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My Wife and Her Young Lawyer (Part 5)

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My wife?s lawyer friend, Matt had called and requested her presence for dinner and an overnight romantic encounter. As I watched my wife dressing, I noticed that she was wearing thigh high hose and heels. This would be Matt?s first view of her without pantyhose. However, her pussy was still smooth and totally shaved. In addition to her hose, she was wearing lacy panties, lacy bra, a short olive skirt, pink blouse, and coordinating jewelry. She looked good enough to eat and that?s what I did after shaving her pussy.

For this rendezvous, my wife was packing an overnight bag with not only her make-up, but her vibrator and baby oil. Usually when we make love, she will use the vibrator to have a clitoral orgasm (which she loves a lot). However, she hadn?t used it with Matt; because she wasn?t sure if he would be secure enough with his sexuality knowing she needed to achieve orgasm with a toy. However, they were both now relaxed with each other and she wanted him to experience the spasms of her orgasms.

In addition she was taking a sheer black night shirt (with satin pockets covering her tits), and tap pants. These would coordinate nicely with her black thigh highs and heels. As she got into her black sports car, I gave her a passionate kiss and told her to have a great time and to remember all the details; so that, we could recreate the experience the next day.

My wife met Matt in the lobby of the hotel and they decided to have dinner at the restaurant in the hotel?s atrium area. As always, Matt was taken back by how glamorous my wife looked; especially someone of her age (43 years).

After dinner, they headed straight for Matt?s room. Once inside, Matt put on some music, opened a bottle of champagne, and turned off all the lights. Since his room overlooked the atrium area, there was a bright glow coming through the slightly open window blinds. As they sipped champagne and got caught up on what was going on in each other?s lives; Matt would periodically kiss my wife and stroke her knee and thigh. Finally, he asked, ?Please remove your pantyhose hose so that I can play with your pussy and clit.?

My wife responded, ?I am not wearing pantyhose, these are stay-up thigh highs.? Matt said, ?I have never heard of such hose.? To that my wife responded by lifting her skirt and saying, ?See how the lacy tops have elastic. I don?t need to remove them for you to play with me. However, I have a better idea; wait while I go change into something more comfortable.? She took her overnight bag into the bathroom and returned wearing the sheer black top, tap pants, hose, and heels.

Matt was pleasantly surprised at how hot and sexy she looked. He said, ?That?s hot, but I wish the satin pockets were not covering your tits and nipples.? My wife remarked back, ?Knowing you, I will not have the top on for too long.? With that Matt pulled her to the sofa and began to passionately kiss her as his hand went under her tap pants to finger her shaved pussy with its aroused clit. My wife unzipped Matt?s pants and began to stroke his erection. He forced her head down onto his cock as her lips engulfed the head of his cock. Matt loved my wife to suck his cock and lick his balls.

As my wife came up for some air and a rest from sucking Matt?s cock, she rolled over on her back and rested her head on his crotch. Matt?s hands went for the buttons on her top and he spread the sides to expose her tits. He commented, ?Those are the most beautiful tits that I have ever seen. The nipples are so hard and erect. I have an idea; I want to drink some champagne from them.?

With that he had my wife stand up and he poured the bubbly down her tit and over her nipples as his tongue and mouth lapped up the liquid. My wife loved it when he did this and asked, ?Would you please pour some over my clit and drink from it.? She removed her top and pants and standing only in hose and heels with her shaved pussy glowing due to the indirect light; she put one foot on the sofa arm. This gave Matt better access to her pussy and especially her clit. My wife said, ?Give me the champagne bottle and as I pour it down my stomach, it should flow over my clit and between my labia. Then you can start drinking and hopefully sucking until you have every drop from my wet pussy.?

Matt did as ordered and my wife moaned with excitement as she poured the bubbly down her front. As Matt was drinking from her pussy, his hand was fingering her ass. When the bottle was empty, my wife started to put it on the end table, but Matt requested, ?Give me that bottle, I have a fantasy that I am fucking your bare pussy with a wine bottle. It?s not a wine bottle, but this will do.? My wife?s pussy was so wet that he was able to easily insert it into her pussy and began to fuck her with it.

It was difficult to envision my outwardly conservative wife, being bottle fucked while her leg is on a sofa and she is standing nude except for heels and hose. Honey, you have come a long ways from your days at a Catholic girls high school wearing a white blouse, blue plaid pleated skirt, bobby socks, and saddle shoes.

My wife was so turned on that she said loudly, ?Matt, take me to the bed and fuck my pussy with your tongue and cock. Matt carried her to the bed and fell on top of her. Quickly he removed his clothes and buried his face into her hot shaved pussy. He ate her for nearly 30 minutes before fucking her in the missionary position. As he was beginning to ejaculate, he removed his cock and shot a hot stream of semen over her shaved pussy. He collapsed next to her on the bed.

My wife asked, ?If you don?t mind, I have my vibrator and I would like to have an orgasm.? Matt said, ?I don?t mind at all, in fact, I would love to feel you come.? ?Okay, the best way for you to feel my orgasm is to put one finger in my pussy and another in my ass,? my wife said with a smile on her face. With that my wife dripped some baby oil over her clit and it also ran down her ass crack. Matt stuck the fingers in her as she requested. Spreading her legs wide, my wife began to buzz her clit. Unfortunately, after a few minutes Matt fell asleep with his fingers inside of her. Disappointed and unable to reach an orgasm my wife turned off the vibrator and cuddled up to Matt.

The next morning Matt was requesting another fuck before breakfast. He placed a pillow under my wife?s ass and entered her ass with his cock. As he was fucking her ass, he commented, ?I am thankful that you don?t object to anal fucking; because my wife won?t do it and I love it.? My wife said, ?It?s not my favorite, but I do it to please you. In addition, it?s exciting for my husband to hear me tell him about being such a slut/whore.? Matt said, ?Your husband sounds like a great guy, maybe we can get together someday for ?golf or something? in the future.? My wife came back, ?That would be fine with me, I have always wanted a threesome.? With that thought Matt came quickly in her ass.

After dressing, Matt and my wife went for breakfast. After ordering, Matt began to read the Wall Street Journal. My wife madly said, ?Put down the newspaper and talk to me. I am not just a sex toy. I know that when I get home, my husband will listen intently to me.? Matt remarked, ?I am sorry for not playing attention to you this morning. Also, I am sorry for falling asleep last night before you could have an orgasm.? My wife responded, ?If there is a next time I?ll make sure to have my orgasm before yours.? As she drove out of town, she passed a golf course and lake resort, that gave her an idea about the ?next time? including golf or something.

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