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Kim’s Friends and her Aunt

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Kim?s Friends and her Aunt Jane and I had been getting together for a few months and by now I had met more than a few of Jane's friends and her Niece Kim's hot classmates.

I was getting laid almost every night and the weekends were one long orgy. Last Saturday I spent at Jane's having been there from Friday night and enjoyed fucking Jane, Kim and her two girl friends from school Donna and Diane. I had spent Friday night with Jane and Kim and had gotten in a nice hot session with Jane and her young Niece Kim, screwing both of them multiple times and finishing off with a hot ass fuck for both of them. We slept late and were awakened by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Jane and Kim told me to get the door and after some protest from me I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the door.

When I opened the door I was greeted by two very pretty girls. From their age and appearance I guessed they were friends of Kim. I excused myself and asked them to come in telling them I would get Kim. The girls came in and after I shut the door I offered them coffee. After showing them into the kitchen I proceeded to put on coffee. Donna was looking at me with hot eyes and quickly noticed the bulge my cock was making in the towel. Diane introduced herself and Donna telling me they were here to study with Kim. Diane had sort brunette hair and small firm tits and was wearing a tank top and tight shorts. She had a nice firm ass and slim legs and her firm tits were showing stiff nipples as they strained against her top confirming my suspicion that she was braless under her top. Donna was a tall blond with large firm tits. Her nipples also showed thru the loose fitting t-shirt she wore and her skin tight jeans showing off her long legs and firm thighs making my cock stir under my towel.

I introduced myself telling them I was a friend of Kim's aunt. As I poured them both coffee Diane told me Kim had mentioned that her aunt had a good looking boy friend. I thanked her for the complement and move to pour Donna's coffee. In my haste I hooked the towel on the chair and it pulled away leaving me standing naked in front of them. I tried to preserve was left of my cool and slowly poured Donna coffee while they both stared at my rapidly rising cock. After I filled Donna's cup I put back the pot and retrieved my towel and wrapped it back around me and excused myself telling them I was headed for the shower and would send Kim out. Donna smiled and thanked me for the coffee and the show. I turned and pulled back the towel teasing Donna and Diane as I stroked my now fully erect shaft. Both Donna and Diane licked their lips and winked at me as I retreated to the bedroom. I went back to the bedroom to find Kim just getting up, Kim was naked and radiant and I wanted to fuck her badly. Kim saw my bulging towel and pulled it off me exposing my rock had cock. Kim grabbed my dick an as she stroked my raging prick. I explained to her about her friends and how I had accidentally doffed my towel. Kim laughed and told me to join her for a shower. Jane had drunk a bit too much the previous night and was dead to the world so I figured if I wanted some fun I have to get it from Kim. Seeing Kim's firm ass disappear into the bathroom I followed her with my stiff cock like a tiger on the hunt.

Kim and I jumped in the shower and washed each other while we worked each other up to a peak of stimulation. Finally after some urging from me Kim and I got out to dry off grabbing some towels and rubbing each other. Just as we were finishing up there was a knock on the door.

Figuring it was Jane I bent Kim over the vanity and guided my cock up her wet tight pussy making Kim moan with pleasure then called out for Jane to come in. Well, when the door opened both Kim and I got a big surprise. Instead of Jane there in the doorway stood Diane staring at us as I pounded my cock deep into Kim's hot pussy. I froze but Kim kept up the action slamming her ass back against my hips driving my cock up her tight young slit. Diane quickly closed the door and stood there watching us. I sensed Kim and I were having a profound affect on Diane and I began to thrust my prick deep into Kim, pounding her pussy and making her tits shake as I plunged my stiff engorged prick up her slippery slit. Diane's hand moved to her tits and she cupped both of her small firm tits, and pinched her stiff nipples. Kim told her to strip and I watched as Diane began to pull off her top freeing her small firm tits. I reamed Kim hard and fast as Diane stripped off her shorts and panties showing us her furry cunt and firm ass. Kim called to Diane to join us and Diane moves to us as if in a trance. I reached out and cupped Diane's firm tit drawing her close to Kim and I so she could clearly see my cock sliding in and out of Kim's hot cunt. I told Diane to suck Kim's tits and she knelt and took Kim's firm tit into her mouth as Kim slipped her hand onto Diane's hot boobs. Diane began to suck Kim's tit and reached back along Kim's quivering belly until her fingers found Kim's clit. I could feel Diane's fingers as she frigged Kim's stiff clit making Kim moan even louder. Kim was near orgasm and her pussy clamped down on my cock as the pleasure of my cock up her cunt and Diane's mouth on her tit and finger on her clit brought her to her peak.

