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Lower Educaton

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She was met at the door with a big hug from the older woman, "Hi, I'm so glad you decided to come over". Janet, the younger wonam, was experiencing a mix of apprehension and excitement, and the older woman, Carol, sensed it.

They moved into the living room, and sat together on the couch.

Carol placed a hand on her lower thigh, lingered, and said "Would you like a drink ?

Coffee ? perhaps something a bit stronger ?". Janet smiled. "Perhaps a glass of wine ?".

Carol smiled and rose. She was wearing a silk robe dr*ped over her middle-aged body.

She walked toward the dining room, her robe moving gently over her body. If Janet didn't know better, she would have geussed Carol was thirty-something.

As she returned with a glass of merlot, Janet also noticed her nipples raising an impression into the thin robe. Janet was relieved that Carol was getting as excited as she was.

" I didn't think you were coming. This is a big step, Janet".

"I almost backed out, but I had to come" Janet offered.

"Was it the video? " Carol playfully asked.

Janet blushed, took a sip from the glass, and shyly said "Yes".

Carol inturrupted "I thought that this would be awkward for both of us, but I think this is going to be a wonderful experience.".

"Is he here ?" Janet asked.

Carol smled, took the glass from Janet's hand, and led her to the bedroom.

They walked hand in hand to the bedroom, where David was waiting.

Except for the blindfold , David was completely nude kneeling at the foot of the bed.

"Lover, I've brought a guest" Carol anounced.

David lowered his head, and offered "If it pleases you...".

Carol let the robe fall to the floor, and checked Janet's reaction. Janet slowly took in Carol's physique, enjoying the view. She smiled. Carol moverd over to Janet, and started un buttoning her shirt. Moving behind her, she slowly sid the shirt off her shoulders, letting her hands glance over her Janet's bare torso. She moved back in front of Janet, leaned in, and kissed her gently. Janet returned the kiss.

Janet started to speak, and Carol raised her hand in front of her face, touching her liips with her index fnger and simply said "shhh"..

Carol looked over to David and said "Our guest is interested in learning how to please her husband by helping him realize his submissive side. As I already explained, I've shared some of our 'home movies' with her, and we think its time to get a little 'hands-on' experience" she chuckled.

David, remaining in his kneeling position, kept his head lowered, and responded "Thank you Master".

Carol moved to the dresser, and picked up a strap-on harness. Staring into Janet's eyes, she stepped into the harness, and said "Hun, why don't you pick out the appropriate dildo for David".

Janet moved over to the dresser and tentatively reached for the 7" model.

Carol started giggling... "That just won;t do, love. Lets try the one to the right of that one".

She was referring to a black 12" dildo, very realistic.

Carol took the sex toy from Janet, and raised ot to Janet's lips. She opened her mouth, and took in about 4 inches. Carol smiled "I hope some day you get a chance to experience a real on that size. I have some friends that can help you there. Why don;t we get you a little more comfortable. Lets get you out of those shorts and panties".

Carol continued as she removed the rest of Janet's clothes "lets get David reacquainted with his toy. She too Janet's hand, still holding the dildo, and they moved over to David. Carol gently raised David's head, and positioned the head of the latex penis at David's lips.

"David dear, lets show our guest how much you love to suck".

Janet was surprised that David greedly swallowed a full 9" of sex toy, and proceeded to perform afantastic blowjob on the toy.

Carol smiled, watching Janet's reaction "Hun, hes is sooo good at this. You should see him pleasuring boyfriend. Sometimes, I think he enjoys this more than pussy". Carol watched Janet, and slid her hand up Janet's thigh and across her crotch. She smiled, saying "Hun, you are just about drenched yourself. I guess you really were ready for this." taking the black dildo from David's mouth, attaching it to the harnes, Carol told David" I think it would please me now if you were to pleasure our guest." Carol moved Janet to the bed, and positioned David's head between her thighs... "Go ahead David, I think you still know ho to eat pussy".

As David consumed her, Carol laughed " Dear,you are going to have to try and pay attention to what I'm doing here." David continued to pleasure Janet, and Carol moved behind David and began working lubricant into his ass and over the dildo. "We really didn;t know that our sex life was heading in this direction, but over the years, we've just sort of come to the realization that Davis is happiest when he is serving me. He seems to love being my little sub". Positioning the dildo at his anus, she gently leaned forward. David felt the pressure and responded with a deep grunt. Carol spoke softly "Its been about 4 years now that I've been taking him like this, and as you can see, he really love this. Isn;t that so David ? Tell our guest how much you love having your ass fucked". David, in the process of driving Janet to her first orgasm with his mouth, just moaned.

With a slow steady pressure, Carol started driving the big black dildo into his ass. He continued moaning louder, and Janet came hard, grabbing his head and forcing his face into her crotch. As the waves of pleasure subsided, Carol instructed "Hun, come back here, you reall need to watch".

Janet rolled of the bed, and mover to the food of the bed beside Carol. Carol said"See hun, see how hard he is right now. Go ahead and feel." Janet reached under hin, and cradeled his balls with one hand, and stroked his cock with the other. David reacted with another grunt.

As Carol continued to fill his ass with the black cock, Janet continued stroking, and eventually, David came. His semen coated Janet's hands and she bed sheet. Carol left the dildo up his ass and said "What do ou have to say, David". David, between sighs, wimpered "thank you, master.". Janet rose, looking at the cum all over her hands. Carol took Janet's left hand, raised it to Janet's mouth, and said "Go ahead, enjoy, hun. You earned it". Janet licked the semen of her hand.

They left David in that position, face down on the bed, and left the room. They showered together, dressed, and walked to the front door. Carol said "I'm so glad you found the courage to come over. I know your husband Bill will come to enjoy this type of play soon."

Janet leaned into Carol, they hugged, and kissed. Their tongues exploring each other, the embrace ended and Janet sighed " I learn so much from you. I'll continue working on Bill.

As Janet left the house, she turned back and said " How long will you leave David on the bed like that ?"

Carol smiled... "You know your father, he always likes to nap after a good workout"

Janet smiled as she left, and said. "Thanks Mom".

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