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My Christmas Present

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We walked into the dimly lit bar last Friday night with two completely sets of intentions. I was there to relieve the stress of a very long week, and he was there to fulfill one of his long standing unfulfilled fantasies. As it turned out, both of us came away with our expectations met.

I typically work a 50 to 60 hour week, and now throw in the added pressures and time requirements of the upcoming holidays and you can imagine how I was feeling by 8:00 on a Friday night. I just wanted, no needed, a drink or two, (or three) to help me unwind. Jim was thinking a drink or two, or three to loosen me up to explore our much discussed fantasies.

Jim constantly tell me how beautiful I am, but I always reply that he's just prejudiced. Although I'll be 50 on my next birthday, people usually guess me to be 35-40. I have shoulder length dark brown hair and a body that Jim tells me still turns alot of heads. He says "Everything is gorgeous, but I have the most beautiful face he's ever seen."

We have dabbled in swinging for about a year and a half and in that time have experienced less than a half dozen encounters, mostly with other couples one on one, but we did attend a hotel party where there were about 6 couples. I have always been nervous about swinging and what it ?makes me,? but I have to admit I have almost always enjoyed myself when the night comes to an end. Jim keeps telling me how much he loves me and that our adventures are just that adventures.

Whenever we have sex he tells me how much he loves to see me with another man. He loves to watch me take their cock in my mouth and hear me squeal while I?m being fucked. But, when he has to attend to the female half of a couple that he needs to focus on her, and doesn?t get to satisfy his voyeuristic side. He keeps telling me how much he wants to have me experience a threesome with two guys tending to me while he watches. I get so hot when he tells me this as he fucks me, that in the moment I really want it too. But after the heat of the moment, I tell him that he is all I really want and that I was just telling him that to turn him on. Oh the lies we tell....

Well, back to Friday night. Unknown to me, Jim had been on the swinger?s site and been talking to a couple of guys and sort of prearranged a ?chance encounter.? He had set up with Tommy, the male half of a couple that we know from local meet & greets, and that Jim knows I am hot for, to stroll into the bar and ?run? into us. As he wasn?t exactly sure which bar I?d want to go to, they arranged that Jim would call Tommy either while I was changing or after we arrived at the bar to make it seem all the more coincidental.

We had been at The Pub for about a half hour when in walked Tommy. I saw him first and told Jim, who did act genuinely shocked to see him. I waved Tommy over and we all engaged in the ?Hiya, Howya doings?? while Tommy ordered his first beer. He said he was just passing by on his way home, but figured he?d stop for a beer as he knew his wife Dawn would be out Christmas shopping until late. We asked him to join us and Jim suggested that since it was crowded at the bar that we grab the booth in the corner. Jim ordered another round while Tommy and I headed for the booth.

Tommy and I have flirted a lot when we?ve been at the meet & greets so it came as no great shock when he slid in close to me and gave me a kiss and told me again how fantastic I looked. It had been a long week and I was just wearing my old comfy jeans and a light sweater. Typically when he sees me I?m in a short skirt, thigh highs, low cut top and heels. I thanked him for the compliment and as I did he started kissing me again, but this time a lot more passionately and his hand rested high on my thigh.

I was starting to get that horny tingle and I let my tongue explore the inside of his mouth as I felt his fingers start to trace my inner thigh ? God, was I getting wet! I have no idea how long we were locked in that kiss, but I needed to break it off or I was going to be able to control myself, and I couldn?t let that happen. Shortly after we stopped, Jim came to the booth with our drinks and slid next to me on the other side. It was one of those corner booths with a wrap around bench. I was trapped, but didn?t yet realize it, or maybe I didn?t care, as wet as my pussy was getting.

Jim saw where Tommy?s hand was resting and the pace of my breathing and started to lightly kiss my neck and ear and that was it, I was gone. They could have put me on the table right there and done what they wanted with there in the bar. Jim started whispering in my ear how hot I must feel with my pussy being rubbed through my jeans with and a hard cock on either side of me. He told me how hot he was seeing me in this position and that the only way that I could get out of the booth was to take off my jeans ?right there? and let Tommy and him feel how wet I was. I was shocked. Jim had never told me anything like that before. It?s not that I haven?t gotten a little out of hand in public kissing and grinding and grabbing, but I?ve never stripped off any clothing to allow someone total access. I was so hot though, I undid my jeans and wiggled them down to my knees and started to reach for Tommy?s zipper. Jim grabbed my hand and said ?OFF? a little sternly.

I have a submissive side, but it has only ever been in private with Jim. Never when we were with another couple or couples and this made me even hotter. I looked at him and he said, ?You?ve told me you are my little sub many times. Tonight is the night to prove it. You will take off you jeans right here, right now, or Tommy and I will leave you to sit in that puddle you?ve made.?