Kim's climax was too much for my cock and the tightness of her young tight slit brought me off making me fill her hot sweet slit with sperm.

I continued to ream Kim's cunt until she could no longer hold up her pleasure racked body and slumped to the floor next to Diane. My cock was still stiff and I pulled Diane's mouth to my cock and rubbed my cum slick prick against her pink lips pressing the head in until Diane opened her mouth and let my cock slip down her throat. Diane proved to be more experienced than she appeared and she quickly took swollen cock deep into her throat sucking me hard. Diane soon had my cock pumped up hard and was deep throating my dick and playing with my balls. Kim was coming back to life and as Diane worked on my cock Kim began to finger Diane's furry pussy and suck on her stiff pink nipples. I wanted to fuck Diane so I pushed her down on the floor spreading her legs and moved between her slim thighs my cock throbbing with anticipation. Kim spread Diane's pussy lips spreading back her thick bush and licking Diane's clit as I guided my prick up Diane's hot tight pussy. Diane's cunt was very ready and her pussy juices were welling out of her tight cunt making it easier for me to slip my stiff prick deep into her young tight pussy. I pressed my cock slowly up Diane's hot tight slit feeling the tight velvet walls of her pussy rub my cock as it slid deep into vagina stretching her pussy and making her moan with delight. Kim pulled on Diane's nipples and climbed onto her face pressing her cum filled slit into her friend?s mouth. I began to stroke in and out of Diane's tight hot pussy as I watched Diane snake her long tongue up Kim's sperm laddered slit sucking my cum down and lashing Kim's stiff pink clit.

I kept up pounding Diane's hot pussy with long hard strokes shoving my cock deep into her belly and making her climax twice while Diane licked Kim's pussy making Kim cum in the process while the each pulled and twisted each others stiff pink nipples. The sight of these hot young girls and the hot tight grasp of Diane's young slit soon push me beyond the point of no return and I began to pump a massive load of cum up Diane's hot pussy. I reamed my cock balls deep on each thrust as my sperm roared up my dick flooding Diane's pussy with my creamy load.

After stroking Diane's quivering slit for a while longer I pulled out of her hot cunt and pressed Kim's head between Diane's legs letting her lick my cum from her friends pussy. I sat back on the bathroom floor and watched as Kim and Diane lick and finger each other, winding down their climax. Kim and Diane finally broke their erotic embrace and came over to where I was sitting and hugged me kissing me and stroking my prick. Diane was rubbing Kim's pussy and asked Kim how it felt to shave her pussy. Kim told her it was great and made her cunt much more sensitive. Diane asked if Kim would show her and Kim told her that I was the expert pussy shaver. After I agreed to shave Diane's hot cunt I warned the girls that Donna must be wondering what happened and that we would have to quit until later unless we could get her into the action too. Diane told me that Donna would not be a problem because Donna had told her she would do anything to get my big dick up her pussy after seeing my stiff prick in the kitchen. I suggested we go get Donna involved and both Kim and Diane were all for it. As we were leaving the bathroom butt naked Jane began to wake up and I pushed the girls back into the bathroom and told them to wait until I signaled them.

