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My Brother, Me, and Tony the Sailor

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It was a nice Friday afternoon, things at the Navy base were pretty normal, guys getting off work, heading home to their families, the day's duty section was preparing to assume the watch in the duty office. I had just walked in from the Weapons Office, and was heading to my room in the barracks, when Tony, our weapons office yeoman walked out of the shower area, towel around his waist. He saw me, and asked if I was going into Bremerton for the evening. I told him, yes, my brother was in town for my birthday, I was gonna grab a quick shower, and get dressed in civvies, and we would go in together.

He came over to my room, and still in the towel, as I closed the door, he dropped the towel, and that's when I saw his huge beautiful cock, at least 8" hanging down, soft, and I was bent over removing my pants, and nearly fell over backwards. He started to apologize, but I shook my head and said, no that was okay, I explained to him that I am bi, and enjoy men as well as women. He got this joyful expression on his face, and rubbed his hand over my ass and leaned over and kissed me on the neck. Immediate hardon for both of us.

He knelt in front of me, and licked my cock, then in one movement, he inhaled it, all the way to my pubic hair. I was trying desperately not to make any noise, the rooms were open ceiling, and there were a lot of sailors in the barracks. Tony was gripping my cock, and sucking like a Hoover, all the while looking at me with those big Italian eyes, and there was drool seeping out from his thick juicy, lips, I had to pull out, or I was gonna cum right there, and it would have been loud. I pulled him up to a standing position, and he kissed me with precum on his tongue, and I dug my tongue in his mouth, and grabbed his cock, and began to stroke it, he was swaying to me, I knelt and started to tongue him as he had done to me, thne I took as much in my mouth as I could stand, riding back and forth on his huge cock, I was leaking precum on the floor, he started to moan, I kissed the head, and stood.

We agreed to meet in the lobby, and that we would get a room in town, to continue this. Tony had no idea that my brother Frank and I have been having sex since I was 18. I showered, used an enema I kept on hand for such occasions, and made sure I was cleaned out, packed a bag, with rubber tubing for a enema later, bottle of lube, and a small toy I kept for lonely nites. I intended to have my ass thoroooughly plowed by this Italian Stallion tonite, and maybe return the favor if he so desired.

We took his car in to town, and after clearing the front guard gate, I reached over and unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock for some play during our hour long ride. I laid over in the seat, and licked, kissed, nibbled on the head, tonguing the hole, and squeezing his balls, until I got a cramp from the steering wheel in my shoulder. I was hot, hard, and ready to suck and swallow a load, of thick creamy, trouser snake juice. I love cum, and the feel of a nice soft, full, cock, warm, and slowly growing in my mouth, as I handle it and make it pulse and throb.

We drove on into town, stopped at the Hearthstone Inn, found Frank's room, he was getting out of the shower, and toweling off, Tony got a glimpse of Franks cock and gave me a look of awe. I shook my head no, Tony shrugged, boy was he in for a surprise later. Tony was sitting on the bed, Frank came out of the bathroom, I introduced him and Tony, and Frank bent over his suitcase to get some clothes, I leaned over and ran my hand over his ass, and said how he needed to start working out, big brother was getting chunky. Tony's eyes about popped out, Frank turned around, and caught Tony staring at his cock, and looked at me, I nodded. Frank smiled, and asked Tony if he liked it. Tony was flabberghasted, here he was with two brothers who liked men, must have thought he was in the garden of eden.

I got up, went over to the other bed, motioned for Frank to join me, he dropped the towel, came over, sat, and leaned over to kiss me, and reached and unbuckled my jeans, and started to stroke my cock, Tony knelt at the side of the bed, and began to suck Franks rod like a pro. Frank was pleased to say the least, and was bobbing on my cock like like a calf sucking its momma.

I reached over to the floor, and pulled Tony up, we all got undressed, pushed the two beds together, and decided to have some fun before we went out for the evening. Frank said that Tony needed some head, so we both attcked his cock, licking and sucking, I would lick his balls while Frank swallowed the head and shaft, and then we would switch. Tony was hot and breathing hard, Frank decided he needed some of Tony's cock in his ass. Frank went to his suitcase, grabbed a bottle of lube, and had me lube his ass with my fingers, while he lubed Tony's cock, Tony got onto his knees behind Frank, and eased his cock in big brothers ass, slowly at first, then when itr all eased in, he started to go for long strokes, Frank reached for my cock, and I knelt in front of him, and he sucked me into his mouth, and Tony and I set up a rhythm and were fucking Frank from both ends.

It was really difficult to say who came first, Tony was slapping his balls against Franks, mine were slapping his chin, suddenly there was cum everwhere, Frank swallowed mine, rolled over as Tony slid out of his ass, Tony bent over and began to suck Frank's cock and beat it like a drum, I leaned over to kiss my brother, and taste my cum, as Frank moaned, and filled Tony's mouth with a hot load. We cleaned up, dressed, and loaded up to find a nice restaurant for nourishment, we had all worked up an appetite.

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