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My husband would not give up, every time we were out of town he would try to dress me like a slut and show me off to strangers, mostly men. He would try to get me drunk in hopes that he could offer me to engage in sexual acts with strangers and that I would go along with it. He had this thing about wanting to see strange cock in me and then to fuck my pussy once filled with the steamy hot sperm of another man. Several times this almost happened and would have had it not been for the other guys being such gentlemen and knowing I was drunk and not in total control of my senses. I guess the guys could tell that I was not a willing participant and thus a victim of my husband’s deviant behavior, not to mention that many guys can be somewhat homophobic and not want to be that close to other naked men with erections.

Well one night all the planets must have aligned and or my husband’s skills had improved to the point that he finally got what he had been wanting, plus a little more. We were out of town for the night and like always my husband was pushing the short little skirt, a near see through top, a pair of strappy high heels and nothing else. I agreed with one exception and that was a cute little pair of sexy panties that I really liked.

Once showered and dressed in my slutty outfit we headed for the bar in the hotel in which we were staying. I could see it was filled with plenty of opportunities for my husband’s fantasies, but for me, I felt uncomfortable as there were several guys who were looking me up and down as though I was some cheep young hooker. We sat down at a table that my husband selected which left us in plain view of a couple of other tables that had single men at them. There will be no privacy for us tonight he said as the waiter was walking over to take our order.

Shortly after our second round of drinks were ordered my husband started trying to get his hand up under my skirt and between my legs. I held my legs together tightly for at this high bar table, with my short skirt, just about anybody nearby would be able to see my smoothly shaved pussy through the skimpy little pair of sheer panties I had on. And perhaps it was just my imagination, but I felt that all the guys sitting in the room could see that I was being served up for their sexual pleasure.

I almost left by the time the third round of drinks were delivered but the server leaned over and whispered to us that the gentleman sitting at the table across from us wish to buy us this round. We both looked over at him; he was black, very fit and somewhat handsome. He smiled and winked and I looked over at my husband who had a huge grin on his face and was now looking at me as if though I were his pray. I felt a little nervous but the butterflies in my stomach slowly dissipated as I practically slammed my third drink.

By the time we were on our fifth cocktail my husband had my legs spread apart quite nicely, his fingers under my panties and the full attention of the black gentleman who bought us the drink. My husband was massaging my clit and occasionally inserting his finger into my now very wet little pink hole. He would bring me to the point where I would almost cum and then I would snap back to reality realizing where we were.

By the second time I had a near climax and reality check the black gentleman came over to our table and took the seat next to me. He stared straight into my eyes and with a naughty little smile on his face said hello. I said hi as he was sliding into his seat and almost simultaneously I felt his hand touching up high between my thighs. He looked right at my husband and said “I have been enjoying your little show “, I started to close my legs but his hand swiftly slid further up my bare inner thigh until his finger joined my husband’s in my warm wet pussy. The two of them masterfully fingered fucked my pussy and rubbed my swollen clit until I lost all control; I tried to muffle my moan as my climax erupted.

Once my legs stopped quivering my husband asked the stranger if he wished to take this back to our room and with a quick “yes” from the black gentleman the three of us headed for the elevator. It was not until we were on the elevator that we learned the name of our new friend, he introduced himself as Anthony as he stepped in front of me and slid his hands up under my blouse. Being braless Anthony was able to immediately begin massaging my breast and gently pinch my nipples. My husband took over the back side and was up under my skirt with his fingers banging my thoroughly wet pussy from behind. I came again before we made it to our floor. It was good thing that no one interrupted us on the elevator for in my sexual frenzy I would have not been able to ask the guys to stop.

Once we made it to our room they begin tugging and pulling at the little clothing I had on until I found myself standing in the middle of two very horny guys wearing only my high heels. Anthony removed his pants and unveiled a very long and very dark semi erect cock. My husband motioned me to the floor and placed me on my knees in front of Anthony’s massive hanging tool. Anthony took his cue and began feeding his dark hunk of flesh into my mouth. As I sucked on his cock it continued to swell and I soon had a hard time fitting it all in my mouth. Anthony continued to thrust his hardening shaft to the back of my throat and I placed my hands under his balls and gently massaged them as they swayed back and forth. His balls were enormous and I could tell by the weight and size of them that they were storing a huge amount of cum.

