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Meeting the Neighbors Part 4

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Meeting the Neighbors Part 4

Well the time was more like 2 pm not 3 pm. My memory isn't so good on time. Anyway we just hung out and talked. Although I wanted to do Ava I also needed to rejuvenate! Around 2 Sherri asked Marie if she wanted her to prep her to have her ass fucked by me, Jake? She said sure. Sherri described what needed to be done and Marie said OK. Ava said can you get me ready too? I've never had a cock in my backside before and would like to experience it. Marie said, I get Jake's cock first though! Well they laughed and headed inside.

About 2:15 my cell phone rang and it was Josh, Marie's brother. He asked what we were up to and if he could come over sometime. I said sure, Sherri was getting Marie ready for me to do her in her ass and that our other neighbor, Mrs. Martinez, or Ava, had also come over and joined us for some nice fun earlier and she was being prepped by Sherri too. Josh says sounds great but sounds like 3 ladies and 2 guys and should he bring a friend. I said my guess is that Sherri is lining a guy or 2 up also but sure if he had a friend that was discrete why not. He then asked, now Mrs. Martinez is the widow next door to you right? I said yes. He then went on to tell me that a couple weeks ago one of his friends, Ken, from school had started dating Ava's granddaughter, Angela, who is Marie's age. They went to a house party together last weekend near school (she is an incoming freshman and his friend is a senior) and they hung out till everyone but the host left and the three of them banged her the whole night. Josh then asked do you want me to call them and see if she wants to come along and surprise her Grandmother just for grins. I said, well sounds a little dicey but also very erotic. Does she know where you live? He said yes, that soon after his friend started dating Angela they had figured out that her Grandmother lived practically next door. I told him to let them know you were invited to a pool party by your neighbors directly behind you and next to her Grandmother's and that they were welcome to come with him but that we are wild and never wear clothes and are hardcore swingers and that her Grandmother would be there too. Best to be up front on that. And tell them that their limits will be honored but almost anything goes sexually, including bi-sex. He said he would call back shortly. In 5 minutes he said they were up for it and that Angela thought it was great that her Grandmother was having fun with the neighbors! I told him the ladies will be till 3:30 getting prepped so how about coming between 3:30 and 4? He said he would call them again and let them know. He called back shortly and said see you at 3:30! I said looking forward to it!

I then went inside and found Ava and Marie bent over the tub in our bathroom and Sherri was filling both with enemas. I said looks hot in here! Sherri said round one on everyone is done, including me just to be safe! I went over to the ladies and patted them on their asses. Ava said what do you think of my new look? I reached down and slid my hand between her thighs and said what a nice smooth pussy you have! She smiled and Sherri said Marie and I told her she needed to be clean shaven and that a hairy pussy just isn't in anymore! I said well it feels and looks great! I then told them that Josh called and was going to bring one of his friends, Ken over if that was OK. Marie said, Ken is hot and I've dreamed about having him fuck me so absolutely yes. Ava said her Granddaughter was dating a guy named Ken and that he knew Josh is that the same Ken? I lied and said I'm not sure do you want me to check? Ava said no, if it is, it will be a great way to get to know him and that she agreed with Marie that he was really nice looking! Marie said well Josh only has one close friend by the name of Ken so it has to be the same guy! I said cool, this should be a fun evening! As I was talking to them both Sherri was checking their enema bags and when they were empty she pulled them out and told them they had to hold it in again for 20 minutes. I moved behind Ava and said well just enough time to slide my cock in you while we wait, seeing as I didn't get to fuck you earlier. Ava said sounds good but you may have to stop when I get close because I don't think I can cum and hold all this water in at the same time. I slipped in and played with her tits and reached over to play with Marie's pussy and told Ava I would only go for a little bit but I really wanted to feel her pussy. Sherri cleaned the enema tips and then filled herself up with Marie's help. After a few minutes I could tell Ava was having a tough time holding things in and getting fucked so I pulled out and kissed her ass. Sherri asked me to do her when she was filled up. She has a lot of experience at this and so we went to the bedroom and she bent over the bed and Marie and Ava hung out in the bathroom mainly because they were worried about not being able to hold things. As I slipped into Sherri, she whispered she had called Paul and he and his friend Juan, who she had fucked a few times, were going to join us too. I then whispered that Ava's granddaughter Angela was also coming with Ken and she was up for surprising Ava! So it looked like more men than ladies so it should work out good to do a little DP with someone. Sherri said 5 guys and 4 ladies is not enough guys - you won't be able to keep up with us she joked. I said well make some calls! As I fucked her she got on her cell and called Tony from the gym and he was all for it. She said to come over between 3:30 and 4:00. She said 6 to four should be good! I think 8 would be too many. By now I'm about ready to cum and let her know and she said, no pull out and hold it back, you need to be juiced up for tonight and I need you to get snacks and drinks ready before everyone shows up! So I pulled out and she kissed my cock head and told my cock if it's a good boy he could fuck a lot of pussy and ass later! Of course I was going to be a good boy!

