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My wife and the young stripper part III

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I was awaken an hour later by my wife running her long nails around my shaved sack. Sue rolled over to me and said "I really want Steve to fuck me one more time, is that okay with you?" Before she was done speaking my cock was rock hard. We both looked over at Steve lying on his stomach still sleeping. She said "Steve has a gorgeous ass". I must admit his tanned, hairless, ripped body was nice to look at. I told Sue to get a bottle of cream from the bathroom and give Steve a massage. She rolled out of bed and I looked at Steve realizing what we had done and I was very turned on. Sue quickly came back to the bed and warmed the lotion on her hands and began rubbing Steve's back as she kneeled along side of him. Steve began to let out soft moans as Sue rubbed his neck and back. I began to stroke my shaved cock watching my shy beautiful wife massage another man. She ran her nails softly down his back over his ass and onto his thighs. I noticed Steve's ass rise up and down while she did this a few times. The sight of his ass moving underneath my wife's hands made some pre-cum flow out and I knew I had to slow down. Sue rubbed more lotion on her hands and started to rub his ass while he began to moan louder. Each time she would slide a hand between his crack. Steve loved this because he spread his ass cheeks and gave her full excess to his brown hole. Sue knelt between Steve's legs and spread them far apart. She then started kissing and blowing on his ass. I though to myself who is this women, she has never done this to me, what a turn on! She spread Steve's muscular ass cheeks apart and started to kiss,lick and stick her finger inside his hole. Steve said "slow down you're gonna make me cum." Sue started saying "You love this don't you, tell me, tell me". Steve answered "Yes, yes, yes." Sue told Steve to roll over and Steve quickly did, revealing that thick, hard, shaved, nine inch cock. He looked over at me and said "You are a lucky man". Sue began to tickle his cock, balls and ass hole with her fingers and nails. His cock looked like it was about to explode. Sue started licking his ass, balls and the entire huge shaft before she took it completely inside and down her mouth. He said "Sue, stop you're gonna make me cum." She stopped and told him not yet and asked him what he wanted to do to her besides fucking her. Steve yelled out "I want to fuck those beautiful tits." Sue still between Steve's legs kneeled up and let her huge tits hang over his huge cock. She wrapped each tits around his cock and told him to fuck them while she held them. Steve started saying things like "You have the best tits with the biggest nipples, I love them, I love them."

I kneeled behind her and entered her. It felt so good to be inside her warm wet pussy. Steve started to grabd Sue's tits and pound away beteen them, when she told him not to cum yet and she wantd him inside her now. I pulled out of her and stood back while she rolled onto her back and spread her legs far apart. Steve wasted no time when he said "I don't have anymore rubbers." Sue looked at me with a sex filled desire and I told her to go for it. She grabbed Steve's ass and pulled him into her. She began yelling "It feels so good without a rubber, you're cock is so beautiful." Steve spread his legs as he put his entire cock inside of my wife. I watched my wife in total ecstasy with the biggest cock I've ever seem stretching her little pussy to the limit. Steve began to pick up the pace and Sue's tits began to bounce out of control. Steve and Sue both grabbed them and he started sucking one while Sue pulled the other into her own mouth. Some Steve and Sue were sucking on the same tit then kissing each other. I could not help noticing Steve's tan muscular sweat covered ass pumping in and out showing off the striations in the muscle. I did something that I would never have thought of doing but I could not control my desires. I kneeled behind Steve and touch his ass, stroking my hand over it, ( he let out a moan and said "Oh, yeah") then I grabbed a hand full of lotion that was still on the bed and put in on my cock. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it on his ass hole. Steve said "Yes, Yes, do it!". I pushed my cock inside of his muscular ass and never looked back. It was so tight and felt sooooo gooood. I grabbed each side of his ass and got into the rhythm of him fucking my wife. This was pure ecstasy, I had never been so turned on or connected with two other people. It felt so good to grabb that little ass and fuck it. Sue, looked around Steve and saw that I was fucking him up the ass. Sue yelled "That's so hot, fuck Steve's ass, fuck him hard". Then she started talking to Steve "You like being fucked up the ass don't you?" Steve yelled out "Yes, Yes".

Sue yelled out "Steve fuck me harder with your beautiful cock!!". We were all in such a state of passion and hard fucking when Sue yelled out "You're gonna make me cum, cum inside of me, deep inside". Within seconds Steve yelled "I'm cumming,cum in my ass!" I came so hard and so good, like never in my life. I felt his ass tighten around my cock as he exploded inside of my wife. I laid on top of his back with my arms around his stomach. We were all covered in cum, pussy juice and sweat. I pulled out of Steve and he pulled out of Sue. Steve laid in the middle of the bed with Sue and I drapped over him and we fell asleep.

Pages: 1

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