I was right Jane was defiantly very hung over and thrashed about slowly under the covers. I went to her and gently kissed her telling her to go back to sleep and I would wake her up later. Jane complained that her head ached and asked me to get her some Tylenol. I went into the bathroom hatching my plan all the while. I got Jane the Tylenol and opened up two of her sleeping pills emptying the contents into the glass of water. I knew from previous experience that two would put Jane out for at least 4 hours giving Kim, Diane, Donna and I more than enough time to fuck ourselves to exhaustion. Diane and Kim were in the shower together and I could see Diane on her knees licking Kim's slick shaved cunt. I brought Jane the pain pills and she took them drinking down the spiked water with two quick gulps. Jane slumped back into the bed and I played with her full firm tits then pulled up the covers and gave her a kiss. Jane was off to dreamland almost at once and I knew she would feel better after she slept. I returned to the bathroom where Kim and Diane were now drying each other off. I asked them how they wanted to get Donna involved and Kim suggested we all just walk into the kitchen naked and put on a show for Donna. I wondered if that was entirely wise but figured what the hell I wanted to see Donna naked and feel her tight pussy around my cock so I would have to take some chances. Kim, Diane and I walked by Jane who was fast asleep and went to the kitchen. Donna was sitting looking out the window and rubbing her left tit when we came in. Donna turned and froze as she took in the site of us standing naked in the kitchen door. I reached around Kim and Diane cupping each of their tits as they reached down and grabbed my cock and balls. Donna's hand clenched her firm tit as we rubbed each other and smiled invitingly. Diane was the first to speak asking Donna if she wanted to join us in a little fun. Donna shook her head yes and then pulled up her t-shirt showing us her full firm tits. I slid my hands down and gently rubbed Kim and Diane's pussies pulling them close and slipping a finger up each of their very wet cunts. Donna spoke up telling us she had wondered where Diane had gotten off to but now forgave her for leaving her alone.

I broke away from Kim and Diane and walked over to Donna and pulled her up kissing her and fondled her exposed tits. Donna grabbed my cock and stroked my prick with her hot little hand as I pulled her to me pressing her firm tits into my chest. I suggested we go into the living room where we would be more comfortable and ushered the girls ahead of me.

Once we got into the living room I told Diane and Kim to get on the couch and eat each others pussy. I wanted to see if Donna would be adverse to some bi action and I was delighted when she urged Diane and Kim on. I stood behind Donna and played with her big tits as Diane got Kim on the couch spread her legs opening her cleanly shaved snatch and began to lick and suck Kim's pussy as she pressed her own bushy cunt into Kim's face. I let Donna watch her friends eat each other while I stripped her. After I pulled Donna's t-shirt off I unsnapped her jeans and pulled them and her panties off in one swift motion. Donna was beautiful her large firm tits capped by long stiff nipples, a beautiful ass firm taught belly and long strong legs. I wanted to stick my prick up her pussy and really give her pleasure so I moved her over to the couch and told her to play with Diane and Kim's tits while they ate each others pussies. Donna went right to work licking the girl?s tits and pulling on their stiff nipples as they drove each other to orgasm with their tongues and fingers in each others hot wet cunts. I got under Donna and spread her lightly downed pussy opening her pussy and licking her long stiff clit. Donna began to shake with climax almost at once and I licked up her flowing juices as she climaxed wetting my face with her passionate nectar. I got behind her and moved in close pressing my stiff cock against her smooth firm inner thigh. I felt Donna's hand reach back and grab my stiff dick and guide my swollen throbbing prick to her hot wet slit. Donna forced the head of my cock into her pulsing slit and I pressed forward sending my thick shaft deep into her sopping slit. Donna moaned out her pleasure as I slowly sank my full ten inches up her young tight slit. I fucked Donna's clutching pussy hard increasing my strokes up her tight vagina until I was stroking fully in and out of the velvet vise of her young fuck hole. All three girls were close to climax and as Kim and Diane began to orgasm I rammed deep into Donna's pussy making her climax as I filled her tight slit with my sperm. Pumping a big load of jism up her quivering slit. I reamed Donna until my dick went soft then pulled out and sat back to rest.

