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Late Bloomer

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I discovered I liked sucking cock very late in my life. I had been straight ? actually married and divorced ? until a week?s holiday last year. I decided that the holiday would be just me lying on a beach, getting a tan, swimming and reading some books. No drinking, no late nights and no interaction with other people.

I had heard from one of the secretaries at work that there were two nude or partially nude beaches in Mosman and decided to give them a try. I heard one of the beaches was gay but the other was straight. It was summer but out of school holidays and I expected that things would be fairly quiet.

That turned out to be right. I got to the beach at around 9am and took up a spot near the south end. I plugged in the earphones of my iPod and started reading a new book. There were no more than 20 or 30 people on the beach and, although they were mostly men, the atmosphere was relaxed and easy going.

I had a couple of swims to cool off and really enjoyed diving into the harbour without clothes. I am tall ? about 190cm and weigh just under 100kg. I am not really toned but I work out and have a pretty fair physique. My cock is average in size ? 7?erect and uncut. When swimming, I enjoyed the feeling of my cock swinging free so much that I actually got a little bit firm.

Each time I walked out of the water, I had a partial hard-on. As far as I was aware, this didn?t catch the attention of anybody on the beach. I had prepared some lunch and ate it on the beach. When I finished I decided I wanted to walk around the rocks to the south and see where they led. I pulled on my swimming trunks and wandered off.

I walked past a few guys who were lying on the rocks at the end of the beach. One or two had semi-hard cocks and were rubbing their dicks as I walked past. I don?t think it was intended to catch my attention and was simply something they were enjoying doing to themselves.

The last guy before I moved into the bushes was an old guy ? he was at least 60 (I am 40) ? who had a very big cock. It was probably 8?and wasn?t fully hard. He was rubbing it and staring straight at me. I was amazed to realize that I was staring at his cock. This just encouraged him and he started to wank his cock back and forth whilst I stood still in front of him and stared.

What was I doing? It felt great to be doing this in public and I started to get hard. I moved a couple of paces past and leaned against a rock and removed my shorts and started to rub my own cock. I know this sounds ridiculous but the public environment and the fact that I had decided not to talk to anybody this week seemed to make me feel quite different. Like I wasn?t myself.

After a few minutes, the old guy stood up and walked past me and touched the head of my cock as he passed. He looked at my dick and started into the bushes. I picked up my shorts and followed him. I was only a few feet behind him. He had an old man?s arse but his cock hung down between his legs and I could see it most steps. My cock was pointing straight up.

We walked for about five minutes ? the walk was difficult and we didn?t cover much ground. Suddenly he stepped off the major track and walked toward the harbour. We stopped behind a bush and he turned to face me. He took hold of my cock and started to rub it. I was leaking pre-cum all over his hand and it felt like I would cum very quickly. I couldn?t talk so just pushed his hand away from my cock.

He took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. As soon as I started to rub it, it became hard. He was old but he had a terrific cock. I wasn?t much of an expert at estimating size then but would guess it was 9? when it became hard and it was thick. I had long fingers and could just touch them around it. He didn?t leak any pre-cum so I rubbed my own dick and used my own to lubricate him.

There was a noise and I took my hand away from his cock and stood back. If the noise was somebody, we couldn?t see them and they didn?t stop so we were alone again. When I went to go back to rubbing his cock he took hold of my head and forced me towards his dick. He was forceful but I didn?t mind. I went down on to my knees and took my first cock in my mouth.

It tasted good. It tasted great. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth. My dick was as hard as a rock and I started to try and take him into my mouth. I guess I am a natural cocksucker. I went down slowly and back up taking more cock in each time I went down. I did this for a few minutes and then started to rub his balls. With my hand I lubed up his nuts with my pre-cum and rubbed them strongly. I was as hard as a rock. He reached down and tried to touch my cock but if I had allowed him to do it for even a few seconds, I would have cum ? and I didn?t want this to finish.

I heard another noise but this time I didn?t even look up. I practiced running my lips together down the bottom of his cock. I took more and more of it down my throat. I licked his balls and placed them both into my mouth and wanked his dick. By this time there was some pre-cum and his dick was very moist with the mix of that and my spit.

