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My cheating husband gets his ass fucked and I watch and get fucked too

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I left for work at 7:30. My hubby Tom was still asleep. He works 2nd shift. I had a meeting at noon but went in anyway at the usual time. After I arrived at the office I realized I forgot the presentation I was to give. I went back home only to discover a car in the drive. I went in and heard sounds of sex from the bedroom upstairs. I crept up to see who he was fucking.

Wow did I get a surprise! He was not fucking. He was being fucked! I saw a guy who was maybe 25 fucking my husband in the ass with his very larger cock. I just stood and watched. You see Tom and I swing. I know he is Bi. We go to the local Holiday Inn at the airport and pick up guys about once a month and have a 3 way. Sometimes the guys are willing to have Tom blow them and some have even sucked Tom off also. One guy fucked Tom and Tome fucked him. It was awesome to watch. That guy spent the night and we fucked each other all night. Tom and him even were 69ing in the morning when I awoke.

The fucking when on for several minutes when then they decided to switch around. Tom was on his back and the guy, Alex, rose up his legs and entered him again. I saw his cock and it was about 8 inches long and quite thick. He started to pound Tom again with long powerful strokes. Slamming in till his balls were slapping against Toms ass.

Tom was moaning and moving his head back and forth. Then he looked my way and said Oh Fuck. Alex spun around and saw me too. Both guys stopped. Alex started to pull his cock out when I said no do not stop. Fuck his bitch ass well.

I was pissed. Tom did not want to fuck last night. I guess he was saving up for his friend Alex. Tom is 50 years old. Great shape at 6 feet 180 pounds and a nice 6-inch cock with very big balls that hang down low. He is shaved and has very little body hair, which I like. Alex is also shaved. 5 foot 5 maybe 150 pounds and has that big cock and balls. He is very much a boy to look at but quite a man down below.

Anyway I was getting turned on. I quickly stripped down and joined them on the bed. I took Toms cock to my mouth and sucked him as Alex fucked him. Tom was surprised but very happy. Alex was fingering my cunt as he pounded Toms asshole. Then Alex tensed all up and let out a low grunt. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Then he shot his load deep in Toms ass. That sent Tom over the edge and he shot the biggest load of cum he ever shot in my eager hot wet mouth.

Alex lay down next to Tom and I moved over top of Alex and started to drip Toms cum down to Alexs lips. He opened his mouth and I let the whole load of hot thick man juice drip into his mouth. He then swallowed it all. I then told his to clean up the mess he made of Toms asshole. He lifted Toms legs and licked out the cum that was gushing out of his gaping hole. He swallowed his own load!

I told them to wash up. They returned and then turned their attention to me. They were sucking my nipples and fingering my wet hot cunt. Finally Tom went down on me and licked and sucked my clit until I had a great orgasm. Alex moved up to put his cock to my lips. I opened up and licked that wonderful young mans cock. It is a treat to suck such a young boy. I am 49, great shape, 5 foot 8, 130 pounds, blond hair and still attractive I am told. But to have a young hard cock, girls I am telling you it was heaven. His big balls were on my chin and neck as his cock pushed in my mouth. I am good at deep throating so down it went. Down till his balls were at my lips and my nose at his belly.

I came again as Tom sucked on my clitty. Then I wanted to feel Alexs big fat cock in my cunt. Told then to switch around and Alex rammed home his fat cock head. He pounded me like a jackhammer. Full strokes. His cock head was almost out and then he would slam back in until his balls slapped my ass. Shit I was getting a fucking like I never had before. That boy could fuck. He fucked my willing cunt for 20 minutes as I had orgasm after orgasm. Tom was feeling up my tits. Then he put his head on my belly and watched real close as Alex drilled my pussy. Then Alex said he was ready to shoot. He pulled out and stuck his cock into Toms mouth and let fly his massive load of boy love juice. Tom drank it down as I was jerking his cock. He then shot a small load of cum on the bed.

After we rested I took a quick shower and dressed in the bathroom. When I came out Tom was sucking Alexs cock back to life. Shit I wish I could stay but I have to get to my meeting. You both will be here at 5 PM when I return right?

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