So I went to the kitchen and pulled stuff out for snacks and good thing the beer and wine situation was good what with all the folks that were coming over. Sherri went and finished getting Ava and Marie ready and about 3:15 they all came out to the kitchen. I asked how they all felt and Marie said very clean! I feel 10 pounds lighter. I joked good because by the end of the evening that's about how much cock is going to be fed into that ass of yours! And a few ounces of cum Ava volunteered! She came over and hugged me and said I'm so excited! I've never been quite this naughty before! My husband and I played with one of his friends a few times many years ago but that was it - just experimented briefly but with kids we didn't feel safe doing much more. Then he moved away and we never looked for someone else and frankly never knew how to approach anyone. Sherri said that's what the internet was invented for! Marie needs to get you up to speed on computers it sounds like. Marie said she would be happy to but that it sounded like her and Jake knew more about using the internet to find folks for sex! I said I know a few sites!

Paul and Juan arrived first and let themselves in. I introduced them to Ava and Marie and they wasted no time stripping in our bedroom and coming back out. Juan had a nice uncut cock. Hard to tell how big but he was already semi-hard and at least 6 inches and pretty thick. We had drinks and Tony arrived next. Introductions were made and he stripped and came out to the now crowded kitchen and opened a beer. Everyone now was fondling each other and not a cock was semi-hard anymore! Josh, Ken and Angela arrived and Ava laughed hi Angela - I got the feeling Jake was lying when he said he didn't know if you knew Ken was coming over! Angela hugged her naked Grandmother and said Mama - you are beautiful! And look at your pussy - I wouldn't have thought you would have it shaved. Well two hours ago it wasn't shaved she answered back! Sherri and Marie shaved and waxed me! Now you three go get naked so we can start having some fun! They were back in a flash and man was Angela hot looking. She had slim hips, a nice slit pussy and big bouncy tits, about 38 DD or so. She was definitely well endowed. Ava said, my you are pretty Angela - you look just like your Mom - nice large breasts! I said I'd love to meet your daughter up close and personal some time. Ava and Angela looked at each other and grinned and Angela said, well knowing my Mom that probably won't be hard to arrange! My cock got a little harder with that! Well, we needed someone to get things moving along so I volunteered that I get Marie's ass first since that was pre-planned. Tony came up to Marie and I and said can I have her pussy while you have her ass! She said sounds perfect. I suggested straws again to pick how to divide everyone up if they want but they all said, no we think we will figure things out. Ava went up to Juan and grabbed his cock and said I see what I want and took him to one of the spare bedrooms, Sherri picked Josh and Ken saying she wanted good hard, young cocks and they went outside to the pool, while Angela took Paul and said I want an experienced guy to use me and they went to the other spare bedroom. I passed each a tube of lube and off everyone went! We took the master bedroom.

