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My First 3some

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I had been speaking to a couple on a site for a few months and we had tried on numerous occasions to get together, if anything just for drinks or dinner; But with our schedules it would never work out to our advantage. So after a few months I started to get discouraged, and was really starting to wonder if I had made the right decision about trying this lifestyle out. So about a week ago, a friend of mine that I used to work with called and asked if I would like to go out to eat with him and his wife, well I had only met his wife one or two times, and didnt really care for her all that much. Don't get me wrong she was beautiful in every way, but she was one of them people that knew it and often played it to her advantage. So even though I was aprehensive about the evening, I showed up to the bar and grill that we had chosen, wearing something simple, a jean skirt with a button down shirt and a tank top underneath. Well just for this occasion, I had purchased a new bra and underwear set, not because I was expecting something to happen with them, but I was expecting something to happen with someone! The underwear had ended up being to itchy, so I opted for none, I figured that would be a better surprise anyway. So we met at the bar and grill and ordered drinks and our food, and I noticed that my friend wasnt drinking, but he kept asking us two girls if we needed drinks, well we had quite a few and next thing we knew I had to go to the bathroom. And of course you know that girls can never go to the bathroom by themselves, So she came along with me. Well at this time I was getting pretty buzzed and decided well I will just show her that I got a new bra and come to find out she did too! so we exchange looksies and then I jump up on the counter in the bathroom as she is washing her hands. She askes me if I have ever had a threesome, right out of the blue, and I said no I havent and left it at that. So we get all wasked up and check our make-up and all that stuff that girls do in the bathroom together and we return to the table with her husband. When we sat down, she told him "honey she has never had a threesome, what do you think of that?" And his reply was "now thats a shame, what should we do about that?" All the while I am looking at them dumbfounded. So they inform me that they have a hotel room a couple blocks away, since they lived about 40 min away from the bar they figured instead of driving home, they could just stay there. They asked me if I would like to join them in their hotel room for some drinks. I said sure so we all jumped in the car and headed to he hotel. Well I figured that since it was thier car I would ride in back and they would ride up front, Well they had a different idea, she jumped in back with me and said that she didnt want me to be lonely and that they had made sure that there was plenty of room in the backseat just in case they ever had to take someone home. So me and her talk and I am starting to like her a bit more than before, she is more relaxed and laid back and she seems like someone that I can go out with on a reg basis. SO we get to the room, and he has a full bar in there waiting on us, so he makes our drinks and we sit on the couch, me in the middle, her on my right and him on my left, and we turn on the tv and just start surfing. So I get up to use the restroom , and she askes if she can come too, I am like sure I need someone to talk to. So we are both washing up and she asks to see my new bra again, so I let her and she touches it, I swear to you that I actually got chills all over when she did that and that I instantly got wet. She just runs her finger lightly over the lace and around my nipple, and I let out a moan. She just smiles and asked if I liked it, I said yes it feels wonderful, so she continues on down my stomach, and back up to the other breast. At this time she sayd we better get back out to her husband before he gets jealous. So we walk back out to the couch and he had popped a movie in, and of course what was it but a 3some with 2 females and a male. So we sit down on the couch and i have one of my legs under me, and the other stretched out in front of me. She made a comment about my skirt being real cute and runs her finger along the seam. She then asks her husband and he touches the other side with his finger and asks if he can see the bra that she was telling him about earlier, so I was like sure!

Needless to say it didnt take much before we were all three naked and on the floor. She knew that it was my first time so she held me by the hands and led me to the bed, and laid me down. She crawls next to me and takes my hand in hers and slowly runs her fingers down my arm and to my breasts, giving me shivers. now by this time he is up on the bed on the other side of me, and he does the same thing, but he hold my hands up there as I see and feel her hair running down my stomach towards my throbbing clit. I am holding my breath as I await her first lick, and all of a sudden, she blows gently on my clit and then licks it, I about came right then. She gently runs her finger over my clit and lips and slowly pushes it into my wet dripping hole. then she licks my clit again and starts to suck. MEanwhile, he is sucking my nipples and twisting them in between his fingers, and I am wanting someone so bad to enter me. She is finger fucking me with 2 fingers and licking my clit at the same time, and I start to yell that I am going to cum!!

She says that she wants to taste me so let it all out, so I start thrashing about and bucking my hips to the most intense orgasm of my life!, and all I hear are her slurping it all up and her moaning as I am cumming all over her face. I finish cumming and she leans up and kisses me, and it was the first time I had ever tasted a females cum and I loved it. She then asked if I was ready to get the party started right, and I said that there is more than this? She said oh yes now the fun stuff will start. He gets the video camera out of their overnight bag and asks if I mind being taped for their personal coleection, I said no that is fine, just as long as I get a copy too!!! The wife brings out what looks like an overnight bag, and opens it up and finds a 8 in purple vibrator, and then a strap-on, and a butt plug. Now I had never told anyone this but I absolutly loved anal, and this was another fantasy of mine! She gets the vibrator out and starts rubbing my clit, as I am licking up and down his shaft and rubbing his balls with my free hand. he is moaning and telling me to take it deeper, so I push as far as I can and start to gag to I back it out a bit. I am waiting for her to enter me with the dildo and it was turning me on not knowing when it might happen!... She somehow had put her strap-on on and entered me from behind. I was sucking on her husbands cock, and getting fucked at the same time!!! I couldnt believe it! a fantasy come true! Next thing I knew she took the strap-on out of me and I heard what sounded like a squeeze bottle, ahe had lubed it up and I felt it gently massaging my asshole, then I felt her hand from the side trying to find my clit and wet hole. She then pushed as hard as she could and the strap-on was in, all the way to the balls!!! then she inserts the vib in my pussy!! IT was almost like DP and it was awesome the best feeling in the world I had all 3 holes filled at the same time and I was in heaven! So she fucks me for a while, I came 3 times right in a row, and then I told her my knees were weak and I had to get off them. She turns me over and her husband slides underneath me and enters my asshole from the bottom, adn then she is in front of me in my pussy with the strap-on. she was massaging my nipples and I was screaming harder harder, and finally he came in my ass, and I came all over his hard cock... I climb off and lay on my back and she lays down in front of me and starts licking all his cum off of my pussy lips and my asshole. I had never had my asshole licked before and it was great! She asks if I would like to try the strap-on! I said heck yeah I would, so she helps me get it strapped on and then says the only thing is she wants me to use it on him, while she is getting fucked in the ass by him too. So I lube it all up and gently push on his asshole. it goes in really easy and I cant help but to think that he may have done this before, she is screaming fuck us harder so I start getting into my groove and start puonding as hard as I can! All of a sudden I feel him start to tense up and he yells that he is cumming! then a few seconds later she is cumming also! We all lay on the bed for a few minutes and I look at the clock and decide that I should probably get back home, but if it was ok, maybe we could go out and have drinks and dinner again sometime. They kissed me and said How about tomorrow??? I decided that I might need some time to recoup so I told them that i would take a raincheck. So 3 days later we got together again and I cant wait to see them again! we are supposed to go on a cruise as soon as the weather breaks, that will be great, I am sure I will have more stories to tell then!!!

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