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Just Like Any Other Time... Except......

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She sat at the computer, slowly reading through the day?s news. This was like any other Thursday night. Her skin was beginning to dry from the bath, and her damp hair felt good sweeping against her shoulders. ?11 o?clock??? she thought to herself, ?Where is he?? She drained the last drops from her wine glass and made her way to the kitchen to pour herself another glass. After filling her glass she headed for the bedroom, deciding that after this glass she would just go to bed. He wasn?t coming.

She emptied the glass of wine, almost as quickly as she had filled it. The sheets felt cool on her skin as she lay on top of them. She pulled her hair away from her face and on the way down her fingertips brushed against her nipple, sending shivers through her body. With it too dark to see in the room, she could almost pretend there was someone else in the room touching her body. She slowly used both hands to just feel?. She felt her neck, her shoulders, the soft skin of her face and arms. Her hands worked there way to her breasts. She explored their shape, their heaviness, the way goose bumps raised when she grazed her nipples. Not being able to ignore that feeling, she wet her fingertips and circled the hard pebbles. She pinched and pulled them, loving the mix of pleasure and discomfort so much that a moan escaped her lips.

She almost didn?t hear the bedroom door open. He had finally come! ?Mike, you?re here,? she said with a smile. He said nothing, just walked slowly to the bed, trying to not trip over anything that might be in his way. She could hear him taking his clothes off. She loved the sound his belt made when it slid through the belt loops. He brushed a kiss across her lips and made his way down her neck, licking, kissing and sucking the most sensitive spots of her throat until she was squirming. He lay next to her and took a nipple in his mouth while his hand found her other. She just stayed still as his tongue and fingers worked magic on her breasts. He finally stopped and grabbed her hands. He guided them to her chest. Without words being uttered, she knew what he was asking. She grasped each breast in a hand and began to pleasure herself as he worked his hands and mouth lower. He kissed her navel, probing it with his tongue as his hands moved lower. She felt her bottoms lips being opened and could feel his breath on her pussy. It sent shivers through her body, and her breath began to quicken. The first touch of his lips almost made her jump. He kissed her pussy lips, first all the way down one side. Then, all the way back up the other. She was amazed at the concentration he had, and the intensity of his touch. He let his tongue touch her clit; just enough to let her know what was coming. She could feel herself becoming wet. It became very apparent when she slid first one finger, then two, into her hot, sopping hole with no restrictions at all. He slowly worked his fingers in and out of her as she began to moan. He lightly kissed her clit, and then began to lick it with firm, slow strokes. As she got used to this wonderful feeling he sped up, flicking her clit with his tongue. She could feel herself working up to an orgasm and her hips began to buck and squirm in rhythm to his fingers. He wet his pinky and cautiously rubbed her backdoor. When she didn?t tell him to stop, he began to work his finger in. When he got his finger all the way in, he began to pump her again slowly, never losing the rhythm of his tongue on her clit. She gasped, and could only mutter ?Harder?. Mmmmm?.. Faster, baby, faster.? He sucked her clit into his mouth, and nibbled it while pounding her with his fingers. She screamed as she came, her hips coming 6 inches off the bed. His hands and face were covered in her juices. He quickly came to his knees and pulled her up. Still cumming, she could hardly move without moaning. He helped her to turn around and drop to her knees. He slid his cock into her waiting pussy and started to fuck her with long, smooth strokes. Her hand went to her waiting clit, rubbing it hard as she felt another orgasm approach. He pulled out unexpectedly. She felt him put her rigid cock to her asshole. She had never done this before and froze up. He could feel her reluctance. He pushed her hand to her clit and again worked a finger into her ass. He slid a second finger in. She pushed back against him, loving this new sensation. He removed his fingers, and again pressed his cock against her ass. This time she did not resist, only asked him to be gentle. He pushed the head of his cock, and waited for her to adjust to the feeling. When she had, he easily slid the rest of his cock into her. He slowly pumped her ass with his cock. She began to pant, and he grabbed her hips in his hands and drove his cock into her with a force neither of them had experienced before. She came almost immediately. As she was coming down from her orgasm, she could feel his mounting. His nails dug into her hips and he exploded into her ass with a load of cum she could feel. He pulled out and she could feel his cum leaking out of her ass. She collapsed almost immediately. He got off the bed, and brushed a kiss across her forehead. She heard him getting dressed and heard the door close behind him as he left.

Her husband walked in from the living room and turned on the light. ?So, how was it?? Jeff asked. She replied simply, ?Incredible.? Jeff gazed at his wife, covered in a layer of sweat, hair messed, still quivering. The thought f what had just happened left him with a feeling of deep love, ad a bulge in his pants. ?My turn?? he asked. She looked up at him with love in her eyes and replied ?Of course, darling. Come on over.?

The End

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