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Just a Little Rougher Please

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Just a Little Rougher Please

It was a warm summer evening at the home of Helen and Jim. There was a slight breeze coming off the water and rustling through the trees, the moon was rising in the clear night sky from behind the mountain and moving out over the lake, its reflection beginning to show in the lightly rippled surface. Inside the house, soft music accentuated the erotic feel of sex permeating through out. After months of increasingly sensual and suggestive parties, it would appear that the five couples present were ready to take the final step and fuck someone else's mate. It had already happened between some of the couples privately and the word had spread and the temptation for the rest to follow suit was high.

All ten people were coupled off, a few were dancing to the music, some were off in corners freely kissing and fondling, and most were close to the culmination of many days and nights of fantasizing about sex with another partner. The big room was quiet except for the music, one could not hear words spoken, just the occasional murmur, partners now lost in each other, not thinking about anything else but coupling and fucking.

Out on the verandah, Liz and Roger were moving towards an inescapable event. Their mouths were locked together, there tongues wildly engaged, Liz was stroking his cock through his pants, and Roger had his hands up under Liz's skirt, fondling her ass cheeks and grinding his leg in her crotch and squeezing her breasts.

Liz had been instrumental in all that was happening inside the room and out here on the deck with Roger. It was she and Roger's wife Linda who had started and guided the group of five couples to this point. Linda and Roger had joined the group just a few months previously. She and Roger had experienced swapping in their previous town and she was instrumental in finally moving the group towards swinging. She and Liz had become close and had exchanged details of their personal sex lives with their respective hubbies. Their experiences were quite different in that Linda's husband Roger was not terribly romantic but crude in bed; but was hung like a horse. Liz's husband Paul was romantic and sensual and loved to experiment. He enjoyed bringing her pleasure as much as realizing his own. He could spend hours teasing and arousing her, the final act of fucking almost an afterthought. As a result both ladies were curious and enthralled with what the other enjoyed with their hubbies and swapping became a regular point of discussion between them.

In Liz's case, her mind had fantasized so much about fucking Roger that it almost controlled her daily thought process. She wanted to experience his big rugged cock intent only on its own satisfaction. In other words she wanted to be used and to experience some rough sex; she was just not sure how rough she wanted it. It was not that she felt any loss of desire for her own husband, but this urge to be roughly fucked for the satisfaction of some crude dude had lingered in her thoughts and fantasies for several years along with dreams of taking on two or three guys and/or being gang banged. The discovery that there might be a man capable of that already in the group had turned her on.

Roger was aloof and distant for the most part but reluctantly came along to the parties because Linda wanted to find another man or men to fuck. Roger could have cared less, he was used to finding and fucking women whenever he pleased and made no secret of it to Linda. He had found that some women were turned on by his dark and brooding manner while others were not. It always seemed fairly easy to fuck the ones who were obviously attracted to him.

Over several parties Liz had aggressively sought to entice Roger into some sort of exchange and believed she had his attention. Weeks of teasing on the dance floor combined with suggestive comments by Liz had brought them to this point. At the last party she had slipped her hand inside his shorts and held his big cock in her hand. Roger was much less subtle and when it was time for screwing he did not lose any time with foreplay, just get it in and fuck it. There were no soft kisses, his touches were rough and probing, and there was no real thank you after it was over, just pull it out and go to the can and swab it off. But he was intrigued by the attention he had been getting from Liz lately and was looking forward to using her body for his pleasure.

Roger's hand was up her skirt, his fingers roughly rubbing her slit, the heel of his hand pressing down on her shaved mound and as he squeezed her entire pussy in his hand he looked her in the eye and said; "You are acting like a lady who wants to be fucked, and if you don't you better go and find another guy, because if I start to fuck you, I won't be stopping." In answer, Liz stepped back, opened the sliding doors to a bedroom off the verandah, and moved inside. This room also opened into the main room where the others were engaged, so she quickly locked that door. No need for words, they began to strip in the pale light of the moon. Roger watched as Liz lifted her thin summer dress off over her head, her small breasts and lithe body looked very erotic in the moonlight but his eyes focused on the clean shaven pussy, lips already wet and open as she sat down on the edge of the bed with spread legs. She was determined to let him know she was ready for anything he had for her, she was hot and horny.

Roger pulled his shorts down and his great cock sprung out, so hard it was almost upright along his stomach. Roger was a strongly built man, not a like body builder but showed just raw strength with thick arms and legs and heavy chest. Liz was fascinated at the appearance of power in his body and her pussy puckered at the thought of what was coming its way. However, his face was now almost harsh in appearance and as he moved toward her she wavered just a little in her certainty. There was no backing out now. And at any rate, this was almost what she had visualized, hard sex for the sake of sex itself. She told herself that she had chosen wisely.

