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Kit’s Surprise

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Kit's Surprise

I'd made the arrangements well in advance. My sister-in-law had taken the kids for the weekend. She was staying at our house with the kids because it was easiest for everyone.

It was our anniversary, and I had promised Kit something super-special for her as a gift. She was totally unaware of my plans.

I had booked us into a nice hotel an hour away. This was far enough away to make us feel like we were getting away, but not so far that we were out of contact range if necessary.

We arrived in the early evening on Friday night, and checked into our room. We ordered a nice dinner from room service. Kit was as pleased as she could be with my little trip; and rewarded me with a surprise of her own. When she came out of the bathroom to get into bed for the night, she was wearing a new and very sexy bit of lingerie that she had apparently bought recently. She looked stunning in it, the way it showed off her large breasts, and her long legs. We ended up fucking each other silly all over the room before finally falling asleep naked and exhausted.

The next day, Saturday, Kit awoke before me, and after making a quick trip to the bathroom, woke me up by climbing back into bed and snuggling her naked body against mine. As I stirred, she took hold of my cock, which was already straining with morning wood, in one hand while she slowly dragged her hardening nipples across my slightly parted lips. I came fully awake as she worked herself down and wrapped her soft lips around my raging hard-on. Her mouth was very warm and wet. She teased me for a bit with her mouth before moving up and straddling my hips. Very slowly she slid my cock deep into her wet pussy. After a second of adjusting, she rode me with abandon until she came wailing and moaning. I soon followed with my own orgasm, shooting my cum up into her as she shuddered against my chest, gasping for breath. After a bit we got up and bathed one another in the very spacious extra large two person shower, then dressed and grabbed a quick bite to eat in the hotel's restaurant. We headed into town and spent the morning shopping in the touristy antique shops.

That afternoon, we spent lounging around the very nice indoor/outdoor pool at the hotel, before we changed into nicer clothes and had an expensive dinner at a steak joint, near the hotel. It was a beautiful evening, and we walked hand in hand back to the hotel bar for drinks. A couple hours later, we stumbled up to our room, more then a little tipsy. It was time for me to spring the last and best surprise that I had planned for Kit.

Kit quickly stripped out of the nice slacks, and blouse she was wearing, and then laid back on the bed seductively, beckoning me to come to her. I didn't hesitate a second. I stripped myself to my Lycra/cotton euro trunks, and climbed onto the bed next to her. We kissed passionately, and Kit's hand soon found my erect cock. She stroked it through the smooth material of my shorts. I moaned softly. She was wearing the open fronted half cup black lace shelf bra I had bought her, and as she stroked my cock through the material I leaned down and ran my tongue around her exposed nipples. She moaned louder then she had a second before. Her hips flexed as I ran my hand over her hips to the front of the black lace thong panties she was wearing. I could tell she was soaking wet already. I dipped my middle finger down between her thighs along the outside of the panties, and felt the heat of her desire. Her hips flexed again into my hand. She moaned again. Kit was very hot and horny. She was ready for my next move. I had no doubt she was up for virtually anything now. I moved her up further onto the bed, and centered her there. As she lay there I leaned over the sides, and pulled up the restraint straps I had installed there earlier in the day. Looking at them she smiled sexily, and moaned.

"So you want to be extra naughty tonight, huh baby?" she said. I smiled and nodded. Then I moved her arms out one at a time, and wrapped the soft Velcro cuffs around each wrist. She laid her head back and closed her eyes smiling. I moved down to the foot of the bed, and pulled up the matching leg restraints. I slowly slid her panties off, and then tossed them over near her pile of clothes. I gently moved her legs apart and wrapped each ankle with a soft Velcro cuff. This placed her in a nice spread eagle position. The nylon strap clipped to each cuff was stretched tightly down to each leg of the bed. Kit was effectively immobilized.

"You better get a towel for under my hips, baby." She said softly. I climbed off the bed and retrieved one from the bathroom. I doubled it over then slid it under her hips and ass as she lifted them as much as she was able in the restraints.

Kit adjusted herself as comfortably as she could on the bed, restrained as she was. I kissed her legs softly, and then moved off the bed again. I retrieved a black satin blindfold with an elastic band across the back from our luggage, and carefully placed it on Kit. It covered her eyes fully not allowing her to see anything. I then retrieved the MP3 player from the desk she had been using at the pool earlier, and placed the ear-buds into her ears. I cycled through the tunes until I found a set she especially liked and started it playing, adjusting the volume as loud as was necessary to cut her hearing off completely but without it being painful or dangerous.. Now Kit was totally cut off from her sense of sight and hearing. Just as I had imagined it. And having had as much liquor as she had had, her inhibitions were totally gone.

"Ohhhh....this is so hot, baby." Kit said in a louder voice then was necessary. I moved my mouth near her ear, and told her she was yelling. "Well then, why don't you come over here and make me scream." She said in a lower voice, thrusting her hips into the air seductively. I leaned over and started kissing her all over her body slowly, sensuously. Kit began to moan softly and breathe faster. Her nipples stood up like new erasers. And her pussy was thoroughly soaked when I moved my hand down between her widely parted legs. Her hips bucked into my hand hard.

