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I traded sex for Cable part 6

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I traded sex for cable Part 6. My life had totally changed. Sex with Mike was fantastic. I was free to live out any fantasy I wanted. I had two regular lovers who took care of me once a week. I had been doing sex parties for money. Thanks to my friend ?T? I was pulling at least one party a month. I had to set guidelines there. No more than 6 guys and no more slipping me X. Mike and I has started to visit swing clubs a little more often thanks to the extra income but those stores not being related to the cable gig will be told later. So let?s fast forward from 1999 to 2001, the year we moved. Sonny and ?T? seemed happy, Mike was happy. I think he like having a slut for a wife. He wasn?t a cuck or anything, just liberal with who I could have sex with. It was understood he came first. So I explained to my regular taste of chocolate that our sessions would end in 3 months. We all agreed it had been fun but that?s the way it goes. It was during this time I received two unusual requests. ?T? asked if I?d do one last gangbang with 15 guys for which he?d pay me $250 each and Jason my friend with the cum eating Fetish asked if I?d let his new girlfriend watch him eat black cum out of me. I told Jason to bring his girl over Wednesday so I could meet her before I agreed. I didn?t want to open any relationship bull shit. They arrived about 1 in the afternoon. I was wearing shorts and a low cut tank top with bra. I wanted to look slutty but again not piss of the girlfriend. I will call her Debbie. Debbie wore basically the same outfit as me but no bra. Her tits were as big as mine and her nipples were hard and showed through the material. We talked and rather bluntly about what her man wanted to do and how she wanted to watch. She said she thought it was hot. What they really wanted was for Jason to eat cum out of her but she wasn?t ready for that. We agreed they would come back the next day after my boys left and I?d let Jason clean me up while she watched. My impression of Debbie was she was someone Mike would like to fuck. The next day I fucked Mike before he left for the day later, ?T? and sunny arrived as usual and we engaged in our normal weekly work out. I made sure the boys filled my ass and pussy and not my mouth this time. It wasn?t that hard to pull because as I was riding Sonny I begged ?T? to fuck my ass. He mounted me and I the loved every minute of it. ?T? came first and as if he knew what I wanted he emptied his load deep in my ass. After fucking him for the past few years I knew when his load was big based on his scream. Sonny followed shortly after with his normal porn star load. I knew he had a girlfriend on the side and wondered if he gave her as much spunk as he always shot in me. I walked the boys to their truck again bare ass naked and as had become the normal routine about two months back the mail mail man drove up to our box to deposit the daily delivery. I assumed he had saw me naked before and figured out my Thursday routine. This time when the boys drove off and he was at the end of the drive way staring at my nakedness. I decided what the hell and instead of waving an going back in the house I walked the length of the drive way long enough to part 3 cars down to the him. I loved the look on his face and could tell he was about to cum in his pants. I took the mail, thanked him and walked back to the house. I had walked about two yards when I ?accidentally? dropped the mail bent over and picked it up giving him a good view of my ass and pussy form behind. I could hear him shuffling not knowing what to do. About that time Jason and Debbie who had been waiting at the end of the street for the cable truck to drive past now pulled into my drive way. The mail man sped off probably afraid he?d been busted spying on me. Debbie was out of the car first and walked right up to me and planted a wet French kiss on me before I could react. She wasn?t wearing much more than me. Jason started to walk closer and she pointed a finger at him and said wait. I?m not ready for you to clean her yet. So there I stood in my drive way naked and kissing a young big titty girl as Mike would call her. I tried to pull her towards the house but she had different plans. She handed Jason her purse, slipped her top off and dropped her shorts right there. Now things were really out of control. She rubbed her pussy against my leg and asked if I was okay with pussy love. Of course I said yes. We finally went to our basement guest room where I sat on the bed and Debbie danced around naked in front me pushing her pussy in front of mouth. I pulled her towards me and licked the clean shaved slit like the pro I was (am). I sucked on her clit and rubbed her asshole with a finger I kept wetting in my mouth. She arched her back slightly giving me greater access to her back door. She loved it. I kept this up for a good while until she pushed me back not ready to come yet. She told Jason she could take off his clothes and stand there. We kissed more and she asked if I was full of cum. I told her to look and see. The sexy blonde pushed me back spread my legs and licked her way up from my ankle to my vulva. She licked the residue on the outside of my pussy and the dried remnants of leakage. She opened my pussy wide with her fingers put her nose on my clit and took a deep whiff of the mixed Odor of my strong dirty pussy. She looked up at Jason and asked if that was what he wanted. He begged her to let him suck out. She told him only if you swallow it all. He eagerly agreed got on all fours and came over to me. By now I was ready to be eaten and I didn?t care by who. Jason got in position and was telling me how sexy my dirty pussy looked and telling me how much he wanted to lick it clean. Just when I thought he was about to start licking he looked at Debbie who had pulled butt plug from her purse and begged to be butt fucked while he cleaned me. Now I can say I have seen everything. Debbie put