I really couldn?t tell you how long the blow job went on for (I am guessing 15 minutes) but finally when I had almost all of his beautiful cock down my throat, he started to groan and move his arse around. He tried to pull out ? I?m not sure if this was because he wanted to blow on me or whether he thought I might not want to swallow, but I pulled his arse towards me and took his cock completely into my mouth so that I had his pubic hair against my nose.

He came. It felt like an awful lot at the time but I have since come to realise that it was nothing exceptional. Two or three spurts and the most beautiful taste I had ever experienced went into my mouth. I swallowed most of it but wanted to keep some in my mouth to savour.

When I looked up at him he smiled down at me and glanced to my side. There was another guy there wanking a middle sized cock. I wasn?t embarrassed about my situation ? in fact I was happy. I felt sluttish. I had never felt this way before but it was a strange and exciting sensation. I smiled up at my first blow job and said, ?Thank you, that was wonderful. You have a beautiful cock?. He said ?You give great head?.

I realised then that there were no losers in this process. I loved sucking cock and most guys were going to love me sucking them. I turned around 90° and took the other guy?s cock in my mouth. He came very quickly and I swallowed every drop. My first blow job watched me finish him off and waited while the second guy walked off. We didn?t day anything to each other.

I didn?t mind. I liked talking dirty and saying how much I loved sucking cock and I also liked no contact at all. Completely anonymous, no words of introduction, just some talk about cocks and cum and then me swallowing cum. I did not feel affection for either of the guys, I just loved sucking their cocks. I realised right away I wanted to do this more and more.

I asked my number one if he thought he could cum again if I sucked him but he smiled and said he was too old to do that twice in such a short time. He knew a good thing when he saw it though and he told me to stay put and that he would go and get some more guys for me to suck.

I waited right where I was, gently and carefully rubbing my cock so that I was right at the point of cumming without actually blowing. A few minutes later, my first cock came back with two guys. Neither had a particularly large cock but I went at them hungrily. I wanked one and sucked the other, then swapped and went at this for a few minutes.

Finally one of the guys, who I had buried into the back of my mouth, said he wanted to cum. I held his arse tight but he pulled away aggressively. He said ?I?m blowing on your face you cum queen?. As I said, I?m a big bloke and this guy was 30kg lighter and 15cm shorter than me but when he said that, I wasn?t angry, I was horny as hell.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and wanked at it hard until he came all over my face. Since then, I have had some in my eye (which really hurt) from trying to watch it fly at me, but this time my self-preservation instinct kicked in and I closed my eyes. I touched the cum on my face and with one hand and held his cock with the other. I pumped his cock dry and sucked up all the leftovers.

His friend did the same thing - pulled out and came all over my face. And this guy came a bucketload. I was covered in it. I sucked him dry and then wiped a little off my cheek and put it into my mouth.

My first cock sat and watched this whole thing, slowly rubbing his big dick. He stayed out of my range as another four guys came and blew their load on my face over the next hour. I had to get off my knees and stand for some of the time as the ground was hard and my knees started to hurt. I sat on my arse on a rock, I kneeled, I leaned down. Anything to get my mouth on to these beautiful cocks.

I realised then that all cocks are beautiful. Size is best, but the taste of each is unique and glorious in its own way. I was hooked, I needed to suck more cocks and started planning my week in my mind. I knew I would spend it on my knees in the bushes blowing guys.

I still hadn?t cum. My cock was not rock hard any more but it was still pointing straight out, leaking buckets of pre-cum. I wanted to wank myself off and cum.

My first cock had started to get hard again by this stage. It was about 4pm and the day was finishing. I asked him if it was possible for me to blow him again before he left. He knew, if it wasn?t my first blowjob, I was at least very inexperienced. He told me ?No, I want you to clean that cum off and come home with me. I?m going to show you some more tricks that we can see if you like. I also don?t want you to cum. You?ll find that the charge dies after you cum. You?ll realise what you?ve been doing and have feelings of guilt?.

He was a very good judge. Since that day, I have allowed myself to cum when sucking cocks and as soon as it happens, the strength of the buzz goes down. I have never left a guy wanting but finishing them off after I?ve cum doesn?t feel as good for me.