She was still sitting on the edge of the bed as he approached with his hand holding his cock; the huge knob sticking out from his fist. His other hand reached for her head and held it still as he rubbed his cock in her hair and along her cheeks, she could feel his balls brushing her chin and neck, her nose sensing the smell of a male in heat. He moved it to her lips, rubbing his knob, pushing at her to open. At first reluctant, she finally opened her lips a bit and tasted his knob with her tongue, then allowed it work its way into her pursed lips, feeling even larger than it looked. She rolled her tongue around his knob, feeling it swell and begin to throb and pulse. Her hand went between his legs and coddled his great balls; he jerked spasmodically so she stopped, she wanted it in her pussy, not a full mouth of cum. His hand kept pressure on the back of her head. She scr*ped her teeth along his shaft with a little pressure which brought a snort of sorts from him.

Roger pulled it out of her mouth, and pushed her back onto the bed, moving between her legs, and her feet still on the floor. He reached down and lifted one leg and then the other, raising her hips and pussy upwards, his long cock lying along her belly. Liz looked down and watched the glistening knob still wet with her saliva rub on her belly button, then begin to slide back down towards her spread pussy lips. It began to press against her pubic bone searching and jabbing for the opening like a man with a jack hammer trying to drill a hole in solid rock. She held her breath as he began to force the knob through her slit lips. Ahhh god, she had to relax it, such a feeling of desire and apprehension now coursing through her body.

Roger was taking his time, not usual for him, but he realized she was not yet ready to accept his entire cock. Using his hand, he worked the knob around her slit lips, pushing a little harder until it popped inside. "oh, oh, ahhh, easy, easy" moaned Liz. He held the knob still now, buried in her as she began to relax and then to squeeze her pussy lips just behind the knob. He pushed in some more, about 1/3 of it, held it still for her again. Ahhh, she relaxed some more, put her hand down to feel the part of his shaft still exposed, stroked it with her fingers, sensing its size, moved her body back and forth on it, god it hurt some but felt good at the same time.

Roger was a little impatient now, wanting to get on with it and he began to screw her slowly with only part of his cock as he felt her pussy relax, and when she arched her back a bit and moved her hands to his butt, he drove the rest of his cock in. She moaned loudly, again and again, and he took that to mean he was free to continue, and he did, moving more quickly with each stroke. As Roger stroked more quickly he leaned right over her while still standing and pressing her knees down to each side of her head. As he fucked faster and harder his arms slid inside her legs and spread them wider. Liz was completely immobile except for her arms which she stretched around his neck and tried to pull him down for a wet kiss. But Roger was fucking not kissing and proceeded to pound her more, occasionally using a hand to pull at her nipples. She made no attempt to muffle her cries and moans, letting go and surrendering her entire body to this man who could not be stopped now even if she wanted to stop it.

In the other room, Linda moved over to the sound system and turned off the music. Everyone in the room froze as the sounds of two people having loud passionate sex permeated throughout. The sound of a woman being plundered and enjoying it, the sound of male grunts of a man taking his pleasure, caused the various partners to pull each other closer. Was this the final catalyst that would remove the last vestige of control from some of the participants? It looked very promising. For the first time at their parties, someone was fucking someone else.

Susan pulled Liz's husband Paul close and kissed him passionately and suggested they find a room, partly from desire and partly from compassion for a man who had just listened to his wife being fucked by another. She need not worry, Paul recognized the voice of Liz and it was cries of pleasure and lust he was hearing. They had discussed this need of hers for some wilder sex than he provided and he was happy for her. And besides that he was intent on making love to this small Asian lady Susan. There was the inter-racial curiosity as well as desire to make love to a small delicate woman. She had never been shy in their party encounters and he knew she was looking to be fucked by someone else other than her husband David. There was a full length mirror in the bedroom they entered and after some lingering kisses he turned Susan to the mirror and opened her blouse to expose her nice tits. He kissed and fondled her from behind as she watched in the mirror. She felt his hard cock against her butt and pushed back at it, grinding and encouraging him. He pulled her skirt down to the floor and her tiny bikini bush shone black in the pale light. What a lovely woman and he wanted to take his time and enjoy it all. He covered her neck and back and butt with kisses, down the back of her legs as she watched transfixed in the mirror. He turned her sideway and knelt in front of her, holding a breast in his hand and licking and sucking the nipples. His lips and tongue traced down her soft belly to the V formed by her legs each side of the tiny black bush. He nuzzled it, inhaled the scent of her pussy, and kissed the exposed top of her slit. Almost automatically Susan lifted one leg to a chair beside her, spreading and allowing Paul access to her full slit. As his tongue began to work along the slit Susan turned and watched herself being sucked off in the mirror. She closed her eyes, holding on to Paul's head for support and lost herself in the most pleasant feelings.

