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Meeting the Neighbors Part 2

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Meeting the Neighbors Part 2

After Paul left our little party kind of came to an end. Tom and Kathleen had to go out with other friends so Sherri and I decided to clean up and head out to dinner. Since we weren't really sure if Josh and Marie would actually come over we decided to call a couple we enjoyed playing with and invited them over for the evening. Now most folks that are into swinging generally make plans but we lucked out and Al and Suzy didn't have any. They said they would be over around 8 or so. Sherri put on a silk robe and I put on shorts and a t-shirt and I went out back and got the hot tub open and ready for Al and Suzy. About 5 till 8, we got a call and it was Marie asking if she could come over and play - her brother Josh decided to hang out with friends. I mentioned about our other friends coming over and if she was OK with it she was more than welcome to come over. Well she was in our house 5 minutes later.

Marie was wearing a short, strapless sundress, and as I quickly found out, nothing else. I greeted her at the door and gave her a big hug and said welcome to our home and in the process decided to slide my hand up her thigh and right between her cheeks. I slid a finger up and into her pussy and she laughed my you are not shy are you! No I'm not, especially with a beautiful young woman who knows she is going to be well fucked soon! I let her out of my horny bear hug and we wandered into the kitchen where Sherri was putting some snacks together. I offered to make Margaritas and Marie and Sherri both said that sounds great (I make real ones not from a mix - 2 parts tequila, 1 part triple sec and one part lime juice - and they will knock you on your ass! I decided to make a pitcher of them). While I made the Margaritas, Sherri and Marie started talking and Sherri asked Marie what she liked to do the most sexually. She said she really likes to have her pussy licked. Sherri asked from guy's only or both ladies and men? She said, well it's been pretty much just guys and mainly just her Dad and brother but also a couple boyfriends. No girl friends so far mainly because she and her brother don't date much because they didn't want to ruin things if others didn't like their family situation. Sherri told her she would love to lick her pussy and I know Jake will too which I said absolutely. I believe in giving a woman what she wants and I love licking a woman's pussy, any time, particularly if she's had load of cum from a guy or two first. Marie asked so are you bi? I said yes I am and as you have figured out so is Sherri - it just makes an evening more entertaining if there are no boundaries. Sherri also mentioned that the friends who were coming over are completely discrete and her family secret will be safe. Marie thanked Sherri for that and said she was a little nervous/excited about the prospect of playing with other people. I said we are looking forward to playing with you!

About then Al and Suzy arrived and they let themselves in and the party was about to begin. Al is about 10 years younger than Sherri and I at 35 while Suzy was 29. Al is about 6' 2", in great shape and a nice 8 inch cut cock. Suzy is 5' 8" (my height) with nice 36C breasts, a shaved pussy and nice butterfly lips that just want to be free and played with. She loves having her clit fingered as well as being licked but she really gets off quick if her clit is played with hard. Al likes everything and is bi-oral like me. Al's stares left nothing to the imagination on what he wanted to do with Marie! Al was wearing short pants and a polo shirt and flip-flops and Suzy had on a tube-top and short-shorts and fuck-me pumps. She really likes keeping her shoes on too while she is fucked and tonight was looking that way. As I gave Suzy a hug I mentioned, so it looks like from your shoes that you want fucked first then go for a dip in the hot tub? She offered, now how did you guess that big boy as she stroked my crotch through my shorts (did I ever mention that I'm about 8", cut, and average thickness?) Al in the mean time also gave Sherri a nice hug and reached into her robe and stroked her pussy and gave her a kiss before heading to Marie who got up and offered Al a kiss while he reached down and lifted the front of her dress and slid a finger into her pussy.

About this time my cell phone rang and it was Paul wondering if he could come over? I said absolutely - you'll balance things out since Al, Suzy and Marie were here! He said he would be over shortly and to not wait for him. I said jokingly, have we ever waited for you? I hung up and mentioned Paul was heading over too and poured drinks and we actually waited for Paul to arrive while we downed our first stiff drinks of the evening. While we drank we also began to play with each other. I got out straws and cut 3 sets of different lengths. I waited till Paul arrived and he said he didn't want a drink so I told all the guys to pick a straw and then the ladies. The rule was you couldn't match up with your wife first time but as it worked out Al and Marie matched up, Suzy and I and Paul and Sherri. I said, first fuck of the night is separate rooms so pick one and come back here in an hour!