I guess I knew what my first cock meant to do with me if I went back to his house. Did I want to be fucked? Yes I did. I didn?t know whether I would enjoy it or not but I knew I wanted to try it. I wiped up a massive amount of cum from my face and where it had dripped on to my chest and sucked it up. I turned around to see if I could make my way down to the water from the spot and then saw a boat moored about forty metres away with two blokes waving at me. It turns out, they were the fifth and sixth blowjobs I gave.

When we got back to my first cock?s house (in Mosman, a beautiful place with harbour views) we went inside and he offered me a drink and left me to go and take a shower. He told me not to shower and just to finish the beer and help myself to another ? which I did.

When he returned he led me to the shower/bath. He had unscrewed the shower nozzle and had attached a long thin tube about the width of a cigarette. He told me to lay on a plastic platform on the floor of the bath and then started massaging my arse with some liquid soap. He told me what he was going to do and I agreed. He put the tube in my arse and turned on the warm water. He pushed it in deep and told me to keep the cheeks of my arse clenched. After a couple of minutes, he told me to release the water like I was taking a crap. I did this and there was a nice feeling of warm water running out of my arse. We repeated this procedure three times and finally he told me to squat and let the water out. I did, and the water came out clean. ?You?re ready?, he said.

I was beginning to straighten out and wonder what the hell I had been doing and what I intended to do with this guy now. When I got out to the lounge room he had a piece of paper folded in his hand. He opened it and offered me a five dollar bill. I snorted up four lines of his coke and went right back to feeling as horny as hell.

He told me to take off my clothes and I did. He took my cock and rubbed some coke into it. ?That will help you keep from cumming?, he said. I lay on the floor and watched him take off his towel. Out popped his beautiful cock ? hard as a rock. He then pulled out a tube of KY gel and a couple of condoms and two dildos. One was about the size of an average cock ? 6?, and the other was even bigger than his dick ? perhaps 11? or 12? and as thick as a beer can. It had a rubber stopper at the base that would allow it to stick against a smooth surface.

He offered me something in a small bottle and told me to sniff it. I realised later it was amyl. It sent me to the stars. I went ballistic. My cock was hard as a rock and I dived for his cock. He was happy to let me suck his dick and we lay on the floor for a long time with me working his dick over. I only stopped to take a few more toots of the amyl. Every time I had a sniff, I attacked his beautiful cock again.

After a while we moved into a 69 position but on our sides. I sucked his cock and he leant around and rubbed my arse. He reached for the gel and started to rub his hand up and down the crack of my arse. This went on for a few minutes and, unbelievably, I felt better than I had that day when I first sucked his cock. Now I was full of coke and amyl, had his cock in my mouth and was having my arse slowly rubbed with his hand and a big dollop of gel.

He said ?OK, you know where we are going with this. I?m going to start with the small dildo and then I?m going to fuck your arse. Are you ready?? I knew he wanted an answer, and I knew that taking his cock out of my mouth for a few seconds to say yes wouldn?t interrupt the feeling at all, but I just kept on sucking his mighty cock and nodded my head and smiled happily.

He started to probe my arse with his index finger. No pain. It slipped in easy. I was as relaxed and horny as it was possible to be. He took the small dildo, put a condom on it and pushed it up against my arsehole. He started to push it in gently and, again, there was no pain. It did start to feel good though. Not the feeling of the dildo in my arse but the feeling that I was a slut who was sucking a cock and getting fucked at the same time.

I pushed back against the dildo and finally took his cock from my mouth and said ?Fuck me hard. I want your cock in my arse and your cum inside me and on me?.

He said ?I won?t come inside you but I will blow on you. I always wear a condom when I?m fucking and you should insist on it. I have a plan for how you will get the best orgasm of your life. Just keep sucking my dick for a while?.

No problem. I never bored of it. I love the taste. I love looking up into the eyes of a guy I am blowing (or who is fucking me) and smiling ? letting him know how much I am enjoying his cock.

He pushed the dildo into my arse to the limit and started to move it back and forward to its full length. Now I actually did begin to enjoy the feeling of the thing in my arse and cock in my mouth. I am never happier than when I am getting it from both ends. I have learnt to go for hours with cocks in both ends. I wind up sore and tired but oh so happy.

