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Letting Loose

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Tessa and I went to a bar one night to get loose and shake off the work week. We showered and I watched as she stood naked getting herself ready. I couldn?t resist and moved behind her and knelt down to kiss her sweet ass. A soft moan emanated from her pursed lips. She pushed back on my tongue as it probed her tight little hole. All was lost, for she was in my hands now and my control. Tessa loved the attention I gave her and with great care I satisfied her every time I kissed, licked, or sucked a portion of her body. I kissed and licked her hole for awhile, before standing and sticking my hard cock into her very wet pussy. She loved being fucked from behind and I gave it to her hard and fast. The sensations sent quivers through her body and she shook from her orgasm. That touched off my explosion, and I sent wave after wave of cum into my sweet love canal. I cleaned Tessa up with my tongue and she proceeded to dress into a very provocative outfit for everyone to love besides me.

We left and went to a club, sat down with our drinks and the music started to play. The drinks, conversation, and the music loosened my Tessa up and she was being really playful with me. I noticed a couple intently staring females eyeing my Tessa up and down as she went to the bathroom. While she was gone they approached and introduced themselves. Amber and Danni were two 26 year old nursing students out just having a good time and wondering if Tessa and I would mine joining their own private party. I suggested they wait until she returned and ask her themselves. When Tessa arrived the girls had retreated to the bar while I informed her of their interests. Tessa said why not and waved them over to speak to them about what they had in mind. The girls asked her to dance out of my earshot. They danced in a tight circle grinding on Tessa in the middle and feeling her up. I could tell they were talking, about what I had a good idea. When they all returned, I ordered another round of drinks for all and discussed more about what the girls had in mind. This time Amber spoke very freely about wanting to touch Tessa?s body all over and that she with Danni would ravish her and me for a very long time tonight if we choose to indulge ourselves.

We followed them in our car to their apartment not far from the club. Once inside, the girls put on some music and started a private striptease undressing each other licking and kissing all over their bodies. They slowly moved toward Tessa and coaxed her to her feet and sandwiched her between them caressing her body all over. Together they removed her clothing piece by piece, savoring the delectable parts of Tessa?s body. Amber had feasted her tongue on Tessa?s pussy, while Danni was kissing and licking Tessa?s tits. The girl orgy continued right before my eyes and I watched stroking my cock while Tessa was being serviced completely. For what seemed like hours they mounted her face, licked her pussy, and double teamed her pussy and ass while Tessa stood transfixed by the attention. Her eyes were closed, having had many orgasms with all this attention. It had been 45 minutes and the girls with my Tessa were not stopping to take a breather, they continued to ravage her body. Tessa was between Danni?s legs now, taking in her quim and enjoying the young musk this hottie had to offer. Amber was licking Tessa?s ass and fucking her with her tongue from behind. Amber stopped and finally looked over at me and said that they had ignored me long enough.

I said that I was completely enjoying the sights as they played out, but she said she was ready for some hard cock and that mine was more than enough to get her going. She crawled between my legs and engulfed my cock, saliva running down my shaft, Amber was really hungry for my cock. She pumped my rod as she tried to milk me for my cum. It didn?t take long with that hungry mouth and all that I had seen thus far. I emptied a gargantuan load into her throat. She moaned, sucked, and slurped every drop from my tool until she could get no more. With that, she released a still very hard cock, I flipped my position and with one stroke slid my cock balls deep into her pussy. I picked her up so she could resume licking Tessa?s ass while I fucked her from behind. The more I pushed the more she moaned, picking her tongue loose telling me to fuck her hard. My thrusts increased in intensity, then I stopped and bent down to lick her ass and pussy. Amber moaned loudly as she felt my tongue fuck her ass and pussy, making her cum violently. Amber lost her focus and collapsed, I asked if she was alright, she replied I?m great after that tongue job. I positioned myself behind Tessa ass and used my fingers to rub her soaked pussy into her tight hole. She didn?t seem to mind that I was about to fuck her ass until I exploded into the sweet hole of hers. Amber watched as I mounted my Tessa and put her mouth beneath us to lick my balls as they slapped Tessa?s ass. Tessa came hard as I fucked her ass and Amber?s tongue licking her pussy and my balls. Danni was cumming over and over again as Tessa couldn?t get enough of her sweet pie. Danni was begging her to stop, but Tessa continued, holding her arms down and licking fast, sucking that engorged clit. My pumping was growing to the point I could not control myself anymore in that tight ass and blew my load deep inside her ass. After going soft and pulled out and licked my sweet cum oozing from her ass down her pussy. Amber was getting what I missed off her pussy lips.

The girls thanked us and asked for a soon return visit and Tessa said we?ll see. Amber gave Tessa the phone number and said that if she called the girls would be there in minutes to have some fun anytime. They told me I was more than welcome to, Danni said next time I want that big cock in my mouth. Wow, what a night.

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