Suzy and I headed to a spare bedroom while Sherri and Paul went to the master bedroom and Al and Marie went to the family room. Now I absolutely love playing with Suzy. She loves pretty much everything and I wasted no time sliding her shorts off and moving her tube top down so I could suck on her nice eraser like nipples. I also slid my shorts off and pulled my t-shirt off and while I licked her nipples I stroked her clit the way she likes. We laid on the bed and she stroked my cock while I played with her tits and pussy till she came hard. Then I swung around so she was on the bottom and I proceeded to lick and play with her pussy while she sucked on my cock. She is really good at deep throating and sucked almost all the way to the base of my cock. She would do that a couple of times then lick my bare balls which drives me nuts. I love having my sack licked (not sucked) while being stroked. She likes having her clit tongued hard and having fingers worked into her pussy and ass. Soon she was cumming and I moved around and slid into her. I was kneeling and pulled her legs up so I could hold her shoes while pounding her pussy. She was moaning and telling me I love your cock in my pussy. I told her I love these pumps you have on which got a nice smile from her and she then said fuck my ass. I grabbed lube from the table and flipped her over onto her stomach. I moved over her and rubbed my cock on her ass while spreading her open and slipping into her really tight ass. I fucked her in this position for a couple minutes then had her get on her hands and knees, all the while with my cock still buried in her asshole. I lifted her feet and held her pumps and started pounding her ass. She moaned I feel like such a slut when you fuck me. I said that's because you are a slut, an ass whore slut. She gets off being called a slut and I kept telling her what a great ass fuck she is. She just moaned and started cumming and in a minute I unloaded deep into her bowels. I pushed her down and kept my cock in her ass as I reached under her and started stroking her clit till she started to cum uncontrollably. All the while I whispered in her right ear she was the best ass fucking whore I've ever had and how did she like getting her ass ploughed. She moaned I love being your ass whore. As she came down I moved off of her and told her to flip over. I opened up the spare bedroom dresser and pulled out a pair of crotchless panties and had her put them on. I went into the kitchen and came back with my wallet and pulled out two twenties and slid them onto either side of her panties and said, see now you are my ass fucking whore. She laughed and opened her legs wide and told me how about licking me some more. I dove back in and licked her clit and pussy and in a few minutes was hard again. I slid back up and into her and we did it missionary for a while and I licked her tits while she ran her hands over my back and through my hair. I was fucking her good and she started to cum again and about that time an hour was up. I pulled out and said I'll give you some more good fucking later in the evening. We got up and headed back to the kitchen with Suzy leading me by my cock which was still nice and hard.

Sherri and Paul were already in the kitchen getting a glass of water and Sherri asked what's with the panty's and 20's? Suzy said I'm Jake's ass fucking whore, can't you tell? Sherri and Paul laughed and Paul said I didn't think it was Halloween yet but I think I have a couple 20's if you'll be my whore too? Sherri joked I thought I was your whore and he joked back you can't be my whore if you don't charge me! Suzy said, well let's go so you can put me to work and off they went to the spare bedroom! Al and Marie came into the kitchen about that time and Marie came up to me and said, so you like to lick cum filled pussy right? I said absolutely! Well let's go to your bedroom so you can start licking, I have two loads of cum from Al that needed licked up! I winked at Sherri and said, Al I hope you left some cum for my bride? He said I have plenty more for Sherri, but I see she has some already as her as he began fingering Sherri's pussy full of cum! Sherri said maybe you can balance things out with a load in my ass. Sherri proceeded to sit on the bar stool and invited Al to use her ass in one of her favorite positions. I opened the cabinet at the end of the bar and pulled out the lube we keep in the kitchen and passed it to Sherri. Marie and I stood next to Sherri's left and I was pressed against Marie with one hand rubbing her clit while the other was playing with her tits and my hard cock pressed between her ass cheeks as Sherri stood on the barstool leg rails to allow Al the right angle at her ass and reached over to the other side of the bar to position herself for what was about to happen. She reached a hand behind her and rubbed lube on his cock head and in one swift shove he buried his cock to the hilt in her ass. Sherri's eyes went wide and she opened her mouth and gasped Oh fuck that feels great. Al pulled back and shoved in hard again. Marie said I need my pussy licked and we turned and headed to the master bedroom as Sherri and Al got a rhythm going on Sherri's ass.

