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I traded sex for cable part 4

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I traded sex for cable 4: So my Thursday cable for sex routine had settled in. Every Thursday Sonny and ?T? would show up, fuck my brains out, and expose me to the world, in some manner. I?d call my husband who?d be nearby instead of work. He?d rush home and fuck one of my dripping wholes. Our sex life the rest of week which had always been good was now great. This had gone on for a few months and summer was here. I was not sure what would happen to your little routine as the kids would be home for most of the summer and obviously I couldn?t fuck two black me with them around. The first week of summer vacation we arranged for me to meet the guys at a nearby shopping mall. I blew them in the parking lot as they sat in their work truck. While satisfying to them and exciting for me, it wasn?t the same. I had grown accustom to taking it hard and fast in both my pussy and ass. Actually I had started to have fantasies of letting them two hole me. Camp for the kids was still three weeks away and that only lasted a month. I was about to resign myself to just sucking off my black friends in the parking lot when opportunity raised its head. Lori a friend of ours from the neighborhood, and occasional party friend who has had sex with Mike and I three different times, each at the end of party where she was known for drinking too much. She also manages a dance studio/gymnastics club for kids. I bumped into her at the grocery store and she told me about a day camp at her work where kids could hang out and exercise. Bingo, like it or not my kids would learn to dance and do flips and I was going to get that double penetration I?d been dreaming about. I signed the kids up right away. Called Mike and told him I?d be fucking the boys again. He said great and made me promise to use my ass. I wasn?t sure what, but I knew he had something brewing in that logical big head of his.

I tried to call Sonny but got no answer and I did not want to leave a voice mail as I had no interest in having an angry black woman after me for fucking her black man. I called ?T? and he picked up on the first ring. He seemed pleasantly surprised to hear from me and said they?d both be there Thursday. I was about to hang up when he asked, so what you doing now? I was taken back slightly as I knew where this was about to lead. I found me self slipping back into slut mode and answered ?Hoping to get fucked why you available? To cut to the chase 45 minutes later I found myself in his apartment. He answered the door bare ass naked and with a semi-hard cock. I fell to my knees and sucked him to full his full stiffness. He wasted no time pulling my jeans and shirt off. He mounted me there on the floor and rammed his cock in my dripping pussy as hard as he could. I really think he was trying to break me. I came several times and found myself begging him to fuck me harder. He did and yelled things like take it white bitch and you know like black cock, and please this nigger things like that. He was about to cum when he stopped and forced me over on my stomach. I knew what was about to happen and that made me even more excited. Without so much as a wad of spit for lub he pushed the head of his dick in my ass. Luckily my pussy juice had oozed all over the place earlier so I at least had something slippery down there. He moved his cock head around in my ass for a few seconds then drove balls deep up my ass. I thought I was going to split in half. He grabbed my hair and used it like horse reins as he rode me for all he could. I was screaming with pain and pleasure wanting him to stop but at the same time wanting it last forever. I don?t know how long he fucked my ass like that but when he finally came he pulled my hair harder and let loose what had to be the strongest orgasm I have ever witnessed. As he pulled out my asshole burned from the raw fucking it had just taken. He told me to lay there and not to move while he took pictures of my destroyed ass. This was before camera phones and he used a film camera so to this day I am sure there are pictures of my gaping ass floating around someplace. He said he was going to show the pictures to all of his friends so they could see what he did to my little white ass. I was amazed that I didn?t mind and watched as he used the entire roll of film on me. Like that all of his gangster friends would soon see pictures of me and my freshly fucked ass. I lay around another five minutes or so then got dressed to leave. I clinched my ass tight hoping to hold as much cum as possible until I go home. Mike would be home then and I wanted him to see my ravaged hole. I made it all the way to the door when ?T? said I should come back this Thursday night as he was having his boys over to watch the game and he?d like to share me with his friends. I told him I?d think about it. I called Sonny again from the car and this time he answered. I told him about the gym class and I could tell he was excited. I told him I just left ?T? and he wondered if I could come take care of him. It took me fifteen minutes to drive to apartment and that?s because I drove 70 through the neighborhoods praying no body pulled In front of me. When I arrived I had to was a little scared as his neighborhood wasn?t the sort of place a white girl would hang out. I called him from the car and he told me again which apartment was his. A devilish thought crossed my mind and I asked if he was alone. He said yea; With that once I was standing outside his door I stripped naked and knocked on his door. He was shocked and pleased to see me ready to go. He made me stand there a few minutes had become our custom. He liked to expose me in public. This time I was seen and the chants and hoots from the guys passing by made me feel like whore but I didn?t care. Sonny brought me in and into escape the glaring eyes of the young hood rats and in no time he was naked and fucking my throat. I took his cock balls deep in my mouth and it wasn?t a blow job but a mouth fucking. I thought I would gag and maybe throw up and just when I thought I could take no more he let loose. I could not possible swallow all his cum. It poured out of my mouth and I licked it off his cock, balls, and legs. He called me a dirty whore, turned around and told me to lick his asshole. Up until now I had only licked my husband ass and never seriously. Just maybe in passing as I sucked him off. Hey but now I was a whore trading sex for cable why not. I buried my tongue in Sonny?s ass and rimed him good. By the time I was finished I knew first hand what ass tasted like. I would have rimmed him longer but my cell phone rang. It was Mike. He was on his way home and wanted to know if needed anything. Sonny was real quiet not knowing what the deal was between Mike and I. I thought he?d fall over when I told Mike I was good as I had just fucked Sonny and was licking his ass when he called. I put Mike on speaker as Sonny just stood there in disbelief. Mike laughed and said something like hello to Sonny and asked if he would fuck my ass before he sent me home he liked my ass nice and loose. Sonny was instantly hard had and said hell yea, to hold on he?d butt fuck me while Mike was on the phone. Without hesitation I bent over and put the phone front of my face. Sonny rubbed his cock on my still loose from ?T? and started to fuck my brown eye. Slowly at first then hard and rough. Having just came, it took him nearly 15 minutes of hard and I mean hard fucking to cum again. I was screaming the entire time and I could hear Mike on the phone telling Sonny to bust her ass and teach that bitch how to fuck and things like that. I swear if it?s possible to cum while being ass fucked I did. I was panting and realizing my ass would never be the same when Mike said he was home and told Sonny to send the little white whore home so he could have some of her. I started to dress when Sonny said wait. He took my clothes out of my hands and handed me his work shirt. He said where this. He explained he wanted me to leave my clothes there and wear his shirt out to the car, then he wanted the shirt and I was to drive home naked. Again feeling like whore I said okay. So after getting in my car I took off the shirt and handed it to Sonny. He said something about me being a good whore and told me to drive straight home now. So I did, nearly 30 minutes in afternoon traffic sitting low so no-one would notice I was naked. I pulled in the drive way and called Mike. I told him to come open the gate in front of the drive way. Don?t ask questions just do it. I sat in the car until I saw the wooden gate open then I jumped out and walked quickly to the back yard. The look on Mike?s face was priceless. He closed the gate told me the kids were next door and told me bend over the patio table. He rubbed and licked and kissed my sore ass telling me how glad he was I had become an ass whore. He pulled out is cock and was amazed at how easy it slid in my badly bruised hole He said he had jacked off as soon as he got home after our little phone call so it took him a little while to cum. After he did I realized my pussy had not been given very much attention all day. I?d have to correct that later.

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