"Come on baby. Don't tease me. Make me cum." She moaned again as my fingers stroked up and down her slick pussy lips. I smiled to myself, knowing what was still to come. Just then, my cell phone buzzed and vibrated on the desk. I leaned over and picked it up. I had a text message. Opening it, I saw it was from the person I had been expecting to hear from. I replied quickly then put the phone down on the table next to the bed. Then leaned down and ran my tongue up over Kit's clit as I parted her lips with my one hand and slowly slid my middle finger into her wet pussy. Kit moaned louder, and thrust her hips up into my mouth.

"OHHH...MMMM...YES BABY!...THAT'S IT!!" she wailed as I flexed my finger against her G-spot, and sucked her clit into my mouth, my tongue flicking around it wildly. Kit started to hump against my hand, lifting and thrusting her wide hips into my hand and mouth. Moaning and panting. Her mouth hung partly open as she gasped for breath. I continued to alternate licking and sucking on her hard little clit, and working my middle finger in and out, curving it, and flexing it against her G-spot. She was shaking in pleasure, and I knew I could make her cum very soon.

There was a soft knock on the door to the room. I looked to see if Kit had heard it at all past the music playing in her ears. But she was too drunk, and too into the sex to notice anything. I moved up next to her ear again.

"I think you're ready for a nice toy now." I said in her ear over the music.

"Mmmmm, yes........" she moaned. As I slipped off the bed, and walked to the door. I opened the door quietly, and looked at the person standing out in the hall. I smiled, and holding my finger to my lips, invited him in. When he entered he immediately looked over at Kit, then smiled, and wiggled his eyebrows up and down a few times. I mirrored him, then closed and locked the door as quietly as I had opened it.

Kit was singing softly to the tune playing in her ears as the stranger walked over towards the bed and looked down at her. I walked over to stand next to him.

His name was Jake. We had met online a few months before on a swinging web site I had set up for me and Kit to explore some new things. But Kit had cooled on meeting new people after we had looked into it a bit. I don't know what had changed, seeing as it was her idea to look into it originally anyway. But she had, and Jake had been one of the guys interested in meeting us, before she had changed her mind. He and I had stayed in touch online, chatting a lot. Then finally meeting, just he and I, one night at a local restaurant/bar. We had developed this plan, then worked together to make it happen. Now he was here, and everything was ready.

Jake looked at me, and shrugged as if to say, "Now what?" I smiled then nodded and pointed to his clothes, and made the universal sign for 'git outta here'. He smiled, and began shucking out of his clothes as fast as he could.

"Where you at baby?" Kit asked.

I climbed back onto the bed after getting out a medium sized pink rubber jelly dildo. I kissed her on the lips, and she responded immediately, swirling her tongue around mine. I then ran the head of the dildo over her swollen pussy lips. And she moaned again. I watched Jake strip down totally naked. Then move to the other side of the bed. I saw that he was already as hard as a steel pipe. Where I was on the small side of average in length, and of normal thickness, he was on the larger side of average, and a bit thicker. And where my cock curved up gradually from its base to the head, his was as straight as an arrow. I motioned for him to wait a moment, and then slowly started to slide the dildo into Kit. She moaned loudly, and caught her breath as the dildo penetrated her, and stretched her open. I slid it half in then back out again, playing it over her little clit.

"Stop teasing me and fuck me! I need to cum so badly!" She moaned again. I slid the dildo back in again then started fucking her with it. She responded in her usual way, wailing and moaning in a higher and higher voice as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. It didn't take long before Kit suddenly tensed, then exploded in orgasm. Her hips bucking as wildly as the restraints would allow, her pussy gushing out a flood of hot clear fluid. She coated the dildo and my hand, shooting juices out of her in streams. The whole time moaning and shrieking and wailing her pleasure. Her orgasm lasted a good thirty seconds, then she finally relaxed, and set her hips back down on the now soaking wet towel under her. I slid the dildo out of her, and laid it on the table. I leaned over and kissed her softly. She kissed me back, then slipped her tongue into my mouth again. Her breath was fast and hard and tasted of the expensive bourbon she had been drinking down at the bar.

"Your turn baby. You can have me anyway, anywhere you want." She breathed into my mouth. She was so drunk her words were slurred. I kissed her back harder, and she bit my lip playfully. I sat up so I was kneeling next to her now. I looked up at Jake who was slowly stroking his cock. Then he pointed at himself. I nodded, then held up my forefinger again. I moved off the bed, and then motioned for Jake to put on a condom and take my place. He selected one of the flavored condoms, and rolled it onto his cock. I wondered if Kit would notice the difference in our cocks. Jake kneeled on the bed. I moved to the foot of the bed, and took out a digital camera. I turned it on, and nodded to Jake to go ahead. He moved up and leaned over her face. With one hand he turned her head and moved the head of his cock to her lips. Kit opened her mouth right away, and ran her tongue around the latex covered head of his cock. He gasped as she started to suck the head of his cock. She didn't seem to notice the difference in the size and shape of his cock compared to mine as she took the head into her mouth and started to bob her head as much as she could at that angle. Jake looked like he was gonna turn inside out. I smiled. He let go of her head and steadied himself against the wall behind the bed. With his other hand he reached down and played with her boobs, cupping them, and tweaking the nipples. Kit moaned every time he did this. This went on for several minutes. Then he suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth, and ripped the condom off. With a loud grunt he exploded in an intense orgasm. As he held his cock by the base, he launched stream after stream after stream of thick milky semen out and onto Kit's big beautiful tits. He covered them from nipple to nipple. After a bit his orgasm slowed and his cum dribbled out over his fingers and onto the side of Kit's right tit. Kit was gasping from the face fucking she'd just delivered. Jake, stepped off the bed and sat down on the couch across from the bed. His cock was still semi erect, and throbbed with a visible pulse.

