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Master Shares His Pet

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She was nervous and excited, entering the bar with her Master, wearing the clothes He picked, preparing for the evening He planned. The evening ahead promised to be one of the most sexually satisfying of her life and, as she enjoyed her cocktail, she thought about the day's preparations.

She had lounged in the pool, naked, tanning, and reading erotica as requested by Master. She was aroused and desperately wanted to ease the sweet tension but had been instructed not to do that by Master. She trusted him, knew that he was slowly building the sexual tension that would culminate that evening. She left the pool and went to shower and prepare. After eating a light meal he'd thoughtfully left for her, she stepped in the shower and shampooed her long blonde hair, soaped herself using her favorite scented shower gel, her hands lingering on her breasts and thighs, longing for release. She dried herself, slathered on scented lotion, luxuriating in how soft her skin felt under her hands, showing a slight glow from her sunbath earlier. She carefully applied her makeup, dried and styled her hair and went to the bedroom to dress. He had laid out her clothing for her, dressing her for his pleasure. She pulled on the stockings first, surprised at this choice. He normally preferred her bare legged, so he could touch her thighs with no clothing impediment. Instead of panties and bra, she found nipple clamps connected by a silver chain, and a clip that fit over her labia. The pussy clip caused her clit to protrude and resulted in her being stimulated if she brushed her thighs together in just the right manner. Next came the short skirt, barely covering the tops of the thigh high stockings, and a sheer blouse. She found herself wishing for panties, at least, to help absorb the juices that continued to slide down her thighs. After slipping on her spike heels, she grabbed her purse and went in search of Master. She found him waiting, holding drinks for them both. She appreciated the care he took in seeing to all her needs.

As she stood there in the bar, lost in thought, she noticed a man in the bar staring at her. She was sure he could see through the sheer blouse to her nipples showing underneath. Wondering if he could discern the nipple clamps, she stood up a little straighter, looking beyond him so he wouldn't realize she had noticed his scrutiny. As she chatted with Master she found reasons to turn so the man could see the outline of her breasts through the sheer fabric. She idly toyed with the top button, unobtrusively releasing it, nonchalantly spreading the opening for his viewing pleasure. Master watched her with a small smile, knowing she was getting more aroused by the subtle teasing of the stranger. She was proud of her ability to arouse any man she chose to target. She knew Master enjoyed watching her naughtiness and made sure he had a clear view of both her body and her admirer. She felt his hand on her lower back, gently rubbing lower and lower until his fingers brushed the hem, raising it slightly, just so that the tops of her stockings and the edge of her buttocks were visible to anyone watching. Normally this kind of activity would make her feel shy and embarassed, but between the erotica she had read, the alcohol and the anticipation of the evening to come, she was feeling bold and desireable. The feel of his fingertips, lightly stroking and teasing her butt was driving her wild. Every now and then she felt one finger slyly slide between her cheeks and tickle her asshole lightly. Master knew what aroused his bitch, and he was merciless in his teasing. She and Master stayed at the bar long enough to enjoy a couple of cocktails and the attention of most of the men in the room. She wondered, as they walked out, if the men noticed the sheen of moisture glistening on the insides of the tops of her stockings, for her pussy had been producing copious amounts of lubrication at her Master's teasing fingers.

They left the bar, much to the regret of the men who had been enjoying the show she put on. Master knew his pet was riding an attention high that would give her the courage to enter the next phase of the evening. It was just a short drive to the hotel, and in the elevator, He took the items from his bag he would require to start the evening: a blindfold, wrist restraints, collar and leash. He told her to remove her blouse, and when she hesitated, he sternly barked "Now!" Startled, she quickly removed the blouse and held out her hands to receive the restraints. In quick order he fastened her collar, removing the nipple clamps and running the chain through the D-ring on the collar before reattaching them to her erect nipples. The wrist restraints were attached to one another, after securing her blindfold he attached the leash to the wrist restraints. He had considered making her dress in this sexual attire in the car but was afraid her embarassment at being led through the lobby looking like that would diminish the sexual tension he had so carefully built. As he led her down the hallway, she worried that someone would see her, bare breasted, and was relieved when she heard the key card release the door lock. She took a deep breath, heart pounding, and followed the slight tug of the leash.

