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My 50th Birthday Present Pt5

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As Beverly was finishing licking up my cum from my cock, Linda came over to the side of the bed and gave me a deep kiss. She whispered in my ear how hot Beverly and I are together. She had a finger in her own pussy and asked if she could join us. Beverly took her hand and pulled her onto the bed. They kissed and shared their tongues, Linda moaned softly as she could taste my cum on Beverly's lips and tongue. I rolled off the bed and sat in the chair Linda had vacated to watch the girl on girl action. The two looked so sexy with their bodies pressing together and their hands fondling each other. Beverly rolled Linda over on her back and licked her all over. As Beverly kissed and licked her stomach, Linda took her own tits in both hands and pinched her nipples to erection. Seeing this Beverly worked her way up to Linda's tits and took one then the other nipple into her mouth. This drives Linda wild as she love her nipples sucked and licked. Linda then spread her legs and started to rub and finger her pussy. Her pussy was wet and ready as I could see her clit was rock hard and her lips engorged. Her moans grew louder as her inserted one then two fingers deep into her pussy. Beverly still licking and sucking on her tits ran her hands over her tummy down to her thighs and around her pussy. I could see Linda arch her back as I knew she had an orgasm. I could see liquid run out of her pussy as she is a squirter when she is overly aroused. The liquid ran down her ass to the bed. The room filled with the scent of sex. Beverly, then inserted a finger deep into her own pussy. I could feel my cock spring to life once more watching these two get off together. Moans coming from then both got to me, so I started a slow stroking motion on my now rock hard cock.

Beverly looked up at me and asked "Do you want to watch me lick Linda's pussy? birthday boy. As I started to answer, she could see the smile on my face. She roll on top of Linda and spread her legs even wider. Beverly was now in the prefect doggy style position, with her face over Linda's pussy and her ass aimed in my direction. Her pussy was wet and inviting. Linda had her eyes closed and had a smile on her face that showed her approved of what was going on. She would bite the corner of the pillow as Beverly licked and sucked on her pussy. Beverly was spreading her pussy lips with one hand and continued to finger her own pussy. Occasionally, she would insert her finger into her ass then bring it back beep into her pussy. I didn't notice, but I was now stroking my cock at a faster pace. Both sexy ladies now moaning together. I could see Beverly now wiggling her ass at me as to say come fuck me now baby. I came over to the bed and began to softly stroke Beverly's pussy with one hand while still stroking my cock. She then took her free hand and inserted a finger into Linda's pussy while never removing her tongue from her pussy.

I could feel how wet beverly was so loving the taste of pussy I dove tongue first deep into her pussy. Beverly gave out a loud "Oh my God" Linda in turn giggled and said "See I told you, girl" What I was doing was sucking hard on Beverly's clit at the same time licking her pussy and fingering her asshole. Beverly exploded into my mouth in seconds,her juices covering my face. She then ordered me to fuck her hard and deep. As I mounter her, I could see Linda watching me as she came once again. The smile on her face made my cock harder then ever.

My cock slid quickly balls deep into Beverly's pussy bringing a loud moan muffled by Linda's pussy. I started a slow grinding action with my hips. Beverly raised her head and whispered to Linda "It feels soooo goooood!" Linda smiled and told me to "Fuck this lady good,baby". I could feel Beverly matching my every thrust driving my cock deep inside her love hole. She moaned on every in stroke. Linda worked her way into a 69 position so she could watch my cock work in and out of Beverly's pussy. I could feel Linda rubbing on her clit as I started to pound Beverly's pussy harder. Beverly would occasionally lick Linda's pussy as she took my hard manhood balls deep. I spanked Beverly's ass once her twice as I pounded her hard and deep. She gave out a loud whimper of pleasure and a softly "Yessssss" After about 15 minutes of this, she ordered me to give it to her "harder and deeper." I was now pounding her pussy at a rapid pace that the bed was rocking and slamming the head board for all to hear. I could feel my balls tighten and Linda could sense this so she reached up and cupped my balls and gave them a soft tug. This has always prevented me from cumming and makes my cock harder and longer. Beverly could feel my cock grow inside her gave out a loud "OMG". "Yesssss and give it to me Ed" was all I could hear coming from her mouth. After another 5 minutes of hard deep pussy pounding, Beverly's pleading and my moaning gave Linda enough pleasure to release her hold on my balls. I exploded multiple hot louds of cum deep inside of Beverly's throbbing pussy. I unloaded so much cum that she could not hold it all inside her love canal. She dropped on top of Linda's torso in a heap of sex pleasured woman. The sounds coming from her drove Linda into a wild giggle, I staggered to the chair trying to catch my breath, my cock still twitching from the awesome pussy pounding I had just gave.