Linda, who was part of the plan along with Liz, returned to Jim and taking his hand led him away. Jim glanced over at his wife Helen who was on a couch with Rod, and she smiled slightly and nodded her okay. Rods hand slid up under her skirt and found her pussy and she turned back to him as she spread her legs and they kissed. Quiet Helen could also be called horny Helen, she was ready for any sort of sexual encounter that might arise and she had been looking forward to this night for months.

Susan's husband David, the soft voiced Irishman with the reputation for a long lasting sex drive, slow to start, impossible to stop had Dany against a wall, her skirt around her waist. Dany, the beautiful woman and wife of Rod the lady killer, had decided finally to go with the flow, and David's reputation as an energizer bunny appealed to her right now. Her husband Rod, despite his pussy chasing ways was not that accomplished as a lover, as Helen would soon find out. His lasting powers could be measured in seconds and not even minutes and David was apparently just the opposite. She wanted to see what it felt like to be fucked non-stop.

Back in the bedroom, Liz's head had been gradually forced up against the headboard by Roger's onslaught, her neck bent sideways as Roger lifted up from her, his dripping cock evacuating her pussy. Like a conquering hero Roger crawled up over top of her, straddling her and allowing his cum to drip along her belly and tits. He held out his softening cock and rubbed it on Liz's lips. "Ever taste your own pussy baby?" What a jerk Liz was thinking, but damn the fucking was hard and thorough.

She had cum twice and lay back now, totally beat but relaxed, feeling good but knowing she would likely have a sore pussy next morning and suddenly thought about the cover on the bed! She checked, no problem, the ever efficient Helen had anticipated something like this and had covered the bed with old sheets. Liz watched Roger enter the ensuite bathroom, holding his clothes in his hand, his great looking butt receding into the darker part of the room. She would probably suffer some degree of shame or regret at some point but not right now. She felt quite used, but enjoyed the feeling. He had not even kissed her after cumming! She thought back over the last hour, her teasing him and rubbing on his cock, the look in his eyes as he warned her of his intentions to take her hard, the feel of his big cock pushed into her mouth, the crude way he mounted her on the bed, the way he prodded her and jabbed at her almost as if he would drill a new hole if hers was not available, then working the big thick cock in her, folding her into a squashed fetal position as he pounded away at her upturned pussy, the surge of his cock as he began to explode inside her and finally dragging his softening cock along her body to her mouth, still dripping with cum. She shuddered a bit, a delicious sort of shudder and she knew she had sampled the rough side and had enjoyed it. She listened to the sounds of the shower and began to imagine what he would look like in there, his powerful body soapy with the hot water streaming down his butt. She wanted more and rose to her feet and entered the bathroom.

When she opened the shower door, his eyes bored into hers. She did not see anything tender or soft in his eyes, just a spark of lust as he looked up and down her slim body. She felt tiny as she moved into the shower with him, her eyes now fastened on his relaxed cock dangling as he moved, but already beginning to stiffen. Her heart pounded at the realization that she could arouse this reclusive man and her arms circled his wet slippery body, pressing her breasts and belly and hips against him. Her hands went behind his butt and slipped between his wet cheeks, finding and rimming his butt hole. That got a reaction from him. She looked up at him expecting a kiss, but only saw those cold eyes as he pushed her down to her knees, the hot water pounding the top of her head as she felt the big cock rub her tits and then face. It was almost perfectly stiff already, but she used her hands first to pump and stroke it and then move it to her mouth. She slipped her mouth over it and slid down it as far as she could take it, then looked up into his face from her knees almost choking with the great shaft in her mouth, hoping to see that she was pleasing him.

Roger let her suck on it a bit, encouraging a full hard-on, then lifted her to her feet and turned her to the shower wall where she braced herself for whatever was coming. He spread her wide and then his coarse hands fondled her ass, slipped between her cheeks along the crack of her ass, a big finger found her butt hole, teased it a bit and slipped in. Liz gasped at the feel of it, not so much that it was a finger but that he might be thinking of putting that big cock in her butt. She had enjoyed anal sex on a few occasions but it had been with her gentle husband, always careful and attentive. This was the exact opposite of her husband. Suddenly his arm went around her finding and pinching a nipple as he moved his cock along her crack, rubbed the big knob in her butt hole, but slid on past probing for her pussy hole, finding it and ramming it suddenly up her with a big grunt. Liz almost passed out at the suddenness of it but braced her hands against the shower wall as he began to relentlessly pound her pussy again and again. It was as if she was in another world strange to her, the hot water coursing down her head and back, the feel of a hard cock penetrating to what seemed the middle of her body, her tits being squeezed and the grunting of this big man on her back as he let loose a stream of hot cum once more. She was totally spent, and as he pulled his cock out of her and released his hold on her, Liz slumped to the floor of the shower not having the energy to get up. She watched as he dried himself off and leave the bathroom without a backward look at the woman who had just surrendered herself to him.