With that I lowered my eyes and said ?Yes.? I kicked off my shoes and worked my jeans and panties off the rest of the way. As soon as they were bunched up on the floor I felt a hand on each thigh slowly working their way towards my pussy. I started to shiver from the combination of fear, a little chill and mostly excitement. When Jim?s hand got to my outer lips he blew/whispered in my ear, ?Do you like this?? All I could reply was a barely audible ?yes.? To which he whispered back ?I?ve never felt your pussy so wet.?

As this was happening on my left, Tommy hand had also found its way to my pussy and was stoking it lightly from my asshole to just above my clit. Never applying much pressure, more like tickling my whole nether region. I was on fire. I wanted to get the hell out of there and fuck someone?s brains out, but I was trapped and they didn?t seem in too much of a hurry to leave.

I again reached for Tommy?s pants and was met with quite a nice tent. Like I mentioned earlier, Tommy and I have flirted and fondled at a meet and greet, but he had never presented me with a hand full like I had now. He must have been hurting. His cock was so hard I had trouble getting his zipper down, but I was determined. When I finally worked it out, I was greet with a beautiful 8 inches of solid rock. I slowly started to return the soft teasing stokes he was giving me and was immediately rewarded with a drop of precum. I looked over to Jim and asked if I may taste it and he nodded. When I bent to lick the tip of his dick, I shifted on the bench and my ass was met by a tight tent in Jim?s jeans. I was in heaven! A rock hard cock inches from my face and another at my dripping pussy.

I licked the tip of Tommy?s dick and savored the precum he presented. I then swallowed him as far as I could in the confines of the booth. After a couple of headbobs, I sat up and said to the guys ?Alright, you?ve got me where you want me, but now I?m calling the shots. We?re leaving here right now and going someplace I can spread out and enjoy this. So, help me put on my jeans and let?s get this party started.?

Within seconds, my jeans were on, panties in my purse, the bill settled and I was in Tommy?s car heading to our house. As Tommy and I rode in his car I took his Cock back out of his jeans and was gently stoking it, the whole time telling him how fucking horny he has made me not only tonight but the whole time I?ve known him. I told him how when Jim and I fucked Jim would whisper in my ear that he would love to watch me fuck Tommy, then join us for a DP ? and how I would explode in orgasm thinking about that. Tommy was doing his best to drive, but I could tell this was exciting him immensely. His cock kept twitching and oozing cum as I worked him into the same frenzied state that he and Jim had me.

Jim arrived home first and was pouring a round of drinks when Tommy and I walked in. I led Tommy into the den to discover Jim had started the fireplace but left the lights all off. I took a couple of throw blankets and pillows from the couch and threw them on the floor, and then started taking off my sweater. Tommy walked up and stopped me, telling me he wanted to undress me. I was dying. My pussy was so wet from them teasing me in the bar and my teasing Tommy on the ride home that I almost begged him to let me continue. Without a word, he kissed me so passionately that it felt like his tongue was tickling my tonsils. At the same time he lifted my sweater and unclasped my bra. We broke our kiss only long enough to fling my clothes across the room, and then I was right back to deep throating his tongue.

When Jim walked in, Tommy told him that I was? uncontrollable and if we don?t hurry I might explode.? Finally! Jim slipped behind me as Tommy remained in the front. They started to grind on me while teasing me with their mouths. I grabbed for Tommy?s crotch and had his belt undone and jeans around his ankles in a nanosecond. As soon as they hit the floor I was on my knees devouring his throbbing cock with the sloppiest, sexiest blow job I?ve ever given. I heard Jim starting to undress and was shortly presented with his cock slapping my cheek requesting some attention too. I was having too much fun with the strange cock in my mouth to let it go, so I started caressing Jim?s balls and asshole to keep him at bay for a few minutes.

I guess Tommy was as excited as I was because it seemed like only a minute before he I was swallowing the largest load of cum that I?ve ever had. His dick was twitching and with each spasm he was sending what felt like another pint of his salty load into my mouth. There was so much, and he was so deep in my mouth that I started to gag and choke. When he was done cumming, I planted my face in a pillow on the floor to present my drenched pussy to Jim as I needed to be fucked and fucked hard at this point.

I was disappointed at first when he lay down on his back and slid under me to start licking my pussy. I said, ?I need to be fucked!?

He replied, ?If I fuck you now I?ll blow in three strokes. Relax and work Tommy back to life while I get you off. Then you?ll have two hard cocks to pound you into orbit.? I slid Tommy?s semi-erect cock back in my mouth and started to gently twirl my tongue around his head and felt it getting hard again. Gotta love a guy whose batteries recharge so quickly! When he was at full staff, I looked him in the eye and told him to get behind me and ?Fill my Cunt.? I usually don?t talk like that, but I was in need.

