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It just keeps getting better

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This started kind of strange. Let me explain. I am a married female that has to travel for my job. It was always see the established or potential customers during the day and stay locked up in my motel all night. So there I was sitting in a motel room looking on the internet for a swing for my grandson when I found this site. I was floored when I found the stories. I was fascinated but couldn't believe what I was reading. I read three stories and had to put it away, I was so horny I thought I would explode. I tried to watch TV to get my mind off of sex but it was useless. I stripped naked and ran my hands all over myself until I finally touched my clit and orgasmed with an intensity unlike anything before.

I was hooked. Every time I would go out of town I couldn?t wait to see what new stories where waiting for me. Before long it seemed like almost every good looking man I would see, would leave me wondering what kind of lover he would be. But I assured myself that I was just looking and not touching so it was all innocent enough. After all I had been married 22 years and had a two year old grandson. I was a virgin when I got married but we had what I considered to be a healthy sex life. Maybe not as wild as in some of the stories I read but it was ok.

Mary was a fairly new customer but she and I had hit it off from the start. Usually she was my midday meeting when I was in Houston and we would have lunch together. Today she had asked if I would go to dinner with her instead. She wanted to see me but was going to be tied up all day. Of course I told her. I met her at 7 and we had a wonderful meal and several glasses of wine. When we walked out she said look, there is a little club across the street lets go check it out. I don't know I said. Come on she said as she grabbed my hand and drug me across the street.

Once inside we went up to the bar and ordered us each another glass of wine. They had some really good music playing and the atmosphere was very warm and relaxing. We were on our third glass of wine just talking our heads off when we were interrupted by two young, but very nice looking men. Would we like to dance? Mary being single was up in a flash but I informed them that I was married. Mary piped in; he didn't ask to take you home he just wants to dance. Come on girl. So off we went to the dance floor. I'm Bo, my new dance partner said. Hi, I'm Donna and I don't dance very well. My husband and I used to go dancing but it had been at least ten years so I knew I would be a little rusty. That?s ok he said, I?m not that great myself. He took my hand and pulled me into him while slipping his other arm around my back. The moment I felt his muscular body press against me my temperature seemed to rise 10 degrees. Within seconds I felt myself relaxing into his arms. He must have sensed it also as he seemed to pull me in tighter. He felt so good against me. The song ended way too soon for me. I was in a very aroused state by the time I arrived back to my seat. Mary must have sensed it, are you alright she asked? Yes I lied, just haven?t danced in a while. Mary introduced me to her dance partner, Donna this is Jake. Hi Jake, Mary this is Bo I replied. Everyone shook hands then Jake offered to buy us another glass of wine. I knew I was at my limit but with Bo standing beside me barely touching against me I also realized I was not ready for this little party to be over. I?ll take one, I said. I can?t, replied Mary. I have to get back home, my babysitter can only stay until ten on week nights. Bo put his hand on my arm and said I hope that doesn?t mean you have to go also. I can stay a little longer I heard myself saying. Mary and I said our goodbyes as Jake was getting back with my wine. As soon as Mary was gone Bo took my hand and led me back to the dance floor. I melted up against him. He ran his hand up and down the small of my back as I pressed myself harder and harder against him. I could feel the moisture forming between my legs. His mouth was now against the side of my neck. I could feel his warm breath on my skin which only made my pulse get faster. As the song ended I looked up only to have his lips meet mine. I knew I should resist but I was to week. I returned his kiss with sheer passion. Another song started as we finished our kiss. We just started moving to the music. Then I felt someone press against me from behind. I turned my head to find Jake. You two look like your having way too much fun out here without me. I feel kind of left out he said. I don?t know what came over me but I turned around between then putting my hand behind Jakes head and pulled him down to my hungry mouth. I could feel Bo?s hardness pressing against my ass. He had me by the hips while he ground himself against me. They ran their hands over my body as we continued to dance and kiss. The song ended and Bo led me to a booth toward the back of the club. By the time Jake got back with our drinks Bo and I were making out like teenagers. I had a grip on his hard cock and he had his hand up my skirt and was rubbing my hot pussy thru my panties. Jake slipped in on the other side of me. I felt him slide his hand up my side and start massaging my breast. I reached back and took hold of his cock also. I turned and started kissing Jake as Bo?s fingers eased past the elastic of my panties and into my steamy pussy. I had my first orgasm as he slowly rubbed my pussy. I have a motel not far from here I informed them. Do you have a car here Bo asked. No I caught a cab. Good he replied we can all go in mine. I couldn?t believe what I was doing, taking two guys to my motel. I also knew I couldn?t stop it. We got to Bo?s car and Jake pulled me into the back seat with him. After telling Bo which Motel and where it was I began making out with Jake again. The ride to the motel was quick. Once there we almost ran to my room. Bo threw me on the bed and started unbuttoning my blouse as Jake Kissed his way up my legs. After getting me out of my top and bra Bo went to work sucking my tits. First one, then the other. I felt Jake sliding my panties off then I felt his mouth on my pussy. I came for the second time that night as his tongue slid across my clit. Bo stood and undressed as Jake continued his assault on my Pussy. I could feel another orgasm building. I looked at Bo as he finished undressing and for the first time saw only the second hard cock of my life. I reached out and pulled it to my waiting mouth. Sucking it in, enjoying its feel. My third orgasm erupted as Bo pumped his manhood in and out of my mouth. Jake climbed on top of me and pressed his cock against my pussy. Opening my legs even wider I welcomed him in. He sank his cock deep into me. The feeling of a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth was too much. I came again. I felt Bo?s cock harden as he sped his tempo pumping his cock into my mouth. Suck it baby, he kept repeating. I wanted to taste his cum. By now Jake is fucking me hard and fast. It all feels great. Then Bo stiffens then releases his hot cum spurt by spurt. I suck it all in. I release my grip on his cock and wrap my legs around Jake who is giving me the best fuck of my life. We?re going to roll over he informs me. So on his cue we roll, I pull my legs under me and start sliding up and down his hard pole. I feel Bo rubbing my ass. Then I feel his tongue on my ass. It sends shock waves to my brain as his tongue penetrated my ass. I lay my head on Jakes chest as another orgasm crashes over my body. I am startled as I feel Bo?s cock pressing against my ass. I start to protest but Jake pulls my mouth to his and holds me there as Bo penetrates my ass. I scream into Jakes mouth but soon the pain is replaced by ecstasy. God it feels so good. Both of them pumping into me in unison. I lose count of the orgasms or was it just one continues one. I feel Jake cum in my pussy and then the most wonderful new feeling as Bo cums in my ass.

I lay on the bed in a state of deliria. Now I know what its like to be fucked. Not made love to, just fucked. I also know it won?t be the last time. I get their phone numbers before they leave. I let them know that I will be back in a month or so. They just smile and say they will be waiting. The next morning I flew home. I wondered if I would feel guilty when I saw my husband. He walked in after work gave me a peck on the cheek, asked how my trip was and asked if I would grab him a beer out of the fridge. It was ok, I replied with a big grin on my face as I turned to get his beer. That was two months and several encounters ago, including a repeat performance with Bo and Jake. It just keeps getting better.

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