Liz finally stood and watched in the bathroom mirror as she toweled herself off almost listlessly, stopping to wipe the steam off the mirror as she looked at her used body. No real signs of bites or pinches except for her nipples which were swollen and red looking. Her spirits picked up again and she smiled at herself sort of proud of how she had withstood the onslaught of a cave man. A new experience sampled and one she knew she would seek out again. She put on a robe and returned to the bedroom and lay down to compose herself before returning to the main room. She wondered what her husband had thought of her disappearing with Roger, she wondered if he had enjoyed the beautiful Asian lady Susan who seemed a perfect lover for Paul. She drifted off for a bit of sleep.

Helen, the mistress of the house, left Rod alone in the bedroom. She was disappointed with their encounter. As often is the case, men who brag about their conquests of women are quite often covering for inadequate performance. The first time Helen had put her hand in his shorts he had cum. And it did not appear that he would get hard again soon. A little apologetic; Rod had gone down on her and provided some pleasure with a fairly expert pussy licking, enough to get her off but not to really to fulfill her. As she moved out to the main room she heard the sounds of her husband Jim in a bedroom with Linda who seemed to be almost purring to Jim's intense approach to fucking. Helen smiled to herself; she could tell exactly what Jim was doing to Linda, having been there many times.

In the main room David had Dany on the couch, her one leg up over the back of the couch, her big breasts hanging sideways as David was living up to his reputation, just screwing and screwing and screwing, but Dany seem to be enjoying it, and Helen now knew why after sampling her husband Rod's performance or lack of the same.

Then she noticed Roger out on the verandah leaning against the railing smoking a cigarette. Helen wondered where Liz was. The sounds of Roger fucking her had initiated the explosion of sex between the others. As she walked past Roger he turned to her with a baleful look and nodded towards the bedroom door. Helen made a mental note to get alone with this big buggar at the next party. She was drawn to his power but also felt strong enough to handle him. She found Liz on the bed asleep, the robe open and her naked body exposed including small breasts and shaved pussy.

Ah god Helen thought I want some of that and pulled her dress of over her head releasing her huge tits and climbed up on the bed from below Liz's legs. Carefully spreading Liz's legs, she moved her head up between them until her lips brushed against Liz's swollen cunt lips. She kissed it, smelling the heavy smell of sex still lingering between her legs, her tongue flicked out and ran along the length of the slit, again and again. Liz stirred and then awoke in a sort of semi-conscious and reached down to find Helen's head and ground her pussy against Helens mouth.

In the doorway, Roger stood still smoking, watching the proceedings in an almost dispassionate way. But his cock began to stir once more; his eyes became fastened on Helen's bare ass as she sucked Liz off. Roger could see Helen's big cunt lips between her butt cheeks, the round butt hole prominent in the pale light. Maybe Helen would not have to wait until the next party to get some of Roger. Roger butted his cigarette and moved into the room just behind Helen's ass. He reached out and ran his hands up the inside of her legs until the edge of his hand was rubbing on her cunt. She groaned but kept licking Liz and spread her own legs a little more. Roger slipped two fingers right into her pussy, then withdrew them and slipped one into her butt hole. Helen shook with anticipation but kept licking. Roger dropped his pants and shorts to the floor and his cock sprang out ready for some more action. He took Helen by the feet and dragged her back until her butt was at the end of the bed and lifted her to her knees. As she moved, Liz scrambled down trying to keep her pussy near Helen's mouth.

Roger slipped two fingers in Helen's butt hole and decided it would be possible. He edged the knob of his cock up to the hole and as Helen cried out he worked the knob into her. Helen could not keep her mouth on Liz's pussy and pushed herself up on extended arms and knees. She wanted this. Her eyes opened and peered down into Liz's eyes as the big cock entered her slowly with short in and out moves. Roger felt as if he was pulling a hot tight glove finger over his cock as he kept the pressure on. Finally he felt the hole begin to relax and accept him and he began taking slow short strokes. Liz was under all of this, straddled by Helen with Roger still standing and fucking Helen in the ass. Liz reached down and felt Helen's pussy and began to massage her clit gently then slipped two fingers into her and feeling Rod's hard cock through the thin membrane between the butt hole and the pussy. Helen almost screamed at the combination. With her other hand Liz found Rogers big balls and coddled them, recalling his reaction when she had touched them before. This was enough to put them both off and Roger went wild shooting a load into Helen's butt. Helen had cum already and both of them collapsed down on Liz at the bottom.

The night was still young.

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