"Wow, baby. You were really excited. I can feel your cum all over me, running down my sides." Kit said.

"I'll get a washcloth I said near her ear, then walked to the bathroom and grabbed a cloth turning on the hot water. When I came back, Jake had moved to stand at the foot of the bed, and he was slowly stroking his cock back to life again. I looked at him and he smiled. Then I moved over and gently washed his cum off of her tits, and side.

"Mmmm, that feels good." Kit said as I washed her clean.

When I was done I threw the cloth back into the bathroom, then leaning down kissed her on the neck.

"I hope you're not done. I want to feel your cock inside me still." She said. I kissed her lips.

I slid off the bed again, and undid the strap holding her left leg from the bed leg. As I bent her knee, I brought the strap up and snapped it onto the ring holding her left wrist cuff to it's strap. Her left leg was now bent at the knee, and hinged up so that her knee cap was pressed against the outside of her left breast. Kit moaned softly. I then did the same with her right leg. This position put her wet clean shaved pussy fully open to view, and pressed her huge tits together in between her knees. Jake stared as he stroked.

I caught his eye, and making a V of my fingers I stuck my tongue between them while looking at him. He smiled, and nodded enthusiastically. I stepped back from the bed and picked up the camera again. He climbed onto the bed between her legs, and leaned forward. As his tongue reached out and ran up over Kit's dripping pussy, she yelped and flexed her hips into his mouth. Using his tongue and lips, Jake started to lick and suck her labia and hard little clit.

"OH FUCK, BABY!!!! YES!!!" Kit wailed. Flexing and thrusting her hips into his face. Her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. Luckily the blindfold was on very well, and it didn't dislodge. As her gyrations got more forceful, Jake moved his hands up and took hold of her ass. His tongue continued to drive up into her pussy, then move back and flick out and around her clit again and again. He was doing a fabulous job of eating her pussy. Jake moved up and locked his mouth around Kit's clit, as he slid one then two fingers into Kit's pussy. She almost came off the bed entirely as his fingers hit her G-spot, and pushed against it.

"OH GOD.....I'M GONNA CUM, BABY!!!!" Kit moaned loudly. Then suddenly she tensed again, and a fresh flood of her juices exploded out of her all over Jake's face and hands. He continued to lap and lick and suck her as she climaxed over and over. As her orgasm finally slowed, he kissed her pussy softly then sat up panting a bit. His face and neck and hands were covered in her juices. He was smiling like a kid with a new toy. I almost laughed out loud. He looked at me and mouthed the words "WOW!" I nodded, and smiled a knowing smile. He then got off the bed and walked into the bathroom. As he wiped off his face, I climbed up on the bed. I kneeled back between her legs again, and rolled a condom onto my hard cock. I then moved over her, and let my hard condom covered cock rest on her labia.

"Mmmmm..." Kit moaned as she felt my cock head pressing against her pussy opening. "That was intense, I came very hard that last time." Kit said.

"I'm glad, baby. You ready to cum some more? You ready for some hard cock?" I asked. Then pushed the head into her pussy. Kit moaned again, and flexed her hips into me.

"Oh God yesssss....." she hissed through her clenched teeth.

I bottomed out, and then started stroking it in and out of her. Her pussy tightened around it as her muscles gripped me firmly. It felt fabulous.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh....." she started to moan. I held onto her thighs flexing my hips forcefully, and ploughed into her. "That's it baby, yes, make me cum again!" she commanded. I started to pick up the pace of my thrusting. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, I'd held it off too long, and there was no way I could hold it back much longer. I leaned down to her, and kissed her breasts. She moaned again. Then I slowed my thrusting. Kit was straining at the straps that held her.

Jake walked back into the room. His cock, fully hard again, bobbed up n down in front of him as he walked over to the bed.

"Feel good baby?" I asked her.

"Oh yes." She moaned. I slow stroked into her now.

"Remember that dream you had about being tied up, and then having a stranger pleasure you that you told me about a few months ago?" I asked her. Thrusting into her deeply.

"Y-y-yes..." She answered in gasps. I could see her drunk mind trying to get around it.

"Wouldn't it be hot if you had that now?" I said then. "Some strange hot guy, with a cock like steel, thrusting it into you, pleasuring you in every way possible, again and again?" Kit moaned again. Her hips flexing several times as I thrust into her.

I looked over at Jake who was smiling, and nodding. I smiled back. Then looked back down at Kit. "Wouldn't that be so fucking hot, baby?" I asked. Kit moaned again. "Would you like to try that?" I pressed. Kit just kept thrusting into my thrusts. "Would you like that?" I asked again.

"Yes ....I dunno...maybe." She panted out. Her breathing was fast and erratic now, and I knew she was going to cum again soon.

"What if I told you that there was a totally naked hunk here in this room right now, with a massive hard cock, just waiting to fuck you?" I said. And thrust into her faster.

"Yes, Yes!!" she wailed. I slowed again.

"Would you want him? Would you want him to fuck you, pleasure you?" I asked.

Kit moaned softly, and then nodded. "Yes....Oh God.....Yes....I'd want it." She moaned.

"You sure, baby?" I asked softly. "Are you totally sure that you'd want that big, hard, thick strange cock in you? Fucking you good and hard? Making you come, and come?" I said thrusting into her again faster and harder. I looked up at Jake standing next to the bed, rolling a fresh condom onto his cock.