Linda worked her way from under Beverly and was now hugging and kissing her gently, whispering to her how sexy she was. Beverly in turn told her how she could handle fucking like that all the time. Linda went and poured us all some more to drink. Beverly and I drank ours down in seconds. After we caught our breast we all laid on the bed and fondled each other for awhile. I tried to finger Beverly's pussy, but she pushed my hand away as she was sore. Laughing, Linda rolled over on top of me and began a slow stroking motion on my cock. She asked, "Are you going to give it to me tonight?" The look on her face brought a smile to my face and I could feel the life returning to my cock. I said, "Maybe you should return the favor to Beverly" as Linda knew what I was talking about.

I got up and returned to the chair to watch the show. Linda then kissed Beverly and roller her over onto her back. She then started to kiss and suck on her tits. Taking each nipple into her mouth bringing Beverly to start a soft moan. As she played with her tits, Linda worked her way down her torso and stopped short of her pussy. You could see Beverly slowly spread her legs in anticipation of what was to come next. Linda softly kissed and nibbled on her skin driving her to arch her back and shout, "Touch my pussy, pleassssssse'. Linda giggled and asked, "I thought it was sore!". Beverly moaned "Touch me, Pleasssse." Linda softly and slowly put her hand onto her mound and started a soft stroking motion. After about a minute or two, she inserted her middle finger slowly into her love canal. As she did, I could see more of my cum flowinjg out of Beverly's pussy onto the bed. Linda remove her finger and brought it to Beverly's lips and mouth. Beverly sucked Linda's finger clean then she returned it to her pussy. Several minutes later Linda rolled on top of Beverly in the same manner as Beverly was before. I started to stroke myself to another erection. Then Linda dove tongue first deep into Beverly's pussy licking and sucking all of my cum from her pussy. Linda would raise up to Beverly's face and give her deep kisses sharing my cum with her then return to bury her tongue deep inside her love canal.

After watching my wife lick another woman, I couldn't handle it any longer. Still stroking my cock, I mounted Linda's pussy balls deep. This time I started out fast. Pounding my wife deep and hard as I know she like it. Causing Linda's tongue to rub Beverly's pussy to a quick orgasm. She gave out aloud "Yesssss." As our moans and shouts grew loader and louder, I thought to myself how all around our room were getting good vocal images of what was going on. The bed rocking and headboard slamming. made me laugh. The room next door must have been enjoying the action. It was now 3 am in the morning.

Linda was now meeting my every thrust, causing my cock to diappear balls deepon every thrust. I thought to myself, Give it a try. So, I inserted one finger into my wife's asshole. Linda has never liked anal, now she was so involved in what she was doing with beverly that she didn't notice my finger in her exit only hole. She kept her rythum on my cock and Beverly's pussy. Both ladies just kept on moaning for what seemed to be hours. I got brave and inserted another finger into my wife's ass bringing the total to two. I then heard a pleasent sound of a moan comming from my wife. This made my cock grow harder. I could feel Linda's pussy get wetter. She came a few seconds later. Once again, her orgasm sent liquid streaming out of her pussy over my cock and onto the bed. There was a pool of wetness on the sheet. Beverly was now ordering me to fuck Linda harder and faster as she was licking her pussy soooo goood as i did. I could feel Linda's asshole was now loose around my fingers. So, I thought to myself, Go ahead try it, birthday boy.

So, without thinking about it, I removed my two fingers and spread her ass cheeks and inserted my rock hard cock into her asshole. Linda did not resist my advances. I took it slow as she was an anal virgin. My cock was erect to it maximum length and I could tell it made it easier for it to insert as Linda's love juices had coated my love tool so good. I started a slow shallow thrusting motion to give Linda a chance to stop me if she didn't feel right about taking up the ass. All she did was start to wiggle her ass and meet my shallow thrust. After about 10 or 15 thrust, I began a medium action pounding on her asshole. This seemed to bring my wife to multiple oragsms. I could feel her juices following from her pussy onto my legs and onto the bed. I ordered Beverly to change to the 69 position and enjoy her juices. Now, as I pounded Linda's asshole faster and deeper, the two ladies engaged in a pussy licking eating fest. Both ladies had multiple orgasms.

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