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My Wife Brings Home Her Former Boyfriend

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This story starts about two years into our marriage. My wife (Carla) and I had each been married before but I really had never inquired into her relationships in between her marriages. One day at dinner Carla said she had run into an old boyfriend at work and they had had coffee and "caught up". She said he was a really nice guy, that she had had a very good sex life with him and that she was kind of turned on by him at their meeting. She then asked if I would ever consider inviting him into our bed for a threesome.

Well I thought about it for a few days and finally said that if that was what would make her happy I'd be up to trying it. It wasn't another week or so when Carla said that her former boyfriend was coming over that very night to "get acquainted" with me. Sure enough about 15 minutes into our dinner that night there was a knock on the door and when I opened the door I saw a very good looking, well built, black man. Needless to say I was not expecting a black man, since for my wife had neglected to mention this fact (it turned out that she had neglected to mention another very big fact about him also). I invited him in and "Robert" sat with us while we finished our dinner. After we finished dinner Carla suggested I put the perishables into the fridge while she showed Robert around the condo. It took me about 15 minutes to finish and when I did I went looking for the two of them and found them in our bedroom. They must not have seen too much of the condo because they were now both naked with Carla sitting on the edge of the bed holding Robert's very large and very hard penis in her hands. As I entered the bedroom she was just starting to suck on his cock and was really getting into it. So much so that she did not even hear me come in. I must have stood there for 15 minutes watching my wife sucking another mans cock in my house and in my bed. At that moment I was not sure that this was what I signed up for. She would suck him vigorously, then stop and stroke him with long, quick strokes and then envelope his cock with her soft lips once again. He had his hands on her head and was forcing her down onto his cock with more urgency each time.

Finally Carla came up for air and noticed that I was in the room. Looking somewhat embarrassed she motioned for me to come join her on the bed as she held out Robert's penis for my inspection. "Isn't this the most magnificent cock you have ever seen?" she asked. "Just look at it, it is 11 1/2 inches long and he can stay this hard for hours". She was just glowing with pride and I was actually starting to believe that this might not be such a bad thing after all. She really seemed happy. As I stood there she was stroking Robert without even knowing it. I told her that it was a very large and very hard penis alright and asked her if it made her happy. Her response was to wrap her lips around his giant cock once again and start to loose herself in her obvious pleasure. This went on for a few more minutes and finally she stopped sucking, rolled over onto her stomach and asked Robert to fuck her from behind. She also told me to get naked and let her suck me while he fucked her. Always being an obedient husband, I agreed and immediately joined in the fun.

She was right; I had never seen a penis this large and the fact that it was attached to a very handsome black man made me feel a bit intimidated and very envious. I had played college football back a few years and had seen a lot of guys (black and white) in the showers, but had never seen anything this big. As she was sucking me she was also issuing orders to Robert, "Remember, go slowly at first", "Not too fast or deep", "Ok start going faster and deeper now", and finally, "Oh my god, Robert, fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder". It was about now that she looked at me and gasped that she was sorry but she couldn't concentrated on sucking me and being fucked at the same time. She just put her head on my thigh and started pushing back against his thrusting cock and moaning her pleasure while saying something to him that I couldn't understand at first. Finally after she had repeated herself over and over again I realized she was saying, "Oh god, I love your big, black cock, just don't stop fucking me, don't stop, don't ever stop." And he followed her direction to the tee and did not stop thrusting in and out of her very juicy pussy for a very long time. She must have cum several times before she finally asked him to stop and let her rest. She sat up and just stared at me with this look on her face that I had never seen before. It was a combination of shear pleasure, a little bit of embarrassment and a hint of a devious sneer.

Now just because Robert was not fucking her at the moment didn't mean he was resting. He was standing at the foot of the bed stroking his still very hard and still fully erect 11 1/2 inch, very black, dripping cock. As soon as Carla noticed this she immediately started helping him by taking his cock into her hands as she starting to stroke and suck him once again. He responded by grabbing her head with both hands and pulling her onto his thrusting cock over and over again. She resisted at first and I was starting to wonder if I should intervene when she relaxed and became the aggressor by sucking harder and faster than he could ever force her. It took only a few more seconds before he screamed that he was coming (his first words since I had joined them) and he proceed to fill her mouth with his cum. I knew there must have been a lot of it and that it came out pretty forcefully because she jerked her head back as if she had been shot in the mouth with a water pistol. I guess maybe that was pretty accurate after all. She recovered from the cum shot quickly and started moaning her approval and swallowing as fast as she could. She continued to suck and moan until she figured he was pretty much empty and then she looked up at Robert, signaled for him to kiss her and as he did she emptied what cum was left in her mouth into his mouth as they kissed. He whispered his approval of this exchange and gave most of his cum back as they continued to grind their mouths against each other in a very passionate kiss. It was then I relaxed they had obviously done most of this before and probably had this routine down pat.