"OH GOD!!! YES! GOD YES! I'D WANT HIM IN ME!" She wailed.

"Your wish is my command." I said, and slid my cock out of her.

"Huh?" was all she said, then tried to look out from under the blindfold as Jake kneeled on the bed, and moved between her legs. He took hold of her legs just behind her knees, and then he slowly pushed the head of his significantly larger cock against her wet pussy. Kit jumped. Jake pressed in, and the head moved into her. Kit tensed. But Jake just pressed forward and slid himself all the way into her tight pussy. Kit could tell that something was different. She could tell this time that it wasn't my cock in her now. Jake just rested there for a minute, and then slowly started to slide in and out of her pussy. Kit moved the side of her head against the pillow as she tried to move the mask aside, but it was on too well. She tried to pull her wrists out of the cuffs holding her arms out, but they were too tight, and she couldn't get any leverage to tear at the Velcro. I stood and watched.

"Who is that!?" she asked an edge of fear and panic starting in her voice. I moved up on her right side and kneeled on the bed. I leaned forward, and pulled the MP3 ear buds out of her ears gently.

"Shhhhhh, just enjoy your fantasy, baby." I whispered, then moved down and started kissing and licking her breasts, and around her nipples.

Jake's cock must have been hitting all the right areas, because Kit started to buck and flex her hips in time to his thrusts. Her moans got louder and higher pitched. She was definitely gonna cum soon. Despite the strange cock that was now fucking the hell out of her. I pressed her nipples together, and started to suck them both at the same time. Kit wailed louder still. I knew that this always helped get her off whenever I did this. Her hips were humping and flexing and gyrating with Jake's every thrust. Her voice a high pitched wail as her orgasm rushed over her "OH GOD NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" she screamed, and tensed. Jake pounded into her faster and harder as she began to shake and spasm in orgasm after orgasm. Kit often went multiple when she was thoroughly horny, and stimulated. And this was apparently just such an occasion. Her body shuddered and wrenched as a long string of orgasms racked her body. Jake held on and rode with her for several long seconds, then he too tensed his whole body and I knew he was filling the condom with his own seed. As Kit's orgasms finally started to weaken, Jake leaned down over Kit and kissed her softly on the lips. His softening cock still in her quivering pussy. She tensed at first then kissed him back. After a minute or so, he sat back up, and gently slid his softening cock out of her. He pulled the very full condom off, and walked on shaky feet to the bathroom.

I pulled the mask off Kit, and then unbound her from the restraints. She blinked hard as her eyes re-adjusted to the lights in the room. She looked around the room for the other cock. Then she noticed the bathroom light was on. She sat up and looked at me very hard. I tried to play cool and just smiled back at her.

"Who the FUCK is that, Dutch!?!" She asked in a hoarse whisper. I looked over at the bathroom.

"Surprise, Kitten. He's your anniversary present." I said back. "You sure didn't seem to mind who it was a minute ago." I followed with when she looked daggers at me. And as what I had just said sank in her look softened. She blushed a deep red, and looked down unable to meet my eyes. Then the water went off and the door started to open.

The look on her face was a mixture of disbelief and mild horror. Just then the light went off, and Jake walked back into the bedroom. Still buck naked, with his soft cock flopping in front. He walked over to the bed and standing there, held out his hand to Kit who had grabbed a pillow and placed it across her nude torso.

"Hi. I'm Jake. It is very nice to finally meet you. You are everything Dutch said you were. I'm honored to meet you, actually." He said smiling a genuine smile. Kit took his hand after looking at it for a second.

"Yes, um, 'hi' I guess...." She stammered back. She looked him up and down, staring at his nicely muscled body. Her eyes especially lingered over his flaccid circumcised cock. She let go of his hand, then stood dropping the pillow on the bed. She obviously appreciated the fact that I had picked a damned good looking, well-built and friendly guy for her surprise.

"If you'll excuse me for a minute, I need to use the bathroom now." Kit said then walked over and into the bathroom, closing the door and turning on the light. We both watched her fine ass as she walked away from us.

Jake sat down on the couch again.

"Is she ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, she's just a bit shocked and probably a bit mad at me too. But she'll be ok." I replied as I stood up again, and realized that I was still hard as a rock, and still wearing a condom. I just lay back on the bed and smiled to myself.

Kit was in the bathroom awhile. When she finally came out, there was a different look in her eyes. I sat up on my elbows, and watched her walk back over to the bed.

"Well, if this is my anniversary present, I want to take full advantage of it." She said. Then climbed onto the bed, straddling my hips, and moving her pink slit up over my hard cock. I lay back down as Kit guided me to her wet hole, then after slipping the head in, sat down on it fully. She gasped, and then moaned as I bottomed out in her. Slowly she started to ride me up and down, sliding my condom covered cock in and out of her well fucked cunt. I reached up and cupped her big tits. Her nipples hardened under my fingers as I pinched and tweaked them gently. She leaned over me more, pressing her tits into my face.

"Suck em, baby. Suck my tits, and make me cum." She ordered. I pressed the nipples together and started licking and sucking them in unison. "Fuck yes, that's so good." She moaned. I kept up my sucking. She started to hump on me faster.

