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Michelle is Born Part--III

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Michelle is Born Part III

So a few weeks after my last meeting with Phil, I decided it was time to move on. I had enjoyed my time with Phil but I was increasingly horny each day and knew I had to do something about it. I had been occasionally chatting with a few other T girls and had created a special relationship with one named Tammy. Tammy has been cross dressing for quite a while and had absolutely perfected her look. She lived almost entirely as a woman and went out almost every weekend and many days shopping. She was a gorgeous creature with long auburn hair. Her physique was quite impressive with very long lean legs and a perfect ass. Tammy lived about an hour from me and with my close proximity to Asbury Park and the friendly establishments there we finally decided to get together at my place for a night on the town. So here is what happened...

She showed up about 5PM as planned and came inside and greeted me with a friendly hug. We had decided to do a little shopping before going out. I was already dressed, though casual, as Michelle. I was wearing my favorite Jeans, a tank top and a pretty striped dress shirt. Tammy was dressed similarly, with jeans, a very pretty printed T-shirt and a black cardigan sweater. She brought her bag inside as the plan was to take a taxi to town and crash at my condo. This was the first time I had the fun of going out together with a T girl and sharing some girl time. I was so much looking forward to the night.

We jumped in my car and headed off to the mall. She was so at ease with herself and made me feel so comfortable. We parked and, boot heels clacking, went into the mall. The mall was pretty busy and so we actually blended in very nicely. No strange looks at all that I noticed anyway. We made a few stops here and there, bought some cheap jewelry at Claire's, some new socks and pantyhose at Penney's, avoided the mall lotion scourge sales people and finally went into Lord and Taylor looking for a few hot outfits for the evening. Since we were both the same size we started looking for a few hot skirts, dresses and blouses.

We grabbed about 10 items and went to the dressing room. The dressing rooms are pretty large and so we decided to share one and try on everything. What a hoot that was! We must have been in there for an hour, with the clerk checking in on us frequently, probably because we were laughing and carrying on so much. We finally decided on two outfits. Mine was a very pretty abstract printed empire waist dress with a slightly scooped neckline and a hem line that was just above the knee. It perfectly accentuated my shape and allowed me to show those long, strong legs of mine. Tammy picked out another abstract printed dress that was very form fitting with a higher neckline. We hung the rest of our finds on the rack, paid and left. Of course no shopping trip is complete without a stop at Victoria's Secret.

We decided to buy matching bra and panties as our dresses were similar. We decided on a very pretty spring green lace bra, matching panty and garter. We also grabbed a pair of black thigh highs for each of us, although neither of us needed any more. It was going to be cute to be out on the town knowing our bra and panties were a perfect match.

We quickly went to the car as we were dying to get home and get ready to go out. Once home I got a bottle of cheap red wine, you know the kind that comes in a gallon jug, and threw some salad and some chicken I had cooked earlier on plates and ate a quick meal. It was about 9 PM now and we had little time to waste. I set Tammy up with a bathroom to prepare and went about my business as well. We touched up our makeup and added a little glamour each and then Tammy called to me, "Michelle, I want to get a few pictures of our matching underwear." I told her I still needed a minute but she should come to my room when ready. I finished my makeup and added the same shade of plum lipstick and gloss I wore for my date with Phil.

About two minutes later there she was. What a beauty! She had perfectly gone from a plain looking makeup to midnight glamorous and the color of the bra and panties we chose matched her hair and makeup perfectly. She was wearing her thigh high stockings and garter belt and had a pair of what looked like 4" white pumps on. She asked, "What do you think?" All I could say was, "Breathtaking!" She jumped like a little girl and told me I looked stunning as well. I went and got my black 3" pumps and we started posing and taking pictures of each other.

Tammy went first and I think she missed her calling as a model. She knew all the poses and which her best side was. She was crawling all over my bed and was positioning her hands, legs and ass perfectly. I was actually having trouble hiding my package. Thank goodness I had it taped tonight!