Now that he was as satisfied as she obviously was Carla decided it was time to rest by having Robert lie on the bed while she climbed into the '69' position with him. He immediately stared sucking her pussy and cleaning up any remnants of her juices that remained from her earlier fucking. As he did this she took his now softer but still very large (about 7") cock into her mouth. She also started fondling his balls with both hands, asking him if it felt good or hurt. He just moaned, so she continued sucking and fondling his balls. It was about now that I wondered why I was here and what more I could possibly offer to this, so far two-person, threesome. Carla must have read my thoughts because she suddenly stopped sucking and sat up. She patted Robert on the hip and told him to come up for air and stand up. But this time he did not obey her. This time he just kept sucking her pussy harder and harder with a renewed vigor. He slipped his long fingers into her pussy and started probing and pushing them in and out faster and faster. She immediately collapsed back onto the bed and began moaning louder and louder. “Oh yes” she screamed, “yes, yes, right there. Don’t move your fingers, just keep doing that, fuck my pussy, please fuck my pussy”, she continued. And finally after a few more minutes of shear bliss on her part she exploded with a scream that shocked both of us as she came. Robert responded with a “My god you’re so wet, I’m going to suck you dry”. And he did as he said and she came one more time as he did. Then he obeyed her previous request and he stood up. She and I both noticed that his cock had now returned to its full, very hard and very long size. She told me to sit with her on the bed and in front of him while she once again started stroking and sucking his cock. After a moment she took my hand and placed it on his now dripping cock and told me to continue the stroking. I resisted at first (since I had never even dreamed of doing this before) but then she explained that she had always wanted to see two men masturbate and suck off each other. So I started stroking him as she raised his cock to my lips and said "go ahead and suck him off - I really want to watch". Again I resisted, but Robert then reached down grabbing the back of my head with both hands, forced his huge cock into my mouth and started thrusting in and out. My immediate reaction was to gag and pull back, but when I was unable to dislodge his cock from my mouth I decided "what the heck" and started to enjoy it. Having had my cock sucked by my wife and other women quite a few times in the past, I thought maybe I knew what he might like and I started to suck and stroke him as I would have liked. As a matter of fact, after a while he even joked to Carla that I was better at this than she was.

It was about this time that I realized that he could very easily cum in my mouth like he had with Carla and that was something I was not ready to compete with her on and I motioned for her to take his cock into her mouth and continue his pleasure. Well I was sure glad I did because it wasn't 30 seconds before I heard his now familiar moan as he unloaded into her mouth with the same force as before. After they completed their little ritual of exchanging cum she announced that she wanted Robert to suck me off and that I should stand up and let him sit next to her on the edge of the bed. We did the exchange and he (almost) eagerly grabbed my now excited and very hard cock and started sucking and stoking for all he was worth. Carla must have liked what she saw because she just leaned back and watched as he sucked my cock and played with my balls, until I felt myself starting to cum and I pulled away. She quickly took me into her mouth as I let loose with my own cum shot and emptied my cum into her mouth. She and I then did the exchange thing and she finally swallowed what was left and smiled a very satisfied smile at us both.

It was now time to rest and we all laid on the bed, face up with Carla holding and stroking both our cocks while I rubbed her pussy and he sucked her breasts and kissed her neck. "So what shall we do next?" she asked. And Robert immediately replied "I want to fuck you in the ass, like we used to do? I thought, "Well, isn't that sweet?" and said I'd take a pass on that one, but I'd be happy to watch. I asked them how he was going to get his huge cock into her very tight ass hole and he just looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and said that it had never been a problem before. Well they were right; it wasn't a problem at all. After putting a condom on his cock and applying a lot of some sort of slippery stuff to them both, she got up on her knees and he slowly inserted his throbbing cock deeply into her ass. Slowly at first and then faster and more urgently as she moaned and gritted her teeth with every thrust. He was only able to get about 6”-8” of his cock into her as hole, but that was enough to send her into a flurry of ecstasy that ai had never seen in her before. Finally, he was thrusting in and out at what seemed like record speed and she was responding by pushing back with every thrust and with words encouragement and obvious enjoyment. They both came about the same time and collapsed onto the bed right in front of me. He removed the condom and threw it into the waste basket as she sucked his cock and told him how good that felt.

Well that was it I guess, because she said she needed to clean up and was going to use the master bedroom shower. So I headed for the upstairs shower and we both left Robert on the bed snoring loudly. Once I had finished I went down stairs to see if she had finished and if Robert had left, only to find them both in the shower and with her sucking his gigantic cock one last time (I hoped). I left them alone to their little world of enjoyment and sat in the living room, waiting for them to finish and for him to leave. They finally did finish and he did leave, giving me a "thumbs up" sign on his way out the door.

There wasn't much left of the evening, so Carla and I climbed into bed and started to discuss the night's events. She thanked me for being so understanding and assured me that as good and sexy as Robert was to her, I would still be the most important man in her life and she would love me forever and ever. She also promised that even though she loved fucking and sucking Robert, she still wanted to make love to me more than ever. Then she surprised me one last time by saying to me as she fell asleep, "So........ do you think we can do that again sometime?"

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