Then she slowed and leaning over fully, crushing her huge tits onto my face. She looked over her left shoulder at Jake, who was sitting there watching us, and stroking his newly hardened cock back to life.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get over here and get that hard cock into my ass. I know Dutch had to have told you how badly I want a real DP." She said to him.

Jake jumped to the bed. As Kit leaned forward as far as she could with my hard cock still stabbing up into her. Jake kneeled down between my legs which were hanging over the edge of the bed, bent at the knees, and moved his face up close to Kit's ass. His tongue darted out, and he slowly ran it over her ass. The tip swirled around the pink pucker of her asshole. Kit shuddered, and moaned into my ear as he rimmed her fully. Kit's hips flexed several times, working my cock in her pussy. She was dripping already; I could feel the fluids running down my balls, and thighs. It tickled a bit.

When he was ready, Jake stood back up, and after rolling a fresh condom onto his hard cock, squeezed a little of the lube I had used with Kit's toy onto his cock. I felt him move around a bit between my legs, then felt him pressing Kit. His cockhead hit her tight asshole, and he pressed in harder. Slowly she opened up, and the head popped in.

"AHH!" Kit yelped as his cock stretched her out. "Slowly......go slowly, gentle." She said to him over her shoulder. Jake moved slowly, but firmly as he pressed it in more. I felt it through the thin skin that separated our cocks. It felt a bit weird, but also very good. Finally he bottomed out and held it there for a few seconds, so she could adjust.

"How is that baby, you ok?" I asked. She just nodded, and grunted an unintelligible sound.

Then slowly Jake started to slide it back out. This made Kit start to shake. I gently thrust up into her as he slid till only the head of his cock was in her. Then he pushed it back in. Kit shuddered again, and moaned loudly. I held her shoulders as she hugged her chest against me, holding on as Jake began to saw his cock in and out of her ass fully. I tried to alternate my thrusts up into her with his out slides. Kit was now shaking fully, and moaning and grunting with every one of our thrusts.

"UNH.....UNH....UNH....UNH....UNH....UNH....UNH...!!" She grunted as Jake thrust into her ass like a machine. I held her close to me, one arm around her shoulders, the other around her waist. I strained my hips up into her trying to keep my own rock hard cock buried as deeply as I could in her pussy. Kit's breath was hot and rasping on my cheek and her sweaty hair hung damply over my face and tickled my neck. I couldn't see her face but by the way her body was shaking told me she was walking that fine line between pleasure and pain. Her DD tits were smashed against my chest. Her face turned away from me, one ear at my lips. I brushed it softly with my lips, and whispered soothing word of encouragement into it. The shaking in her body got stronger, and her finger tips started to dig into the bed more fiercely. Her grunting became one long unintelligible moan.

"UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...............!!!!" Kit moaned, her body tensing suddenly. Her head lifted off of me, and the expression on her face was an inscrutable mix of ecstasy, desire, and release. She held her breath, and I felt her hips flex and grind against mine. Then a torrent of hot fluid erupted between us. Kit came hard, and continued to come again and again, and again. I held her moaning to her not to stop. She thrust back into and onto both Jake and I. I shuddered at the ferocity of her climax, then lost my control and suddenly started sending stream after stream of cum into the condom on my hard cock.

"AHH GOD!!!! I'M COMING!!" I wailed. I pushed my hips up to meet Kit's flexing and thrusting. Her fluids continued to pour out of her and down. I felt as if I was going to expire from the pleasure of the moment. I gasped and panted and held onto Kit until my orgasm finally abated, and I was able to relax again. My cock softened immediately, and slipped out of Kit's pussy. Jake slowed his thrust, then slowly withdrew his hard cock from Kit's punished asshole. The end of his condom was full almost to the point of bursting with his own orgasmic emissions. On shaky legs, Jake sat back into the small couch, and laid his head back against the wall panting.

Kit lay on me without moving or making a sound. I would have thought she was dead except that her torso was raising and falling heavily as she too panted and gasped for breath. We were both sweating so heavily I could feel how soaked the bed was beneath me. I shifted, and my soft cock popped out of Kit's pussy. She moaned as I moved her onto her side on the bed, and I climbed out to go to the bathroom. I could barely stand, but I made it. I pulled the condom off, and threw it into the garbage. As I ran hot water onto another cloth Jake came in.

"WOW! Dutch. Kit is amazing." He said looking at me in the mirror as I washed myself off with the cloth.

"Yeah. Isn't she though." I responded as I handed him the cloth. He cleaned himself off fully with soap and water, and then rinsed the cloth in the sink. "I hope you're not done yet." I said smiling. Looking at his still half hard cock. He smiled back.

"No way. Not if she isn't." he said as we walked back into the bedroom. Kit was sitting up on the bed smiling.

"I'm not through at all. So you both better get back over here. And get those cocks hard again." She said smiling a shit eating grin from ear to ear. Jake and I stepped up to the edge of the bed as Kit sat up. She reached for our cocks, and started stroking one with each hand. Jake responded quickly, and was soon hard as ever. I took a couple extra seconds, but I too was soon fully erect again. As Kit continued to stroke us, she leaned in and started alternating sucking the heads of our hard cock's one then the other. Back and forth. Sucking and swirling her tongue. Jake and I smiled at each other, and then he tilted his head back as Kit started to suck his cock fully. She continued to hold mine, stroking it slowly. After a minute she switched to sucking my cock fully, slow stroking his now.

