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My sweet wife and me

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I am one person who oozes an abundance of pre'cum when I get the least bit sexually aroused. Reading an erotic story, viewing erotic pix or videos, or just being next to an alluring female makes the flood gates open. There is certainly no need for KY jelly when the occasion is right. Mentioning this makes the following understandable and enjoyable.

One evening my wife retired a little early and I finished watched a game on TV. Afterward I went into our bedroom bath and shaved and showered. I then applied an ample amount of scented deoderan and after'shave lotion. I evendabbed on some wild cologne.

I then climbed into bed next to my lovely wife who was nude, as I was. She is not a Playboy model queen, but she's nice and attractive with a nice round ass, ample breasts, at bout 130#, 5'2". A nice armful to say the least.

As I cuddled up to her with her back turned to me I put my left arm around her and touched a warm, delectable breast. I started to caress her bosom, tummy, hips, ass cheeks, and her back for some time. I developed a nice erection and sensed that she was no longer asleep. Naturally I started oozing like a leaky faucet and I slipped by erection between the cheeks of her ass. God that felt good and I'm pretty sure she sensed it as well.

She seemed to change her position a little sort of to the fetal position. Now my dick was really nestled in her crotch. I just couldn't lie still and started to move my pecker around that luscious area and spread pre-cum all over her crotch.. I could feel my manhood sliding around and between the cheeks of her ass and lips of her pussy. I was so hot I could've cum right then and there but I knew this would be a mistake. I just kept pushing and could feel my pecker hitting the top of her pussy where her clit is.

Pretty soon she re-adjusted her position again and I could feel myself at the entrance of heaven-on-earth. The head of my tallywacker was finding it's way in and I just proceeded to hold her tight massaging ever4y love zone that I could. I was buried balls deep and reached around the front and massaged her clit as I slowly pushed in and out. Her breathing was getting raspy and I think I heard her say uh-humm, uhuhh, and oow.

She was now gently pushing back and trying for more. Pretty soon she reached back with her left arm and grasped my hip and pulled hard. I pushed hard and she started to tremble, moan, sigh, murmur, and whatever a wo;man all does when she's having a glorious orgasm.. i was on the verge but held off so she could enjoy what was happening.

I wanted to cum but felt it still wasn't over and as we lay still with my dillydagger still in her I reached between the cheeks of her ass where she was as slippery as could be, and started massaging her anus. Again she just accepted my fondling and it felt like her glory hole was pouting open a bit. I managed to slip my middle finger in and slowly moved it in and out. She just lay there slowly moving her rump around and I slipped in another finger. Now she was really opening up.. In no time I had three fingers in there and knew she was enjoying it.

Then I withdrew myself from her pussy and put the head of it at that opening I was loosening up. I felt the head at heavens gate and just applied a little pressure, not much. She pushed back and it seemed like my tool just eased in with little or no effort. Now I pushed hard to make sure it was in there as far as was possible.Slowly, ever so slowly, I started screwing her and knew that it wouldn't be long and I could not longer hold back. About now she again reached back and this time dug her nails into my hip and pulled me to her while pushing back as hard as she could. Now she became very vocal and cried OH MY GOD I'M CUMMIN.Oh god I can't stand it, along with numerous mutterings, sobs, grunts, and whatever. I could no longer hold off and blasted away with numerous tremors of my own and just filled her bum with a load of jism. It gelt like I couldn't stop comming.

Soon we just lay there exhausted and spent. I slowly crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom. I warmed up a wash cloth with hot water, grabbed a fluffy towel and went back where she lay. She hadn't moved. I cleaned her up tenderly and dried her off and kissed her in the neck. She just purred a little. I took the cloths back and cleaned my self up, crawled back in bed and again snuggled up behind her. We fell asleep for the rest of the night.

Morning came, it was Saturday. When she came into the kitchen the coffe pot was perkin' and I ws frying bacon.. She nestled up to me, gave me a hug and squeezed my pecker. She kissed me in the neck and said, "I love you".

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