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My Step-Dad Gave Me The Longest Quickie Ever

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Yesterday, my mom came home with a couple she'd been chatting with on SLS fo the past couple of weeks, and only now decided to meet up for drinks earlier that afternoon. My mom and I are both swingers, I've only recently joined the lifestyle but she's been swinging for a long time now and currently is in a polyamorous relationship with her husband Mat, (my step- dad). I have only joined her in the swinglifestyle twice, the first time was the night I turned 18, the second time in Vegas with her girlfriend, and occasionally we share Mat between us.

Anyway I was stuck at home last night studying for midterms and I really chose to just stay home and get my studying done like I promised myself I would do over the weekend. All I had was Mat, to keep me company. Mat is forty-six, four years older than my mom. They've been married for about 5 years now and met each other through their mutual friends in the lifestyle. Anyway Mat came home from work about 6 pm his usual time. Mom went out to meet up with the couple she met on SLS she'll be back later tonight. I know, she told me last night, Mat replied, he walked over to the desk where I was finishing up a chapter for one of my midterms and said, looks like you've been working too hard, Dawn. He proceeded to give me a backrub and started massaging my shoulders. I knew Mat?s generous back rub had ulterior motives, I was wearing a tight white tank top with no bra and my really short daisy dukes, so that alone was enough to turn Mat on. I had ulterior motives myself, I knew Mat and I were going to be alone tonight and I intentionally dressed sexy for him. I had been studying pretty much all day, with some breaks in between, and I was feeling kind of bummed having to stay home and not go with my mom to meet up this really cool couple from SLS.

I have to confess, Mat's backrub was making me kind of horny, umm ok so alot horny. Mat is an awesome stepdad and when he married my mom, he always spoiled me, not like alot of stepdad's out there who are real dickheads. I always knew about the swinger lifestyle, because Mat and my mom ocassionally had a woman sleep over. I was 14 when Mat married my mom and it was only then when my mom explained to me about her lifestyle. She was about 24 years old when she had me, and became a single mom after my real dad walked out on us not long after I was born. She pretty much balanced her school, her work and being a good mom to me. She raised me to be open-minded and taught me that the human body and sex was nothing to be ashamed of. As a result, I was very understanding about her lifestyle when she spoke to me about marrying Mat and being in a swinger and polyamorous relationship. If anything, it had always made me curious, I remember always telling my mom that I would try it out, ?Not until you turn 18 and only if you really feel this is for you.? I?ve always been a nosy girl, and one time when I was 15 years old, I was rummaging through my mom?s drawers looking for the vibrator she loves to use when I saw a VHS tape hidden underneath a pile of clothes. I knew it was an odd place to put a video tape, and being unlabeled and placed separately from the rest of our movie collections, I had my suspicions as to what it may be. My heart pounded and my hands shook as I nearly killed myself popping it into the vcr. What I saw irrevocably made me even more turned on and interested in the lifestyle. I saw my mom on her hands and knees sucking some guy?s cock while another woman was eating her out. Then I recognized Mat?s voice in the background, he must?ve been the one filming, it was a pretty poor quality video and shaky, it got better when Mat must?ve put it on a tripod because I saw him walk into the video and fucked the other woman.

Well, where was I? Oh yeah, As Mat continued giving me that quasi-innocent backrub, which was beginning to turn sensual, I closed my eyes, leaned my head back a little, arched my back, and let out a deep sigh, and I whispered in a rather seductive tone ?I guess we?re on our own tonight huh daddy?? I sort of felt Mat?s stiffening tool brush up across my back, and I added, ?I guess my history midterm isn?t the only thing hard in here.? Mat let out a laugh, and replied, ?I guess not.? Without warning he swung my chair around which took me a little by surprise. ?What are you gonna do about it, Dawn? You?re mom isn?t here to give me my after work blowjob,? Mat said as he unzipped his pants in front of me. Mat has a bit of dominant and forceful streak when he got horny, I found that out the evening when I turned 18 and joined him and my mom in a 3 sum. As I pulled down Mat?s jeans, and underwear, a throbbing, slim 7 inch cock stood errect infront of me. My lamp shade reflected against the tell tale signs of a thin transluscent pre cum strand from the opening of his penis. I lifted up my tank top to expose my 34 D tits and instinctively I went down on him, licking the head of his cock and swirling my tongue on it to tease him, Mat?s breathing got heavier and he grabbed the hair on the top of my head and exclaimed ?you fucking cock tease ? I knew exactly how to push his buttons and I just let out a devilish grin and winked at him as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, while swirling my tongue around the tip. I slowly took his cock further and further into my mouth until the tip of his cock touched the back of my mouth, until my gag reflexes kicked in, and tears dripped from my eyes. I took his cock out of my mouth which was now moist from my spit and began jacking him off, ?So who gives a better blowjob, me or my mom?? I asked Mat. ?You?re mom can deep throat without gagging.? Mat replied. I laughed and continued to suck his cock for about three more minutes. Mat then grabbed me by the arm and brought me to my feet, turned me around and bent me over my books on my computer desk and pulled down my shorts, I also didn?t have any panties, and Mat said ?I see you?ve been wanting to get fucked all day haven?t you Dawn? I?ve always known you were a bigger slut than your mom, that?s one thing you got going for you, I?ll give you that.? Mat knew exactly how to turn me on, Mat knows I get turned on by being dominated, and in that respect I?m just like my mom. On really special occasions Mat enjoys it when mom and I are naked on the floor of their bed room ass up face down waiting for him, and he would choose which one of us he would fuck first, but not before spanking the both of us first.