"Careful baby, or you're gonna get a double facial." I said to her, looking down as she deep throated my cock. She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, her lips stretched fully around the base of my hard cock. Then slide me back out slowly. "Well we don't want that, at least not yet." She quipped.

"Who do you want next, baby? And where?" I asked her as she slowly stroked our cocks. She stared at them, and then smiling seemed to decide.

"I want you both again, but the other way. I want to feel this cock in my pussy again." Kit said shaking Jake's bigger cock.

"Ok." I said, and then pulled my cock out of her hand. I lay down across the bottom of the bed on my back my knees bent and my feet on the floor. "Let's do it this way then. Straddle me with your back to me and I'll slide into your ass this way." I said as I put a fresh condom on my cock then poured fresh lube onto that. Kit let go of Jake's cock reluctantly, then moved over and threw one leg of my hips. With her back to me, she got up in a crouch over my hips. I slide first one then a second lubed finger into her ass. She was relaxed and still fairly loose from having had Jake's cock in there not too long ago. I slicked her up fully, then pulled my fingers out and pulled her hips down onto my cock. It took a couple tries, and a minute or two, but the head of my cock finally stretched her tight ass open again, as I slid in fully. Her ass came to rest on my hips, my cock penetrating her totally.

"OH GOD!!!! She moaned. She tensed several times, then adjusted a bit, and started to rock on my cock slowly. "That's so fucking good." She sighed.

Jake stepped up between my legs again, a fresh condom on his cock, too. Kit leaned back and spread her legs wide. Jake lifted one foot, and put it on the bed next to my side. Then at a bit of an angle, he moved forward. The large head of his cock met the wet folds of Kit's pussy. He stroked the tip up and down, rubbing it against her hard clit. Kit shuddered and moaned. Then Jake leaned in and pressed the head into her opening. There was surprising resistance, but he was patient, and after a second or two of pushing and working, the head pushed into her pussy.

"HOLY FUCK!!!!!!" Kit wailed as Jake thrust into her fully. I felt him through the membrane of skin again as he slid in, then after a brief pause back out again. The tip popped out, and then he plunged back into her again. "OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Kit moaned in a high pitched wail. "OH GOD!!! FUCK ME!!!! YES PLEASE, OH GOD!!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!!! She wailed as he started to saw in and out of her. He held onto both of her legs for leverage as he started to really fuck her good and hard. I thrust up into her ass in counter point to Jake's thrusts. Kit's head fell back against my shoulder, and I reached around and grabbed her big tits in each hand.

"FUCK ME......OH GOD...YESSSSS.....FUCK ME HARD....WITH .....THAT.....BIG....COCK.....OH GOD....YESSSSSS!!!!! Kit wailed continuously. I held her tits, and pinched her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers holding my hips up hard and strong to keep as much of my hard cock as deep as I could it in her ass. As her ass muscles gripped and relaxed again and again. She swung her head from side to side, whipping me with her sweat soaked hair. Jake was a machine. He was obviously in the zone. He half bent, half stood over her, one hand on her one thigh, the other on the other knee, his one leg bent at the knee foot on the bed, the other leg straight as an arrow, with the foot on the floor. His hips thrust at a steady furious pace. His big hard latex covered cock pounding in and out of Kit's spasming pussy.

"AAAAAAAAA.............OOOOOOOO...........OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Kit moaned as she orgasmed continuously. One after another after another to the point where I could no longer tell when one ended and the next began. Her juices flooded out and over my balls like a waterfall. I was amazed by the fucking she was taking. I just wasn't sure how much longer any of us was going to last, or be able to take.

"Fuck!! Oh fuck!! Jake moaned, and then suddenly pulled his hard cock out of Kit's dripping swollen pussy, and after ripping the condom off, jerked his cock hard and fast. A thick stream of cum shot out of the tip and arched across Kit to land on her tummy. Then another and another. I was amazed that he could still ejaculate that much. Finally it started to dribble out over his fingers and he fisted the last bit out. It dripped off his hand and onto Kit's abdomen. He then sat back, his cock softening slowly.

I rolled to my left, and put Kit on her left side. Moving up to my knees I leaned over her, and started to pound my hard cock in and out of her ass. I moaned and grunted hard, and within half a minute, I too pulled my hard cock out of Kit's hole, and pulling the condom off, sent a blast of my cum out and onto her right hip. I moaned loudly, and shook as my orgasm exploded through me. A second followed and landed high on her smooth ass. The rest of my cum gushed out in shorter spurts, until the last few gurgles ran down over my fingers and dripped onto her ass cheek. As it subsided, I fell sideways onto the bed and just lay there panting and sweating. Kit lay where I had rolled her. Jake sat down heavily on the other bottom corner of the bed, and then lay back so his head was inches from Kit's heaving tits. He was panting and sweating as hard as I was.

I think I fell asleep first but maybe Kit was already out. All I know is that I awoke awhile later and it was dark outside the windows. The only light in the room was coming from the open door of the bathroom. I was alone on the bed. I heard noise, and turned my head to locate its origin. As my eyes focused on the couch in the dim light and realized that I could see Jake and Kit there. She was on her back, her ass at the very edge of the cushions. Jake was kneeling on the floor in front of her, with her legs over his shoulders. His hips were thrusting into hers hard and fast, and Kit was moaning and grunting with his every thrust. He was fucking the hell out of her again. I reached down and started to stroke my rapidly hardening cock with my hand. I was soon hard as a steel bar again, and masturbating slowly watching them. Kit was holding onto Jake's forearms with all her strength as she flexed her hips in time to his. Her large tits were juggling and flopping back and forth every time his cock drove into her pussy and hit bottom.

