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Janice responds to an add

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Janice responds to an add

Janice and Dan Smith had been married for four years and they had become

quite dissatisfied with their sex life. Janice wanted to be controlled

and humiliated and so did Dan so they just couldn't connect sexually

anymore. It had been 6 months since Janice had been fucked and that

had'nt been a good fuck at all. She needed a strong man to humiliate

her so she could cum. Dan was too meek to do this, but Janice had a

problem, she really loved Dan and didn't want to loose him as a husband,

even if he bored her to tears in bed.

Janice was shopping one day and picked up a Singles and Swingers

magazine, just out of curriosity she told herself... Once home Janice

didn't even unpack her groceries before reading the classified section.

The ice cream she bought melted all over the floor, but Janice didn't

care, for in the back of the magazine she found the advertisement she'd

been looking for, my ad... the one that would change her and Dan's lives


The ad read "My name is MASTER that is it, I have no last name not for

you anyhow. I am looking for a submissive female and male couple to toy

with. If you need to be told what to do I'm for you". Janice could

feel her pussy get wet as she read the ad and she couldn't stop herself

from reaching out and dialing my number. When I got home I found this

message on my voice mail " Mmmy nname iiis Jjjanice. Iiii, Wwweee,

sssaw your ad. Wwweee nnneeed you Ppplease. Phone mme, Uuuss, baack 555

6923." I couldn't resist but I put it off for a couple of days to add

to the anxiety Janice was feeling.

Meanwhile Janice had mentioned the incident to Dan who was not to

thrilled by the whole idea. He didn't want a third he just wanted a

strong woman to dominate him, but Janice told him if he didn't try it

she would go to MASTER herself. Dan got excited but wouldn't admit

it... yet.

It happened when Janice was watching her soaps... The phone rang, Janice

hated to be interupted while watching her soaps but she just had to

answer the phone it sounded important and would not be ignored, the

phone was almost commanding her to answer it, no it was commanding her

to answer it and she obeyed.

"Hello" Janice said.

"What are you wearing?" I asked.

"Mmmy Hhouse ccoat.!" Janice blurted without even thinking.

"What else?" I questioned her.

"Nnnothing,nnnothing at aall!!" Janice moaned.

"Do you know who this is?" I asked.

"YYyyes, Iii KNow." Janice said.

It was time for her test. I must be able to control her every move

verbally only, if I could do so over the phone without even meeting her

she would suit my purposes just fine.

"Do you have a cucumber in your fridge?" I asked.

"Yyyes" She replied.

"YES WHAT" I yelled.

After a pause and some heavy breathing Janice responded with fear in her

voice "Yyyess SSSsir."

"You will call me MASTER from now on understood, if you do not you will

be punnished." I instructed her.

"Do you have a large carrot as well?" I asked calmly.

"Yyyes MMASTER." She whimpered.

"Excellent, go get them and hurry!" I demanded.

"Iii've got tthem MMASTER." she said catching her breath a few seconds


"Good, now I want you to go to your marital bed. Is there a mirror and

phone in your room?" I asked.

"YYes MMASTER" was the reply.

"Are you there yet?" I asked.

"Yess MASTER" she said.

"Ok take off your robe. are you wet yet?" I inquired.

"Mmmhum MASTER" she offered.

"Good now insert the carrot in your Pussy and fuck yourself good but

don't cum." I instructed as I listened to her groans.

"Ok thats enough." I said and I heard her groan of complaint.

"Now insert the cucumber in yor cunt and the carrot in your ass, DO IT

NOW." I boisterously demanded.

"Bbbut Iii ddon't KKnow iiif IIii LLike ..." she started.

"DO IT NOW, And DONT ever question me again" I stated flatly.

I heard her gasp of pain as the thick carrot that had been pleasuring

her only moments before entered her virgin ass and streached it out.

Soon I once again heard groans of delight.

"Are you moving the carrot?" I asked.