Anyway, as I lay bent over on my desk, Mat grabbed me by the waist and he proceeded to thrust his cock in my moist shaven pussy, I leaned my ass back to meet his thrust as my pussy suctioned his cock. I yelped like a puppy dog ?ow ow owo ? while my desk shaked and squeeked with every thrusting motion he made. I have a really funny sound when I?m getting fucked which sounds like a puppy?s high pitched yelp, Mat finds this a huge turn on, and he continued to push his cock harder inside me. I stretched out my arm and grabbed the edges of my desk for stability while the pounding picked up pace and he grabbed my hair again. Mat then pulled out of me. I was about to get off the desk when he stopped me, ?I didn?t tell you to get up now did I? Bend over on the desk again. ?Yes daddy? I said. Sometimes I call Mat daddy, he really likes it when I call him that when we?re having sex, at any given time I just call him Mat.

?Where do you keep your lotion?? ?In my bathroom drawer daddy.? I answered obediently. Mat walked over to the bathroom and brought back my Victoria?s Secret body lotion. I knew exactly what Mat was going to do, and as he lubricated his cock with it, my suspicions were confirmed. Mat was an anal sex freak. My mom doesn?t really enjoy anal sex that much, she?ll do it when she?s in the mood but she views it more as a chore. During our 3 sums I?m the one who bears the full brunt of Mat?s ass fucking fetish, and I have always enjoyed it. However, just because I enjoy it, doesn?t mean that the initial entry into my ass doesn?t hurt. It does and this was my least favorite about anal sex, but after my ass muscles have gotten accustomed to the size of a foreign object the size of a polish sausage sodomizing me, it starts to feel good. Mat took his time, as I felt my sphincter muscles being stretched by the head of his angry penis I let out a high pitched cry ?ow Daddy that hurts ? I whined. ?Just a little more sweety, relax? he said in a really sweet voice which contrasted with his dominant alter ego. As soon as the head was inserted, the rest of his penis began sliding right in as I felt it glide inside me I let out another yelp as the pain and the erotic feeling of a cock in my ass mixed together to become the longest ass fuck he?s ever given me. I felt a fullness inside me that only a cock inside my asshole can do. As Mat slowly thrust in and out inside me, I could only tightly clench the edges of my desk half hoping he would cum soon and half hoping he wouldn?t.

I began to reach for my clit and rubbed myself at the same time. ?Oh fuck yeah, play with yourself while I fuck the shit out of your ass.? Mat started slamming into me harder as I rubbed my clit harder. The half painful half pleasurable pain was adding to the awesome sensation I was feeling in my clit. I began cumming, then Mat began to moan really loud as he began shooting his cum inside my ass. He had a huge load because it was like I was getting an enema and I felt like I was going to leak his cum all over my bedroom carpet.

I ran to the bathroom and leaked it out in the toilet. I wasn?t about to ruin mom?s freshly shampooed carpet, she would be pissed. When I noticed the time it was like 7:33, omg, Mat was fucking me for a good hour and thirty minutes Making this the longest quickie I?ve ever had. Mat and I just went out to eat, it was around 10 pm when we got home and I decided to sleep in their bedroom that night and fuck some more. It must?ve been around 2 in the morning when mom came back and snuggled in bed with me and Mat. But that?s another story.


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