"Yes....Oh God Yes....Fuck Me Baby...!" Kit moaned in a hoarse whisper to Jake.

"Mmmmm....You like that, Baby? He replied also whispering with effort under his strained breath. "You like my big cock in you?" He started fucking her harder and faster.

"OH GOD!!!" Kit wailed a bit louder. "YES.....MAKE ME CUM!!!" she answered. Her hips gyrating and flexing faster in response to his harder thrusting. "I want your cock....oh God yes.....I love it, I want it....please fuck me harder....faster.....I'm going to cum.......NOWWWWWWW!!!!!" Kit wailed in her usual high pitched orgasmic voice. I could hear the wet smacking squishing sounds coming from their joined pelvises as she exploded and flooded them both.

"I'M COMING!!! OH GOD!!! I'M COMING NOW!!!!" She wailed over and over. Jake just kept up his thrusting and held on to her legs riding out her latest string of multiple climaxes.

After a minute or more, Kit finally relaxed again. "Ok baby.....slow down...easy now." She whispered while trying to catch her breath. Jake slowed his thrusts, and then slowly slid his big hard cock out of her pussy. It pulsed, and he laid it on her labia and across her clit. Reaching down Kit took it in her one hand, stroking it, and milking it slowly. That's when I realized that Jake wasn't wearing a condom. I was shocked.

Standing quickly, I walked over to the couch. They both looked at me as I kneeled on the couch on Kit's right. My hard cock sticking out with its slight upward curve from my lower abdomen. Kit reached out with her other hand and started to stroke me as well. She lowered her legs to the floor, but stayed leaned back against the soft cushions of the couch.

"I hope we didn't disturb you baby. You were sleeping so soundly." Kit said to me.

"No, not at all Kitten. But I was enjoying the show when I did wake up." I replied.

"Yes, I can tell." Kit said smiling and looking at my thick hard cock in her hand. She stroked me steadily, twisting her hand a bit the way she knew I liked it. I looked down at her and watched her jerk Jake and me off. I didn't know about Jake, but I could feel my orgasm approaching rapidly.

"I'm gonna cum soon baby." I sighed and she increased the speed of her strokes. She also sat up a bit closer to the edge. As my orgasm neared I tensed and leaned towards her. "Mmmm.....I'm cuming......Nowwwww! I moaned. She pointed the thick head of my swelling cock at herself, then rapidly jerked and twisted it squeezing the head. "Oh God!" I said and looked down at her hand on my cock. A bright flash of light and sound rushed through my head and body. I tensed my whole body, till I started to shake, and then suddenly relaxed my hips. The first stream of my cum arced out of my cock as Kit stroked it. It landed on the side of her neck, and started to run down her shoulder. The second stream she pointed better and it jetted out to land squarely on her right cheek. Another followed and hit her chin, then it dropped off as the pressure in my body and balls lessened so that the next stream landed on her right breast. That was the last long stream. The remainder gushed out over her tight fist, and dripped off into the couch between us. I stepped back as she released my pulsing cock. It felt like it had been in a vise. It throbbed heavily, softening slowly and bobbing gently.

"Oh...I'm going to cum now! Jake said and leaned into the couch cushions straddling Kit's left leg. Kit turned to face him and started to jerk his cock as hard and fast had she had just been mine. Twisting, and gripping it tightly from the base to the thick red bulbous head. The hand she had just been stroking me off with she reached between jakes parted thighs, and cupped his heavy balls. Squeezing and tugging on them gently, Kit leaned towards Jake, as he leaned against the back of the couch. He was shaking now, and tensing his body while flexing his hips into her hands. "UHHHHHH!!!!" Jake grunted then let fly a long thick stream of cum that landed right across Kit's upturned face. It covered her from her hair line, across her nose, and lips then down over her chin. Kit closed her eyes, and mouth, and kept up her stroking. The second stream also launched out strongly to land on her cheek, and lips. The third fell a bit short as Kit turned her head away, and it hit her on the left cheek and on her neck. I was amazed at the strength and amount of Jake's ejaculation. The next several streams landed in shorter and shorter arcs, mostly on her shoulder, then down onto her left tit. As his climax subsided, he stood back up straight again. Kit released his semi erect cock, and wiped our combined cum away from her eyes and mouth.

"I need a wet wash cloth please baby." Kit said to me. I nodded and went to the bathroom. Jake passed me and went into the bathroom as I returned a minute later and handed her the washcloth. I heard the shower go on.

"Having fun kitten?" I asked sitting down on the couch next to her as she cleaned all the cum off of herself.

"Mmmmm.....yes. This is the best anniversary present I could ever have thought of." She replied, leaning over to kiss my cheek. I put my arm around her, and she leaned against me fully.

When the shower went off, and Jake came out, Kit went in and turned the shower back on. Jake smiled like a mad man at me.

"That is the wildest, sexiest, hottest woman I've ever encountered." She said to me. I nodded and smiled back. "I've never fucked or been fucked that well before in my life." But I'm spent. Thank you for sharing Kit. You're a hell of a guy."

"Thanks." I said as he held out his hand and I shook it. "I'm really glad you enjoyed her. I know she had a great time too. I hope we can do this again sometime soon" I said releasing his hand.

"Definitely, that is if Kit's up to it. Just let me know." Jake said as he started to dress.