the plug in her mouth and wet it with spit. She licked his ass then shoved it in, all 6 inches to the base. Jason let out a loud oh yes thank you and dropped he mouth to my waiting box. He licked and sucked and licked and sucked sending me over the roof three times. I couldn?t help watching Debbie force fuck his ass while telling him to eat that dirty whore?s pussy, suck that black cum and things like that. The next thing I knew Jason was cumming I had heard of milking before but never actually witnessed it or ever saw in a movie for that matter. Debbie slowed her fucking pace down, Jason backed off my pussy. Debbie snatched the butt plug out of Jason?s ass so hard there was actually a popping sound. She asked him if he liked it and he whimpered oh yes, thank you thank you for letting me black cum from her pussy. I couldn?t resist. What about my ass? I have a big load up there too. But Debbie, I want you to eat that one. Yes that sounds hot, move Jason, I want to lick black cum from her ass. As if I hadn?t been shocked enough she took the dirty butt plug still wet and sticky from Jason?s ass and sucked it clean. I was ready to cum again just from watching that. She came over to me and stopped me before I could roll over. She started kissing me with a wet, nasty ass tasting kiss. After I got a good taste, then she rolled me over and started sucking my asshole like it was going to save her baby or something. She made several crude comments about me being a whore and fucking black guys that sort of thing. I was so ready to have my pussy sucked so I rolled over and forced my dripping twat into her waiting mouth. It took her about a minute to swing around and move into a 69 with me. I sucked her lips and clit like it was my last meal. She moaned and squealed and in between sucked mine like a pro. She looked told Jason to come fuck my pussy while she sucked my clit. He did and I went wild. Where has this girl been all of my life. I reached for the butt plug, lubed it with her pussy juice and slowly started to slide in her ass. Go slow go slow, I?ve never had anything but a finger in my ass. I came at the thought of taking her anal virginity. It wasn?t long till it was all in and she came screaming for more. I started to tell her stuff like she was going to start fucking black guys with me and I was going to make her a whore. I thought she?d break my noise bucking so violently with her next orgasm. About that time Jason came. He then rubbed Debbie?s face deep in my pussy making sure she got not only a taste of cum but a full blown cum facial as well. Of course I came again on the spot. We all fell back to exhausted to get out of the bed. Coming down from the excitement of raw sex, Debbie told Jason to get up and go sit in the corner. She and I cuddled and fell asleep in each others arm. I work in a shock knowing the kids would be home soon but realized they had dance class right after school and wouldn?t be home until 7. I Took Debbie with me to the shower and we washed each other while Jason stood outside the door not allowed to watch. I sucked her pussy again and realized hearing her cum was pretty hot. She returned the favor before we dried off and went up stairs still naked from our previous fuck session. We sat around and talked about everything from sex to music to food and back to sex. Around 4 Jason said he had to work that night at Starbucks so they had to go. Debbie seemed disappointed so I said, why don?t you go to work and leave Debbie here with me. I would get her home eventually. They agreed and he left. Debbie and I stood naked at the gate to our back yard and waved goodbye to Jason. As soon as he drove off I closed the gate, took Debbie in my arms and told her I wanted her again. We went inside and after a long bout of kissing fell into another 69. Looking up at the crack of her ass as I sucked her clit was something else. Her asshole was a pinkish brown starfish. I am sure my ass used to look like that before the gangbang and regular drillings. Now its got to have semi-permanent gape which makes it great for fucking but not really as sexy looking. Anyway we sucked and played with each other until Mike arrived home a little after 5. He heard us down stairs and came down to see what was going on. We let him watch us a while until he asked if he could join in. Of course we said yes. He walked over and we both licked and sucked his cock a little then he said he had to have pussy. He moved Debbie into a doggy position and slide his cock in her dripping hole. I sat back and watch her face melt in ecstasy. I took it Mike was a better lover than Jason. He rode her at a steady pace for about half an hour then busted into a hard core bang for the last five minutes until he blew his load deep inside the younger woman. It was time for me to pick up the kids so I told them to carry on that I?d be back later. I also told Debbie, you going to spend the night right? She of course moaned a yes please. As I left the room Mike as behind her again but this time with his tongue in her ass. I know without evening be there what happened next. After lubing her hole with is spit, Mike slowly slide his long dick in her tight little ass a little at time. After she became accustom to it I?m sure he fucked her ass making her scream with pain and pleasure. I returned an hour later and sure enough Mike had fucked the blonde?s ample ass. She seemed to have taken a liking to sex with us so we all slept together and enjoyed each over and over. The next morning after the kids left for school. Mike Debbie and I sat around drinking coffee. Mike said he?d drop Debbie off on his way to work. I secretly wanted him to do this for two reasons. I was tired a crap from the fucking yesterday and last night and I wanted him to spend more alone time with her. I was sure they would hook up again. I felt like with all the fucking I was doing he deserved a little play time as well. I even thought about him taking her on his next business trip. Sort of a personal chamber maid.

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