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KISSING COUSINS This all happened one night, while I was visiting my brother. My brother and I were watching television. Then our cousin stopped by to say hello. I asked him if he would watch a movie with us. He agreed and sat down beside me on the couch. My husband had always told me that my cousin wanted to fuck me. He was always looking at me and finding an excuse to touch me. I told my husband that he was crazy that was just the way he is. Well anyway we were watching the movie and I was getting a little chilly. I found a blanket and put over me. My brother fell asleep in his chair. My cousin said that I should share the blanket with him. I really didn?t think much about it. About ten minutes went by. Then my cousin started touching my leg. Then he began rubbing it. I thought shit my husband was right he wants to fuck me. So I wanted to see how far he would go. I said that I needed to go to the bathroom. I really went to change my clothes. A pair string tied shorts and a T-shirt. When I came back and sat down next to him on the couch he threw the blanket over our legs. He ounce again started rubbing my leg. So I started. To move a little closer. He started rubbing my thigh moving closer and closer to my pussy. I was getting very wet and horny. I began taking my finger and gently rubbing his cock through his pants. His cock was getting very hard it was big. He started sliding his hand under the leg of my shorts and finally touching my clit. My pussy was very wet. He slid two of his fingers in my wet pussy and took his thumb and was teasing my clit. I don?t know if it the fact that he was good at what he was doing or the fact that he was my cousin or we might get caught by my brother. I started to cum all over his hand. It was very hard not to make any noise. When I was done he pulled his hand out of my shorts and I seen that his fingers were very wet with my pussy juice. I grabbed his hand and licked every drop of cum off his hand. He said Lets go out for a walk, we really don?t want to get caught. It was a nice summer night and I wanted to see his cock! Hell I wanted that cock. I grabbed the blanket and he led me outside. He said he knew I place in the woods were we could have some privacy. I was getting very anxious. We came to a small clearing I laid out the blanket. He told me to start a small fire that he would be right back He asked me if I would be alright if he left for a few minutes. He wanted to get his four wheeler. I said that I would be fine. I started a fire and he returned with his four wheeler and a cooler. He made me an alcoholic drink that was green. So we started drinking and he sat next to me. It wasn?t long before he was kissing my neck. I turned to him and slid my tongue in his mouth and massaging his tongue with mine. We started hugging and kissing like we were teenagers. It was making me really hot! I slid his shirt off over his head. He had a really hard chiseled body. I was kissing him every where I could see skin. I pulled my shirt off and he started playing with my tits. He was squeezing them and teasing of my nipples with his tongue. He just went Back and fourth from one nipple to the other. I had my hands all over his rock hard body. He stopped long enough to take the rest of his clothes off as I did mine. We started kissing and touching each other. He the laid down on his back and said he wanted to sixty nine. He paused for a second and asked me if there was anything sexually I didn?t like to do? Now I know that I am slutty hell I?m a whore and not one little bit ashamed of it. I had a lot of cock in me many times. So I told him that I was in to anything. I am your bitch tonight. So he grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy towards his face and licking my pussy and nibbling on my clit. .I was very busy licking and sucking on his big cock. He had one of the best looking cocks I had ever seen. I sucked his cock and was playing with his balls. This went on till I started to cum. I came so hard that I thought I was going to lose conscienceless. It was great! As soon as I could focus again, I started sucking his cock . I was licking the head of his cock then slid my tongue down to his balls. I was jacking his dick and licking his sack. He raised his ass up and told me to lick his ass hole. So I started to French kissing his asshole. When I had his ass wet with my tongue I slid one of my fingers in it. I was really finger fucking his ass. I went back to sucking his balls; I could feel him starting to cum! I put his cock as far into my mouth as far as I could. He was shooting his hot load in my mouth. I sucked it fast and hard! He came so much! I swallowed it all. I sat up when he finished coming... He told me that was the best blow job ever. We then drank a couple more drinks and making out. His cock was hard again. He then said it was his turn to lick my ass. I went over to the four wheeler and said if you?re going to lick it I want you to fuck it. I bent over the side of the bike and laid over it with my ass spread opened and up in the air. He started tongue fucking my ass. I told to get it really wet because he had such I big dick. He then started spitting on my asshole. I told to go ahead and fuck me hard. I couldn?t? wait any longer I wanted that fat cock in my ass! So he took his huge member and pushed it in my ass. He grabbed my hair and was pulling it as hard as he was fucking me. It did hurt but only for a short time. The pain turned into pleasure. I told him that he was not fucking me hard enough. He said ok bitch he let go of my hair and grabbed my waist and started fucking me hard. I just told him to fuck me harder and harder! I felt his balls slapping my pussy while his cock was slamming my ass he would pull it almost all the way out and slam it right back in! I started to cum I was moaning and groaning I was just telling to fuck me fuck me! Then he was cumming in my ass. He certainly filled my ass with his hot cream. We stopped when we were done we lay back on the blanket and he looked at me and said I want to fuck you but you have to clean off my dick. So started to lick cock to my surprise it was hard again. I went down on him sucking and licking his cock till he shot off in my mouth again. He said we needed to stop for a bit. We drank a few more drinks. And I started to play with my pussy just thinking about that big cock in side me. I was playing with clit and plunging my fingers in to my hot pussy. He started sucking my tits. I looked at him and said fuck me please, please fuck me. He got between my legs and was teasing my pussy with his big cock rubbing it on my clit sticking in my pussy just a little bit then he would take it back out. He kept doing it over and over again. I yelled fuck me you bastard, fuck me now He told me to shut up you fucking whore. I?ll fuck you when I?m ready. I wanted that cock inside me so bad I couldn?t stand it! All of a sudden he shoved every inch of it into my wet juicy twat. He fucked for a very long time I had multiple orgasms. The next thing we woke up on the blanket the sun was starting to come up. He told me that I should spend the rest of my visit with him. So I did. We had a lot of sex for the next week. But that is another story.

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