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My Part Time Job Part 2

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After Ray came inside my pussy his cum was now running down my leg. I have always wanted to know what fucking a jock like Ray would feel like. It was amazing . We laid ther and kissed for a few minutes then Ray roll me over on my stomach. He lean over and lick my ass as I noticed his cock now getting a massive hard on. He was like I said around 12 to 14 inches and as round as a large cucumber. Soon my ass was wet and Ray started in putiing his cock in my ass as the bell rang. What an hour is up already I didn't want it to end. Ray and I quickly clean up and barely was ready when the bouncer came in and said time is up. I told thanks Ray for making a dream come true for me. He smiled and said me too. I went to the rest room and clean up a little more then came out and started in working the floor. I noticed a party going on for a guy that had just turn 21 years old and was out drinking (legally) for the first time) I told him happy birthday and kiss him on the check. I then went to find Ray and was going to give him my cell number to see if we could get together some other time. As I wwas looking for Ray my boss came up to me and ask how was things going. I told him this is a great job. He said well I am glad and went to the counter to wait on some customers. I couldn't find Ray s I started in working the floor by dancing with a couple on the floor. Soon my boss called my # and said I was needed in Chia Hole 3 . Wow was I busy and still had a around2 hours of work left. I went 2 the Chia room and ir was the boy with 2 of his friends in there from the birthday party. They had rented the room for 30 minutes. I serve them there drinks as the birthday boy stood up as one of this friend sat on the chair and the other sat on the couch. All the boys had to be 21 or 22 years old by the way they acted. The boy in the chair said you embarrassed or buddy out on the dance floor by kissing him in front of every body. i smiled and said sorry but you are a big boy now. They all laughed. I said well that was on the cheek what would have happened if I had kiss you on the mouth. He blushed. I said well let me see as I started to go toward him. The young bo then slid in behind the couch. I said that isn't going to stop me. i leap toward him and grab him by the belt. he pulled and was tring to get away. Boy was he shy. I then noticed that while I was trying to get to the birthday boy I had falling on the couch and was laying on top of one of the boys that was on the couch. I wasn't going to let go of the birthday boy because tehy were laughing so hard. The boy on the couch I thought was struggling to get out from underneath me as i felt him pulling on his pants. But instead of fighting to get out from underneath I guess he was sruggling to try and getinto me as I felt his cock enter me. Him entering me surprised me and aroused me at the same time. I pull the birthday boy over closer as he watch his friends cock quikly disappeared in my pussy. He was mesmerized as I unzipped his pants and saw his small penis hard as a rock. I quickly statred in sucking his cock as i could taste the precum in my mouth. By this time the third boy started in eating my asshole and then put his cock in my ass. I was being fuck in the ass and pussy and sucking a dick all at one time .This was a first for me . The birthday boy soon came in my mouth the boy in my pussy was cumming like a river and the boy in my ass had cum running out of my ass like you wouldn't believe . All of them must have been virgins and I was getting all the cum they had stored up all there live. The bell rang and I started in getting up. They said they wasn't through yet. I pull away and got dress as the bouncer came in and escorted the guys out of the room and out of the club for not compling . One of the boys was only half dress as he walk out of the club. I would have enjoy that session also if it wasn't for the way they acted at the last part. I cleaned up and went back to work. My boss said you okay I said yea. He said well I have one for you in theChia room 4 if you want it. I ask how much have I made tonight. He siad with your pay around $400 dollars and the one in the Chia room 4 wants you the rest of the night or 2 and a half hours. He siad that would make it around 650 dollars for one nights work. I said I don't know. He said well you need to tell the customer then because he strictly suggested you. i said okay I will tell them i can't but if I want a bouncer to come in there with me to tell them. I wlak into the room and smiled and told the bouncer that I would take this one and to tell the boss I would be unavailable the rest of the night. The bouncer said okay and left the room. I said Hi ray what can I do for you. ray rush over to me and statred in kissing me passionately. I now was inthe mood to make love to Ray again. Before I made love to him and the others They just unsnaaped my body suit and enter me through the hole in the leggings. I push Ray back and strip down to hte nude as Ray did the same this time. I said where was we earlier before you r time ran out as I bent over the couch with my ass in the air as Ray approach me. His cock was solid and very warm as he enter my ass. It was still pretty wet from the young man from the birthday party cumming in my ass but Ray was going a lot deeper because of this size . Ray was methodically pump his cock in my ass and massaging my breast with one hand and fingering my wet hot pussy with the other. about 20 minutes of fcking me in the ass Ray ley out a long maon as cumm ran out of my ass in buckets full. I had came a few time but wanted his long hard dick in my pusy. He pulled out and I saw his cock going down. I got a hot towel wash him off and said we still have a long way to go. After washing him off I statred in sucking his cock. Life was now coming back to him. . I quickly grab his cock and sat on it as it quickly disappear in my wet dripping pussy. Ray contiued in massaging my breast and sucking on my nipples. I hadn't notcied but the nipples on my breast was very hard and they stood out around an 1/2 inch . this seem to make Ray harder inside me as me made mad passionate love. I soon came and as my pussy juices flow freely. Ray at this time was pouring massive amounts of cumm in my pussy also. We soon kissed and I was ready toleave work. I had made $600 dollars and had the time of my life. Boy this is a hot part time job for me.

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