Kim and Diane sensed that I had deposited a big load up Donna's pussy and pulled Donna up on the couch. Kim spread Donna's legs wide and She and Diane licked the cum from Donna's soddened snatch as they played with her stiff nipples making Donna climax again. Once their lust was temporarily satisfied Diane asked me when I was going to shave her pussy. Donna spread Kim's legs and licked her cunt laving her pussy lips and testing how her shaved pussy felt. Donna looked at me and told me she wanted her cunt shaved too. I was ready and willing so we all went to the bathroom to shave Diane and Donna's pussies. Jane looked very restful laying there in the bed, she had kicked off most of the covers and was lying on her back with her legs spread her shaved pussy open to our gaze and her large firm tits rising and falling on her chest with each deep breath. I stopped and gently crawled up on the bed between Jane's open thighs and licked her cunt gently lapping her pussy lips and flicking my tongue over her clit. Jane gently thrust her hips up in a fucking motion and a smile came over her face. I moved back and told the girls to lick her too. One by one each girl took her place between Jane's legs licking her cunt while I pulled on her now stiff nipples. We left Jane still sleeping and went into the bathroom where I got ready to shave pussies. Diane was first and I positioned her on the vanity with Kim and Donna each holding one of her legs. After trimming her long bush back with scissors I softened the hair left with a hot towel then applied the shaving cream and shaved away her thick bush exposing her pink pussy lips and a nice long clit. I left a small triangle of hair on her mound well up from her pink clit. Flipping her over I cleaned off a few stray hairs around her pink puckered anus then cleaned off the shave cream with a wet washcloth. Diane's pussy was leaking juice like crazy and as I rubbed in some nice smelling cocoanut oil I pressed two fingers up her tight pussy and a third up her tight asshole. This assault on her senses was too much and Diane climaxed as I thrust my fingers up her tight cunt and asshole. Donna was clamoring for her turn so I got her up in position and shave her pussy lips clean leaving only a thin strip of hair on her mound. I made sure her long stiff clit showed prominently and her pouty pussy lips were slick and clean of hair. When I shaved around her asshole I could feel Donna's pussy clench with pleasure. I followed the shave with a liberal application of the oil bringing Donna off to a hot climax as I probed her cunt and tight rectal opening.

We finished off the shaving with all four of us in the shower rubbing and kissing. Diane and Donna could not get over how great it felt when their pussies were rubbed. Kim told them that it would be even better when they got licked and fucked. I could tell I was going to get a shot at Diane and Donna's tight assholes by the way that Kim kept shoving her fingers up her friend?s assholes at every opportunity. Donna especially seemed to enjoy having her ass pucker filled and showed us her ass whenever she thought anyone was looking. Donna and Diane wanted to have their newly shaved cunts eaten so we went back to the living room and Kim and I got Diane and Donna on the couch and ate their juicy pussies making them climax hard. I took Diane and Kim took Donna, I spread Diane's slim thighs and opened her now very smooth pussy lips licking her crotch from clit to asshole making her moan and twist with pleasure.

I settled down to some real pussy licking alternating thrusting my tongue up Diane's tasty vagina with licking her hard clit while I pulled and twisted her very stiff nipples. This action brought Diane off twice in quick succession drenching my face with her sweet pussy juices. Kim had Donna's legs spread to the limit and was licking her clit while she shoved two fingers up Donna's tight pussy making Donna twist with pleasure and climax three times. Finally my jaw and tongue needed a rest and I sat back pulling Kim from between Donna's wide open thighs and kissed her our mouths slippery from the girl?s tasty juices. Kim was very turned on and I told her to get up doggy style and let me fuck her hot pussy. Kim got into position and I moved Diane in front of Kim and pressed Kim's face into Diane's sweet pussy spreading Diane's puffy pink pussy lips and watching Kim lick and finger Diane's slippery slit.

