfied rapidly its hungry need to be caressed urgently as her mind and senses began to reel and spin crazily. Her breathing shuddered deeply as she gasped at the fourth slow and deep, fiery penetration into the pit of her volcano - her boiling netherlands. She knew her end was in sight. Her eyes pinched shut tightly as her temples pulsed and expanded with the fifth long, slow and splitting stroke between her buttocks, each time feeling her channel-flesh separate before her secret and welcome invader like the bow waves before a boat. And with each stretching of her slickened, burning channel her rapidly approaching orgasm built rapidly in its intensity. Her breathing now came in short, sharp gasps and pants of breathable fire, drying her lips and throat. Her tongue snaked relentlessly in and out of her mouth, searching for moisture of any description to cool the bush-fire raging within her being and finding little.

Pauline then lost it at the beginning of the sixth deeply penetrating and fulfilling stroke, for she had been counting down the moments of her life's most exquisite and rapturous pleasure with each coring of her buttocks at their junction. Her loins exploded in fire as her buttocks jerked uncontrollably. Her hips threw themselves about, thrashing without her conscious choice, but with her full conscious awareness of the raw pleasure she was receiving in full with each passing second. Pauline heard somewhere in the far-off distance the sound of her own voice cry out, over and over again, sounding agonisingly fulfilled with each deep, guttural belly-groan and moan as they erupted and then exploded outwards through her parched lips and dry throat, but it sounded strange and so very far away and down below her somewhere. Wave after wave of pulsing pleasure ripped and tore their way up and down her spine and deeply between her buttocks, such that she felt her entire bottom had been set on fire and was being torched again and again and again, until finally, she collapsed onto her stomach unconscious as her conscious mind took everything in, and then simply shut down from too much raw pleasure at one time.

Max had been about to lose it completely when Pauline had suddenly fell from beneath him and collapsed onto the carpet. He knew she had been close to her peak. He had luckily been distracted by the sheer intensity of what she'd obviously been feeling within her own body and mind, as she had thrashed around, impaled and cored beautifully on his length, writhing her backside from side to side like some wild animal. As she had lunged forward with a loud gasp and groan she fell like a deflated balloon, and that also had distracted him, and just at the right time. His own release had then quickly backtracked. He lay on top of her full-length back, still buried to the hilt inside the heated depths of her backside, feeling her cavern contract again and again, and knowing she had fainted dead away from her hypnotically induced experience. Max drew a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and then released it slowly between his teeth as he withdrew his slickened and still-hard length from between her limp and still-quivering buttocks.

"Sleep now and rest," he whispered closely into her ear. "Knowing that your unconscious mind will remember everything, so you simply don't have to remember anything that you've experienced and can forget everything you can now not even remember at all."

He said in her ear before he rose and walked over to Rowena, picking up someone's glass of wine along the way and drinking deeply of its contents. Max smiled, and then grinned as he looked around at the naked women sitting on the carpet, wondering if he should let the naked males share in his good fortune. Then his grin widened as he bent to view the naked loveliness of his best friend's wife. Can't beat bad luck, boys, he thought as he made his decision. Then he laughed aloud at the night in store for him. No sir, he thought again. You just can't beat bad luck.

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