When I started to rise and fall against the dildo, he started to come up on to his knees. He took hold of my hips and pulled them up also so that I was taking the dildo doggie style whilst still sucking his cock. He reached over to the lounge and pulled a large pillow on to the ground. He told me to lie on my back and took the dildo out of my arse. I hung on to his cock with my mouth though.

He placed the large pillow under my arse and my hips were 9?off the ground, a kink in my back as I turned me head sideways to keep sucking his cock. He gently pulled his cock out of my mouth and laid me down on the ground. My cock was hard and sticking straight up into the air. I shut my eyes and listened to him tear open a second condom and pull it on to his massive dick.

He moved around so that he has kneeling at my feet. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and moved in towards me. He knew his stuff. He massaged my arse with his hand and the gel again and offered me another shot of amyl. I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

He put the head of his cock to my arsehole and pushed it gently in. Just the tip of the knob, just an inch. That hurt. For some reason, I thought I would take to this arse-fucking like a duck to water. No pain, all ecstasy. Not so easy.

I looked up at him and he was sniffing some amyl. He offered me some more but it was beginning to have less effect so I passed. He lifted my legs again and my arsehole was exactly level with his beautiful cock. He pushed harder. I?m not sure how far it went it, but it hurt like hell. I grunted ?No, no?. He ignored me and waited with his cock about 1/3 of the way in. Length wasn?t the problem though ? it was the width that was hurting.

That changed. He jammed hard at my arse and pushed in to the hilt. He hit rock bottom ? or at least that?s how it felt. I forgot the pain of the width as the end of his cock skewered me. My god, the pain. He pulled back quickly and it suddenly felt better. Width OK, Length still needed some work. He slammed me again and pulled quickly back. Felt better. In again and back out. Better still. He slammed me again and left his cock buried deep.

I began to deal with the pain, or the pain subsided. Either way, I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He hammered me again ? out and then in and stopped. It felt good. I looked up and nodded my head. ?This is great. Fuck me. Fuck me?. I?m not sure if the feeling was pure bliss ? it wasn?t like sucking cock. There wasn?t the same taste, but I felt like a complete slut and I loved the feeling.

He threw my legs back further over his legs and lent forward so that his arms reached straight to the ground either side of me. He was leaning on me and I was bent almost double underneath him. He started up a fucking rhythm that was amazing. This old guy didn?t look especially fit but he had a beast of a cock and could fuck like a stallion.

I started to writhe under him, shouting ?fuck me, fuck me?. I was in heaven. What a complete slut. I just wanted more and more cock. My dick was as hard as a rock and it must have been the coke that stopped me from blowing. He slowed to a stop after 15 or 20 minutes and pulled out of my arse. ?Are you going to blow?? I asked. ?Not yet? he replied.

He took off the condom and threw it aside. There was definitely some blood mixed into the gel and sweat on the condom but that seemed only to turn me on more. ?Now I have the ultimate experience for you. You will come to love this feeling and it will become the goal of all of your sex sessions. You are a natural cock slut. You want it every way you can get it. Whether you can admit that to yourself or not is up to you but it is a fact?.

With that he moved us over to an adjoining wall between the lounge and dining areas that blocked half the space. It had an end face that was about 30cm wide with the lounge on one side and the dining room on the other. He laid down a large towel around the wall.

He told me to get on my knees and point my arse to the wall. Then he opened the last condom packet and placed it on the giant dildo. It looked enormous. It was enormous. I was really not sure how I would deal with it but by now I trusted the man and he hadn?t been wrong yet. He held the dildo in his hands and moved around behind me. He nudged the massive dildo up against the lips of my puckered arse. ?Get ready, this is going to hurt?.

We went through a similar game as when he had started to fuck me. In a little, mild pain. In a lot, severe pain. Hold it at the tip and in 1/2 and back and hold. In 1/2 and out. I got past the pain of the width of the monster and we slowly worked on me handling the length. After a couple of minutes we had it up to 2/3 in and it was further in than the man?s cock. The pain subsided but I couldn?t take any more. He pushed as hard as he could but my arse wouldn?t give.

More coke, more amyl and still no further.

He didn?t appear to be concerned. ?I know what will get us there. You want my cock in your mouth at the same time. When I blow on your face we will hot bottom?.