"You made it!" she heard someone say. Already she wanted to remove the blindfold; she knew there would be several men in the room but didn't know how many or who they were. "Yes, here she is!" her Master stated. "Take a look, have you ever seen her look any better?" He tugged the leash, turning her in a circle. Comments were made about the nipple clamps and their chain, the restraints and the blindfold. "She performs better with a little sensory deprivation. Removing her sense of sight heightens her sense of touch and reduces her inhibitions." They fingered the nipple clamps, jiggling her breasts and cupping her sex. "She's already wet!" someone exclaimed. "Feel that, it's all the way down her thighs!" "What's that?" someone else questioned, fingering the pussy jewelry. "Lift your skirt, slut, and show them your jewelry. I'm surprised it stays on when she's so aroused. But it makes her so much hornier and looks so hot!"

"Before we get started, I need to lay out the ground rules. I know I spoke to each of you at length about what was expected this evening but I just want to make sure we're all on the same page. This is my pet, brought here for us all to enjoy for the evening. She's a hot little slut that will do a fine job of sucking and fucking all of us but she responds poorly to harsh treatment so treat her with care and respect! Having said that, for tonight, she is my pet. So you can talk about her but not to her. In fact, you will find she gets really horny when she hears men talking about her, treating her like a sex object."

"Now, pet, show me that soft and talented tongue. See this? It will stroke your cocks, tickle your balls and lap at your nipples should you wish it. But no cumming in her mouth! Save your loads for her pretty face. I need some good photos of cum shooting onto her face and running off her chin. Bitch, turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks." She complied, embarassed but too aroused to refuse. "Now this tight little rosebud is there for your fingertips and tongues but not your dick unless she begs for it. First off she's going to finger herself to climax while we watch. To enhance her orgasm, I have these." He pulled out a string of anal beads. Murmurs of approval were heard and while she remained bent over, cheeks spread, he lubed her ass and gently inserted the beads in her ass. "Ok pet, you ready to be the party slut?" She nodded nervously so He released the leash and led her to the bed. "Then let's get started. Lay down here and finger that wet little clit of yours. And just so your not tempted to clamp those pretty thighs together, a couple of us will hold your legs apart for you." She settled back on the pillows, spread her legs and went to work. She felt hands on her knees, gently holding them apart, rubbing and touching her thighs.

As she gently rubbed her throbbing clit she heard voices, lowered so as not to distract her but still the messages were coming through clearly. They were talking about the clip surrounding her labia, how it caused them to protrude sexily; about how swollen her pussy was, running freely with her juices, already soaking the bed. How soft her thighs were and how sexy her breasts were, bobbing softly with her movements, nipples held erect with the silver clamps. Most had not seen such erotic jewelry and were speculating on how they could get their wives and girlfriends to wear them. Some fingered the beads sticking out of her ass, causing her to squirm. "You'd best cum for us all soon my pet slut, or you'll lose your chance to do so!" her Master commanded. "Either that or I'll pull these beads out and fuck that pretty ass until you cum! You know how much you love having a hard, hot dick buried deep in that tight little ass of yours." Hearing his sexy words, she rubbed furiously, concentrating on how the muscles in her vagina were clenching, frantically wishing for a hard dick. He was right, the thought of his hot dick slamming into her ass pushed her over the sexual peak. Her thighs started to quiver, her breathing quickened, she tensed, then started thrashing around, panting and crying out in relief. While in the throes of her orgasm, Master reached over and starting pulling the beads out of her ass, one by one, timing them with her orgasmic contractions. She thought she would faint from the sensation, it was so good! "There you go, feel better pet? Let's remove the jewelry; we don't want it getting in the way of our playing with your nipples or fucking that hot cunt." She was panting and someone put a bottle of water to her lips. She accepted it gratefully, drinking the bottle down to sooth her dry mouth and throat. "Ok, no resting, now it's time for you to use that tongue. Who wants to go first?"

She hears zippers zipping, belts being unbuckled and the rustle of clothing, as once again, she's led by her wrist restraints off the bed and to the middle of the room. "On your knees, bitch!" As she falls to her knees she feels a cock being put to her lips. She isn't sure but thinks this might be her Master's cock. The excitement of her orgasm has made her hungry for the taste of dick and she eagerly sucks the half-hard cock deep into her mouth, trying to work her tongue around the obstruction so she can tickle his balls with its tip. "Aaahhhhhhh" she hears him sigh as she suckles and licks, taking the cock into her hands, lifting it, sucking and licking his balls. Hmmm....smooth shaven. She remembered that Master had told her that smooth shaven balls had been a requirement to receive an invitation to his party. She used the flat of her tongue, lapping at the balls and rubbing the hard-on with her fingers. Fingers dug into her scalp then suddenly, the dick was shoved back into her mouth. "Suck it, mmmm, that's right, make love to that dick" he growled. "See how well she's trained? Ooooohhh, ok, that's enough slut, somebody else's turn before I cum down that throat of yours."