When she was finished we changed spots and she directed me to do many of the same poses she did. I was in heaven finally having someone to photograph me as Michelle. It is pretty difficult to do a good job by yourself. When I was done Tammy setup the camera for a few twosome photos and we had lots of fun hugging and smiling and posing for the camera. I think we were both getting aroused but we knew we wanted to get out before 11 PM so we stopped the fun and finished getting ready.

We both finished up about the same time and went to the living room to have some more wine while we waited for the car to arrive. I was concerned a little about the temperature as I really did not have a proper coat to wear. It was fairly warm during the day but it seemed to be getting a little chilly out. Tammy said she had the perfect thing for me and went upstairs to retrieve a very pretty cropped black cardigan that went perfectly with my outfit. I had just borrowed my first girl clothes!

So the driver came to the door and Tammy and I quickly scurried out to the taxi. We had decided to go to Club Paradise in Asbury Park. The club is a very happening gay mini resort with lots of bars and lots of areas. As we walked in, there were men everywhere. We walked to the back and there we found about ten other girls like us sitting around chatting. There were actually both T girls and genetic girls there. We asked to join and they eagerly allowed us.

What fun we had for the next few hours. We drank, we talked, we laughed and we danced. Tammy and I were getting pretty tipsy and were on the dance floor dancing to a techno beat song. She and I began rubbing on each other as the music played. Next thing we knew there was this guy trying to dance with us too. Tammy turned and placed her arms around him and dragged him in. The guys name turned out to be Mark, and Tammy and I both began to grind and rub on him as we danced.

Mark was a pretty handsome guy, not like Phil at all but a bit younger and a bit smaller. With our heels on we were a good 4 inches taller than him. After about a half hour of dancing we decided to take a break and get another drink. Mark came with us. He went to the bar and brought us each a drink back. We began talking and it turned out Mark had been watching us since we came in. Us silly girls didn't even notice.

We sat and chatted for a while and I noticed Tammy was sitting pretty close to Mark and occasionally would rub his leg. What Tammy didn't see was that I was on the other side of Mark and he was rubbing my leg. Mark got up to get one more round as it was last call. I scooted over to Tammy and asked her what she thought of Mark. She said to me, "Can I bring him home please?" I then told her I wanted him too. We decided to share him. Questions was would he come along?

I called for the cab to take us home and when Mark returned I asked him to dance one more time before we left. We went to the floor and I put my hands over his shoulders and leaned in to whisper, "Tammy and I want you to come home with us." He looked into my eyes and just nodded a firm Yes. WooHoo!

I gave Mark a big hug and drug him back to our seats giving Tammy a wink when we arrived letting her know we had our prey. We said our goodbyes, grabbed our purses and headed out to meet the cab. The driver arrived pretty soon thereafter and I jumped in first followed by Mark and then Tammy. On the ride home, Mark was the object of much attention. I had him from the left, holding his hand and making sure I had as much of my body on his as possible. I had my head on his shoulder and would occasionally kiss his neck an ear. Tammy was a little more aggressive rubbing his leg and occasionally his crotch where we were beginning to see Mark was enjoying himself. We got to the condo in about 5 minutes and Mark, being a gentleman, paid the fare. Tammy and I led Mark, hand in hand, to the door and took our lovely "man for the night" inside.

Once in, I got each of us a glass of wine and then told Mark that Tammy and I had to freshen up and to make himself at home on the couch. We went upstairs to do a quick touch up and to talk a little about what we were going to do. Tammy quickly removed her panties from under her dress and I decided to do the same. We made sure all was good in the room, positioned all the necessary things where they needed to be. We decided we would just let things happen rather than create a plan. We took one last look in the mirror, told each other we were beautiful and walked back downstairs to Mark.