"Ohhh yesss, OOOhhhgn yessss, mmmmh, feeels goood MASTER" She replied.

"Ok you can cum now." I permitted.

"OHHHHHH YERSSSSSSSSSSSSS UNGGHHH MMMMmmmmmmmm yes ooooohhh yesssss"

Janice gushed.

"Ok slut take a bite of the cucumber." I ordered.

"Crunch munch munch"

"Good, how'd it taste?" I asked.

"Mmmmm, Yummy MASTER." She replied.

"Now eat the carrot!!!" I demanded.

A slight hesitation followed but was soon broken by a loud snap and

chewing noises.

"Congradulations you pass the test you and your pissant husband can be

in my stable. What's your address and when will your husband be home?"

I asked.

"69 Rio Terrace and around 5 ish" Janice replied.

"I'll be there at 4:50 you will be kneeling naked at the front door

hands behind your back and head down at least 30 minutes prior to my

arrival with a large carrot up your ass, understood?!" I told her.

"YYyyeeess MASTER" she demurred.

"Now phone your husband at work and tell him you've got a big surprise

for him and that he should arrive at precisely 5:10 knock wait 1 minute

and enter. Don't tell him anything else at all. Any questions?" I

asked her and she said no.

Dan's Surprise Awakening

I arrived at the house at the perscribed time and foud everything to my

liking. I found Janice very much to my liking, she was 5'11" 125lbs

with large firm breasts and an ass like a firm peach. Her eyes were

brown doe eyes and her hair was auburn. I liked what I saw demmurred

before me as I opened the door.

"Do you like to suck cock luv?" I asked after admiring her for awhile.

she shook her head no and looked frightened as she was suddenly head to

head with my 13" long 5" thick cock.

"No matter you'll get used to it dear." I patronized as I patted the

back of her head.

"Have you ever sucked your husbands cock?" I asked. She responded by

shaking her head negativly again.

"That's too bad for him, but maybe I'll let you suck it after your

finished with mine. Begin sugar lips!" it was 5:58 and I could see the

question in her eyes and answered it before she could ask "Yes I know

your husband will be here in 12 minutes and I am looking forward to

meeting him. Don't worry I'll say hello for you as you will have your

mouth full at the time." I said.

At precisely 5:12 a knock was heard and Janice lost her rhythm on my


"Concentrate! bitch." I childed and she resumed her sucking.

About one minute later the door opened and in walked Dan Smith. His

mouth just about hit the floor when he saw his beautiful wifes lips

streached around my tool of power.

"Mister Smith I presume", I said, "Do come in and close the door, you've

got a lovely wife here, so eager to please! By the way your late don't

let it happen again"

Dan did'nt move or say a word as I suspected he would do.

"Sit down and enjoy the show won't you? Your making me nervous and that

will only prolong your wifes ministration to my cock." I said as Dan sat

in the arm chair I had placed for his viewing comfort.

"I'm sorry you wife was too busy to make you supper but I left a snack

in her ass for you" I said as I pulled out the carrot and tossed it in

Dans lap. "EAT IT YOU FUCKING FAGGOT" I boomed. "Or I'll kill your wife

in front of you by soffocating her with my cock in her throat". Dan ate

the carrot as I knew he would. After I blew my load into Dans wifes

mouth I ordered her to go over and french kiss him, he did'nt resist as

she did so and he could'nt help but notice the wet spot she left on his

lap either. This was a far cry from the KY jelly it usually took to get

his small penis into her dry box. Dan and his wife Jan where mine!!!

Training the Smiths

>From that point on the Smiths and I had many training sessions to work

up to their gran finale at the frat party at year end. I was at there

house every evening and the Smiths had some very strict rules to

follow. Janice could not eat any food that I had not cum on and Dan

could not fuck his wife unless all other males present had already had

their fill of her, and never alone. To ensure compliance I had the key

to the chastity belt Jan wore as well as the cock ring Dan was adorned


THe hardest lesson for Janice to master was the anal sex class the same

for Dan but how could you blame him I had hired a Huge black fag to ride

him to the bell. THe first bare back rodeo went like this...