He stepped away and was replaced by another cock. Already hard, it was shoved past her lips and hands grabbed her head as he started thrusting. As she struggled she heard her Master say "If you want to fuck her face you'll have to go more gently! But if you'll let her, she'll give you the blow job of your life. Just remember, don't cum yet...I want to see her covered in as much cum as possible later on!" She was relieved when the man relaxed and let her go to work. She was anxious to make her Master proud of her skills, so she sucked, licked, blew and lapped his cock and balls, causing him to moan and groan in ecstasy. Before he could cum, he pulled his cock away and it was replaced by another. She kept sucking and licking until the pain in her knees distracted her from her work. She pulled away and meekly asked for a pillow for her knees. Someone brought her a pillow, placed it under her knees and she went back to sucking and licking. All the while, she felt hands all over her body, heard the men discussing her as if she were merchandise they were evaluating for purchase.

"Feel those tits, the nipples are hard as marbles! I love the way she moans when I squeeze and pull them." "Yeah, and that ass, soft and round and begging for a spanking." With that she felt a little smack on her rump. "Wow, her pussy is still soaking wet! It's running down her legs, mmmmmmm." She felt fingers probing her pussy, rubbing between the folds and tickling her clit. Some even roamed back and gently rubbed her asshole, causing her to moan and writhe. Someone else had a hank of her hair and was rubbing the softness on his hard cock. Finally, she must have sucked all the dicks in the room because the last one wasn't replaced this time. She wished she'd kept count but had been lost in the sensation of hot cocks and soft balls in her face, on her tongue.

"Anybody want to lick that wet little pussy? Would you like that pet? Make that kitty of yours snap and bite for a dick?" He led her to the bed and she felt the bed give with another body crawling between her thighs. "Mmmmmmm, she's sweet tasting too!" He licked and lapped, shoved a finger into her cunt, rubbing her G spot, until someone else came along and said "Hey share that good pussy, I want a taste!" The men took turns, licking and sucking, fingering and rubbing, which felt wonderful, but was not conducive to her having another orgasm. Still, she was so aroused, wet and writhing and begging for release. "Please! Master! Please! Finish me off, I'm begging you!" He let her beg for a few minutes, while others licked and fingered and finally said, "Well? Should I do it? Do you want to see her cum again?" By now she was whimpering because the last man had moved away. She could only repeat "Please, please, please!" over and over. Master must have felt sorry for her or felt generous but he complied, first reinserting the anal beads, then using his tongue in ways that he knew she loved. In record time she screamed and bucked for what seemed like forever. The strength of her climax almost made him forget to remove the beads, but suddenly she felt them popping out, one by one, until finally collapsing, she went limp as a rag doll.

Almost immediately though, she stirred and Master knew what she wanted. Cock, and plenty of it. "I think it's time for the fucking to begin!" he stated. Someone climbed on the bed, put her legs oh his shoulders and started fucking her furiously. "Oh my God, her pussy is even tighter than her mouth!" "I want some more of that mouth!" and another cock was soon pushing at her lips. Soon she found herself lying there, a cock in her mouth, one in each hand and one pounding her pussy. Players changed and fucking continued. Then she was moved off the bed, to stand at the foot and be taken from behind. Someone knelt on the bed in front of her and presented his cock for her to suck. She was rocked back and forth between the cocks, moaning and slurping. Smack! She felt the sting of a hand slapping her ass. Smack! Smack! The heat only contributed to her sexual excitement. The next man behind her must've thought she was a thoroughbred because he grabbed her hair like reins, swatted her ass and pounded her pussy with abandon. She reveled in the attention she was receiving, listening to the groans of passion and the constant talking among the men awaiting their turns. "Damn! Ever seen a woman fuck like that? Like a bitch in heat!" "Wouldn't you love to fuck that tight ass of hers! I fingered it when I was fucking her and I swear she backed up against my hand, trying to get me to finger fuck her in the ass!" "Wish he'd have left those clamps on her tits, they were HOT!"