Donna looked a bit forlorn so I pulled her off the couch and positioned her under Kim, her face directly under Kim's open dripping pussy and told her to lick and suck Kim's sopping twat. As Donna began to lick and suck Kim's dripping hole I guided Diane's hand between Donna's legs and watched as Diane shoved her fingers deep into Donna's hot pussy and rubbed her stiff pink clit with her thumb. I needed to stuff my stiff prick into a hot cunt so I moved back around Kim and got up behind her and guided my cock up her slippery cunt shoving my dick deep into her already pulsing twat. I reamed Kim hard and fast making her climax twice. During her second climax I heard Donna and Diane join her in orgasmic glee humping their cunts up against Kim's face and Diane's hand as I filled Kim's hot young cunt with a load of steaming sperm. I pulled out and licked Kim's hot pink anal pucker as Donna sucked my load from Kim's stretched pussy.

Diane wanted to get her pussy reamed again so the girls traded positions Diane getting down doggy style, Donna on the couch with Kim under Diane.

Donna pulled Diane's mouth to her pussy and Diane started to lick Donna's hot cunt sucking her clit and forcing her tongue up Donna's tight wet vagina. Kim was licking Diane's pussy and pressing her fingers up Diane's slippery cunt and tight anal pucker. I watched as Donna shoved two fingers up Kim's still spermy pussy then worked her pinky up Kim's wet pink asshole. My cock was ready just from the hot show the girls were giving me and I moved around to Diane's creamy ass and pulled Kim's fingers out of Diane's hot cunt and had Kim guide my cock up Diane's wet tight vagina. Diane moaned as I drove my dick deep into her pulsing slit until I was balls deep in her tight young cunt. I reamed Diane hard burying my dick up her hot slit on each stroke. Donna was the first to climax as Diane licked her clit and finger fucked her cunt and asshole with hard thrusts. Kim began her climax in time with Diane and Diane's tight hot cunt milked my cock hard making me shoot my load up her tight quivering slit. I pulled out and let Kim feast on Diane's pussy while I stuffed a finger up Diane's hot asshole spinning her climax out and making her go wild on Donna's pussy. I stroked my cock keeping me hard as I knew Donna would want her turn soon. Sure enough as soon as Kim had sucked the bulk of my load from Diane's wet spermy pussy Donna was pressing for her turn. I had the girls switch places again and started to lick Donna's tight pink anus as Kim pulled her head to her cunt and Donna began to eat Kim's slippery shaved pussy while stuffing a finger up Kim's pussy and asshole. Diane slipped under Donna and started to lick Donna's cunt while Kim wormed her fingers up Diane's spermy cunt and tight hot butt. I had Diane guide my swollen cock up Donna's - pussy and I rammed my dick deep up the hot blond?s cunt with one hard thrust forcing her forward and pressing her mouth tight against Kim's sopping slit. I fucked Donna hard and fast banging her mouth into Kim's cunt as Kim worked her fingers deep into Diane's cunt and asshole. Diane meanwhile was sucking hard on Donna's clit and pulling on her stiff nipples making Donna pant with pleasure. This time I was the first one to reach orgasm as I spurted my thick load up Donna's hot cunt making her climax and setting off an orgasmic chain of events which drove Kim and Diane to climax. My cock was barley hard when I pulled out of Donna's tight pussy and Diane covered Donna's cunt with her mouth sucking out my sperm and making Donna tremble with post climax pleasure.

As much as I wanted to continue fucking these young pussies I needed rest before I could get it up again and told the girls to give me some time. Diane, Donna and Kim said ok and went off to Kim's room to study.

I went back to Jane and cuddled up next to her grabbing her firm tit and pressing a finger up her pussy as I drifted off to sleep. I slept for quite a while and when I woke up I was alone in the bed. As I became more conscious of my surroundings I heard some moaning coming from the living room and decided to see what was causing it. As I rounded the corner I got a great view of Jane and the girls locked in a hot daisy chain in the middle of the living room floor. Donna had her mouth plastered on Jane's pussy and was licking Jane's cunt while she finger fucked Jane's hot asshole. Jane was licking and sucking Diane's pussy while probing both of Diane's hot holes her fingers stretching Diane's tight pink ass. Diane was working Kim's hot cunt licking her stiff clit while she shoved two fingers up Kim's wet vagina and probed Kim's asshole with her thumb. Kim completed the circle by licking Donna's hot wet pussy while she shoved two fingers up the big blonds? hot asshole.

