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Me and Tom

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Tom was the guy that was apart of the bi couple that we met and played with when they came to town and got a hotel room.

Tom called one day told me that he needed to talk and asked if he could drive down. Well as the wife and kids were at a show, I told him that we could meet him for a beer if that would help. He said that he was going to get a room and bring some beer. Well about an hour later, I got a message that he was in Rm 304 at one of the local hotels. I drove to meet him and he told me that he'd had a fight with Cathy, and she threatened to leave him if he didn't do what she wanted all the time. She was turning into a dominate type woman and making him into her sex slave. He told me that she'd even taken him to get a tatoo of the letters SUB on it.

I told him that I didn't believe it as she didn't seem the type that would MAKE him do anything that he didn't want to. So he pulled his pants down and showed me the letters. They were tatooed just below his waist line centered above his cock. With that he lowered his head into my lap and started to wimper.

Not sure what to do, I just patted his head telling him that it would be alright. Things would be better in the long run. With that he said that he agreed, but for now, could he just enjoy the moment. I told him that was fine with me, and he unzipped my pants and started to fish mycock out. He started to suck on it slow at first, but then the harder I got, the harder he sucked me. I exploded into his mouth, sending a big load down into throat.

He laid me back onto the bed and pulled my shorts off. He then took his pants off and laid next to me. He asked if I wanted a beer as that was part of the reason why he'd asked me there, and I said yes. We talked some more, before he started playing with my cock again. This time, he started to finger my ass. I asked him if he brought any lube, and he got off the bed so fast and grabbed a bag that he'd brought. Tom brought out the lube with a HUGE butt plug. He lubed it up and then started to lube me. I told him that I couldn't take that huge of a toy in my ass, and he said that it wasn't for me, but for him. With that he placed the plug on a chair, and lowered his ass onto it. As he was taken that plug into his ass, it almost appeared that his cock was thickening and growing in length as he took that plug in his ass.

Now before Tom got the plug inside him, Tom was about 7.5" long and not very thick compared to me. As the plug went into him, it actually appeard that Tom grew an inch and in thickness. Tom moaned after getting it inside him and then walked over to me. Tom told me that Cathy made him get used to the plug and that was the only way he could cum any more. I told him that I'd never be able to take that in my ass, the toy I meant. That is when Tom asked if he could fuck me now. I nodded my head and he lifted my legs up, lubed his cock more and pressed into me. This time, with they toy in him, he was feeling bigger than last time and slowly worked himself into me.

Once he got all the way into me, he started to fuck me nice and first. But then he pulled out and flipped me over on all 4's. He reentered me quickly, going in deep with one thrust. Then what Tom did next was strange, he started calling me Cathy. Telling me that HE wasn't no sub...ramming his cock into me harder and harder...asking me how he liked my cock in her pussy. I finally got his attention just as he unloaded in my ass. Tom started to appologize quickly for doing that to me. He pulled out the plug and threw it into the trash can.

I now was hard as a rock and told him that I needed to fuck, and he bent over the bed and told me to do what I needed to his ass, that he desirved it. Well, I started slow despite the fact taht he wasn't tight at all. Then I finally picked up speed unloading into his ass. I pulled out and cleaned up. I told him that I needed to go, but he should stay the night in the room just to try and prove that he wasn't her sub, just yet. I also pulled out the plug from the trash can and gave it a good look.

I asked him how the hell he got this into his ass, and he asked if i'd like to quickly find out. I told him that I'd try, but doubt if it would go in. He lubed it up and told me to slowly set down on it. As he did, he got on his knees to help guide it into me. He then started to suck on my cock. That distracted me as the plug started going in more then with just over half in me, he gently pushed me all the way down sucking eh life out of my cock. Just like his cock did, my cock seemed to grow about an inch longer and got thicker than ever.

I yelled at him, calling him an ass. He knew that I wasn't ready for that and he made me take that huge thing in me anyway. But it did get me harder and I pushed him back onto the bed and fucked him hard and fast. I never came, but fucked him hard...I never lubed him but as he still had my cum in him from before and he was stretched open, he didn't need it.

I took the plug out and thanked him for letting me fuck him again. Then his phone rang and it was Cathy. I answered it and told him that she had to SHARE the sub with me. After what he had done to me, I couldn't let him get away with anything. Then I heard her laughing in the background. I asked her what was so funny and she told me that the SUB was a temp tattoo, but the rest of what he'd done to me and I'd done to him was what he'd hoped that we could do and have done to him. She told me that it was HIS idea to go to that sized plug and that he bought a bigger "cock" for her to use on him.

With that, there was a knock on the door. Cathy walked in and asked if I had time for her....

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