Tammy was ready for fun. She went right over to Mark and sat on his lap straddling him and gave him a huge kiss. I sat right next to them and when they broke locked my lips on Mark too. Then Tammy got herself right in and we had a very hot three way kiss going on. Mark pulled away and I just kept kissing and tonguing Tammy while he watched. Tammy stood up and removed her dress. She was so hot in her bra and matching garter. The white heels really stood out against her black stockings and I was pleasantly surprised by the size of her cock. I sat while she did this and began to rub Mark's cock through his pants. He was certainly ready for action. I grabbed Mark's belt, undid it and then quickly removed his jeans. Mark's cock sprung out of his boxers and we giggled as Tammy and I removed them as it made it a little difficult.

Tammy wasted no time and immediately took Mark's cock in her mouth. I was feeling a little left out so I removed Mark's shirt and began kissing him and sucking his nipples. Mark made sure we knew he was enjoying himself as he kept saying over and over, "Don't stop. Please don't stop."

I knew from talking to Tammy she loved to have cum on her face and I loved having cum in my mouth. I worked my way down to Mark's cock and when I got there Tammy let loose and allowed me in. I sucked and stroked his cock while Tammy played with Mark's balls. I knew he was getting close and in just a few more minutes he said, "I am going to cum!" Tammy didn't want to waste her chance and she kind of pushed me off his cock and took it back in her mouth. In just a few more pumps she pulled her mouth off and Mark exploded cum all over her face and chest. Seeing this I knew I had no choice if I wanted Mark's cum, and I pulled her towards me and began to lick and kiss all Mark's cum off her face. I then reached down and sucked all the remaining cum from Mark's cock. We all collapsed on the couch and kind of hugged and rubbed for a few minutes.

I knew this was going to be just the beginning of our night. I got up and grabbed Mark and Tammy's hands and led them up to my bedroom. When we got there, I led the two of them to the bed and they sat back onto it. I had not yet removed my dress so I decided to do a slow striptease. I had already put some nice jazz on and so I slowly swayed to the music and let my dress drop. As I did my cock which had been released popped right out in front of Mark. Mark did a quick double take as he realized we had matching outfits on and then reached out and grabbed my cock in his hands. He pulled me to him and I got on top of him straddling his chest and put my cock right to his mouth. Mark was so skilled. He began to suck my cock in a way I had only ever dreamed of. His mouth was very wet and he had a skill of sucking and releasing that was incredible. Tammy meanwhile had laid back and was stroking herself. I looked at her and in a second she got on her knees next to me, and I inhaled her cock.

So there we were, locked in a three way. As I sucked Tammy's cock I reached back and stroked on Mark's. There was so much energy and Mark's expert sucking had me cumming in his mouth in minutes. Tammy lasted a little longer and just as she was ready to cum she pulled out and splashed a huge load all over my face and chest. I had never had a facial before and I kind of liked it. A little dripped onto Mark, which I quickly cleaned up with my finger and licked it off. Mark then pulled me down to him as he wanted more cum and licked it all off me.

The scene must have been incredible. Soft Jazz music playing while two beautiful T girls and one gorgeous guy made one ball of pure physical enjoyment.

We all were pretty tired, but knew the night could not end. Mark was definitely ready for more and so I leaned over to the bed stand and retrieved the lube and condom. I pulled open the condom and placed on Mark as I handed him the lube. I squeezed a little out and began to rub it on my "pussy" and then I laid back and stuck my finger in. He watched as I did this and then Tammy grabbed the lube from him. She squeezed a little out and then replaced my finger with two or three of hers. I began to thrust onto her hand as she finger fucked me while Mark watched. I laid back and Mark leaned in and replaced Tammy's hand with his cock. In one slow firm motion Mark shoved his cock all the way to the hilt into my "pussy". I picked up my ass to allow him maximum penetration and he started to slowly pump in and out of me. Tammy then reached down and began to stroke my cock with one hand as she stroked her own with the other. While she was doing this she was kissing Mark all over. The depth of the pleasure I was feeling was amazing. It was blissful and hot. It was sexy and satisfying.

