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Kelly and Jill do me

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This story is part 2 of the Dentist Wet ride FMF

We all dressed and the girls said for me to head home and take a shower and get cleaned up after all my face was covered in dry cum. They said that they were going to swing by Jills house so she could change and cleanup a little also. I drove home thinking about what had just happened and what might later. When I got home I undressed and as I got into the shower I started stroking myself it did not take long for me to get hard by I stopped because I wanted to save it for later. I dressed in dress pants and nice button down shirt. The phone rang and it was Kelly she said that they were running a little behind with a laugh I told her have a good time by to save some for me. She said they would be there soon so I fixed a drink and sat down. When they got home Jill had on the hottest outfit I ever seen. Her nipples were sticking thru the top and the skirt barely covered her ass cheeks. Kelly saw the look on my face and told me put your tongue back in your mouth that you will able to taste it later. Jill sat down on the couch across from me while Kelly went into the bedroom. When she came out she had on the same exact same outfit. It was hard to tell who looked the hottest.

We went to dinner and had a great time. The girls told me about how they and planned all this. I keep asking what else was planned but they told me I had to wait and see. We had a few more drinks and then they told me it was time to go home. As I drove they were kissing back and forth over the seats. When we got home they made me get naked then tied my hands behind my back then put a blindfold on me. They walked me to the bedroom and forced me on my back on the bed. I could hear them kissing and laughing saying he is in for the workout of his life. I felt them wrap a strap around my balls and pull it tight. A mouth started down my cock which was hard as a rock really not sure if I had ever been harder. I felt the bed move and then thighs on each side of my head. I knew what was going to happen next as one wet pussy was pushed onto my face. I shoved my tongue as far in as I could. Who ever was sucking my cock bite lightly down I could not tell who it was. The pussy on my face tasted like Kelly but I was not still sure. As I ran my tongue around I could feel a little peach fuzz and knew it must have been Jill because Kelly was as bare as you can be. I could hardly breathe as Jill came on my face. Kelly took her mouth off my cock spun around and mounted me facing Jill. They removed the blindfold but keep my hands tied. I could tell they were having a good time they were laughing and kissing Kelly stated to hump up and down taking my whole cock each time she was moaning hard by now and I knew she would be cumming very soon. As soon as I felt Kelly cum she got up with cum dripping from her and switched places with Jill. She sat right on my face and let the cum drip on my face. Jill was now pounding away on my tool I knew I would not last much longer but the strap was holding me back from cumming. Kelly told me that Jill was still an anal virgin and that Jill had asked about how it felt and was surprised when Kelly had fucked my ass earlier. Kelly said that she told Jill that if she wanted that she would help her try it with the dildo or her fingers. Kelly told me to pull Jill down onto my chest as I did she got behind Jill and started to lick her ass then pushed her tongue into Jills ass Jill just froze on top of me I kissed her sticking my tongue down her throat. I could feel Kelly rubbing her fingers around in Jills cum I knew what she was doing I felt her start with a finger pushing into Jills puckered little ring As she feed more in I she was rubbing against my cock so I stopped a let her work her magic then I felt two fingers when she had them both in Jill was moaning and bucking back and forth Kelly started to work them in and out faster and faster until Jill had a massive orgasm she just when limp and lay on top of me Kelly remove her fingers and told me that I really needed to feel how tight Jills ass was. Kelly helped Jill off me My cock was ready to explode when Jill took it in her mouth I could not hold back and told her it comes she laughed and said bring it on. As I came she was able to suck it all down then turned and kissed Kelly. I was surprised that I stayed hard after cumming and Jill said that she had bought the strap for an old friend and it always keep him hard and Kelly wanted to see if I would. Kelly told me to roll over because they were going to fuck my ass real good. Kelly put one of her strapons on Jill and then took some lube and greased my ass up. Kelly pulled me over the edge of the bed then told Jill to come close then Kelly took hold of the fake cock and feed it into me. Kelly told her to start slamming my ass the harder she went the better it felt. Kelly came around in front of me and gave me a big kiss. Jill was saying how do you like that big boy. I told her just wait you will find out soon enough. The ass fucking I was getting was making my cock so hard I told Jill that I wanted to so her how it felt so she pulled out and took off the fake cock.

Jill got on her back and I went down on her while Kelly fingered my ass. After Jill had came a few times she said ok I want you to fuck my virgin ass now. I turned her over and started to kiss her ass it was just so sweet looking Kelly handed me the lube and I poured it down her crack then rubbed it into her tight ring.

I slipped in a finger then two to get her loose she was saying that it felt good keep going my cock was still hard from having on the strap so the head was really swollen I took my time and finally got it past her tight ring after that it just slide right in all the way with one good moan she said wow that really dos fill you up. I told her that she needed to work it in and out so I would not hurt her. She went slow at first but was soon slamming back on me. That is when Kelly went behind me And shove A dildo up my ass it was not long until I busted my nut into Jills ass. She was screaming oh fuck that feels good fill my ass fill it all the way. Kelly pulled the dildo out and I pulled out of Jill. Kelly came around and did something that really surprised me she went down and sucked me clean. Then she went and cleaned up Jill ass. By then it was early morning and we all crashed together in bed.

I will let you know what happens from here.

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