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Michelle is Born--Part II

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Michelle is Born-Part II

I heard from Phil on Sunday night as I was driving back to New Jersey. I could not wait to get back and resume my life as Michelle. After two days my ass was finally getting back to normal from the incredible pounding he gave me. Phil told me he was going to take me for a nice evening out and to dress to kill. I was a little short in the hot evening wear category so I decided it might be time to take Michelle out for a shopping trip.

Monday night after work I got home and instantly began getting ready to go shopping. I went pretty plain so I did not attract much attention but I thought I looked pretty snazzy in my jeans, tank top and sweatshirt! It was still light out when I left for the mall and for real this was the first time I went out before dark and to any major public place dressed as Michelle. Somehow though, I felt very comfortable. I think it was the way Phil treated me. All along Phil treated me like a woman and in some way I think he made me believe when I was Michelle I was a woman.

I made my way to Macy's and found this incredible black dress with a white and black floral printed bolero. As I dashed into the changing room I was greeted by a sales clerk who simply asked if I needed help. I chimed, "No thanks" and went on about my fitting. The dress looked incredible on and really accentuated my features as it fit fairly tightly through the middle and got a bit wider at the hips. I decided a night out required a new set of underwear and bra so I paid for my items without incident and strolled down to Victoria's Secret. I am sure I was made in there as the young girl attendant looked me up and down as I entered. I decided on a nice black merry widow bustier with a matching lace cheeky panty and new black, lace top, thigh high stockings. As I paid for the item the young lady asked me, "Special Date?" I said to her, "Yes, the man of my dreams." Her reply was, "Well he certainly is in for a special treat." I just smiled a demure smile, gave her a knowing head tilt and went on my way.

Tuesday night came so slowly. I got home and quickly began my changing process. I had been practicing for weeks walking in my five inch black and white stiletto pumps and decided I would give them a try tonight. They made my legs and butt look incredible but they were exceedingly difficult to walk in on a slick surface. I got myself made up and even broke out the false eyelashes to improve my night time look. I chose a nice plum colored lipstick and gloss and was ready only minutes before Phil came to the door.

As I opened the door and saw him, I was speechless. And so was he! Phil was looking very handsome as usual with his black pinstriped suit and lovely deep red tie. He had a single pink rose in his hand and as he entered I gave a quick hug. He told me to back up and spin around for him so he could see me. I did not have my shoes on yet so I quickly retrieved them and came back for my fashion show. As I walked toward him I thought his tongue would hit the ground.

I grabbed my clutch purse and out the door we went on our first real date. Phil had ordered a car and the driver was instructed not to tell me where we were going. I knew from the direction we were headed to the city but that was about it. As we pulled into the city I finally realized we were heading to the Chelsea area. We pulled up to a lovely Italian Restaurant. Phil was such a gentleman opening doors for me, helping me with my chair and doing everything just perfectly. I was on cloud nine the entire dinner as Phil made me feel like a princess. He ordered a wonderful Barbera red wine that went perfectly with my Eggplant Parmesan. We finished the dinner with a lovely shared Tiramisu, my favorite desert. To eat that is.

We decided not to call it a night yet and headed to close by club for a few cocktails. Ketel One on the rocks for me. Phil was drinking a nice Scotch straight up. It was bingo night and there was a beautiful drag queen calling out the numbers. We had a ball, no pun intended, and she had us laughing hysterically. It was so fun to be playing around, flirting and stealing the occasional quick kiss. Pretty soon I realized the Ketel One was getting to me and thought maybe I should slow down. Phil ordered us one more round and I drank it down as slowly as I could. I was thankful to have Phil to hold onto as I made my way to the car in my heels. I am sure I was doing the midnight weave.

It was after midnight now on a work night and I had not a care in the world about tomorrow. All I could think about was getting Phil's pretty cock in my hands and mouth again as soon as possible.

The driver let me in first and as I slid in Phil slid in right after me. I wasted no time at all. I ripped off my bolero and spun around on the floor in front of Phil. This time Phil undid his pants as I pulled his tie off. As I did I pulled him to me for one incredibly passionate kiss. The ride home was going to be about an hour so I knew there was no time to waste. I took his cock in both hands and began to pump it while sucking gently on the head of his perfect penis. I could taste his pre-cum and used my tongue to swirl it around before I swallowed it. I guess Phil was pretty drunk to because I was giving him my best stuff for more than 10 minutes. Pretty soon I knew he was getting ready to let loose so I increased my pace and in just a few seconds he started cumming. This time I could not handle all of it and as fast as I could I swallowed but a little began dripping down my cheeks and chin. I guess I shouldn't have done it but I used Phil's shirt to wipe it off. I was ready for more. And this time I wanted it all from Phil. I laid back in the limo and removed my dress showing off my bustier and garter belt I had been hiding all night. The look on Phil's face told me I did it right. I pulled off my panties and kneeled between Phil's legs on the edge of the seat. This put my cock right in front of his chest. Phil knew what I wanted and he would soon oblige.

I dreamed many times of being dressed in a pretty lingerie outfit and having my cock sucked by a guy and it was finally coming true. Phil was an expert with his mouth. I loved the feel of his rough face as he rubbed my cock over it and then sucked it down in one gulp. It did not take me long as I grabbed him by his hair and forced my cock into his mouth. I came harder than ever before and Phil took it all. It was so beautiful and so hot watching him suck and swallow my juice. I collapsed back on the seat and realized we were being watched. In our haste to get our rocks off we forgot to put the privacy screen up. Oops. "Oh well," I said. "Now he knows for sure."

So we quickly put up the screen and laughed for a while as we collected ourselves. I was still ready for more. I reached into my clutch and got a small bottle of lube I had brought with me and handed it to Phil. I turned around and put my ass at his groin and said, "You know what to do now big boy. Get my pussy ready for you."

Phil hurriedly squeezed out some lube and began rubbing it on my anus. I was still a little loose from the last time and he had no trouble getting a few fingers in my ass. I am sure being loose from the Ketel helped too. I suddenly realized I had forgot a condom and asked Phil if he had one. He told me no but assured me he was clean. I told him if I got a disease from him he would not have to worry about it killing him because I would. But nonetheless I told him to fuck me now. As Phil put his cock to my ass and slowly pumped himself in me I soon forgot about the condom and began riding his cock like the little whore I was. I pushed myself up on him and rode him cowgirl style for a while. Then I pulled off of him and turned to face him. I grabbed his dick and in one shot buried it to the hilt in my hot man pussy. I wriggled and writhed on him and looked him in the eye as he said, "Oh fuck baby I am going to cum." He called me baby again! I said to him, "Fill me up daddy. Fill me with your hot cum." I worked him harder and faster and soon I was feeling my first cum in my ass. It was such a strange but delightful feeling. I felt all warm inside and it made me feel so feminine.

I looked out the window and realized we were getting to my home so we hurriedly put ourselves back together and got ready to get out. When we arrived the driver came to my door and opened it. Phil got out first and extended his hand to me. I got out and looked at the driver and asked if he enjoyed the show. He glanced away as to not embarrass me. I took a step toward him reached down and grabbed his crotch and said, "Take it easy on this little guy tonight." I turned, grabbed Phil's arm and walked inside. Phil let me go quickly and left me with a long hug and kiss goodbye. He patted my rear gently and said to me, "Take care."

Take care? What did that mean? Well what it meant was I would not see Phil again. I emailed and called and have not been able to get through. I must admit though, I will likely never meet anyone as sweet as him and the next guy has a lot to live up to. Of course, I might just go whore for a while now that I know how to act like a lady...

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