Tony and I laid Marie on the bed and Tony got between her legs and started licking her pussy. I licked and played with her tits and kissed her while Tony got her going with his tongue and fingers. He commented the whole time what a perfect pussy and ass she had. He said I wish I could tap that ass of yours first but it is Jake's house. I said damn right and she has a virgin ass too don't you Marie? She moaned yes but not for much longer. She told me to come up so she could suck my cock and Tony moved up and slid his cock into her. He would go hard then slow and rotate his cock around in her and soon she was cumming. She had him stop and said I want Jake in my ass now. So I directed Tony to lay on his back and I had Marie face him and mount his cock. I lubed my cock and I said how do you want it. She said just like Sherri got it earlier from Al. I want to be treated rough and like a slut. I leaned over her and whispered in her ear are you sure, all the while lining my cock up to her ass. She said yes and I leaned back up and rubbed her rosebud and said are you sure because this could hurt? She moaned do it. I rubbed my cock head on her hole a couple more times teasing her and she put her head down on Tony's chest as he held his cock still. I then rammed in full force. She gasped and yelled Oh my God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! God damn! she was practically crying and I started moving my cock back out slowly and slammed back in again - I knew she wanted to be treated like a slut and said loud shut the fuck up whore. Tony started slamming up into her and he grabbed her tits hard and said yeah slut, take our cocks and shut the fuck up. She got her breath in a few minutes and started to moan and we proceeded to fuck the shit out of her ass and pussy. Now normally I'm not rough but Tony was really into it. He reached back while I was stroking her ass and slapped both cheeks a couple times turning them red. I then said to Tony, did you know Marie gets fucked by her Daddy and brother. He said yes he did and that she looks like she was trained well to be a cunt by her parents and brother. She started moaning and cumming like crazy, never saying a word after her initial outburst. We fucked her holes for quite a while with her moaning fuck me hard - give my ass your cum. I slammed into her one last time on and emptied spurt after spurt of cum into her virgin ass. As I finished Tony said my turn and started pushing us both off of him. Marie was on her back and I stood by the side of the bed and Tony pulled her to the edge. I got back on the bed and dangled my cock in Marie's face and she took my cock into her mouth to clean me off. At the same time I pulled her legs up by her knees and Tony positioned his cock at her ass and shoved in. She gasped again and releasd my cock from her mouth and said Oh Shit - Oh Shit. I said shut up and shoved my cock back into her mouth. Tony rammed her ass and said man your ass is tight and I can feel Jake's cum on my cock. I'm going to give you a big load of cum right up that ass of yours and after a few more deep, hard strokes he emptied his first spurt deep in her backside and then he pulled out and shot two jets on her stomach and then rammed his cock back in her ass for the last few. He pulled out and took his cock and rubbed it in his cum and moved up and I backed away and he fed her his cum covered cock to clean. When she had cleaned it up he moved back down and had her lean up so our cum could come out of her ass. He told her push it out slut. He held his hand under her ass and it came out in a big splurt. He said that's good you slut, and took his hand and pulled her head down by her hair and said eat our cum. She licked his hand clean and his cock was still hard. Mine wasn't fully hard but I was really getting into Tony dominating Marie. He told her lie on your stomach slut. She did as she was told and he opened her legs a bit, climbed back on and pushed his cock back into her ass for a second round. He leaned over her and said I'm not done using your ass you bitch and he pulled her head back by her hair. He held her like this for a few seconds and said suck Jake's cock you whore. I moved back onto the bed and positioned myself so when Tony let her head down she went right onto my cock. Now earlier she had given me a nice relaxed BJ but this time it was more a face fucking. Tony shoved her head all the way down on my cock and made her gag then let her up. Then he repeated this three times all the while ramming her ass. She was about out of breath and he let her go. He had her hands pinned so she couldn't hold my cock she could only piston up and down on it. I said I'm going to move to the side so you can use her ass better and got up. She was a bit relieved and he had her get on her hands and knees to fuck her. I decided to slide under her and she moved down to suck my cock and I started licking her clit as best I could as Tony ripped her ass. Tony said play with my balls and I started to fondle him. He said man you both are sluts and he told me to lick his shaft. He slowed down on his ass pounding and I licked from his balls up his shaft to his head that was just barely out of Marie's ass now. I moved to her clit and licked her clit while he pumped her ass at a much slower pace. She now started to moan I'm going to cum and started to shake like crazy. Tony pushed his cock all the way in while she came and said man your ass is a vise on my cock keep cumming slut. He just held his cock in her and he then moaned here it cums as her ass milked his cock of its second load. She had my cock in her mouth and was just holding it, not moving just cumming in waves. Tony backed out and his cum flowed right out of her ass and into my mouth. He left his cock on her pussy so I could lick him clean and then he moved out and I licked her pussy to her ass. He said I'm going to go to the kitchen and see who else is ready. He moved up and whispered in her ear, but loud enough for me to hear, I hope you liked that - next time I'll go easier on you. She pulled up and said I loved it rough - you can fuck me hard anytime, you don't need to be easy on me. I'll tell you if it's over the top. He said - you are a great fuck. A real slut and kissed her before walking out. I moved out from under her and laid next to her back and slipped my cock into her pussy. She said this is really fun - I absolutely loved being used like that. I squeezed her nipples hard and she moaned fuck that feels good as I pulled out of her pussy and rammed into her ass. Oh fuck, oh fuck she moaned and then I went back to her pussy. I stroked a couple more times then pulled out, rotated her onto her back and onto me and shot five bursts of cum on her stomach. After I finished I had moved from under her but told her to stay on her back. I moved so she could lick my cock and I licked my own cum off her pussy and stomach. When I finished I rotated around and faced her and said you were great! She said lets go get a beer! I said absolutely - I'm dying of thirst.

