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As we were driving to the reception hall, my assistant Carolyn turned to me and asked, how did I ever get into this kind of a business? I told her was once a regular vanilla type photographer but it wasn?t nearly as much fun as this is. She agreed that so far the jobs we did were interesting. I told her I had been shooting vanilla weddings for a few years when I got a request to photograph a gay wedding. Back then, gay partners had a commitment ceremony which was basically an unofficial wedding. You know me, I?m really accepting of various life styles, so I said I be happy to do it. Well that couple referred me to another and it just kept going from there.

She wanted to know how I got from gay weddings to the fetish photography I was now specializing in. I explained that after doing a few dozen lesbian and gay weddings, I got a call to photograph my first collaring. That was really the turning point. I began to get more and more calls for all types of different lifestyle events.

I had hired Carolyn as an assistant two weeks before when she answered an ad I placed. During the initial phone call, I explained the type of work I do and assured her that it was all perfectly legal and that she was not expected to do anything except photograph. I asked her if she had a problem with photographing people in a sexual situation, and she said it would be interesting and probably fun.

Carolyn came in for an interview and we really hit it off. Not only was she very attractive, but she seemed to be fine with the sexual nature of the jobs. I told her that we would be photographing men and women nude and often in the middle of a sex act. She smiled and told me that was cool with her. As I gave her the tour of the studio, I suggested we test her skills on me. She did a great job. She directed me into various poses while encouraging me to take more and more off. Then she asked if I?d like to have some shots with a hard-on. I told her it might be a bit difficult for me to get it up in front of a camera. She just smiled and started stroking my cock with her hand. Between her warm hand on my dick and her beautiful smile, which was every bit as effective as her hand, I was rock hard in seconds. She positioned me in some very exposing poses. Needless to say I knew she was perfect for the jobs at hand. We didn?t fuck that first time, but it didn?t take long before we were enjoying each other as well as the work.

We turned into the restaurant parking lot and I stopped in front of the main entrance to unload the equipment cases. Carolyn watched the cases while I found a place to park. The sign in the lobby directed guests to a large private room on the second floor. At the top of the stairs we passed a really hot looking woman in front of the coat check. She was just taking off her long coat that covered a very skimpy outfit. Her crotch less fishnet stockings revealed one of those strap-on clitoral stimulators humming away against her pussy. As with most of our jobs, the guests were dressed in moderately outrageous fetish clothing and we expected some of the clothing to be gone before too long. One of the female guests was wearing a black leather boustier with a very short black leather skirt. The top was very low cut and was less of a bra then it was a shelf that her tits sat on. The top half of her tits and her nipples were totally exposed. The nipples were adorned with gold rings connected by a thin gold chain. One of the male guests sported black leather chaps that exposed his entire butt cheeks. Many of the guests wore leather collars around their necks and some had leashes attached that were held by their master. There were see thru blouses that allowed nipples with and without rings to show through, skirts with revealing splits up the sides, leather harnesses, and crotch less pants exposing cocks and asses. There were several male waiters with trays of drinks. They wore nothing but tiny leather g-strings. As I watched Carolyn take a drink off one of their trays, I was surprised to see her reach under the tray and grab a hold of his cock. With both hands holding his tray, he was forced to just stand there helplessly until she decided to let go. By the time she did, his dick was stiffly sticking out the side of his g-string.

I went to find the Master who we were working for to find out what was on the agenda. He informed me of the highlights of the ceremony which was fairly standard for this type of thing and then said that there would be a receiving line right after. I went back to our table and told Carolyn what I wanted her to do and where she should be.

At exactly nine o?clock, the Master and his best man walked out to the center of the dance floor and another gentleman joined them. We found good positions to be close enough to get good shots but still be out of the way. The music started playing and in turn, each of four bridesmaids walked in. They wore deep red boustiers, short red leather skirts with red thigh high nylons. All of them walked with their heads slightly bowed and their eyes on the floor. The bride was next and was wearing a white veil, a white boustier and white thigh high nylons held up by a white garter belt. Around her waist she wore what looked like a short fluffy white ballet tutu that stood almost straight out from her hips leaving her exposed. Her pubic hair was shaved except for a heart shaped tuft at the top which was dyed bright red. She carried a bouquet of dark red roses. The ceremony wasn?t much different from other collarings. She knelt at his feet while he vowed to keep her safe and protected. The bridesmaid handed the bride a box and she removed a white leather collar which she placed around her own neck. She then turned to her Master and vowed her love and her submission. He vowed to respect her gift of submission and to protect her and keep her well. Then he buckled the collar, told her to rise and then he kissed her. Everyone applauded. He then knelt in front of her and placed a small pad lock through the two delicate silver rings which pierced her pussy lips. He stood and gave her the key. She then closed the lock and placed the key on a gold necklace. She vowed to always offer her body for him to use as he wished and placed the necklace with the key to her pussy around his neck. When the ceremony was done the guests of honor retreated. From different angles, both Carolyn and I photographed each event as it happened.