Janice was bound wrist to ankle and bent over a railing beside her

husband who was similerly fastened. Amos was fucking Dan as My cock

cleft Jan. Their screams of pain were in syncronization. After 10

hours of this Janice had learned to love this but Dan was less eager.

However, deep inside Dan loved it and it killed him to know that I knew

it, his confession came as Amos drove him home for the last time and he

came on the floor as Amos filled his large intestine with cum. Janice

and I had anal sex more than any other type from then on and Dan was

prohibited from going there EVER, her ass was my property as was

everything else for that matter.

THe Smiths BIG Night

I rolled up to the Smiths house in my limo at 4:00 and picked them up in

the back. They were dressed only in dog collars and boots. Janice

licked my dick in the back as we drove over to Phi Beta Cappa, she was

trembling with anticipation as I exploded in her mouth. Dan was already

horny and whimpering in the corner.

"It'll be a long night for you Dano unless you calm down." I said as I

touched the end of my minature cattle prod to his purple head... instant


I lead my slaves up to the party and tethered them to the custom

hitching posts. Soon the guests arrived, young college boys and girls

and they all touched, slapped or fondled the pair as they passed.

"Welcome to your froth party boys and girls, as you can see I've brought

you a couple of toys to be used tonight. Notice the wedding rings, yes

they are husband and wife, but Dan does'nt mind sharing do you Dan?.

Tonight we have a contest to start off with. Dan is going to give all

you men a good blow job, but be sure not to cum in his mouth, if you

climax into the shot glasses and label them with your name the man with

the largest volume of cum will have fist dibs on the lovely Janice as

she laps the rest of the cum out of her dog bowl. Any orifice any style

it's up to you. Ladies feel free to get the exceptional Janice to

pleasure you in any way you desire while Dan finishes off you dates.

You can play with Dan all night as your men occupy Janice but DONT let

him cum... That's for his wife to do ONLY after all the the other males

have finished with her. Let the games begin." I instructed.

Dan spent the next 4 hours sucking cock and a huge black man, even

bigger than Amos and almost as large as me won the cum off. Dan watched

in horror as the mans cock entered his wifes ass and she responded by

wiggling her rump and moaning with pleasure.

The next 6 hours were spent with the men using Janice and she was

exhausted and used up. I took the podium and announced "Shall we let

Dan Fuck his wife yet?" I asked the crowd.

"YES, YES, YEs" They chanted untill one voice rose above the crowd.

"NO NOT YET, not all males have had her yet, what about Clyde?" She


"BRING IN CLYDE, BRING ON THE CLYDER SLIDER" they all chanted and soon

we were joined in the room by a Oranguatan named Clyde the houses


Clyde needed no encouragement and soon he was furriously fucking away at

Janice as she screamed with the pleasure of the pain she was endurring,

Dan wept and his engorged hard on threatened to explode. After Clyde

was finished with Janice he sat down on the floor and observed Dan being

freed to fuck his wife and relieve his pressure. But first I ordered

him to clean his wifes pussy with his tounge and he complied as if he

had a choice, if he wanted to fuck her and he did. As Dan entered his

wifes now enormous cunt that provided almost no friction at all the ape

became horny again and rushed up to the coupulating couple and ramed his

cock into Dans ass.

The brute size of the apes cock and the force it was driven home with

split Dan's sphincter muscle in two and to this day he must wear Depends

as he cant control when he evacuates.


As I drove the spent couple home I congradulated Janice on her

performance as she was bent over the back seat and accepting my seed up

her ass. Dan left her the next day and Janice and I make an excellent

living training slave couples for other people. If you need a slave

couple just call they are the life of the party....

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