She went to use the bathroom and I got her a beer. We went out to the pool and got in to clean up a bit. Sherri was sandwiched between Josh and Ken on a lounge chair pad that they had moved to the pool deck. Sherri was moaning like crazy as Josh was doing her ass and Ken her pussy. I asked how are you all doing and Ken stammered, really, really great. He was having difficulties trying to hold back. Josh said Sherri's ass is so fucking tight. Marie got out of the pool and squatted over Ken's face and said why don't you lick me and get me wet so you can fuck me next? He didn't really have a choice in the matter but he didn't mind either! Josh stiffened up and said I'm cumming and proceeded to fill Sherri's ass with cum. He moved away and sat in a lounge chair to watch and recover and I reached up and slipped a finger into her ass and fondled Ken's balls. Ken went over the top moaning into Marie's pussy. Once he finished Sherri move off of him and took me by my hand and we went into the pool. She whispered, mainly because she was out of breath, 3 loads in my ass, two in my pussy and one from Ken to start in my mouth! I said one in Maries ass and pussy for me and Tony twice in Marie's ass. Sherri said as Marie mounted Ken's still hard cock, we heard you out hear - she likes it rough. Yes she does! Quite the little slut! Josh couldn't watch for long and was soon lining his cock up to his sisters ass. Ken and Josh got a rhythm going and they didn't last 10 minutes before cumming in Marie. I got up and asked if they wanted a beer and they all said yes. I went in with Sherri and I brought them out along with some snacks. Sherri and I went back in to see how the others were doing. Ava and Angel were in the same room with the other guys with Tony in Ava's ass doing her on her hands and knees but easy not rough. Angela was riding Paul's cock in her pussy and Juan was getting his cock sucked standing above on the bed. We watched for a few minutes and decided to go back outside although I really wanted to fuck Ava and Angela. Sherri said you'll have plenty of time later.

Josh and Ken were already semi-hard again and wanted to use Marie and Sherri alone. I said it's cool with me, I like to watch and want to recharge so I can fuck Ava and Angela once the other guys are done with them. Josh took Sherri to the pool and put more lube on her ass and pushed into her from behind. She said you just can't get enough of my ass can you and he moaned no its so tight I just want to keep it in you - your ass is even tighter than Marie's. She said that's because I know how to control it and I'm sure she is just enjoying the onslaught of cock in hers right now. Now Ken had Marie on a lounge chair and they were doing 69 with her on the bottom. Marie got off quick from Ken's tongue and she asked him to fuck her ass some more. He pushed her legs back and slipped in and got a nice pattern of deep then the a few quick short strokes all the while playing with her clit and sliding fingers into her pussy. She was cumming again and again. Meanwhile, Josh started practically pulling out then going in all the way and Sherri was stroking his balls from underneath. Josh stiffened again and came in her ass. He held his cock in her while she stroked his balls and she smiled at me with that smile a woman gets when she knows she has really pleased a guy. Ken was next and he collapsed onto Marie and hugged and kissed her while slowly pumping his cock into Marie's well used ass. They all got up and went into the pool again and I joined them.

About this time the others came out to the kitchen and got drinks and snacks and came out and joined us. Ava and Angela held hands and Ava said I have never been fucked so much is so short a time! Angela said, I didn't let the guys fuck my ass but they made up for it on my Mama! The guys were all smiling and said this has to be the best fuck party you two have had. I said, well speaking for myself it's not over yet I hope! I still want to fuck Ava and Angela! The guy's said, well since you are the host why don't you spend some quality time with them when they are ready for you! I said what pals! Ava and Angela came and sat next to me by the pool and I proceeded to finger fuck both of them as they kissed my neck and face and stroked my cock and balls. Sherri and Marie were also getting attention and I asked Ava and Angela if they were ready to go again!

They got up and we went into the master bedroom. Now I'm not sure how 5 guys were going to work on two ladies but I sure knew how I was going to share Ava and Angela! And that will be another story!

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