I had been looking forward to fucking Marie all day since I saw her brother fucking her outside earlier. But first I had her lay on her back and pull her legs back so I could lick her bare pussy clean of Al's cum. Most of his cum had run out of her pussy already and I noticed a few drops on the tile going from the family room to the dining room ( our bedroom was off the dining room). Marie didn't take long to cum as I licked her clit and fingered her pussy. She has a nice set of lips and a small clit but was very sensitive to having it flicked with the tip of my tongue. I cleaned her pussy to her ass and she moaned constantly as I enjoyed playing with her 19 year old pussy. I finally moved up and pulled her to the edge of the bed and while standing I began licking her tits and slid my cock into her tight pussy. We enjoyed this position for a while and I then had her get on her hands and knees and began pounding her hard from behind. I started playing with her ass and asked if she liked being fucked in the ass. She said she hadn't ever tried it before and thought maybe she would wait till another day since she hadn't prepared herself. I still played and in a few minutes I slipped a finger into her as I fucked her. She moaned how good it felt and started to cum hard. She collapsed forward on the bed and I rode her down. I pumped her from behind and whispered in her ear what a nice tight pussy she had. She continued to cum and she asked if I was good as the other women I've had and I said your pussy is perfect and no one has a better and tighter pussy than hers and I then let her know I was going to fill her with my cum as I tensed up and shoved my cock in as far as it could go into her. I held it and let it pulse its load of sticky goo into her. I rolled off of her and she moved down and started licking and sucking my cock clean. She was great at sucking cock too and loved licking my balls. I moved her around into 69 and started licking my cum from her as she cleaned my cock. My cock was hard again and she flipped around and started riding me while I played with her tits and clit from the front. We could hear the other fucking in the other rooms which only added to the excitement. She then pivoted on my cock and presented her puckered asshole to me and I slid my right index finger into her and began to finger fuck her ass as she rode me. She was soon cumming again and as she started to cum she turned back around and collapsed onto my chest, her tits pressed firmly into me. I pumped up into her for a few minutes as she was nearly a rag doll. I was rock hard and flipped her onto her back and pushed her legs back and just pounded her for all I was worth. She was cumming like crazy and finally I came in her again, this time pumping with each spurt into her. I slowed up and collapsed next to her. She rolled onto me and gave me a nice kiss and said this has been the greatest night. I said she still had Paul to fuck and Sherri I was sure wanted to lick her pussy too. She said this is so awesome. I said well we should head back and I don't know about you but I need to use the bathroom too. She said so did she and I let her go first and went to fix her a drink. Sherri and Al were not in the kitchen and I peaked in the spare bedroom and saw Paul and Suzy going at it with Paul doing Suzy doggie style. I then went and peaked out back and Sherri and Al had gone into the hot tub. Marie came out and I mentioned that Sherri and Al were in the hot tub and she thought that would be nice. So Marie and I headed out. Sherri was riding Al in the hot tub and as we got in they kept right at it. Marie's hand found it's way to Al's cock and mine to Sherri's clit and in a couple minutes both were cumming. Sherri moved off of Al and he said man my cock is getting sore! Marie said let me see and he pushed his softening cock out of the water and she asked tell me if this makes it feel better as she started to suck on his cock. He said most definitely. I moved Sherri against me and asked if she wanted to leave these two while we headed back in for some fun of our own. She said sure and as we were heading in Paul and Suzy headed out to the hot tub. I wanted to hear what Sherri had been up to so we headed to our bedroom. Well I started fucking her as she proceeded to fill me in on her fun (another story sometime) and after I came in her we passed out. I woke up first and started making coffee and looked around and found Al and Marie sleeping together in one spare bedroom and Paul with Suzy. Later when everyone got up we found out after playing in the hot tub the four of them fucked for about an hour in one of the bedrooms before splitting up and fucking individually till late in the night/morning. All in all it was the beginning of a great friendship with our neighbors. Later that morning Josh came over and got entertained by Suzy and Sherri.

I'll provide more later - enough for now!

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