With Jim under me licking my pussy and sucking on my clit, Tommy entered me doggie style, my favorite position, and slid in balls deep on the first stroke. I was in heaven. I?ve never had my pussy filled and my clit being nibbled on before. Tommy started very slow, but shortly, with my urgent begging, he was slamming his cock home. In no time I had my first orgasm.

I?m not a multi-orgasmic woman, but that first ?O? was a toe curling tremor compared to the ?Big Bang? I typically experience. It felt strange, great but strange.

About 90 seconds after that first orgasm I had another. It was stronger than the first and was immediately followed by an even stronger one. With Jim eating me while Tommy was pounding away on my pussy from behind, I was experiencing my very first multi-O. I loved it. I wanted this to last all night. I know Jim wanted me to be sucking his cock as we were in a perfect 69 position, but I was so focused on experiencing the wonderful sensations that were running through every inch of my body that I just couldn?t.

When I approach my ?Big Bang,? I love to feel Jim slip his finger(s) into my ass. I?ve come to realize anal orgasms can be much more intense and paralyzing than clitoral or vaginal, but I do need my clit stimulated at the same time. We rarely have anal intercourse as I ?m usually spent after one of the earth quake ?O?s? and Jim?s cock is considerably larger than his fingers (Thank God!) so it can be uncomfortable if I?m not at the height of excitement.

As I was in the throes of one orgasm after another, I felt Jim slide his hands around my ass cheeks and thought he was going to start fucking my ass with his fingers. He did start to caress my asshole and then abruptly said ?Tommy, Fuck her ass!? As he spread my cheeks as wide as they would go. I started to get a little nervous. My pussy was drenched, but my ass wasn?t. As Tommy slid out, I felt someone start to lube my ass with my pussy juice and then start to lick it. The teasing my ass just got immediately relieved any tension and I actually said ? out loud ? ?Tommy fill my ass with your cock NOW!

The next thing I remember is Tommy?s well lubed cock head penetrate my ass. He remained still for a little bit to let my ass adjust to its invasion and then slowly started to slide in and out a smidge deeper with each stroke. With Jim licking away at my clit and Tommy slowly working his way into my ass, I was amazed at how wonderful it felt. I took control of the pace and started to press back to bring the cock deeper into my ass and at a much quicker rate. That?s all it took to let Tommy know it was OK to pound my ass as he had been pounding my pussy.

He was holding my hips and sliding in and out with such a fury that it only took what seemed like a minute for my body start convulsing in the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I felt every nerve in my body tingling in ecstasy. I begged Jim to stop licking my clit and Tommy to stop stroking, as everything they did sent chills throughout me. When they stopped I took over and with Tommy remaining still, I started grinding back into his cock for the next 5 minutes - cumming the whole time from the depth and fullness I was experiencing. Talk about BIG BANG!

I had never cum so long or so hard. I was exhausted. When the orgasm finally subsided I rolled onto the floor and fell asleep. I have no idea what time I dozed off or how long I slept for, but I was awakened to the sensation of my nipples being licked and sucked. I enjoyed this treatment for about 5 minutes when I was told that I had left 2 very hard, very ready cocks in dire need. With that I was drenched with a whole bottle of ?WET? that had been nicely warmed. They started rubbing it in my pussy, asshole and over the rest of my body like massage oil. I was then pulled on top of Tommy and impaled on his (still?) hard cock. I immediately got into a nice rhythm and soon felt Jim knocking on the backdoor.

As he slowly pushed his way into my already thoroughly fucked ass I felt a pressure and fullness I had never experienced. With 2 hard cocks filling my ass and cunt respectively, I again tried to pick up the pace, but was told to relax as they would do all the work. They never got in rhythm, but that was fine, as at times I was completely filled while at others one was entering as the other was exiting. The sensations were outrageous and soon I was in the throes of another series of orgasms and loving every second.

The guys came pretty quickly. It seemed no longer than 5 minutes. First Jim screamed as he came in my ass and a minute later Tommy creamed my pussy.

I wanted to try to work them both back to hardness and continue the fun, but Tommy told me he had to go home and relay the evening?s events to Dawn. He knew he was going need some energy left for her. I crawled back on top of him, planted my tongue as deep into his mouth as I could and told him to pass that along to Dawn along with the story and our wishes to her for a wonderful holiday.

After Tommy left, Jim said ?Merry Christmas,? but did confessed that he thought it was just as much his present as mine. He also said ?Your Birthday is only 3 months away.?

I love presents.

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