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My make up with my boy friend

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MY MAKE UP Make up Love

It had been nearly a year since my lover broke off our Friends with Benefits relationship abruptly just because I had made an off hand remark about his taste in interior decoration. At first I was really put out that he wouldn?t discuss the mis-understanding, or even communicate. But, with time the memories of a long and close friendship outweighed his behavior. So, when my husband encouraged me to get back in touch, I was more than ready. I missed the close friendship and the tender moments. I had always had a strong sexual chemistry with my boy friend, he just could really get me aroused. At first we sent cards, then some E-Mail notes and finally began to talk again on the phone. This time my husband took a more direct part in getting us back together E-mailing him and reminding him about the time and effort that he and I had invested in the relationship. He also sent him some very provocative photographs of me in a corset, stockings and heels.

My husband?s campaign, in conjunction with my own, was successful. My boy friend and I had some very long and deep talks on the phone and the old friendship bubbled back up. My husband and I were at our lodge in the mountains, more than 500 miles away from my boy friend, so all we could do was talk and anticipate seeing each other when I returned from the mountains. He had his birthday while I was away and I promised him that our first time together would include something special as a birthday present.

Finally we returned home and I called him. He was eager to see me that first Saturday that I was back and I was equally eager to see him. That Saturday I showered thoroughly and my husband colored my hair. He also shaved my Mount of Venus Hollywood style and gave me a pedicure. I was uncharacteristically drinking wine while this was going on. In the past I wouldn?t drink at all when going to visit my boy friend because I would be driving, but, this time my husband and my boy friend agreed that my husband would drop me off and pick me up the next day so that I wouldn?t have to worry about drinking and driving. I began to get very mellow after the third glass of wine. My husband lit a candle and darkened the room. He had me stare at the candle intently and soon I was deep under in a hypnotic trance. My husband then gave me some suggestions about how the evening would go which blended in with my own inclinations. After he woke me I was a little curious about what they were, but I have always been able to trust him implicitly and so didn?t worry about it.

My husband had selected my outfit for my first visit with my boy friend in more than a year. He laced me into a waist chincher with the laces in front so that it would not only nip the sides of my waist in but also give me a nice nip in front. He then had me put on a shelf bra to lift up my breasts and a thong that I had told him that my boy friend particularly liked. That was topped off with thigh high opaque black stockings. He had me put on a Pokka dot halter top which showed cleavage and a very short black skirt which showed off my shapely thighs and calves. Open toed high heeled shoes finished off the outfit. I liked the way I looked when I rotated in front of the mirror.

I had a large canvas bag my husband had packed for me. It had a bottle of wine, a bottle of amaretto, almond Kahlua and half and half cream for my mood, a large tube of warming lube and my favorite vibrator. My husband drove me, I was already tipsy from four glasses of wine. On the drive out I began to anticipate seeing my boy friend after a long absence and I started getting exited. My husband stopped outside of my boy friend's town house, gave me a deep kiss, and whispered in my ear, ?Give him a birthday present he will remember!?

I knocked on the door and my boy friend opened it smiling. For the first time ever in our relationship he acknowledged my husband and waved to him. As I stepped into his town house he closed the door and wrapped his arms around me kissing me passionately. I returned the kiss with equal passion. After the kiss had thoroughly restored our relationship to our old levels he ushered me into the living room. We sat and talked for more than an hour with his arm around me and occasionally kissing deeply. I made and consumed two amaretto sombreros which got me fairly drunk and very horny. His hand started to caress my thigh and then up my leg to my already moist vagina. His finger rubbed just the way that he always did that really turned me on and I began to move my hips in response. I rubbed his thigh and then his hard cock through his pants. He whispered in my ear, ?ready to go up stairs?? I was more than ready and eagerly followed him up taking my bag with me.

In the bedroom the kisses and caresses continued with mounting heat and our cloths magically peeled off on to the floor. My boy friend was very turned on by the waist chincher, the shelf bra, the stockings and the heels. He had me keep them all on as he pushed me gently back on to the bed. He then pulled off my thong, and being shorter, stood on some steps at the base of the bed that I had given him as a gift and rubbed his cock against my shaved cunt. I was already very aroused and wet. I put my legs around his back and pulled him toward me with my heels. His wonderful cock slid into me with a feeling that called up many warm memories of it being there before. That wonderful man then began a slow stroke in and out, just the way I love it. My breath came quicker and quicker and I had the most intense cum. He surprised me by not cuming himself, instead he withdrew and lay next to me kissing me and fondling me. He whispered in my ear, ?are you ready to take it to a higher level?? This really exited me as the last time we had been to this level he had fond ways to drive me to distraction. He reached into my bag and pulled out my favorite vibrator. ?How did you know I had that with me?? I asked. ?Your husband E-mailed me that he would put it in your bag?, he replied. He then turned it on and began to run it over my clit. He has always been better than my husband at arousing me by rubbing my clit and with the vibrator he really had me bucking and moaning and then cuming. After a particularly intense cum he put his mouth next to my ear and whispered, ?what are you going to give me for my birthday?? Suddenly something my husband had suggested to me while I was hypnotized came to my mind. ?I have a special treat that I have only ever done with my husband before, for you,? I said, smiling provocatively.

I had him stand again on the steps at the foot of the bed and lube himself liberally. I then put the wedge shaped pillow under my backside that he kept to elevate me for penetration. I put my heels on his shoulders and said, ?for you birthday I am going to introduce you to anal sex.? My boy friend's face lit up with lust. I coached him to put the head of his cock gently against my ass hole and then push ever so gently. His cock is smaller than my husbands and his cock started to enter my tight ass without any discomfort. In fact, as it slid a little deeper with each gentle stroke it felt better and better. Soon my lover's balls were knocking against my ass as his cock was all the way into my ass. He began a slow, gentle stroking and exclaimed, ?wow, you ass is much tighter than your cunt and it feels incredible!? I moaned in response and said, ?happy birthday, lover!? His face became contorted with that look a man gets when he is really getting a great screwing and is building to a cum. I was carried away with the intense pleasure and said, ?fuck me, fuck my ass!? His face got more and more intense until he came, very strongly. I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing deep in my ass and the warm feeling of his cum filling my ass. After he came, my boy friend leaned forward, still in me, but growing limp and gave me an intense kiss. ?Thank you?, he said, ?for the most wonderful birthday present I have ever had!?

After he had grown limp and pulled out, he rushed to the bathroom to wash up. Although he had enjoyed the anal sex immensely, he also was afraid of having gotten dirty and couldn?t wait to wash. He does this even from traditional sex. He returned to the bed and lay beside me kissing me and fondling me. We rested and watched TV and then a movie DVD. We fell asleep in each others arms, whispering endearments to each other. The next morning he and I awoke and began to kiss and fondle again. This time he surprised me by licking my clit until I had the most intense cum and then gave me the most slow and intense stroking that I came again and again.

It was the most wonderful make up sex, and my affection for him was growing more intense. I couldn?t wait to get home and snuggle with my husband and tell him I loved him the more for encouraging me to make up with my boy friend. I knew he would want me to tell him ever thing that had happened, I love him and if that is what he wants then I would try and please him.

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