Mark pumped me for quite a while. I said to him, "Please fuck me big boy. Please keep giving my cock." And then in an instant he began to cum. As he did Tammy had managed to pump my cock to the second orgasm of the night and pumped a small amount of cum onto my belly which I quickly scooped up and slurped down. I have long loved to taste my own cum. Mark pulled out of me and collapsed back onto the bed.

Not to be left out, Tammy placed a condom on her cock, which was much bigger than Mark's, and positioned herself in front of me. She then encouraged me to roll over. I did as I was asked and pulled my knees up under and as I did, Tammy slid her cock into my ass. All I can say is that size definitely matters! That extra inch or so and that extra width was exactly what I needed. I could not control myself as Tammy and I got into a rhythm of in and out fucking. Mark just laid there and watched as the gorgeous Tammy plunged in and out of my ass for what felt like an hour. I was in total bliss as Tammy kept pounding on me and I kept grinding into her crotch as hard as I could. Tammy soon began breathing in a way I knew she was ready. She pulled her cock out of me, slipped off the condom and proceeded to jack a full load of cum on my back and ass crack.

Mark finally decided to get back into action and leaned over and licked all of the cum off me and took the time to clean my ass with his tongue. It felt so nice to have his tongue on my anus, his cool breath easing the slight burn from two cocks in me within just a few minutes. It was now my turn to rest and I fell forward and let out a huge sigh of contentment.

When I woke, the sun was just peeking above the horizon. I was across the bottom of the bed and Tammy and Mark were spooned together in the upper part of the bed. Tammy was a mess of dried cum and makeup. I figured I looked the same so I quickly went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I returned I gently shook Tammy from dream land and told her she needed to do the same. As she got up, Mark hardly stirred but I took my first long look at this handsome stud. He was tanned and shaved over most of his body and as I sat there I thought, why not? I got one more condom off the bed stand, stroked myself to a get hard again and laid behind Mark. I slowly began to rub his ass as he came to. He turned to me and gave me a passionate kiss and said, "Please fuck me. I need it so bad." I scooted down and began to lick his rear and made my way to his hole. He positioned himself so I had good access and I began to suck his ass and lick it, occasionally sticking my tongue inside. Once I had him good and wet, I put a finger inside him followed soon by another. He pulled his knees to his chest, still laying on his side and I made my move.

Tammy had returned and got the camera. I saw her out of the corner of my eye as she began to snap photos of Mark and me. As gently as I could, I shoved my cock into Mark's ass as he relaxed and let me in. Tammy was all around the room taking photos from every angle as I began to pick up the pace. I rolled Mark over onto his knees, and giving Tammy a great view of my cock going in and out began to pound on him with all I had. Mark was whimpering and moaning but pushed back at every thrust. I started talking dirty to him. "You want your girlfriend's cum in you don't you. Come on you little man whore, take my fat cock in your ass." He just replied, "Yes. Yes. Fuck my ass sweetheart, cum in my ass." It wasn't much later I had the hardest orgasm of the day. Not much cum, but the feeling of the orgasm was incredibly intense.

Now I was done, and Mark was too. It was about 7:30 AM and we decided to get a quick shower and take Mark back to his car. We kicked Mark out of the room so as not to see the ugly side of us. Tammy and I showered quickly and reworked our faces while Mark showered in the downstairs bath.

Since it was going to be a beautiful day, Tammy and I each dressed in short jean skirts and sandals. I wore a 3/4 length sleeve striped shirt and Tammy chose another printed T shirt and the cardigan I borrowed the night before. Before heading out with Mark, Tammy wanted a few more photos so we all posed with each other and took another 20 pictures or so.

Tammy had to get back so I told Mark I would drive him back to town. As I dropped him off Mark slid me his phone number as I did the same. Mark gave me another long kiss and then reluctantly got out of the car and went on his way. Being by the beach, I could not waste an opportunity to take a walk on such a beautiful day. Besides, you never know who you are going to meet on the boardwalk in Asbury Park.

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