My husband knelt down behind me, grabbed a hold of my hips, slightly lifted my ass and inserted his cock into my pink wet pussy. In his excitement he began pounding me so hard he was shoving my mouth down deeper onto Anthony’s cock, which now at full erection was nearly ten inches long. Deeper and deeper his cock penetrated my throat until I my gag reflex took over and Anthony had to pull out. While I was catching my breath Anthony dropped to the floor, lay on his back facing upward and then slid his head under me from the front. As I stared down at the massive erection lying across this stranger’s flat hard abdomen I could feel his talented tongue joining my husband’s cock in my pussy.

I tipped my head downward to look back between my legs and I could see Anthony’s long tongue darting in and out of my pussy and licking the bottom side of my husband’s cock as his stiff shaft drove in and out of me from behind. I was so turned on I bent forward and took Anthony’s pulsing dark cock in my mouth again; his hips would thrust upwards as he once again tried to get the entire length of his erection in my mouth. It was so erotic being in the sixty nine positions and trading oral sex with this dark skinned stranger as my husband savagely fucked my pussy from behind. Not to mention the occasional glimpse I would get of the dark fleshy lips and pink tongue licking and sucking the hard white shaft of my husband’s cock each time it would slide out of my dripping wet pussy. I guess this also excited my husband because soon after I finally swallowed all of Anthony’s ten inch cock he let out a loud grunt and filled my swollen pussy full of cum.

When my husband’s cock softened and fell out of my pussy he asked if he could see Anthony fuck me. I sat back up and Anthony climbed out from under us and began to move in behind me. I told them both that I would let Anthony fuck me but he had to use a condom. Anthony agreed, went over and pulled one from his pants. I watched him roll the condom first over the head and then down his long hard shaft that glistened with my saliva. He moved back behind me, knelt down, spread the cheeks of my ass and slipped his rubber clad cock into my cum filled pussy.

My husband knelt down beside us and pushed his placid dick towards my face until I scooped it up with my mouth and began working on getting it hard again. My husband reached back behind me placed his hand over the back of my nice round ass and held me open for Anthony’s penetration. Soon I could feel my husband’s fingers at the entrance to my gushing wet pussy as he was holding my lips open while allowing Anthony’s cock to slide between his fingers. I could hear and feel how wet is was back there from mine and my husband’s orgasms and when I looked back over my shoulder I saw my husband stroking the condom off of Anthony’s slippery rigid cock. My husband then grabbed a hold of Anthony’s bare hard shaft with his hand and guided it back into my pussy. I started to protest until I noticed my husband’s cock swelling in my mouth.

Now hard again my husband began fucking my mouth while his hand remained in play between my pussy and Anthony’s cock that was thrusting in and out of me from behind. I felt my husband lean over my back for a closer look at the action and with that Anthony took charge. He pulled out of my pussy, slide his cock up through the crack of my ass and I saw him inserted the head of his cock into my husband’s mouth. My husband sucked on the tip of it for several seconds and then guided Anthony’s dick to the opening of my ass. With the head of his cock slippery and wet from my husband’s saliva and his shaft well lubed with mine and my husband’s cum it was no surprise when Anthony pushed a little harder that his long dark cock slid right into my asshole. While Anthony pounded my ass, my husband with his new swollen erection moved up behind him, reached around and held the base of Anthony’s cock as it repeatedly penetrated my squeaky clean little butthole. I then heard Anthony let out a moan and discovered that my husband had worked his cock between his dark firm cheeks and into Anthony’s bottom. And with each thrust my husband made into Anthony’s rear it would drive Anthony’s long black cock deeper into my ass.

After several minutes of this taboo play I heard my husband orgasm in Anthony’s butt and soon thereafter I came really hard when I felt Anthony shoot a massive load of his cum into my ass. As we all pulled apart I could see Anthony was still as hard as a rock and ready for more. I then asked if I could see Anthony return the favor to my husband who at first was reluctant. I told my husband “if you ever want to do this again I need to have a turn” and with that he quietly agreed. So I lay back on the floor positioned my husband on his hands and knees with his face between my legs. My husband slurped on my swollen wet pussy and licked up the cum that was oozing from my ass. Anthony made his way around the back side of my bent over husband worked his dark slippery cock into my husband’s virgin white ass.

My husband tried to remain focused on eating my pussy but I could see by the pleasure pain look on my husband’s face that Anthony’s long dark shaft was sinking deeper into his ass. But the mental picture I hold that is most priceless was the contorted expression on Anthony’s face when his whole body twitched as he emptied those huge balls of his deep into my husband’s bawls. Whether or not we do this again remains a mystery.

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