Chairs were then removed from the dance floor and a few minutes later the DJ asked everyone to take their seats for the introductions. The guests for honor were introduced and formed reception line formed in front of the head table. The groom was standing next to his bride who was laid across a spanking bench with her exposed ass facing up. The guests passed through with greetings and congratulations for the groom. Each one was invited to give the bride a slap on her bare bottom. Some gave her a little pat, but most offered her a good solid smack. A few of them let their hands wander and left with slippery fingers. By the end of the reception line the bride ass was a vivid pink and there was a shinny trail of pussy juice down both of her thighs. We photographed the spankings and then some close-ups of her red ass and the wet drippings. When she was released we took some close ups of her heart shaped patch of pubic hair, the tiny little lock and the rings in her lips.

Dinner was buffet style. The head table was invited to get their food and then each of the other tables was called. All of the masters had their subs fetch them their food. Although most of them were females, there were several male submissives serving their Mistresses. The bride feed the groom dinner before she ate.

The best man offered a toast, and announced that he was offering his submissive as a gift to all the guests. Everyone cheered. She would be available after dinner to be used but not abused by anyone who wanted to have her, but the groom was to have first shot at her.

After the head table was finished with dinner, the Master and his submissive had their first dance and then went to ceremonially cut the cake. She cut a piece and feed him. She then cut another piece and gave it to him so that he could feed her. They kissed long and deep.

He took her hand and went to the spanking bench which had been left on the dance floor in front of the head table. The best man was now escorting his submissive to the dance floor. What a knock out. She was about 25 years old, a natural blond with a great ass. Her tits were on the small side but they stood out nice and perky. She had a tiny flat waist and a beautiful smile. He had his submissive lay face up on the bench and used ropes to pull the leather ankle cuffs up over her head. The collar around her neck was tied to the bench and her arms were also strapped to the bench. She laid there totally helpless and totally exposed, spread and ready for everyone to use. The groom said he didn?t want to hold up the fun so he was going to take his turn now. His bride fell to her knees and unfastened his belt, and pants. She pulled his pants down to the floor and reached into the large bowl of condoms which was on the head table nearby. Using her mouth, she slid one of the condoms onto his cock. Then she took his cock in her hand and placed it against the submissive?s pussy. She watched as her Master?s cock slid all the way in and disappeared inside of this beautiful woman?s cunt.

He fucked her until he was close to shooting his load. He pulled out and offered his dick to his own submissive. She rolled the condom off and he finished him by sucking his load into her mouth. She turned towards Carolyn and smiled. Carolyn?s photograph showed a big smile on the bride?s face and a mouth full of thick white cream. She turned to him and thanked him for his gift of cum.

We watched and photographed several of the men fucking the best man?s gift. Some of them stuck their cock into her mouth while she was getting her pussy banged. There were some women that played with her too. By the end of the evening everyone who wanted to had fucked her including me. I started fucking her pussy and then leaned over to ask if I could take her in the ass. She never said a word but just nodded her approval. The condom I was fucking her with was full of her juices and when I took it out of her pussy, it easily slid into her ass. By now she had globs of half dried cum on her belly, face and in her hair. Carolyn seemed to enjoy watching me fuck her and she took several photos. Later, I was very surprise to see Carolyn rubbing, feeling and fingering her. When I asked her about it, she said that she was bisexual and couldn?t resist such a beautiful piece of ass.

Driving back to the studio that evening, Carolyn talked about how much fun that submissive was having. She said she was jealous of her and would someday like to be the center of attention and have that many men and women want to fuck her. I was thinking of all the things I had learned about Carolyn?s desires that evening. I knew we were both going to enjoy working together. My mind was busy listing all of the fun things we were going to do together from three ways with another woman, to gang bangs. I told her that we needed to get some sleep so we could be ready for the job we had the next day. The next day?s job was another wild one. I can?t wait to tell you all about that one.

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