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My First Gay Experience with a Side Order of Guilt

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Hi, I'm Bruce, my wife and I have been in the lifestyle for over 2 years now. Mostly it has been great. We go to a lot of meet and greets and some house parties. Well we were at a house party Christmas Eve and things were going pretty good for me and my wife. She was over to the side being double teamed by 2 guys and I was eating out this young chick, that I don't even know her name. I was eating her out pretty damn good, tongue inside her, hands pinching her big nipples, she was moaning like hell. Then I felt a hand on my ass, at first I thought it was somebodies by mistake. There was a lot of bodies down there. But I found out quickly that it wasn't by mistake. The hand made large brushes on my ass, then would direct its effort on my hole. It would slowly run over it, then stopped on top of it, slowly going in and out, but not far. I still haven't even turned around to see who this was, I didn't know if it was a man or woman. I continued eating her out while the assault on my hole continued. Then my questions were answered, I heard one say to the one violating my ass, "Hey is he cool with this?" and the other said, "I guess, he hasn't stopped it." So now I knew, and now I had 2 guys at my rear. The assault became much more intense quickly. Fingers started to go in dime store fashion. And I started to feel like I was going to cum. I looked up and the girl was, "WOW, they sure are working you over." All I could do is moan. I looked over to see my wife, she was being dp'ed by 2 guys, being held up off the ground. With cocks in both her holes, she wasn't paying any attention to me. The girl slid out and said "Thank you, you were great, but I think you got all you can handle." She was right, but I could even answer, I just nodded. One of the guys said,"Lets take him in a room, too many people here." So I got up and followed them to a room. It was the first time I even saw the 2 violating my ass hole. One was white, 6'0" , 180lbs, the other was black, 6'4", 225lbs. I was thinking to myself during the trip to the room, "What the hell am I doing!" But like a deer in the headlights, I followed them into the room. They told me to grab some wall. Felt like I was being arrested. And they said spread them, now I knew I was in serious trouble. They stayed behind me, but started to ask me questions. "Is this your first time?" I said "yes." I hear "Wow, a virgin, well we will fix that for you." A hand grabs my cock from the side, rubbing and wanking me. Then I feel fingers going deep inside me. Omg it felt good. My eyes closed and my mouth was wide open. Didn't seem like I could get enough air to breath. Then I felt him against me, rubbing his cock on my ass. I was omg is this it, before I had time to think about that. He went in me, I moaned out and grabbed the wall with everything I had. He banged me so hard, I could feel my heart beat racing. Then the others turn, now he was huge, I thought he shoved a tree stump up my ass. He rammed in and out of me, I sounded like a bitch. I know people could hear my moans through the walls. But they didn't care. They just kept on with the assault for over a hour. Had me standing up, doggy style, laying down on my stomach, on my back and on top. Something about on top, they seemed to get in much more that way, with quick thrusts. I cummed all over them, and they cummed all in and on me. After it was over, I was thinking, if I should feel guilty. I don't know, should one be guilty of something that felt so good. I say "NO!!!."

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