I was a wreck, I had taken seven or eight loads of cum, been fucked in the arse, taken half a gram of coke and sniffed a bottle of amyl. I was sweating buckets and, frankly, starting to feel tired. My cock was firm but not rock hard. There was no pre-cum. I thought I was finished.

He knew better. He licked the plunger bottom of the dildo and pushed it up against the wall behind me. I was on my knees facing away from the adjoining wall, catching my breath and wondering what he had in mind.

He lined my arse up on the dildo and told me to push back. He told me to maintain the height and push back in steady strokes and the dildo would stay in place. I did as I was told. I felt it going into me to the level we had gotten to earlier. He then flicked on a huge flat screen TV ? and I was on it. He had a digital video in his hand and was filming me rocking back and forth on this monster cock. My cock went ballistic.

I was hard as a rock again. He said keep at the rhythm and set the camera on a table so that I was still being filmed. I looked away from the screen and his beautiful cock was right in front of my face. I swallowed it greedily. I sucked it up to the back of my mouth so that his pubic hairs were pushing against my nose. I was rabid. I wanted his cock and the dildo. He told me to stay calm ? what a joke. I was trying to drag the cum out of his cock.

He told me I needed to remember we wanted to bottom the dildo as well, and that needed me to concentrate on my thrusting as well as my sucking. I got another shot of amyl and went to it. He kept his hands on my shoulders and stayed dead still. I thrust forward and swallowed his cock. Thrust back and my arse ate the dildo. I was in heaven.

This went on for about five minutes and he started to talk to me. ?You are the best. The finest cock slut I have ever had. The best fuck of my life. Swallow my cock. Swallow the dildo. Take it all?. And I did. I bottomed out on the massive dildo and just kept pounding it in to me and sucking on his magnificent cock. He started to groan and I took him out of my mouth and begged him to cum on me.

He told me to push back and hold the push. I slammed myself back at the wall and took the whole dildo and kept it tight. He slipped a finger under the seal and removed it from the wall whilst keeping it jammed up my arse. He told me to lay on my back and then he sat on my face. He told me to tongue his arse and at the same time he wanked my cock and slammed the dildo in and out of my arse.

I pushed my tongue up his arse for all I was worth but then started to feel my cum ready to go. I told him I didn?t want to cum before him and he had to let me go. He just said ?It?s OK my little slut. I am ready to blow a gallon. Where do you want it??

?It doesn?t matter. Just keep fucking me and blow your load on me. I?m ready to explode?. He did. He came buckets. Huge loads of silky cum all over my face. In my eyes, my nose, on my lips. I kept my eyes open and it hurt but I wanted to watch this scene. He kept pounding my arse with the dildo and went back to my aching cock. His ability to keep a rhythm was brilliant.

I shot the biggest and longest load of cum I have fired since I was a teenager. All over my chest. Some touched my chin. He slowed the pace of the arse pounding to a complete stop over the next minute or so as I slowly unwound from the sexual tension I felt after this incredible fuck.

What a man. What a cock. It took me ten minutes to unwind enough to talk. And then I didn?t feel like talking dirty any more. My arse hurt like hell. There was blood coming from it and it ached. I was covered in cum. I stunk of sweat and blood and cum and booze.

I knew at that moment that I would have this secret relationship with cocks where they took me to heights that I couldn?t imagine but that I would have to deal with guilt after. I wanted to be a complete cum slut but I wanted to keep my old life. To this day, I have never looked at a man with clothes on and been turned on but, show me the same guy naked with a hard on and I go crazy.

It felt strange but it felt good. I get the best of both worlds. I fuck my brains out once or twice a week and retain my normal life at other times.

My first cock still fucks me and lets me suck him off but he realises that I need more than one cock (many more) to get high now. I need ten or more cocks. I need my arse to be stretched. I need to feel humiliated. I need to be covered in cum. Men piss on me and I ask for more. My first cock helps organise some of these nights or I just find some willing lads at a sauna.

I have paid a team of twenty male prostitutes to fuck me for a weekend. It cost me thousands of dollars, I was pissed on, fisted, and had cum all over every inch of my body. I will write about that weekend another time. It was the only session that came close to that first day with my first cock. It appears that I need more and more cock each time to get off. Not such a bad thing.

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