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Lizas First Toy

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My wife of 25 years Liza is an attractive woman in her mid 40?s. She as all of us are a little more than what we were in our 20?s but her 185lbs is carried well on here 5 foot 7 inch frame. She has a nice 38 D cup and just the right amount on the backend. Myself I am about 5 foot 9inches and a little past my baseball prime at 195lbs. My nick name of First Base Freddie didn?t help much in getting my first date with Liza in college however I prevailed.

We have two grown girls and even though the sex over the years has been good Liza never really wanted to experiment. She liked it on top, on bottom some oral however she would never swallow and as for her ass no way. Lately we have been watching some porn and even though she never really wants me to touch her brown eye as of late she has let me rub her butt hole while she has a cock in her pussy and she is rubbing her clit. Or if you are down there with your tongue on her clit she has once or twice let me slid a finger in her ass.

As of late part of our foreplay has included watching some porn movies. The ones that seem to get her the horniest are the ones with women and their toys. However she will not admit to this. The second thing that seems to get her going is watching two guys with one woman.

So one evening before her birthday I asked her if she would like me to get her a toy like the ones she had seen on the movies. Of course she said no. But we did talk a little while about all the different types. The double ended dildo, silicon and glass dildos and the entire assortment of vibrators for both pussy and ass. We even looked them up on the internet and we watched a few clips of women using them and guys give to the girls.

As we sat in front of the computer I slid a hand down the front of her PJ?s and got a nice wet and taste fingers. I worked her pussy as she found more clips of women pleasing women. To get a better position to rub her pussy I stood up above her while she sat. Before I knew it she had pulled my boxer down far enough to get her mouth on the end of my shaft. She licked the end like she was licking an ice cream cone and every time she got a little taste of the pre cum she let out a slight moan. After a while neither of us could take it any longer she came all over my hand and I jetted a load of cum to the back of her throat.

Then I immediately dropped down to her pussy and started tasting her I was busy for a few minutes and asked her how it felt. To which she said it felt great. That was the point that I realized she had swallowed my full load and knew that she was really horny. This is when I decided to slip a wet pussy soaked finger into her tight ass. After a few minutes of rubbing and sucking on her clit while sliding a finger in and out of her pussy I asked how it felt and she said it was incredible. I could handle it any further I jumped up from in between her legs and slid my cock into her pussy while I had a finger in her pussy. She came immediately letting out a whimper and I was not too far behind letting go of another load into her soaking wet pussy.

The next morning I asked again if she would like a toy for her birthday and she said no, but had this unusual grin on her face. This was the sign I was looking for so that day during my lunch I left my office and went down the street to this sex shop close by my office. I was amazed by the number types and various styles of toys for both men and women. So I found this hot pink number that from what I could tell looking at it was about the same thickness as me however it looked like it was about two inches longer that my 6 inches. I figured this would do and as I was paying for this the guy at the counter said you may want to buy some lubrication for who the toy the person that you are playing with would really appreciate the lub. As I looked at all the lubs I knew I had to get going or I would be late for my 1:00 meeting. I think the guy at the store saw my confusion so he suggested a certain lub he said it was okay on a pussy but worked great on the ass. So I grabbed two tubes not knowing how much was enough. So for $150 I had just purchased us our first toy and enough lub to last us six months.

On the day of her birthday I did the usual sent her flowers at work took her out for dinner and gave her a nice card and a few things she wanted. After this was done I asked her if she wanted to get frisky and she suggested we watch a movie. So I got out the few movies we had and said to her why don?t you pick one and I am going to get a drink of water and would be right back. When I returned she had picked the one about the orgy where a bunch of women get it on and then team up with their husbands and do one offs and tag teams.

We sat down on the couch and watched the movie and since we live in an older house and it was January I grabbed a blanket for us so that we could cover and cuddle up while we watched the movie. As she snuggled under the blanket I could see her hands slowly slid towards her pussy and start to rub her clit. After a few minutes I told her I had another birthday surprise and she said and what is that. I handed her the gift bag with the toy and the lub. As she opened the bag her eyes went wide a then she gave me a big smile. I said to her are you okay with this. She slowly slid her hot pink vibrator from the bag and turned it on and immediately slid it down to her pussy.

I said I am glad to see it meets with your approval. She then asked for some lub on the tip of the vibrator and asked if I would take over rubbing her pussy. I eagerly accepted my new responsibility as she through off the blanket and her PJ?s say she was just too hot to be covered up. She layed on her back as I worked her pussy she rolled her hands over her tits pulling and twisting her nipples in ways that she told me hurt, but she was enjoying immensely. As I slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy I put some more lub on it and started sucking on her nipples. What I did not realize was that I had slipped the vibrator to her ass and once I came up from her tits I pulled it away and said I was sorry. She moaned and begged me to slip it back towards her ass. I said are you sure to which she responded by sliding her hands from her tits to her ass cheeks and pulled them to her side. As she did this I place the head of the vibrator on her ass to which she ordered me to push it against her ass as she tried to wiggle her ass closer. I pulled away for a quick second to which she let out and unapproving moan and I put a gob of lub on the vib. Once back at her ass I put slight pressure on the vibrator until I could feel it pop into her ass.

Liza let out a great moan and I asked if she was okay. She said it felt great and she wanted it deeper. I asked do like it in the ass know and she said in yes I want my ass fucked. I said do your really like it in your ass and she said just fuck me like a dirty whore. This shocked me a little and made me even hornier I had never heard her talk like this before. I said are you going to cum I will fuck you after your orgasm. She said you are going to fuck me know. I started to pull the vibrator from her ass and she said what the fuck are you doing. I said I am going to fuck you and she said you are both going to fuck me. I said what are you talking about. She yelled out I want a double fuck so get your cock in my pussy and leave that cock in my ass know.

As I started pumping on her sopping wet pussy I said what do you like you dirty whore and she said double fucking. She screamed out she loved two cocks in her and she wanted us to keep fucking. She screamed fill me up, fill me up, fill me up. I love this double fuck. Almost at the same time we both came she let out a moaning scream and I let go of a load the size I had never done before.

After a little while we both got up some energy and cleaned our selves off. She told me this was the best birthday she had ever had and said she wish she had agreed to get a toy years ago. Needles to say she gets a good double fuck once or twice a week and she even has me fuck her ass on a regular basis. She says it makes up for the times with the vibrator when she doesn?t get a nice load of cum shot in her ass. Our sex life was good before now it is just more fun.

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