"Oh don't worry we'll stay in touch." I said.

Jake finished dressing, and I walked him to the door. We shook hands again then he left. I closed and locked the door, and then walked into the bathroom.

"Jake left. My turn for a shower. Leave me any hot water?" I said.

"Oh, he left? Ok. Yeah there's hot water left." Kit said as she stepped aside as I stepped into the shower stall and let me get under the water. I rinsed the sweat and cum and exertion off of myself then just stood under the warm spray. Kit moved up and I felt her arms wrap around my waist. I opened my eyes, and looked at her. She kissed my softly on the lips. "Thanks again." She said. I kissed her back, and smiled. As we kissed I felt Kit's hand move down and take hold of my flaccid cock. Softly, gently she started to massage it. Her other hand moved down and cupped my balls, tugging on them and rolling them in her wet hands. Unbelievably my cock started to respond. Soon I was fully erect, and she used both hands to stroke me from base to crown up and down, back and forth slowly, squeezing just a bit as her fingers reached the head. I had to steady myself with one hand on the tile wall, and the other grabbing hold of the top edge of the stall's plexi-glass wall.

"Feel good Baby?" she asked seductively. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing back and forth across the hair on my chest.

"Oh God it feels fantastic." I moaned. I looked at her, and we kissed again softly. Then without a word Kit slowly slid her tits down my body as she lowered herself to her knees. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back into the warm stream of water as I felt the head of my cock slip into her warm wet mouth. Slowly Kit took me in fully, then slid me back out again. Still stroking me, she started to bob her head up and down on my cock. Her hand twisting and wringing and stroking the shaft as it followed her talented mouth up and down my hard cock. This was Kit's best technique for giving head. She'd never met a man who could last very long once she started to go down on him this way. And I was no exception. Fortunately I had already fucked and cum several times in a relatively short time, so my stamina was up. I gripped the top of the stall wall harder as she really began to work me over with her mouth and hand. I was just getting to the point where I knew I could hold out for as long as I wanted when I felt her other move between my thighs, then back and under my pelvis.

"Spread your legs open more, baby." She said after she slid my thick cock out of her mouth slowly with a 'pop' of released suction. I did, spreading my feet out as far as the walls of the shower stall would allow. I felt her fingers move up over my balls, and then tickle their way across my 'taint and finally moved up to the crack of my ass and begin to play around the tight pucker of my asshole. As they massaged there, she slowly slid my hard cock back into her mouth and down her throat. My knees actually began to shake. Her mouth and right hand began their work once again, as I felt her pressing the middle finger of her left hand against my asshole. I tried to relax as much as I could. After a couple seconds of pressure, I felt the tip of her finger slip inside my ass. I shuddered as it slid in until her third knuckle was pressed against my sphincter. She flexed it a few times, and then started to slide it in and out mirroring the way my cock was sliding in and out of her mouth. This was a totally new sensation for me, and I liked it. I was just getting used to it, when I felt her slide her finger almost out, then felt a second finger tip along with the first start to penetrate me. This felt even better I had to admit. As both fingers delved into my anus, she curved them up and forward on my pelvis a bit. Suddenly I felt a jolt of electric pleasure and I knew she had found my prostate.

"OHHHHHHHH...!" I moaned letting Kit know she'd found the right spot. She started to slide both fingers in and out, making sure to curve and press into my prostate with every entry. The pleasure began to mount faster and faster as she did this. She slid them both in fully, and started massaging my prostate hard with the tips of both fingers. My hard cock got even harder. Almost to the point of hurting. I could feel my orgasm building quickly. Her mouth sucked and slurped my hard cock and my orgasm was soon racing up my spine to its release point.

"OH GOD!" I moaned loudly as I felt myself slip over the point of no return. A million electric chills exploded in my body. Up and down my spine. From my toes to the tips of my hair. All focusing back down into my crotch. Kit pressed into my prostate hard, flexing her fingers as she sucked the head of my cock between her pursed lips and her hand twisted and wringed my cock. I gasped for breath as I almost swooned, and felt as if my entire soul was exploding out the tip of my cock. My ears droned in a dull roar, and my eyes flashed with a million motes of light. I came hard. I could feel stream after thick hot stream of my cum rocketing into Kit's mouth and throat. She was gulping and slurping and swallowing my load as fast as it shot out into her waiting oral cavity. It felt like ten minutes of climax before I finally came back down. My cock softening like a deflated balloon. I leaned sideways against the cool tile of the stall's wall. Kit gently slid her fingers out of my ass. She stood carefully, and washed her had off in the water. She was smiling like the cat that just got the mouse. I smiled a weak AFO'd smile. Then she kissed me on the cheek, stepped out of the shower stall and started to dry herself off.

When I finally felt strong enough to stand unassisted, I finished my shower. Then exited the shower, and grabbing a towel to dry off, I walked back out into the bedroom. Kit was stretched out on the bed after having put several clean towels down after stripping off the bedspread on the wet spots the three of us had left behind. Her hair was wrapped in a towel, and she was flipping through the channels on the TV. I lay down next to her, and she immediately wrapped her one leg over mine, and snaked her free hand into mine. I pulled it up and kissed it then dropped it back to our sides. She found some movie to fall asleep to, and rolled over onto her side facing me. Her free arm lying across my waist. I smiled to myself, and then quickly fell asleep. What a night. What a surprise. For both of us. <END>

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