I moved into the center of the circle and began to fondle Jane's tits pulling on her stiff nipples as she sucked and fingered Diane's tight pussy and asshole. Jane told me to fuck her up the ass so after spending some time with each girl playing with their tits I moved behind Jane and spread her ass cheeks licking her pink puckered anus as Donna licked Jane's clit and fingered her hot pussy. Since I had neglected Jane's cunt all day I decided to fuck her cunt and asshole to make up for giving her the sleeping pills. I pulled Donna's fingers out of Jane's wet cunt and had her guide my stiff prick up her tight cunt. I fucked Jane with long hard strokes making her climax quickly. I pumped a big load of sperm up Jane's convulsing cunt as I watched the girls working each other to climax. I pulled my stiff cock out of Jane's pussy and pressed the cum covered head of my swollen prick up her hot tight asshole then drove my full ten inches up her tight hot asshole.

Donna watched my cock go up Jane's tight butt then started to lick my load from Jane's pussy. I reamed Jane until we both climaxed and I squirted my cum deep up her tight rectum making her cry out with pleasure.

I moved around the circle to Diane's creamy firm ass and spread her firm cheeks and joined Jane licking Diane's hot pink asshole until I was sure she was fully lubricated. Jane urged me on and grabbed my cock and pressed the head of my dick against Diane's pink puckered ass. Diane pulled herself away from Kim's hot cunt just long enough to tell me to go easy as this would be her first ass fuck. I reached up and pulled on her stiff nipple and told her not to worry as I slowly pressed my cock against her tight butt slowly stretching her tight sphincter until my cock was in her ass. I rested a moment letting Diane's virgin asshole to get use to my cock then slowly pressed into her hot tight asshole until my balls were pressed against her ass cheeks and my cock was deep in her hot bowels. Jane was licking Diane's clit and fingering her pussy as I started to stroke in and out of Diane's packed tight butt increasing my speed as her asshole relaxed. Diane climaxed quickly and her orgasm clamped her hot ass tight around my prick making me shoot my load up her hot asshole. I continued to pound Diane's tight ass until she climaxed again before moving on to Kim. Since Kim had taken my cock up her asshole regularly I spread her ass and shoved my cock right up her ass with one long slow push. Diane pulled her face from Kim's cunt and thanked me for fucking her ass and begging me to repeat it. Diane licked my cock as it slid smoothly in and out of Kim's hot asshole with fast long strokes. I felt Kim start to climax her asshole squeezing my cock like a fist and forcing me to climax deep in her colon filling her butt with my hot sperm. I pulled out of Kim my cock sagging a bit and I moved on to Donna's firm ass. Kim had Donna's ass cheeks spread already and had been tongue fucking her ass in preparation. Kim grabbed my cock sucking it deep into her mouth and getting me hard again. I fingered Donna's asshole while Kim sucked me up again and then guided my stiff prick to Donna's tight puckered asshole. I slowly worked my cock up Donna's asshole until I was sure I wouldn't hurt her then started to ream her tight hot asshole making her climax twice before I filled her tight young ass with my last load of sperm.

After I rested and regained my wits I realized it was after 8:00pm and I had to go. Regretfully I showered and got dressed and after a bite to eat with the girls and Jane got ready to go. Jane asked me if I could give Donna a ride home and we left shortly after finishing our food.

Donna directed me as we drove and we discussed the hot sex we had shared. Donna told me that she and her younger sister were lovers but that they had never shared a man. I asked Donna if that was an invitation and she pulled up her t-shirt showing me her firm tits and stiff nipples asking me if this answered my question. I told her I would be glad to join her and her sister but not tonight as I doubted my cock could get hard again. After some good natured banter I agreed to have them over to my place Wednesday night. The story of that hot session still gets me hard but it will have to wait till another story.

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