Next she was led to the bed to straddle someone lying there, taking his hard cock in her pussy. She rode him, moving her pelvis back and forth as quickly as she could, her juices running down his dick and over his balls. Her long hair was tickling his chest as she leaned over and sucked at his nipples. Someone grabbed that hair, pulled her head back and shoved a cock in her mouth. "Ummmph!" she groaned, as she sucked it deep. She felt herself being lifted up far enough for another man to replace the one she'd been riding. His dick was large and felt so wonderful buried deep in her cunt. He grasped her hips and helped her find a rhythm satisfying to them both. "Where's my Master?" she asked. "I need my Master!" Evidently he was close by because he immediately spoke in her ear, "Yes my pet? Enjoying yourself? You make me proud you know. These men have never been fucked so well before."

"Oh, yes, thank you so much, Master! I'm having the best time! But please, please, would you fuck my ass? Please! I want to feel your cock in my ass while riding this cock!" "My pleasure slut, I was waiting for you to ask." She leaned over, exposing her ass, and felt the cool lube run between her cheeks. Then his fingers probed her ass, gently entering and gauging her reaction. Her moans and whimpers let him know she was more than ready for this, and the next thing she felt was the head of his dick pressing insistently at her ass. Finally, with a soft "pop" his cock slid past the tight barrier. She worried that the man she was riding would lose his erection but either her arousal or the situation he found himself in kept his dick rock hard. He could feel her vaginal muscles clenching around him as she responded to the large invasion of her ass. Her Master poured a bit more lube onto his dick and started working it back and forth. This elicited deep, gutteral, moans from her and Master could tell she was deeply immersed in the sensation the double fucking. He saw her hand snaking around to finger her clit, knowing she wanted to cum again. "Did I give you permission to cum again bitch?" he demanded. "No" she whimpered. "Then stop it right now and concentrate on pleasing us! Two hot dicks at once enough for you? I don't think they are."

"Somebody help us make her air tight!" Master said, and with that, she felt another cock at her lips. She was in a sexual zone now, nothing but cocks and hands and the sensations they caused her. She sucked the cock, tasting her own juices on it, knowing this cock had recently been deep in her pussy. She heard the click of a camera but was too busy and too submerged in the raw sex that was happening to register that someone was capturing images of the sexual frenzy. Master must have noticed, however, and eventually decided it was time for the "money shot". Grunting, now slamming his dick balls deep into her as he grated "Ready pet? Ready to have your pretty face covered in hot cum?" As he grabbed her hair and pulled back from the dick that had been fucking her mouth, she nodded vigorously. He pulled out of her ass, stood up on the bed and jacked off what felt like a gallon of cum onto her cheeks and lips. As his orgasm neared it's end, she opened her lips and licked at the last of the cum dripping from his spent member. As she closed her mouth, she heard more moans and groans and felt hot spirts of jism hitting her lips, chin, nose and forehead. Some were jacking off with her hair, some rubbed their cocks over her lips as they came, and others simply stroked their dicks until the cum sprayed her face. It was dripping off her chin, onto her breasts and she could feel hands on her breasts, kneading and massaging the cum into her skin. The camera clicked and clicked, she didn't know how many photos had been taken but hoped they were what her Master had wanted.

Finally, Master handed her a warm, wet cloth to wipe the cum from her face and breasts. While she cleaned herself, she heard the men dressing and chatting and congratulating Master for having such a well-trained slut. "I sure hope you'll do this again soon, man." she heard one man say. "Yeah! I knew she had a tight little pussy but damn! I've never seen anything like that before!" The door finally closed behind the last one and Master at last allowed her to remove her blindfold. "Well my pet? Was it anything like what you expected? I'm so proud of the way you performed. You left an impression on them that they'll never forget. Now take a shower and get yourself cleaned up, I have a surprise for you." She went into the bathroom, showered, shampooed, toweled off and blew her hair dry, all the time wondering what the next wonderful surprise would be. She loved sex but was so exhausted from all the fucking and sucking and depravity that she was worried that she couldn't perform again without sleep! She walked in and there was a man standing next to a portable massage table. "Let me help you" he said, offering his hand. She climbed onto the table and lay there while he removed her towel and went to work. Oils, strong hands and a skilled touch soon pulled yet another orgasm from her before relaxing her to sleep. She slept, dreaming of her Master and what the next exciting adventure with him might be.

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